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– Which one do you want to go to? Hey, who’s your parent? She don’t know who her parents are. (laughing) – I’m Vanessa. – And I am Talbot. – And I’m a twin to this person. – Man-child – My name is Ellen Acuario.
I got a two-year-old, and a six-year-old, and
they’re both assholes. – I am a teacher and I
teach Early Childhood Music and Movement classes. – (both) No – I hear a baby, and I don’t like babies. They’re, literally, parasites. Oh, God! – Oh my God! I’m so good for this. – Are there any twins? If they’re identical,
tell me when they’ll– Okay, I don’t want to drop babies. – Here, let’s do some baby warm-ups. (crying babies) – Hi, how are you? Hi little babies, oh
they’re babies everywhere. – Yeah. – Hi! – They’re all pretty adorable. That’s for sure. – Okay, I can move around? (keys drop) Hi, precious. Hi, sweetheart. Hi! Hi! This is much harder than you would think. (laughing) – That ain’t your baby. – Should I start moving babies? Okay! I’m taking you, hi! – He sure belongs to me. – I don’t think so! I’m giving you to him! So, for you two it was the eye color. – He wants to go this way,
one hand under his butt and, there you go. – Hello! – Hi, buddy! – I’m holding a baby, it’s not fantastic. – Hi baby! Hi Everly, hi you! Oh my God, you’re so freaking cute. I just want to eat you. – Bounce him up and down. Hi. How are you? – Can I give this baby to anyone? Here, here is your new baby. – Hey, who’s your parent? Are you adopted? I was adopted. – Is that someone you know? Your eyes speak to me, I think you’re the daddy! – Which one do you want to go to? She don’t know who her parents are. (laughter) I’m gonna say this is her baby. – I think his baby might be her baby. – There you go! – Really good. – I’m sorry baby. – Come on, Fox, y’all really trusting of y’all baby. (laughter) – Why you looking at me like that, Fox? – Oh, hi crying baby, oh. Where’s your momma? That’s your momma! Oh, I got it. Oh, my God! Money, money, money! Yeah baby! – Is that your mom, or is that your dad? Which one? One of this white folks do you belong to? Is this daddy? Fox! I think this is your momma. – Let me go down here. I think you’re going to go here. But, yeah, I can’t tell if that’s your mom or if you just like to run. – Can you talk yet or no? Come here! Who’s your momma? (laughing) I’ll take her back. – I think this baby. You get this baby. The baby seems more calmed in his grasp than did in my grasp. – Are these twins? They look kind of similar. I think they’re twins. Not because she’s Asian,
yes because she’s Asian. Those are twin babies, you
just don’t have a baby. – Look at that! It’s a quiet, I’m magic! – Moment of truth. Oh hey, I was pretty close! – Yay! – Whoo! – We got two right. – (Screaming) Thank
you, thank you, I know! – Half. – Half? – Which one is yours? That one? – Favorite baby? I just got to go for the fat baby! (laughing) Oh yeah, I love that baby! Hi, baby! – She’s so cute! I have to say, you have the cutest baby. Sorry, guys! – So nice. – Oh my gosh. – Were you offended when I
thought that was her baby? – No. – Do you get that a lot or not really? – Yeah (laughing). Everyone’s like – she’s just
so different skin-toned. – She is! Is your partner darker
or did she just came out? – Yeah (laughing) – No. I mean, not everybody
looks like their parents. – I did not base off of race. They babies did look like twins -ish. – Ish – I have baby fever. Apparently, when you see a cute baby, your brain goes into
overload and you just want to eat them. – Babies are – Hard. – Loud and hard. We won’t be having them, hopefully, for a very long time. – Have a newfound respect for parents. Yes. – Yes, have more respect for our parents because they – Deal with two. – I’m going to hug them and say thank you because you nurtured us past – The stage. (applause) – Oki doki. How y’all had me judging these babies?

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  1. Other person : I have a six year and a two year old and they are both assholes

    Me:I get it my brother baby he stole the LAST MUFIN me in my head bitch

  2. "I have two daughters one is a two year old and one is a six year old and their umm…. assholes." ;-; the heck

  3. That has to be one of the cutest things those two babies holding hands while their moms held them 😭😭😭😭😭

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