Matthew C. Perry High School student becomes National Merit Scholarship semifinalist

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation
named five Department of Defense Education Activity students “National Merit Scholarship
Semi-finalists.” Among those named was Kathryn Harris, a Matthew
C. Perry High School student at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni. Lieutenant Colonel John Harris, Kathryn’s
father, says being able to watch your children’s hard work pay off in a tangible way is a great
feeling. “Her mother and I, we encourage her to study
and do homework–that sort of thing–but really it’s [that she’s] a smart kid and self-driven. A lot of it’s not so much us, it’s her. It’s extremely satisfying to see your children,
in this case Katie, be successful and see their hard work pay off.” Kathryn is active in student council and theatre
and is the vice president of the school’s National Honor Society. She says determination and hard work helped
her reach her goals. “The one thing that I have in my head that
I always have to be is hardworking, because nothing else will carry me, so I have to work
hard or else nothing will work out for me, right? You know, so I just have to keep working,
because I can’t rely or fall back on anything else.” Kathryn added she is incredibly grateful to
her parents for always making her education a priority. Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni,
Japan, I’m Lance Corporal Cheyeanne Alvarez.

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