Mary Beard shares her views on societal…

how is the popular cultural image of the elderly whatever we mean by elderly defined like for me comes down to a pretty simple question that is why is it a compliment within modern culture to tell someone they look younger than they really are what why am I supposed to feel pleased if people say good or not 59 are you you don't look a day over 45 what when are we going to be in a position when to be 59 and look 59 is just great the second question I suppose follows on from that and it's really about the gender difference and I think that it is a good idea to look younger than you are does apply to both genders male and female but it applies much much more to women and I think it's very interesting to reflect half example on television there really is a role for the craggy wrinkled balding slightly overweight gray-haired bloke there's a way that those kind of characteristics can factor out into authoritative learning profundity in a way that it doesn't do for women you know women with wrinkles and gray hair can can be sort of written office simply past their use-by date you

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