Matthew Lieberman: “The Social Brain and the Workplace” | Talks at Google

8 thoughts on “Matthew Lieberman: “The Social Brain and the Workplace” | Talks at Google

  1. Thank You much, Dr. Matthew Lieberman, for your super work in the Realm of neuroscience,
    and Social Psychology.
    I'm a lover of the Brain and The Mind, and I have been Studying Neuroscience For over 8 years Just as a habit of mine.
    I'm extremely excited watching this talk about the later about how Important is Social
    Neuroscience and its implication at the time we are living nowadays.
    Thank you so much for your Remarkable Insight, Dr. Lieberman.

  2. I see talks at google, I automatically mistrust. What's google's agenda here? What are they stealing, what are they doing without permission? How does this fit into their motto "Be evil 24/7"?

  3. hello talks at google am eyad tube my chanel contient are the same as you on mathematics please joine my chanele and share my video and so do i, am already joine your chanale

  4. It seems that at 21:49, the obvious confound is that people are not resting. They know they're being monitored and are trying to be socially accepted by the researchers.

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