Master of Arts and Cultural Management

The Master of Arts and Cultural Management prepares students for a career in the arts and cultural sector. I'm Dr Kate MacNeill and I'm the head of the Arts and Cultural Management program at the University of Melbourne. Students learn a range of areas of specialisation, and in doing so, they get a range of skills that can be applied across all areas of the arts and cultural sector. So, for example, a Symphony Orchestra, a small dance company, or they may work in a government department or local council agency. The Master of Arts and Cultural Management has such a diverse range of subjects. In one year I've gone from studying Arts Law & Policy, all the way through to Creating Festivals, back to The Economics of Culture, and Finance & Budgeting. My name is Melissa McShane and I am studying the Master of Arts and Cultural Management, which is a part of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences. I've managed to get a job in the industry only after doing a semester in this course. And I think they really value what I've learnt here. It's that combination of theoretically informed learning, and also very practical industry-based examples that our sessional staff and guest lecturers bring to the course. They actually got guest lecturers in from
Creative Victoria and The Australia Council to come and teach us all about how to write grants and how the public funding sector works, which is something that is so crucial for anyone going into the arts industry. The course has been going now for some years, and we have very strong relationships with industry organisations, cultural institutions and companies within Melbourne, so our graduates have been employed in places such as Circus Oz, Melbourne Theatre Company. Increasingly there are students who are
making their careers internationally. I think based here in Melbourne it's a perfect location for a course such as this. We have major cultural institutions here. In Melbourne you can really capture every different aspect of the arts, whether it's from Fringe all the way up to an MTC or Malthouse… With visual arts you've got NGV going all the way down those smaller galleries… It's just more exciting in Melbourne. Students who graduate from the Master of Arts and Cultural Management should be ready to start a career in a management role in the arts and cultural sector. They'll have a grasp of the multifaceted nature of artistic production and the business of the arts in Australia.

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