Max Domi helps young Canadians living with Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is something that is not
easy. It’s extremely complex. It’s a disease that you literally cannot
take a day off — forget about a day off let’s go a minute off. Everything we do
has repercussions. You’ve got to be on top of it. Ultimately the goal is to try and
raise money for three things: obviously the youth, like these two right
here; access to technology that obviously isn’t covered from
whatever; and mental health as well. I’ve got to make sure I’m eating the right amount of carbohydrates, I’m getting myself the right amount of insulin,
preparing the same way…with sleeping, catching up with sleep, supplements all
that stuff. The diseases that I have with not only type 1 diabetes with celiac
you’re you’re forced to do that because you just can’t perform if you’re cutting
corners at all. Obviously I want to make the NHL for myself my family. It’s my
dream. but if I get to that level of performance and get to stand on that
stage and have that kind of leverage in that voice I’m gonna try and make the
most of it with that. That’s what I’m doing with with type 1 diabetes. I think
everyone that plays the NHL or pro athletes across the board, they have the the ability to do whatever they want with that. They can kind of lay it low, which is totally cool. They can be outspoken. Again, totally cool. Or somewhere in the middle I’ve just chosen to make the most of making a difference in a community that obviously means a lot to me and I can
relate to and that’s the type 1 diabetes community and I want to make a
difference in that and help these kids out and help their parents out and help
their friends out that’s that’s why I’m here.

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