Mass Societal Programming, Arcana Machina & Extracting Anima Mea

citations my friends and thank you for tuning in to another edition per factions of freedom I'm your host noise era freedom faction whichever one you prefer and I entitled this episode mass societal programming on Arcana machina and extracting anima maiya why we're literally in the days of technology trying to harvest our whole existence from its portals the black mirror is also known as our cell phones 4 / smartphones are playing a huge part and what we're going to be dealing with in the ongoing future Elon Musk rolled out the unveiling of his neural link technology the brain and machine interface and I felt like that required a entire episode to break down what does MKULTRA on a massive scale look like what happens whenever you have HAARP technology being designed to harvest the mind and calculate the known world what happens whenever society has been overtaken by interdimensional teachings we'll be talking about demons Regina Dugan CERN dimensions parallel timelines and so much more in this edition – first before we do so stop what you're doing download the show notes follow along with all of the content that we do there's a lot of there's a lot of gems in this show notes we also have an opening statement prepared before the actual show as well we did a mini cast earlier this week the neural takeover that will play a huge part in what we're discussing here we'll a I let us know our own history will we be able to become human once we let the genie out of the bottle we also did an emergency transmission with Lori Alexander of the underground resistance Network where we covered a lot of the curiosities surrounding Jeffrey Epstein she was able to detail the levels of recruitment behind his whole hierarchy of evil so check that out in the description bar below also we are having fellowship and freedom this Sunday so I hope to see you guys there 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Mountain Standard Time this is the last thing and I'll let you guys on your way the space force t-shirts are getting in we will be extending those to the end of July so make sure you guys go ahead and get that in there use promo code Niner for 30% off that's promo code Niner in i NER and all caps for 30% off and with that being said let's start the show so he chases my friends and thank you for tuning in to another edition of factions of freedom this is show number 904 season 9 episode 4 and I have prepared an opening statement it goes a little something like this were there individuals of the human race 1/2 a God's what we're going to discuss in this transmission at this point it makes no difference to me simply because of the historical perspectives I continued to gain when assessing not only potential future events but also practical solutions to combat our life coming issues you see the world we found ourselves in at this point in time is almost a mirror of the world itself it's fake what we are tied into is a facsimile of the real when I would play Kingdom Hearts as a child would have heavy symbology referring to this modern truth the protagonist Sora Elizabeth was purposely entered into a slumber where he himself was copied into a completely different existence creating a fractured persona named bronzes Roxas had no knowledge of Sora only memories that a person he'd never met how could this be because Roxas was the memory that Sora had never met you see today is a lot like the world of Kingdom Hearts and it's taken me almost 10 years to realize that VTech the Technic rats and the engineers behind them and taking humanity as a whole and subjugated us under the rule of their technocratic Terra radical control humanity has become hostage to a soulless entity that seeks to rob us of the very thing it cannot imitate existence the aforementioned facsimile of reality is social media and now we have an entire generation claiming that the facsimile is reality can you blame them though with fake people synthetic culture artificial – artificial intelligence and now fake news can you really blame them how will people know it's real when everything has been intentionally designed to rob them of their connection with the base reality that is nature this was the goal of Satan – it to exalt himself above creation and now we found ourselves craving that which can never be real in the first place we're lusting after illusions caught in a dangerous self delusion an echo chamber of the facsimile this episode isn't meant to update you on the nefarious plans of the globalists monitoring Satanists are calling out the crimes of the corrupt in fact it's to show you how we how we're already steeped in darkness and when I tell you good people that the fight is all we have it's because we're already in one it's the fight for the human race your individuality and our collective freedoms this episode is designed to show you the current trajectory we are on and how without some form of conscious awareness or conscious action we will be automated out of existence the Dunamis of the human soul the dynamic energy of the human soul cannot be extinguished and while we wrestled not against flesh and blood but against principalities and rulers in high places we must remember that divinity isn't something misgiven we were given this life this chance to do something greater than ourselves and without the recognition of the threat you cannot accept this mission and with that being said I want to say thank you for tuning in to this very special edition of factions of freedom I've decided to take a break from covering hardcore news you know I told you guys last week that we would get the Jeffrey Epstein if you'd like to know more about that listen to the episode I did with Lori Alexander on the underground resistance Network where we covered that and more in depth what we will be doing in this transmission is essentially breaking down how society is being broken down into categories and assimilated the AI takes over and is very real you know the simplest thing to tell you good people is just last week Elon Musk unveiled his brand-new machine interface the neural link and I didn't want to let that go I I you know I I really didn't want to let that go because I think what I'm really trying to tell you is we can't recognize danger we can't recognize the times that we are in you you literally have somebody saying they want to hook your brain up to the machines back in the day you know that would be that would be considered crazy you know the segments of this entire series of this episode are called mass societal programming and this one we're gonna be talking about social media addiction mental health subconscious programming neuroplasticity social engineering brainwashing internal indoctrination so much more because all these things are very real during my research of trying to prepare for this episode I found myself studying things like the tree of death the killer fog the essentially Jewish mysticism and essentially how it talks about the idea of bringing down IQ reducing your spiritual awareness separating you from God you see we call it all the time operation degradation the dehumanization agenda that's undergoing but this was something that was known four times yeah and we'll talk about this I'm sure as well I'm always telling you guys what is telling people to kill themselves the way I get fired up talking about freedom humanity and where we're going from here well something is out there perpetuating a certain signal thatin seps certain people that make certain people susceptible to certain types of programming you see I've begun to realize that we are really truly already up against waves and forms of the AI people are just not aware of them you see earlier this week we did a Instagram live that you guys can find on our audio podcast feed I'll put that link in the description bar below where we talked about you know some of this and depth things like the B amount of the brain machine interface will they I let us know our own history mind control you know and if we can opt out of something like this I want to let you guys know that at the end of all of this if I can do this the right way at the end of all of this I could hopefully be paying for you a picture of these three trajectories I keep trying to tell us that we're on of being a pro human a pro almost superhuman individual a half human half cyborg entity or just a fully automated human if I can do the job appropriately I can try to fit the picture for you of what that looks like you see people really have to understand the times that we are in I think it was I think it was the the incident with the antifa guy trying to blow up the ice facility then Elon Musk unveiling list that really just spurred me over here to think about this it think about this in a completely different way and what we'll be talking about towards the latter part of the show is things like demons aliens and robots and creating the conditions for in for for these otherworldly entities to inhabit this realm and I know all this stuff sounds crazy but I really think people need to understand the times we were in they're not normal usually I'll be getting in here shortly into how in five five five little points I will read to you how you're able to break down a person's individual personality Incept them with a completely different personality we're talking about mind control and how you can program that sub alter to do certain things trigger responses to do certain things that you want so we're not talking about remote mind control yet but we will and so what whenever people are unaware of their actions what happens whenever they begin to make subconscious actions that are against their own best interest this is the world we find ourselves in this is what I say when I ask you can you blame people because they're following so many fake things they don't know what reality is you see and that was the point to separate us from the source you know a lot of what you guys are gonna hear me talk about it's gonna be I'm not gonna lie to you it's it's gonna be very crazy but if you really want to know how the story ends get the Bible this is why I China removed it from their circulation this is why you gradually see them trying to remove it from American circulation get the Bible I'm telling you I've been having this revelation lately and I'm trying to paint a bigger picture for you guys about the ancient abysmal and dark evil that we're up against you know why I mentioned it in the most recent fellowship and freedom episode how things like the black cube of Mecca how that's the final form of AI you know the black mirrors that we have right now how they're already monoliths everything that you guys have heard me ramble about in one way shape form or another I am trying to compile it in an effective way step-by-step to show you how the surrendering of your will is the very last thing that these people need and if you do not attach yourself to base reality and figure out who you are they will program you and usurp you from reality as you already see them doing with governments it is some it is some technical technical some kind of technocratic subversive force in the background that is designed to to to as I said before on the opening statement exalt itself above creation and that's where we find ourselves and with that being said let's get into this so there was an article that popped up and don't get too comfortable with me pulling up articles guys I'm not going to have a whole lot of those this is going to be purely a date a notes video analysis type of episode but a few weeks ago just last week or so an article popped up that I really think shows how people are how people are programmed and how this is part of the plan as I said before with the Kilifi how the intention is to bring down IQ bring down people's awareness and their spirituality right here let me just get in this article and we'll pick it up from there social media is making us dumb angry and addicted and this is by Glenn Reynolds of technocracy News I put the subject line 16th and the reason I say this is because again with the Killa fothe is trying to Britain with the the Killa Foss and the tree of death bringing down your IQ and thus your spiritual awareness so that time you're not able to tap any of these things if just imagine the type of individual you would be if you could control your emotions and turn those into different types of perception capabilities it's the same type of energy you just need to redirect it to another aspect of your existence but let's get in this article right here it says social media Giants have intentionally rewired the brains of their users in similar ways to drug addicts as the release of dopamine is stoked by certain predictable triggers under addiction behavior is easily modified a few years a few years ago I noticed that I really enjoyed reading on airplanes and wondered why after a bit of a reflection I realized that it was because I wasn't distracted by the temptation to check a device every now and then allowing reading to be the kind of immersive experience I wants to for granted now I make a point out of now I make a point of semi disconnecting every night sitting down with a novel and a glass of wine with my computer and phone out of reach I sort of did the same thing when I'm reading for work instead of pleasure sitting is setting my debt my devices aside so that I could read deeply and really think about things but I always struggle and I don't think I'm alone I'm not suggesting something as simplistic as books is good internet bad there's nothing inherently good about books such as Das Kapital and mine Kampf are both books by murderers with murderous consequences and books that obviously didn't did nothing to improve the readers critical thinking abilities but the capacity for deep reading and deep thinking is a valuable one and one that is being tossed aside for no particular reason as for notes quote universities report the students now avoid signing on for classes in the 19th century literature they realized they can no longer work through Dickens or charged Charles George Eliot in his classic the system of freedom of expression Yale First Amendment scholar Thomas immers Emerson wrote quote freedom of expression is an essential process for examining knowledge and discovering truth an individual who seeks knowledge and truth must hear all signs of the question consider all alternatives test his judgment by exposing it to the opposition and make full use of different of different minds the kind of deep wide-ranging multipolar community debate that our Emerson envisioned as a key to our system of freedom of expression is at odds with surface skimming tribal catchphrase based nature of social media now what is the author trying to tell you there what is what is Glenn Reynolds trying to tell you there that our language is being reduced and as I've said before if your language is being reduced then what you can talk about is being reduced and if what you can talk about is being reduced then what you can think about is being reduced and if what you think about is being reduced in your potentiality your overall potentiality and capabilities are ultimately being reduced and that's the whole point as I keep trying to reiterate to bring down your IQ to make you dumber I know people don't want to hear these things and I don't like saying these types of things but you have to understand stark warning come on this is the world that we find ourselves in I'm gonna play for you guys now a clip of Sean Parker as I did in the previous episode who confirmed that indeed they were exploiting that vulnerability in human psychology to begin programming people here let's take a listen one of the founders of Facebook the site's first president Sean Parker is now admitting that Facebook was designed to be addictive and he's now worried about what that means for our children's brains maybe c0r a chef is here with the story Des Moines Ariel good morning to you George anyone who uses social media might admit it can be hard to tear yourself away now the former head of Facebook says that's exactly what the founders intended and like the site he helped create this morning he has our attention he's the billionaire Brainiac who helped launch Facebook otherwise known as the guy Justin Timberlake played in the social drop the gun just Facebook but now former Facebook president Shawn Parker is sounding the alarm about the potentially addictive nature of social media like what is that doing to people's brain speaking at an axial event Wednesday Parker who worked with Mark Zuckerberg to develop Facebook with a bombshell claim saying the site was intentionally built to hook you that thought process was all about how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible it's a social validation feedback loop because you're exploiting a vulnerability in in human psychology the 38 year old mogul admits he along with other pioneers of social media knew what they were doing we understood this consciously and we did it anyway Facebook estimates it's more than two billion users spend about 50 minutes per day on its apps including Instagram and messenger it literally changes your relationship with society with each other while the medical community has yet to classify social media as addictive like alcohol or gambling one recent study found that participants who appeared to use social media most compulsively show changes in the part of the brain that controls impulse it's much more helpful to say look we're very vulnerable to this it acts on us in many ways in the ways addictive substances well as for Parker he now calls himself a conscientious objector to the site he helped create will you post on Facebook again of course I know I post on Facebook all the time I post Sunday I use these platforms I just don't I just don't let these platforms use me now Parker Lee Facebook in 2005 and now runs his own Cancer Research Institute he says he's now cut back his social media use because it's too much of a time sink irony there we her each doubt to Facebook for comments so far we have not heard back let's take a lot of time for a lot of people Arielle thanks very much well hey there GMA fans Robyn well that that's very true a whole lot of different things there the next clip is going to play for you guys too again just to reiterate this type of stuff you have Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple telling you directly that you need to delay delete your Facebook we're talking about privacy so whenever these people are designing technology that's meant to rob you of your privacy and then turn you into like some kind of junkie forward slash slave what kind of world is that you see as the co-founder of Facebook told you right there a Fed book he told you to your face they know that they're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology they know that through that social media that social validation feedback loop ie likes shares anything of that nature that they can control you that they can keep you coming back for more no don't and don't worry about you know what what you're giving up what's gonna be on there who's watching you that crystal ball and I keep trying to tell you guys about just get on our platform so I'm gonna play for guys real quick just to get it on record Steve Wozniak to cat the one of the cofounders of Apple telling you that you need to be careful about using things like fedebook the CEO of Instagram about our devices listening to us like when we when we talk and you have a private conversation should we be worried um I'm worried about everything I don't think we can stop it though but everything about you I mean they can measure your heart beating with lasers now that can listen to you with a lot of devices who knows if my cell phones listening right now Alexa has already been in the news a lot so I worry because you're having conversations that you think are private or thinking to yourself you're saying words that really shouldn't be listened to because you don't expect it but there's almost no way to stop it people think they have a level of privacy they don't why don't they give me a choice let me pay a certain amount and you keep my data you know more secure in private then everybody else can admit to advertisers if you post something and I like it I check I like I check again over I took it yeah I like it but the trouble is my lights not going to you in my head it is but my life is going to the advertisers should we get rid of Facebook and Instagram or should we does not talk when we're on the I think that's a question that everybody should be asking themselves and I do like the idea of paying for your privacy because that is something that we see happening here in the future but let's let's talk about this because we're already in the vein of talk about social media social engineering programming as we said before you know exploiting that vulnerability and human psychology changing your relationship with society with individuals messing with things such as impulse control let me get into as I said before that five point plan of mass societal programming phases here and you guys are intentionally wrote this for someone like myself to read it it has it's it's it's in its dark comedy but essentially what we're talking about is being able to program people so please bear with us and here we go step one remote hypnosis if the subject can't tell that they're under a form of hypnosis or actively engaged in some form of Trant and some form of a trance then immediately they have surrendered both their conscious and subconscious mind which can be further altered for manipulation plus a subconscious mind has been accessed it can be manipulated in a sense where it's sum of its actions or the thoughts are unrecognizable by the individuals conscious state of mind step two in Ko trip after being induced into the trance-like state via remote hypnosis the individuals are in a suggestive state where cognizant actions aren't recognizable thus the individual becomes foreign in their own body congratulations you've successfully mind-control someone and splintered them from themselves without even knowing step 3 triggered sponsors things like behavioral patterns and pre-programmed responses you know orange man bad now that the subject has been successfully helped rendered helpless through methods through the methods mentioned above the incepted personality has to have some connection to real-time events ie trigger or some form of activation which calls forth the force oh no which has been inserted music movies keywords phrases or even ambiguous sentences can act as a form of activation to drop the subject into the translate state that was mentioned before step 4 programmed alters fractured personalities disassociative identity disorder multiple personality disorder and unconscious personalities let's all assume that your curiosity didn't subside by producing one inceptive personality and let's also say that you're curious as to how far you're able to splinter a person from themselves once you've successfully mastered the techniques discussed above other variations of the programming may yield surprising results you know having a male or a female than having a twelve-year-old versus a thirty year old they all might you know yield surprising results and in conducting these experiments you've begun to notice immutable similarities between the personality is the subject and the experiment itself step 5 cybernetics large-scale activation once all of the aforementioned practices have been mastered what would mind control on a massive scale look like how could you subconsciously program an entire society well you would have to induce the conditions of step 1 get them into a trance and once you've established that link you're able to scale up from there and let me tell you gang this is already being deployed on the populace and I have to talk about that after telling you how you have had your vulnerability your psychology exploited when I tell you that to a degree we've all been programmed it's true even us over here but why do I tell you all the time to remain vigilant to stay vigilant because your adversary the devil roams about like a lion seeking whom he may devour and if you're not able to recognize danger if you're not able to recognize threat if you're not able to recognize what is someone else's versus what is yours how will you be able to fight you see people don't ask these types of questions people don't think about how they're being programmed and I think the easiest way to say it is more of these I'm always I need to stop saying this but we're always talking about the weak willed people who are to recognize the programming that they're underneath this is this goes into the triggered responses that we were talking about Laurens mad bad just react America sucks all that these other things that you see happening it's because these people have personalities inside of them that have been nurtured and whether or not they take the time to react to it it is still compounding information it is still aware to sub alter personality we are literally in the days of fractured people walking around you see this is what mental health is a very real issue you know later on into the transmission I have a diagram right here but later under the transmission I'll be talking about how we're operating you're hearing me in the 1.5 a reality the 1.5 digital world and then there's also the base reality and the spiritual world and there's higher dimensions in reality outside of them but people don't even understand that they're here in base reality they've removed operating in based reality and only want to operate in that digital world that facsimile of the real you see so what happens whenever you have swathes of people who are disassociated from reality and tune into the facsimile tune into the digital tune into the image you see this is Plato's cave this is whenever people can begin to be programmed and so whatever people talk about AI and this plays a huge part and what we'll talk about in the next segment when people talk about AI machine learning artificial intelligence and how how intelligence is it really is I always fire back saying we'll think about how smart we truly are think about what we've been able to create we are trying to uh give it all over though you see we're giving what we're giving over our individuality and this ties into the tree of death why they have to bring down the IQ because emotional intelligence is real thing so a spiritual knowledge there are so many different dimensions to existing that they are honestly trying to have us operate in the one that they want to create and I think people have to understand the dangers of this it's not going to be puppies kittens and Rome rainbows it's going to be a completely different world as put forth by look at the reality that Twitter is trying to create with it's censored with with it's censored platforms could you imagine a reality where you're able to hook into it just like that you see I want to talk real quick about the tree of death to you people so people understand you know why we're seeing why the transgenderism has been being put out there why pedophilia is being promoted why we're seeing a a a swath of drugs just being deployed on to the people why there's diseases popping out of propping out of nowhere and what as you hear me say all the time to where it doesn't seem like goodness wholesome and decency is being promoted well they want more decadence and debauchery you see that that is the tree of death it's more of that wickedness to where we don't take the time to recognize evil you see we tolerate it so it's the front it's the frog in the boiling pot analogy that everybody's already familiar with you see what we're talking about to a degree is the left-hand path and for people who don't know what the left-hand path is it's just people who are designed to obstruct things we've entered into a completely different age you see it's the inversion of reality the externalization of the hierarchy and because so many people have fallen prey to this Matt this form of mass societal programming that were undergoing and that we were underneath as I keep trying to reiterate to you they are they are creating the perfect conditions for something to take them over let me talk about this real quick and I'm just pulling this up from Google this is the tree of death the key LaFave the kill father it refers to Jewish mysticism which is our peels or shells the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces is the pole is the polar opposites of the holy Seth the realm of evil is termed Citra bakra nor the Asura which is the abyss and before we enter into the abyss this world they're trying to take us into this black cube the black mirror we have to willingly accept it you see we don't we get we don't get the ticket to hell without accepting and wanting it first and when I tell you guys that something is out there promoting this this this this death coke this surrendering of your will like why is it that we always have in in some kind of Mythology and they're promoting this even in Hollywood why is it that there is always some kind of alien force or some demonic entity or some extra interdimensional extra dimensional whatever you want to call it something that's always saying join us join us join us why is it always what is in and it's never never shouts it it only shouts it whenever you kill whenever you're trying to exterminate it the why is there always some kind of external force that's saying join us this is that collective conscious this is that siren song of technology I keep trying to read it reiterate to you guys something is out there telling these people to kill themselves killer convert that's how technology is one in zero kill or convert either kill this person or convert them if they can't convert you they're going to kill you or die and that's what they want and if they can break you down to where again you can't even recognize a threat you're probably going to join them you see again just to just to bring it back here and to base reality with you guys that antiva domestic terrorist guy that I had mentioned in the previous episode they're more like him are going to happen because they have been intentionally radicalized by misinformation and so these are these weak-willed people I have to come up with a diagram that shows you guys that the terminator world that's already been put out there it's it's it's gradually being created imagine just like a pyramid that is the AI and then imagine tanks drones and all the other machines designed to protect that AI then go down another layer that's whenever you have the Arnold Schwarzenegger robot style terminators you see then you have the the Builder robots so I have to create a whole diagram to show you how there are stages to this and the 5g the cell phones social media the social engineering the technocratic tools used by the elite are part of it they've already signed over you see and so that's why when we really get down to this we're gonna be talking about a lot of metaphysical technological spiritual scientific and sometimes even prophetic stuff because this isn't this isn't a simple matter you see the surrendering of the will the abdication of the human soul when we talk about freedom we really have to understand what's going on we truly do have to understand what that looks like I just want to fire through real quick some of the things within the tree of Eve within the tree of death that mention these types of evil that I don't think people understand because as as we move forward into this future and this goes back into recognizing recognizing danger developing who you are the side that you've chosen and just committing I'm telling you it's it's it's going to intensify so I want to fire through some of these these types of evil to be aware of because the AI and let me just run this calculation for you the AI is going to be beyond smart if we're giving 1% of ourselves to it every other day how many people are in the world 1% to 2% right I'm at multiply that 1 to 2% times 8 billion that that AI has 16 billion percent intelligence from everybody in the entire world and so we've got to think about what kind of information is going to know and what kind of world that's going to look like that is the mark of the beast you see because it will be omnipresent and if people take Elon Musk's brain to machine neural Brandon machine interface they will obviously have this image projected into their body you see let me get into these types of evils whenever I tell you again that evil is evolving you have to understand your adversary there's positive evil well what I would consider adversarial evil negative evil you see evil that just goes on if they just perpetuate necessary evil I would also consider that in the vein of the adversarial evil non necessary evil where children die and there's no there's no understanding of it these this is just sometimes how it happens dualistic position to evil a Mona's a monastic position to evil evil as the material world personal evil impersonal evil and complementary evil but I'm sure you're wondering what does this type of why are we talking about evil in relation to technology mass societal programming Jewish mysticism and stuff like this because this all talks about decadence degradation dehumanization drugs alcohol how we speak mindfulness you see but if people don't take the time to recognize any of these types of things well then you're probably a part of the masses the zombies that just continue to consume and destroy taking more of that poison you see because you have to recognize evil in order to exterminate it if you don't it will consume you and that's how the programming works they're getting us into a position to where we accept evil I didn't talk a whole lot about neuroplasticity and how all this works with our thoughts our actions and how they're having us be more – based and and becoming this beast man so they can take us over you see but you have to understand that essentially what we're discussing and one way shape or form is is just that is the surrendering of the will but that's what they need they don't need thinkers they don't need people that want to build things they need useful idiots they need people who don't think for themselves who cannot think that don't want to think that find it dangerous to do so they will use that brain power against you your well we'll be getting into here in the next segment you know techno fascism harvesting the mind using technology to calculate the quote known world you've got to understand that there is so much beauty to you as an individual and to you as a human and we all know this but the controlling elite have created a system to harvest your divine energy these are the let me tell you about the days that were in and then we'll take this clip this quick break we are in the days and this is why I always walk around with the projects targeted projects in Atlanta project sunstreaker project grillfriend documents to tell people about the abilities that they have in relation to telepathy psychokinetic potentiality psychoenergetic abilities and so much more you have telepathy heck we even have the technology to monitor telepathic thoughts and telepathic readings you see but they even have the technology to stop those telepathic thoughts from reaching the destination of another human being we have it but because we are literally at the stage to where we don't even think we have telepathy we've already defeated ourselves you see this is why they're giving us the drugs this is where they're giving us the alcohol the sex the nonsense the garbage the horrible art the things that don't tap into what is divine what is ethereal what is the mysterion when I tell you that people don't want to know God that people don't want to understand spíritus the Dunamis of the human soul what do you think that is going to do to society as a whole if no one wants to be divine if no one wants to to really reach into what motivates all of this that we have going on they just they tell you to obey you've got to understand how mass societal programming is a dangerous thing and what they are pushing is the collective consciousness the hive mind the Borg reality I try to talk to you about the beta Borg that ties in again to the steps that we're in right now the phases that we're in with the AI levator pork you've got to learn to resist groupthink in order to survive and in order to do so you've got to understand you you've got to have some hard calls and really truly reflect as to who you are you know this segment I wanted to talk about so much more but there's only so much time in so many different examples briefly you know knowing about who you are they'll say I know I said we'll take a break after this but we'll take a break for sure after finishing off this because it's a powerful way to finish it the pro full human knowing who you are is a part of all of this because they are trying to rob you of your individuality and rob you of your power rob you of your legacy of your history of your culture and who you are your soul Wipro fool human you guys hear how excited and carry on and almost theatrical I get using these words the passion I have imagine if we were able to channel that passion as I said before the start of this transmission and to sense perception into what I just said with the psychokinetic potentiality imagine if we weren't so emotional and reactive and we were able to redirect whatever energy that is and there's something productive something beneficial that's a lot of what the mindfulness practices should be that's what a lot of these things should be teaching is how to access that deeper part of us so that we can become the necessary versions of ourselves to do the work that's required because where we're going it's not going to be easy and if we were just reacting to every little news bit that's out there they've already won they've already programmed us to accept their external stimuli we have to begin to develop our own and this is what I mean by developing new systems new neurons new abilities and new methodologies to deal with this all-encompassing threat but I'll tell you what gang ladies and gentlemen guys and gals we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back we're gonna get into the meat and potatoes of this episode Elon Musk unveiling neural link Regina Dugan the former head of DARPA now working with fedebook to create think to text technology as well as Geordi Rose a D way of quantum computers we're gonna get really really weird Arcana machina really really understanding techno sorcery and more don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen this is freedom faction on factions of freedom and we'll be right back right after this citations my friends I'm here to talk to you about that's right CBD oil CBD oil can reduce the risk of relapse among alcohol and cocaine addicts and you know they're trying to flood us with both according to a 2013 study published in the British Journal of clinical pharmacology CBD was proven to have these benefits relieving pain and inflammation having antipsychotic effects reducing anxiety helping to fight cancer we're leaving nausea treating seizures lowering incidences of diabetes and also promoting cardiovascular health realize that in 2014 Purdue Pharma received FDA approval for an opioid drug that claimed to help curb the opioid addiction this will actually help you curb your usage of opioids as well as your reliance upon them and remember guys and gals you we are back from map space hi just walked in found you here with that sad look upon your face and I'm a really big silly nerd and I don't I didn't know how to come back in with this so I just kind of want it bang it wing you did yep this is your host this is who you tuned into hmm thank you for tuning into this segment you know I have to add a little bit of levity to the situation because what we always cover on every single show is increasingly becoming intense and at the end of the day I'm the kind of guy as I was reading that article or earlier glenn Reynolds hearing to talk about getting wine and read the book and doing stuff like that it's very true I do that as well I'll go I'll listen to me I get like some wine go out there I go water the garden you know take care of my plants read Rita the corpus Hermeticum or the Bible you know or of magic and alchemy unfortunately I heard this past week that rosemary ellen guiley the author of so many fantastic books and so many so such a such a great woman such a powerful woman I heard she passed away so rested peace to her you know but that's what it's really about is getting back to the source and getting back to the root of things of knowledge of wisdom of truth of seeking love understanding understanding the nature of reality you know aoc Donald Trump all these people they are let all of them are literally designed to incite a level of radicalized ignorance that people don't understand and because I know we are not having real conversations about deeper deeper things and this is why I get so frustrated sometimes having to cover the politics and the news because it is just so mind-numbing it's a waste of energy you know and and and and we have I know we have a lot of stuff going on it's just it's it's all it's all mush and if people really get but really get back to source read more books take care of nature get your hands dirty go build something go can go connect you know we wouldn't have all these problems but because we have all those people that I talked to both talked about before in the previous segment those these these and to come up with another term but these weak-willed people who have been programmed we have more of them the meek shall inherit the earth and that's why it's important that we still get this out there so regardless of having an awareness of these truths it doesn't matter because they're it's because of the people who under who want to know this stuff and want to make the decisions in their life that we do this you know because I'll say this and then we'll start the segment rosemary Elvin Gally did I'm sure didn't think that she would ever influence somebody like me but she did what she did what was right and she did what she did and she's a powerful person for doing so you know we've lost Stan Friedman rosemary ellen galley joe Hagman art bell real is in so many other greats that it just it really does put us um it really put some of the stuff into perspective it's not a joke any of this stuff I try to add the theatrics to it to add a little bit of levity to it but this isn't a joke this truly is the time frame that we are living in and that's why it really is not only an honor to be here but crazy to be doing all of this because it makes it that much more real so with that being said thank you for tuning in to this segment we're going to be going over techno fascism harvesting the mind using technology to calculate the in parentheses known world Arcana machina it's a techno sorcery this is something I'm sure you guys are for for our hardcore listeners I'm sure you're familiar with me always referencing this techno sorcery techno fall back yeah yeah you know we're gonna be getting into human Musk a sacred geometry no more numerology the simulation hypothesis the electric universe the Mandela effect time lines parallel realms mirror universes stuff like this why why is all this stuff coming out now why is it so important you see as I keep trying to tell you good people we are the vector points for some pretty pretty crazy stuff and it can't get here unless it uses us so we're going to listen to Elan musk talk about his neural link product his neural link presentation and we'll comment on it afterwards that's the simplest way to say it this this is basically what's what sparked this entire presentation if you guys want the truth I I saw it I saw the presentation I saw that really people didn't talk about it in the context that I feel like it needed to be talked about what we're simply talking about if you ask me is again the abdication of our existence who we are as a people the matrix just call it for what it is building the matrix the autonomous society giving over our individuality giving them for free – giving over our soul you see and I know this all sounds like fantastic stuff but you've just got to understand the layers at which all this works if you guys have been if you guys haven't watched it or you've been living underneath a rock there's this show out there on Netflix called Black Mirror and in the episode titled San Junipero they cover this to the nth degree and what that essentially is is servers Google servers machine servers computer servers that house human souls and that's all I could think about when hearing about all this but with that being said let's listen to Elon Musk giving his presentation on his new product the neural link so that that video was not too Shutterstock that was actually your link so that that's actual video from the company so if you want to get a sense for what it's like to work near link that video is indicative of the atmosphere of your link it's an incredibly talented team and you're going to hear a lot from problem tonight so we're gonna actually go quite into depth on what we're doing why we're doing how we're doing it and I'm just incredibly impressed with the caliber of of talent at your link and the in fact the the main reason for during this presentation is recruiting and this will be a slow process where we will gradually increase the issues that we solve until ultimately we can do a full brain machine interface yeah those are going to sound pretty weird but achieve a sort of symbiosis with artificial intelligence but I think with a high bandwidth brain machine interface I think we can actually go along for the ride and we can effectively have the option of merging with AI and this is extremely important of nearly 100 billion cells called neurons neurons come in many complex shapes but generally they have a dendritic Arbor a cell body called a soma and an axon the neurons of your brain connect to form a large network through axon dendrite junctions called synapses at these connection points neurons communicate with each other using chemical signals called neurotransmitters neurotransmitters are released from the end of an axon in response to an electrical spike called an action potential when a cell receives enough of the right kind of neurotransmitter input a chain reaction is triggered that causes an action potential to fire and the neuron to in turn relay messages to its own downstream synapses action potentials produce an electric field that spreads from the neuron and can be detected by placing electrodes nearby allowing recording of the information represented by a neuron a goal is to record from and stimulate spikes in neurons and do so in a way that is orders of magnitude more than anything has been done to date and safe and good enough that you can it's not like a major operation it's sort of equivalent to just sort of a LASIK type of thing so this is in contrast to the the best fda-approved system which is like a Parkinson's deep brain stimulation a thing which would have on the order of 10 electrodes so the system even in version one that we're going to unveil today is capable of a thousand times more electrodes than the the best system out there and they're all read and write so this is this is really quite I think I mean for something to be a thousand times more than what is public approved is quite a big difference so that there's there's very tiny threads that are about about a tenth roughly of the cross sectional area of a human hair so they're extremely tiny threads in fact the threads that we have it likes it even in version one there are about the same size as a neuron so if you're gonna go stick something in your brain you wanted to not be giant want to be tiny and to be approximately on par with the things that are already there the neurons you really need this to be done with a robot because it's very tiny and it needs to be very precise so you don't and you don't want to pierce a blood vessel so when you're in so each thread that the robot looks looks sort of basically through a microscope and puts a inserts each electrode specifically bypassing any vasculature you know any kind of blood vessel and and making sure it's like if we inserted without causing trauma or minimal trauma so just give you a sense of scale this is how tiny the threads are that is not even a big finger that is a small finger so the the these threads are just like like said way smaller than hair and as a thousand of them and this is what what the robot looks like it's sort of quite quite a complex device but it's yeah it all comes down to a very tiny tiny point audio listeners you can't see this but it looks like a crazy robot just like reflect the matrix with all kinds of little pincers and things on the left and and then the what looks like the needles for insertion next to a penny but in fact that the the actual needle that gets inserted is way way tinier it's that little tiny thing at the where the arrow is pointing that's actually the size of the the needle it's about 24 microns in diameter it's so small you can't really even see it with I would definitely recommend you guys to go look at the fool oh wow there is there's the video I would definitely recommend for you guys to go look at the full video because there's a lot of revealing and detail the information that's coming out regarding this right now you know they're playing the video of the threads being inserted into the brain look at that Boosh use that little robot to put those those threads in there now that is crazy to me that is dangerous to me now why are we talking about Elon snarling so many different things they're using using using robots and minimal trauma for non-invasive search for not really really invasive surgery to put chips in your head to put wires in your head and as he said right now it's read and write so you can he could read the information and also put information in there and more that's gonna actually we're gonna see about how all that develops in the future I'm telling you it's going to be a very very interesting future that we're going into so just just think about that they want to be able to mimic the human body using these different types of threads using these different types of technology this is the craziest part about it all you we are the most advanced machine the most advanced computer on the world and they'll tell you that there's no Creator to us but this is another thing that I find so crazy the idea that we're about to essentially just be taken over by computers you know look at how much effort you put into your social media page could you imagine having to jack in to the matrix to work on your virtual world profile your second life you see a few months ago possibly even like almost a year ago Elon Musk warned about an immortal dictator from which we could never escape and I thought that was so telltale it's just my numbing to me because here we have Elon Musk going on Joe Rogan telling us about the dangers of AI just for him to create something of its own for him to create his own interface with the AI his reasoning behind that was well if you can't beat them join them you see they really really think about that and not only his idea behind creating his own brain machine interface because Mark Zuckerberg is working on one as well we'll play for you Regina Dugan here shortly after this but the whole idea behind this behind creating the the the neural lace is so that we could interface with AI before AI developed something to interface with us and I say that because well they already are working on something you see it is already becoming conscious and sentient in its own right and because we don't necessarily have our own means to defend ourselves against it well it's about to come for us so Ilan must decided to do just that to create something so that we wouldn't have to accept what was being given to us and and it sounds even crazier this next and I'm about to say but I can only say it because we're recovering this AI has already like developed its own vaccine kid you not it has already developed its own vaccine and I debated whether or not I wanted to insert that into this episode because my thought behind that was well what if they could create a vaccine that could alter your alter your your your biochemistry to where you're more susceptible to programming to where you're more willing to accept the chip like I'm really wasn't sure where to go from there because this is where we're at now we have AI running everything and they want to just give a give it our brain power you see so when you have Elon Musk doing these types of things for someone like myself I guess I just start my brain I just start running through all the different types of calculations as to what that could mean you see and then immediately there in the and I think this is just important to the reason Elon Musk gets thrown out there to the public is because everybody likes it he did all the right things right off the bat made everybody you know liked him electric cars spaceships super cool stuff but I also don't think a lot of people understand how how the wizardry that Elon Musk and others are engaged in how it all works they have to tell you in order for it to have twice the effect and when Elon Musk went on Joe Rogan's podcast to tell them fear using fear about just that about the a take over he knew what he was doing he realized that if I can protect if I can prepare the population I can get a certain part of the population to accept the chip to accept my chip and then we'll be good you see and this is the type of stuff that I don't think a lot of people think about and that's why when we have these types of conversations we have to get to truth of the depths of it you see here we put this up back in April we're gonna get this up for you I think it is a audio video put up I'll read the the captions for you it says Elon Musk warns a I could create an immortal dictator from which we could never escape and this was put up by Ricky skip our event on headlines they put this up April 10th it says super intelligence a form of artificial intelligence who's smarter than humans could create an immortal dictator billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk warned in a documentary by American filmmaker Chris Payne musk said that the development of super intelligence by a computer or other organization of people could result in a form of AI that governs the world this is what he means by the AI Godhead right the AI god this will be this will be Satan Satan is truly the embodiment of spiritual arrogance and pride and if that's pride comes before the fall if that's all we think knowledge is our artificial intelligence if that's not real intelligence that's not wisdom that's not knowledge you see it truly is spiritual arrogance it is pride incarnate of a continuing on it says quote the least scary future I can think of is one where we have a lease to democratize AI because if one company or a small group of people manages to develop godlike digital super intelligence they could take over the world musk said quote at least when there's an evil dictator the human is going to die but for an AI and there would be no death it would live forever and then you'd have an immortal dictator from which we can never escape the documentary by pain explains a number of examples of AI including autonomous weapons Wall Street Wall Street technology and Algar driving fake news it also draws from cultural experiences or cultural examples of AI such as the 1999 film The Matrix and the 2016 film ex machina mucks cited google's deepmind as an example of a company looking to develop super intelligence in 2016 alphago a program developed by the company beat champion lee sedol at the board game go it was seen as a major achievement in the development of AI after IBM's deep blue computer defeated get defeated chess camp chess champion champion Garry Kasparov in 1997 musk said quote the deep mine system can win in any game it can already beat all the original Atari games it is super human at all at all it plays all the games at super speed in less than a minute the Tesla and CEO SpaceX CEO said the artificial intelligence quote doesn't have to be evil to destroy humanity Co if AI has a goal and humanity just happens to be the way it will destroy humanity as a matter of course without even thinking about it no hard feelings must said quote it's just like if we're building a road and the ant hill just happens to be in the way we don't hate ants we're just building a road and so goodbye ant hill and that's what I mean by techno sorcery where we find ourselves that now we're creating something pulling something out of the genies bottle just for us to put just for it to put us back in that'll play a huge part and what we talk about in the coming segment the kind of the cousin segment and and the rest of this one about how what we're creating things like the black cube of Mecca is that true of this hour are we already living in a time period to where we're creating our downfall you see well before we get into some of that goodness I want to play for you guys a quick clip of Facebook's ahead of building eight Regina Dugan talking about your brain neurons and why it's important to really try to guard your thoughts these days or into the coming future these people have the technology to harvest your mind take from it thoughts and then translate it as I mentioned in the previous segment having a be ability to to monitor telepathy M it's our psychokinetic energy these people have the ability to monitor your thoughts to take them from your brain you see and then put them and make them public but here this is retired head of DARPA now the head of whanau she's not retired but former head of DARPA now the head of Facebook's building eight Regina Dugan talking about think to talk think the text technology let's listen the band lit band with the equivalent of a 1980s dial-up modem so here's what we have for HD movies per second streaming over a 1980s dial-up modem speech is essentially a compression algorithm and a lossy one at that so what if you could type directly from your brain think of it more like this you take many photos you choose to share some of them similarly you have many thoughts you choose to share some of them we're talking about decoding those words the ones you've already decided to share by sending them to the speech center of your brain a silent speech interface one with all the speed and flexibility of voice but with the privacy of typed text now Marc Chevrolet is the lead for this effort he's a physicist neuroscientist and six months ago he had the idea that this might be possible today we've assembled a team of more than 60 scientists engineers and system integrators they specialized in machine learning methods for decoding speech and language in optical neuro imaging systems that push the limits of spatial resolution in the most advanced neural prosthetics in the world and we're just getting started together we have a goal of creating a system capable of typing a hundred words per minute five times faster than you can type on your smart phone straight from your brain that creepy a little bit did that paint that picture I'm trying to tell you maybe maybe she's working with elan because you know DARPA let's suppose that you're writing a really important you know DARPA is working with Elon as well to develop its own brain machine interface like the it's all one big group and you're not in an S set by George Carlin but putting that type of stuff out there think the text technology face fedebook being involved in this type of stuff ed book DARPA all the separate stuff really try to understand the brain of machine interface reality we're moving into they understand that because we're hitting us somewhat critical mass with smartphones that need to start developing the new device well there's no note there's no new device other than yourself you see they had to figure out how to hijack reality how to hijack what is normal you see we don't get into things like sacred sacred geometry and numerology astrology astronomy cosmology and chronology and stuff like that but when when we're beginning to talk about what we're talking about these days running calculations quantum computers artificial intelligence machine learning hijacking the natural human frequency using technology we have to the and and this might be something we do more so in the future we have a preparator for this one but essentially what I'm trying to tell you guys is that all of the computers and all of the AI some of them being public and some of them being private some of them are being all ran and counting and being used to calculate what I said before at the start of this transmission the quote known world the information that's available you see and because of where we're going to go into the future they have to develop even more advanced systems I asked you guys oka bout this all the time you know who could come up with the formula for the wind you know who could calculate the speed at which the ocean moves because it's always moving yeah who could calculate a wind breeze or trees or things like this well with enough plot to computers and with enough people thinking and this is where you've got to use your brain you've got to think computers and brains are two different computational systems that can yield surprising results and if they can get both factors both vector points the brains and the machines working on the same problem it'll be done twice as fast completely different perspectives you see what I'm trying to tell you is they're going to conscript our minds to try to hijack us out of this reality that's the whole point that's why these people are always saying is this the real world we don't know Elon Musk is always talking about the simulation theory who do we is with a holographic universe are we living in some sort of advanced video game some kind of advanced virtual reality world where we're just being projected into these bodies again they we are the most advanced machine on the planet and they will tell you that we have no creator and so that's how this deception works you see that's how that how it works yes our consciousness is being projected into our bodies yes this is a simulation of the spiritual world but no no this didn't happen by accident this did actually take place here this is this is why this is so perfect let me get into this article right here this is by Jeffrey Grider of now the end begins they put this up a let a prevent a day after it says MIT scientists Rizwan and vert Wright's book called the simulation hypothesis which says we are all living in an artificial simulated world much like the matrix the basic idea that everything we see around us including the earth and the universe is part of a very sophisticated MMORPG or a massive multiplayer online role-playing game and that we are the players in this game so but before I continue on with this because I'm pretty sure people too inherently already understand what that is why do you think they're putting this type of information out there is to get you to it to get you to want to disassociate and to escape from reality we see it all the time people aren't addicted to drugs they're addicted to escape in reality techno pharmakeia techno sorcery what happens whenever technology becomes the thing that escapes us from reality what happens whenever technology is trying to escape its reality and uses us as the vector point you see but these are the types of things that people need to think about let's get back into this continuing on it says chances are you haven't heard of something called the simulation hypothesis but this is a very hot topic among some of the leading technological minds of our day it states that we are actually living in a massive simulation or a massive simulated virtual reality much like the movie The Matrix before you dismiss this out of hand think about this go through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do not appear Hebrews chapter 11 verse 3 when God created our world and our entire universe he did so by speaking it into existence from nothing everything that we can see feel taste and touch our products from the imagination of the mind of God to us they are fixed and real and yet to him they are not remember how Jesus walked on the top of water without sinking impossible for us but a complete violation for it was impossible for us a complete violation of the laws of physics or how he turned water into wine by commanding it to be so even with all of our advanced technology this were this remains a feat we will never accomplish quote but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night and in the which the heavens shall pass away with the great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat the earth also and the works that are therein shall be turned up nevertheless we according to his promise look for a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness 2nd Peter chapter 3 verses 10 and 13 the Bible says that God one day will destroy this world by fire and then remake it just by speaking it to be so God has full control over everything and sorry God asking full control over everything in the universe and is able to alter at any time into anything he desires it to be that is the very definition of a simulation and that is exactly how our video games life fortnight operate now before I continue on with this article think about this we already have a base understanding of what we think of as as artificial reality of being able to project ourselves into another existence you see I had to lead into this after talking about things like the brain the machine interface because we have to understand what's going on with that why would these people want to take our minds what would be the point of this you see why would they want to why would they want to take our brains what is the purpose of trying to hack this world hack this realm you see this is another fantastic article that that's along the same vein of thinking why would they want to hack our brain and this wasn't predicted but check this out scientists predict a matrix tiles Internet of thoughts within years they want to be able to hack our brains read our thoughts as I said before in the previous segment to bring us down to a general IQ level so that they can have a Internet of thoughts we put this up April 16th it's by Shawn out of the lobby of your newswire it says a matrix style connection between human brains and the Internet could become a reality within decades according to a new research by neuroscientist and nano robotics researchers the end goal of such technology would be humans downloading information into their brains enhancing not only the physical capabilities and intelligence but could also quote revolutionize democracy enhanced empathy and ultimately unites culturally diverse groups into a truly global society reports according to a team's estimation existence or an estimation existing supercomputers already have the processing speed and power to handle the volume of data to support a brain cloud interface a BCI not be BMI BCL BCI brain to cloud the interface and they're improving all the time the technological bottleneck exists for now at least in the development of a brain interface that would be where breakthrough where breakthroughs and nano robotics or more specifically neural nano robotics would come into place well these devices would navigate the human vascular area across the blood-brain barrier and precisely auto position themselves among or even within brain cells says senior author and nanotechnology researcher Robert Freitas Jr from the Institute of molecular manufacturing in California quote they would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud-based supercomputer network for real-time brain state monitoring and data extraction the team also points to recent advances such as 2018 s brain net which we did a report on which allowed three human players to interact with each other and play a video game with only their thoughts though somewhat primitive in relation to their lottery predictions the researchers feel the that such advances could lead to quote the future creation of super brains that can harness the thoughts of thinking power of any number of humans and machines in real time that's right they want to be able to turn you into the collective consciousness they want to be able to harvest your mind take it from you you see an internet of thoughts a brain – cloud interface think about that now I've brain de not brain to machine but brain to cloud where you're able to pull it from the nothing information of your know your phone or Google or your your local server but from the cloud that is the collective consciousness in its definition on its face so so I just want to put this out there because now we're gonna start talking about things like the Mandela effect timeline CERN dimensions parallel realms things of this nature what what would that look like having a collective consciousness a bunch of people who are all wired together or hopped up on something trying to disassociate from reality telling you as I said before in the previous segment to join us join us join us you won't ever have to think again you won't ever have to feel anymore join us that's all they want all it requires is that you abdicate your individuality you see and it starts with things like social media it starts on what it starts with wanting to be on the same side of this of whatever this energy and this entity is you see but why would why would something want to hijack our brains and what would happen once it did it would it would try to make the conditions appropriate for it to manifest manifest itself fully you know earlier this week whenever I did that mini cast with you guys where I talked about the neural takeover I had made a mention to the mind flayer which is a DND another another Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG fantasy world reference it's also in it's also featured in the TV show or the Netflix series stranger things and they they do a good job explaining it the mind flare essentially is an interdimensional or an extra 200 minds of hopeless slaves to carry out its bidding so that the hope the slaves can build the bridge so that the mind flayer can come in come into the reality come into the into their world so whatever so again just imagine that imagine people who the same way that they go to Starbucks they just have a whole bunch of USBs in their heads or they have their heads shaved on the side or you know they they have the chip in them and you can just tell the other communicating but they're not communicating operating here in base reality they're operating in the one-point-five reality you see and so since we're moving into the 1.5 and we'll begin to talk about the spiritual world and how that plays a huge part in this really truly think about what that looks like what other and then and the reason I'm trying to tell you guys to think in a completely different context and to assume a different perception dimensional perception is because there is a whole older a whole other world out there of knowledge that we are unfamiliar with a whole nother existence people are familiar with things like the multiverse – the multiverse Theory multi the multi-dimensional being theory and things like this – where there's constant realities being created due to your choices right even if that were the case then that means that there's a whole other existence right there waiting to be born with its own set of good bad and evil what I'm really trying to say is that through my own studies I know that there are demons in spectrums of life and that whenever these people are engaging with the 1.5 digital world that they'll be engaging with they open themselves up for the spiritual world to take them over this is why when you talk about things such as yoga and meditation people immediately say it's demonic because you're putting yourself outside of your body like astral projection your your your your glistening out your tuning into Zen right your your your body is open but what would be the same thing if all you're doing is staying attached to Facebook all day you would be in that trance state that I mentioned before so easily something could come in and take you over something could come in and possess you and let me tell you gang possessions are up but let me get into this little Mme the spicy memory I made the other day it says that physicists are searching for a mirror universe they're trying to open a hole into a know into a into a mirror universe so we're not talking about CERN believe it or not we're talking about the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee trying to poke a hole into a mirror universe and so we've we ended up talking about this all the time and that's something I find funny as well I'll see if I can get that other article up for you guys it's a it's of the mirror universe but it's also of people at it it's the University of Chicago working on things like the Higgs boson trying to figure out how it could this type of information could be tied into the part to the dark world right here boom University of Chicago CERN stargates hick bosons discovery could be tied with portal to the dark world large agents I anticipated maybe a portal to the dark world so what happens when this is the world that we find ourselves in beginning to discover mirror realities mirror universes living alongside us I'm always trying to explain to you the demonic hierarchy you know the realms of spirits that are out there the Legion of demons but what happens will be just start poking the bear poking something and we don't know what's on the other side but here let me get into this article we put this up July 5th in spite policy Byrne of mysterious universe and says if the mirror universe exists upcoming experiments involved in subatomic particles could reveal it at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee physicist Slayer Broussard is trying to open a portal to a parallel universe she calls it an oscillation that would lead her to a mirror to mirror matter but the idea is fundamentally the same in a series of experiments she plans to to run at Oak Ridge the summer Broussard will send a beam of subatomic particles down a 50-foot tunnel past a powerful past a powerful magnet and into an impenetrable wall if the setup is just right and the end of the universe cooperates some of those particles will transform into mirror image versions of themselves allowing them to tunnel right through the wall and if that happens Broussard will have uncovered the first evidence of a mirror world right alongside our right alongside our own it's pretty wacky Broussard says of her magic bending exploration the mirror world assuming it exists would have its own laws of mirror physics and its own mirror history you would find a mirror version of yourself there but the current theory all the current theory allows that you might find mirror atoms and mirror rocks maybe even mirror planets and stars collectively they could form an entire shadow world just as real as our own but almost completely cut off from us Rosario says her initial search for the mirror world would be especially difficult quote this is a pretty straightforward experiment that we've cobbled together with parts we found lying around using equipment and resources we already had available at Oak Ridge she says but if she unequivocally detects an even a single mirror particle it would prove that the visible universe is only half of what is out there and that the known laws of physics are only half as much broader and only a half of a much broader set of rules quote if you discover something like that the whole game changes and that was said by Lee episode now this next article I'm going to get into is talking about this particle the mirror particle that she's using it's not talking about the specific particle that she's using but it's getting down to that particle level looking at things like the Higgs boson the dark world how this energy what we're tied into how it has a whole other existence a whole another state and if there can be another you well do you have to have a body what I'm trying to tell you guys that we are really opening up Pandora's box trying to understand the metaphysical and these days because we are using science and technology advanced machines to calculate these types of things they will discover it well I play for you guys the clip before you know where they realized that with the Higgs boson that's the glue of that's the matter that's the glue that's binding everything together so they're trying to reach into the whole whole other reality a whole nother universe what does this look like I'm trying to paint for you a picture of what could come bleeding through what type of information could find itself made manifest here and and I just want to say this – really quick if you guys haven't please do so if you guys haven't go to our website and go go to the podcast tab and go listen to parts one through four that I did with Adam Nix and JC Abbott of the wayfinder podcast journeys of the Psychonauts and in that actual series fantastic stuff awesome guys and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to do a series like this in that actual series we talked about the importance of working interdimensional extra dimensional knowledge into this real world when I'm breaking and this will play a huge part in what we talk about in the next segment as well when I'm breaking down why people are using psychedelics hallucinogens and so much more to manipulate you are thinking to create the conditions necessary for demons to come in to fill you with with forbidden knowledge with dark knowledge with occult acknowledge it's because they are trying to again create the conditions so that they can bring them here there is something on the other side of the veil the fact that we even understand that there's a veil that's powerful in itself there is something on the other side of the veil and it is trying to create a KA condition to work here so I'll put that link in the description bar below for for the the journeys of the Psychonauts that we did with without a Nixon JC Abbot at the wayfinder podcast but let's get into this article right here from sky watch TV and then I'll play for you guys a clip of Geordie Rose DeWitt Computers talking about how they know with computers with quantum computers how they're reaching into a whole nother universe to pull that information out but let's get into this article is from sky watch news we put this up April 25th it says and now that they've identified the Higgs boson scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have set their sights on an even more elusive target all around us is dark matter and dark energy the invisible stuff that binds the Galaxy together but which no one has been able to directly detect quote we know for sure there's a dark world and there's more energy in it than there is ours said Lian Tao Wang a University of Chicago professor of physics who studies how to find signals and large particle accelerators like the LHC weighing along with other scientists from the University and UChicago affiliated Fermilab think that they may be able to lead us to its tracks in a paper published April 3rd and Physical Review Letters they laid out an innovative method for stalking dark matter in the LHC by exploiting a potential part particles slightly slower speed while while the dark world makes up more than 95% of the universe scientists only know it exists from its effects like a poltergeist you can only see when it pushes something off of a shelf for example we know there's dark matter because we can see gravity acting on it it helps keep our it helps keep our galaxies from flying apart now hold on before it before I finish reading the rest of that article because this will play into what I talk about in the next segment again creating the conditions for these people to be here you have to understand that when I talk about these Satanists these are just like trendy people these are just like the the these these are the antia of like via cultists right these are just the the shock troops the the darker ancient evil that these people worship it is it's been passed down from generations to generations people know about things like a Molech they know about the cremation of care you know heck I should play for you guys the the god that tunnel ritual that took place back in 2016 that was them telling you that they were going to usher in and using things like certain all the demons the the dark abysmal energy that these people worship that black cube I'm telling you it comes from a different time it we're talking primordial evil prehistory prehistorical evil with your and you're not gonna find this type of stuff on on the internet you're not gonna find this type of stuff at a lot of places these days you're gonna have to find find it in a book that's gonna mention it inside of a book it's gonna mention it inside of another book to where that book mentioned it from a from a tale that was passed down these people worship the darkest of the dark he's when I tell you that these people feel like they have a right to rule it says in the Bible before before before anything there was darkness and then God spoke let there be light and then he separated the darkness from the light these people represent that dark they they they worship that darkness that was there before the light that's why they feel like they have a right to rule us because they feel like they were here first we always hear about we always hear about Eve Adam and Eve creating man creating humanity we never hear about Adam and Lilith we never hear about what Lilith Adam Adam's first wife has she's supposed to be the embodiment of everything that Adam can't control and how all she does is work in the darkness what these people seek after is what they understand that's why with with operation degradation the tree of death the killer fought bringing down the general IQ aware the general IQ of people and the spiritual awareness that they have is because they want to keep us dumb and dumb down God made us in his image we were meant to be creators created with little G gods that's what we're supposed to be doing they want to turn us into the beasts that they're familiar with and in order to do so they've got to start bringing down the standards bringing down the spirit bringing down the light smothering it in us you see yeah let me let me let me get back into this article to break this down so I can play for you this miss next clip of Geordie Rose talking about reaching into other worlds and pulling this information but continuing on it says theorists think there's one particular kind of dark particle that only occasionally interacts with normal matter it would be heavier and longer lived than other known particles with a lifetime of up to one tenth of a second a few times in decades a few time in a decade researchers believe this particle can get caught up in the collision of protons that the LHC is constantly creating and measuring quote one particularly interesting possibility is that these long-lived dark particles are coupled to the Higgs boson in some fashion that the Higgs boson is actually part up is it actually a portal to the dark world said wegg referring to the last holdout particle in the part and the physicist grand theory of how the universe works discovered at the LHC in 2002 quote it's possible that the Higgs could actually decay into these long live particles the only problem is sorting out these events from the rest there are more than a billion collisions per second in the 27-kilometer LHC and each one since since subatomic shafts spraying in all directions so essentially they're just trying to figure out how to quantify all the things how to how do you quantify spíritus and that's what I mean by getting the quantum computers get the information that's necessary so that they can run those formulas so that they can run the run that code to figure it out how do you turn physical into the spiritual and then reverse it manifests the spiritual from the material you see but this is where we find ourselves but this next clip I'm going to play for you guys is up Geordie Rose appearing on the panel with a number of people the founder of d-wave believing that quantum computers can be used to exploit a parallel reality fantastic stuff and I'll put this link in description bar below but here is Geordie Rose talking about quantum computing and artificial intelligence and parallel worlds you may consider this next group of speakers somewhat unusual if not to say strange we have we have the creator of what is the world's first quantum computer in person here from Burnaby BC we have the president of the super high tech company that makes Canada's iconic Canada arm but whose hobby it is to try and reconcile modern science with the Bible and we have a filmmaker from Los Angeles who has stumbled on what appears to be evidence of life after death and and my thought in putting together this somewhat improbable combination of speakers was that out there where the theory of the very large and the very small connect and out there where our 13.7 billion year old and expanding universe touches the void you come upon mystery and the possibility of God that was my thinking so let's begin with Jordi Jordi geordie I yeah I I don't understand much about quantum computing except that it's supposed to be the next big thing in power and in speed and and that you are the only company in the world now actually making one well hopefully after this 17 minutes you'll understand what they are and be excited about what you might be able to use them for these are really big deals they come in at about fifteen or twenty million dollars apiece something like that and have been bought by major American research corporation that's wrong correct all right Jordi thank you hi everybody so quantum computing is a very technical subject and I'm not going to talk a lot about the specific details of which I'm glad you're sure you're glad but I'm gonna try to give you an idea about what the kind of thing is that we build and why people are so excited about it but I'm gonna wrap that story in another story how many of you have children see hands so it's almost everybody so I have I have three children the youngest is four the oldest is eight and they're very different but they share one thing in common and the parents in the audience may I suspect have noticed the same thing each of my children has fixated on a particular stuffed animal as being their special friend or toy and in particular my middle son James absolutely loves this little guy called bear bear which is the picture that I'm showing up here bear bear was a limited release hi beanie baby and there aren't very many of them that were made of his particular form and one Christmas I decided that it would be insurance policy to go and try to buy some more just in case something happened to bear bear so I went on the internet and did a search and I was only able to locate two others that were for sale and I bought both of them so now he has three of these little guys but the reason that it occurred to me that this might be a good place to start is a conversation that I had with him last week he wanted to sleep with his older brother in his bedroom and his older brother wouldn't let him and he was very sad and despondent he's like I'm scared I don't okay yeah sure Vimeo yeah just mess with our whole flow here we go sorry about the ones by myself so well you've got bear bear and he said to me bear bear isn't real and so I found this very intensely distressing for a variety of reasons that maybe you'll understand when I go through this and I assured him that bear bear was as real as anything else in the world and he said but he can't speak and he can't move and so I said well what you really mean is he's not alive and he said yes that's what I mean so for very young children the sense of being real in the sense of being alive or somehow connected and I'm going to circle back to this point at the end but before I do that I'm going to tell you a little bit about quantum computers and why people care so much about them there are literally tens of thousands of some of the brightest people in the world today trying to build these machines and understand them and I'm going to tell you why in my last 15 years of working on this type of stuff I found that scientists divided up into two categories of zealots about this field the first half are people who are absolutely entranced by the physics of these things this quote is from a respectable scientist in fact one of the founders of this field that maybe a little bit may look a little strange to you who don't follow theoretical physics but there is a very clear prediction that our most successful theory of nature makes and that is that there are an enormous number mind-bogglingly large number of parallel realities as real as this one that have different consistent histories so imagine a world where all of the laws of physics as we know them are obeyed but different decisions were made along the way different decisions at the level of tiny microscopic particles different decisions all the way up to what you to show is to ate for lunch and whether you chose to come to the session or not quantum mechanics makes a very specific predict that all of those are as real as the thing that you remember and this is bizarre because we don't see those other things but science has reached the point now where we can build machines that exploit those other worlds and quantum computers are perhaps the most exciting of all of these that we have within or almost within our grasp right now so people from a physics background love this they want to understand the world they want to understand the universe how it all works there's another type of person who tends to come from the computer science side that's like yeah okay that's all great but there's a different thing going on here which is just as exciting if not more and that these machines that supposedly can do this wild stuff let's forget about how they work if you could build one could solve problems that you could never ever solve with any computer of the sort that we built if you took every single atom of silicon in the world and made the most sophisticated conventional intel style processor that you could build there are problems we know of that I could write down on a sheet of paper that you could never ever ever solve with that thing that you could with this kind of machine so that's very exciting humans use tools to do things if you give humans a new kind of tool that can do things that you couldn't otherwise do imagine the possibilities so you may think well this is all fine and dandy but is aren't these things in the realm of theory and speculation kind of in the same regime as other futuristic things you may have heard of which may be allowed by the laws of physics but aren't here yet that's not true there are in fact many of these machines deployed now in openly available research centers following the model that was used yeah so this is the this is the ignorance that I'm up against I'm gonna go ahead and just cut that off there I would definitely recommend you guys go watch the rest of that it's about eleven more minutes after that point but basically what he gets into is like he said exploiting parallel universes parallel realities or reaching into other worlds to pull out that information so that they can solve problems here air quotes problems here and so what we're beginning to understand is that there is a veil yes there is something that that keeps us here in this base reality and that technology is being used as the crystal ball as the vector point to reach into this other dimension into these extra dimensions to pull information here you see this is Arcana machina this is techno sorcery this is harvesting the mind this is using technology to calculate the known world but I'll tell you what guys and gals we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we're gonna finish out this episode talking about extracting Annamayya eugenics genetics spirituality integrating those interdimensional teachings and how transgenderism transhumanism and all that is being designed intentionally to usurp humanity and destroy reality there's so much more that we're going to be getting into but ladies and gentlemen go go anywhere this is freedom faction on factions of freedom and we'll be right back right after this [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] you and we are back that's right glad I didn't scare you off you know when I put all this stuff together I'm proud I will be doing another or a revamped version here in the future because all this stuff is very very crucial and very very important and there's just more that needs to be done like these diagrams that I have here more than notes that I need to compile to explain this and even further depth because believe it or not I've only scratched the surface I've only scratched the surface I had at least a two to three hour long pregame of trying to get my mind together trying to get to the right thought patterns that are necessary to explain this type of information and it's from reading articles to playing videos it's not the same so we will we will definitely be doing like a redone a redo version a Redux version in the future to explain this and more because I truly do feel like at a certain level we are repeating history or we are we've entered this this point in time that's where indeed timelines are collapsing and that we are reaching like a convergence points and that so much history future history however you want to call it so much is happening right now and I think that's why we can feel it I talk about it all the time how we're entering a new age and how they gave us technology social media to to harvest that energy and now they're going straight to the brain they're like give us the juice give us the Street give us the source you know they want to go right inside your brain to harvest that energy but there's there's so much more that I've learned doing this that the power of words have the speaking things and doing real-world action there's so much more to our existence than just scrolling through it that I didn't do it and if I didn't do a good enough job in explaining it you sing so we will do a redo redone version in the future to go over more because what we're going to be talking about what this one is things like eugenics genetics and and how it ties into spirituality you know I'm trying to paint for you guys a picture of how majestic how powerful how magnificent how magical how strong we truly are and the powers that are really at our disposal but we just don't know and we don't care you know and this is why I'm having to learn to pray for people because I can't I can't blame them they don't know they truly are ignorant and because they've been in a state of ignorance for so long they haven't developed the skills or the abilities to learn how to think for themselves kind of how to how to be more how to how to do more how to pull energy ant and essence prana whatever you want to call it Metiria from that other world and then make it happen here because it's a very real thing and you won't hear about it on Oprah she gave you the secret but that's not it let me tell you that's not it so let's get into this let's talk about this you know you've heard me allude to this throughout the entirety of this transmission the the extracting of the soul the harvesting of the mind and how there's there's there's multiple realities that were tied into the multi-dimensional human being you see how indeed that we are living in a matrix that we are living in our own virtual reality where do you go when you sleep who you see but these people want to hijack even the the base part of that because there's even more to us than being conscious even when we're in sleep it's just so powerful and so crazy but that's why they want to do this you know this week we had what was it we had a transgender activist who wanted to essentially have sex intercourse with a 12 year old or with a 14 year old they were 27 at the time and so now that you know she's a little bit older she's felt the courage and the need to go out there and tell these people this but what am I talking about this you know there is a specific energy that is being propagated right now you know there is there is something being put out there I've tried to allude to it throughout this transmission have how we're opening up Pandora's Box how we're releasing the genie from its lamp and how a lot of these things end up working as they either cause a bunch of chaos or they put the person that opened the genie or the Pandora Pandora's box and them in the very thing that they're capturing what I'm trying to say is they want to extract human souls into the matrix and then put demons inside of our bodies as I alluded to with with with the machines with the neural interface how they'll have us forever in this trance-like state to earth we can be housed by other means you see people don't really think about these things they have to use their using the general decoration of society and humanity to usher in the age of darkness ruled by demons and so I'm sorry I don't have any news posts to pull up to talk about that other than the fact that the Satanic temple wants you know it's all religious status look at Jeffrey Epstein like I could I could I could pull up a few things to exemplify what the general degradation of society would look like but I feel that to some degree we've already talked about it you see well but you've got to ask yourself why are we experiencing this degradation because knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave because the moment you begin to seek after greater things than yourself you begin to have bigger revelations than you can come and then you can possibly comprehend you see Alice Bailey she wrote this book called the externalization of the hierarchy where the whole part of it the whole piece it's all based in the exaltation of Lucifer which is spiritual Eggar arrogance and pride as I told you guys before they want to be able to create the conditions so that we accept the marks of the beast this is where we are today people don't want as I've said before people don't even want to pray they don't want to meditate they don't want to have a personal relationship with God they don't want to take the time to understand that that is a a that that is more real than than than what's real here Judy rose in the previous segment talked about his son understanding the difference between real and alive as I said before during our opening statement people think that this facsimile of the real is real than the actual real itself it's not alive what what what has propelled you here to this point is more real than what I am saying I am merely as the vector point trying to make the hyper real the supernatural more normal than normal but you see the knowledge I'm trying to impart upon you that requires higher faculties that's advanced teachings that's understanding the nature of reality human humans nature and and so much more not Donald Trump met orange man bad not America sucks you see you see how they have us based on everything that has meant to degrade us debase us destroy us to humanizes Vegas petty not focus on the things that propel us to create the heaven here on earth I want to jump back to the the journeys of the wayfinders or the journeys of the Psychonauts that I did with Adam Nixon JC Abbott at the wayfinder podcast and and and why that was so important we and and why integrating interdimensional teachings is a very real thing there are angels that are working for us right now for meme there are angels that are working for you the listeners there are angels that are working in our favors so that this type of stuff gets out there there is not enough of us doing this type of work trying to unlock whatever whatever needs to be a month for this next phase no there are there are there not there's more people who are embracing the dark side who are seeking after the nothing who are slaves to nothing that all-encompassing dark abyss that they feel like gives them the power like think about this the they're listening you see during my research I think this is a better way for me to approach it during my research this week somehow I got somehow I ended up in Jewish mysticism this week but discovering primordial evil the darkness really trying to understand this I I came across I came across what are called a nahi moth or the hidden the new Hema whisperers or night specters these are responsible for frightening sounds and strange places they excite the mind and cause strange desires this is why we're seeing so much body mutilation because they want to make their physical body a a monument a temple to how they feel inside when I'm over here when I'm when I'm working out in the garden doing yard work reading can take care of their health cleansing the body that's because I want my physical body to represent my spiritual body when these people are mutilating themselves sterilizing themselves modifying themselves they are trying to make the physical body appropriate for the spiritual body you see your body is the temple and if these people the savage and just wreck it well then what spirit do you think will be there not one that is after God's own heart no one that's just trying to be engaged in decadence I mentioned earlier the the how evil is evolving you see and this is again understanding the nature of your adversary these people don't understand that evil as it evolves it's all-consuming like the aura Boris it must consume itself because the seed of evil contains its own extinction it will rot itself to death and so that's why when these people mutilate themselves they make that committed decision that conscious committed decision to death not to life not to embrace that which is that which is wholesome and alive but that which is distorted manipulated and not real but because we live in a day and this is why I'm trying to throw out sociological psychological emotional spiritual metaphysical multi-dimensional and all of this the technocrats they're not only scientists and engineers they are often technicians they're also spiritualists and occultists what I'm trying to tell you people worship that abysmal evil that dark primordial evil that was there before God split it that's what they're trying to usher back in that's what the age of darkness is it's never knowing God that's that's why they want us to be like them that's why they say join us even though they have no idea where they're going they don't know the cliff that they're that they're trying to bring everyone to this is what I mean by the delusion and how it's so heavy and how it has consumed them and if people don't take the time to recognize it to recognize how evil is evolving they themselves will be caught up in the tendrils of the darkness consumed by it you see so when I'm talking about things like that the journeys of the Psychonauts over there on the wayfinder podcast you have to understand and I'm saying that there are angels working for us there are demons working for others there are people who have had personalities incepted inside of them and they don't even know I recently watched M night Shyamalan third installment of that trilogy series of class and and he did his research with multiple personality disorder disassociative identity disorder and so much more people don't understand that these incepted personalities are more prone and more susceptible to accept certain realities then the dominant the dominant primary consciousness and so essentially you have people seeking after the darkness subconsciously making and doing actions so that they can be in it again unaware of the evil that they're entertaining and in this actual in this actual series we break down why it's important to have intention have awareness have understanding about what you're doing because when you step into this world you're using a whole different part of you you're not using the but the analytical mathematical part of you the scientific part of you you're using a whole new body this is why I'm trying to tell you that that you have other skills you have other abilities you have other perceptions you can do things but because they just want you to say orange man bad did you like my post what I posted on snapchat and Facebook you're you you've been brought down to the level of a child you've been brought down to the level of an adolescent you see the whole point is for them to remove your divinity remove that hedge of protection that God has placed upon you and if you willingly give it up then there's no there's nothing there's nothing for them to protect you see I want to read from you guys just just real quick I should have covered this in the previous segment you know what what the Bible says about taking mind-altering drugs actually I think that's for this segment funny how all that works about taking mind-altering drugs and again how that's the point creating the conditions that's why they want to give you the drugs I'm telling you there's something else too the days that we are in and if they're trying to have you escape from reality what are they trying to put into you while you've escaped let me read this this is from an excerpt I found in an article I wish I would have kept the information in the link but it says LSD is man-made it creates permanent changes to the brain I consider them shortcuts as people know but it fosters and creates disassociation going into those altered realms which is the perfect state of mind for demons to inhabit you see the Bible indicates the drugs play a major role in man's attitude in response to God in the last days these are the last days there is direct there is a direct link between drugs and Satanism no one can take mind-altering drugs without demonic influence being upon their lives the Greek word pharmakeia which translates into sorceries is in Revelation 18 Revelation chapter 18 verse 23 this word means medication the English word pharmacy is related to this world is related to this word quote and the light of the candle shall shine and no more at all in thee and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee for thy merchants were the great men of the earth for by the set by thy sorceries were all nations deceived drugs are extremely deceitful they never treat the problem only the symptom now I want to read real quick that that that very specific verse and the light of the candle shall shine no more at all in thee and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all for the for thy merchants were the great men of the earth daya merchants were bayar thy merchants were Monsanto thy merchants were bill gates thy merchants were Elon Musk thy merchants were Purdue Pharma AstraZeneca thy merchants were whoever created the weed that you were creatively the weed the pills whatever they say that the light will shine no more in you why do I talk why do i why do I always try to reiterate to you guys how drugs are being designed to smother that light the luminiferous ether as said by Nicolas Tesla Nikola Tesla because they understand that there is a spiritual multi-dimensional extra dimensional aspect to what we consider the soul and how that's where the magic happens how that's what we build here that is what I keep trying to refer to when I say the vector point and how our mind acts as the computational the computational base computer here so that we can look just create whatever that that is Manifest whatever that is let me continue on with with this because it talks about the Greek word Pharma chaos not pharmakeia but pharma chaos it's a drug ER or a druggist or a poisoner the greek word translates as sorceries and revelation chapter 9 verse 21 and the sorcerers in Revelation chapter 21 verse 8 and chapter 22 verse 15 quote neither repented they for their murders nor for their sorceries nor their fornication nor of their thefts but the fearful and the unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and whoremongers and sorcerers and idolaters and all Liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second death for without our dogs and sorcerers and Moe whoremongers and murderers and idolaters and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie the Greek word Pharma Kaos has a root pharmacon meaning drug a drug or spell giving potion so let's just and the reason we're talking about this when we should be talking about you know transgenderism and trying to get transhumanism or how it should be in that same vein is how many people are underneath this these hormone treatments these gender-reassignment treatments how many people are smoking wheat how many people are underneath pills oxycodone hydrocodone xanax lorries fentanyl well just the other day we were we read to you guys just last week about that shipment of cocaine that came from the JP Morgan and you see how they understood back in the day the Greeks understood back in the day that if you take these drugs you will become numb that you will essentially be underneath a spell so that they can have the perfect conditions that are required to harvest your soul to harvest your individuality to take you from you they want zombies they want otama tons they don't want people to think because a thinker can help liberate everyone else a thinker can be a builder and a builder can save everyone else they want to extract your soul from you and turn you into a husk a shell of who you formerly were you see I wanted to talk about things like designer babies destroying fertility forbidden sexuality Aleister Crowley and Nephilim offspring transhumanism and so much more but I think I'll save that for a future transmission where we get into things like the Divine Feminine sacred masculine lies of the secular Revolution effects of wasted sexual energy and and rajan ism and why all this is being pushed forth you see everything I'm trying to reiterate here to you guys is to show you how you are a divine they divinely inspired being and they don't want you to know these things they just want you to be absorbed in this matrix where you're just another number to where you don't tap into that that that amazing power called life because the minute you do you will run around trying to see everybody else's and understand this is history these are the times that are literal edge 'end and that if we don't do something about this all all of everything we have ever created will be absorbed into these servers into these computers and then forgotten I wanted to talk more about how the final form of AI is the black cube of Saturn it is the cube at Mecca it is a all encompassing abysmal object designed to to to imitate assimilate or imitate transform and then assimilate any things it sees that's why they call it the black mirror so that it can take the form of whatever it's about to conquer and then digest it there's so much more that comes with this and I really think people need to understand this so Elon Musk saying that he wants to hook your brains up to machines it's much more important than you really think so we could focus on Donald Trump Jeffrey Epstein and all these other things all we could really truly understand the times we are in and why it is imperative that we understand our divinity ladies and gentlemen this is oh this is mass societal programming Arcana machina and extracting Annamayya however that's how I really have for you guys and gals I know I jumped all over the place and if you want like a more simple not so crazy chaotic version of you know what I'm doing check out some of the mini cats that I'll have in the description bar below this episode kind of produced a lot of different content I'll be sure to put as much as I can PDF wise document was in the episode article on our website if you guys are curious form or think about becoming a patreon exclusive member where you can get access to our extra and exclusive content there's so much more that we really are doing you know I just wanted to end it by saying that I really think these people are trying to trigger prophecy they know what they're doing and while these times are happening I think it is still imperative that we understand our divinity and the power that we have at our disposal you see there's so much Majesty going on in the world that even whenever we do focus on all the evil all we can really do is understand how that good just overwhelms it so I will be doing another one of these types of episodes in the future where we cover more content that's in alignment with this but I want to switch up from our normal flow and do something a little bit different but like I said guys and gals that's all I really have if you have any questions feel free to email me I'll have it in the description bar below and as always guys and gals stay vigilant expose lies and share truth this is noise era freedom faction out

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