Marianne Williamson Surprises Cenk With Answer

obviously I didn't agree with your medicare-for-all answer but you did kill it on a couple of other issues okay when I say what I said I felt dirty after I said you know I you know I maybe had a I had to say it I so I the needle really moved for me on that tonight when I was hearing it from them and having to say to myself you're agreeing with John Delaney here you're really being pulled over here I could just feel I felt I was going to have people like yourself like on my text I still have a little question and I still have that little bit GenCon let's talk about that first thing you know since we're already made conversation on that so there is this irony that did you you score so well when you talk against corporate rule and you did it again tonight and on the issue of Medicare for all you seem like you know you're stuck on that when it feels that you're almost in mid evolution but I am I am and that's the truth of the matter but I think the needle moved left today that's really interesting so using the needle move for you a little bit when you saw yourself in the middle of the debate agreeing with John Delaney it makes you more likely to think about it more and maybe more move more towards I mean I've heard you I've heard Elizabeth I've heard Bernie I've heard I've heard mister lady I also have a lot of people I respect who you know as one friend of mine said you know Americans don't like to be told they can't have mustard on their hot dog I get that too congressman Hodes here out of you Paul Hodes we've I've had many hours of conversation about this in fact he was on the conversation with Michael ID the other day you're gonna have to give me a little more time but I'm gonna leave a move for me tonight I have so just so that people are clear because it's really important because a lot of people heard yous is kind of poor middle position and not necessarily for medicare-for-all tonight but you're leaving the door open to being for a medicare-for-all in the future but as I said to you the other day but even Bernie's plan talks about a four year transition congresswoman dipoles plan talks about a two-year transition so they're basically the only thing that it seems to me we're talking about here is the issue of whether or not people will be able to keep their private insurance because their transitional as well am I wrong about this so they do have a transition that gets to Medicare for all and so the argument that I think you made tonight will sound to people like you don't want to eventually wind up there oh oh oh my goodness oh I've never been that I've never been that no oh no no no it's really depressing that it sounded that way No so so then what do you view is the role for private insurance let's put it this way eventually any role eventually eventually eventually they're gone it's they are as they perform as greedily as Elizabeth Brinson was saying tonight they it is horrible they take a lot of money and give as little care as possible I'm very aware of that I remember when I had my own daughter and the doctor who didn't want me to have to leave the hospital that fast and the insurance companies made me and I that was my first thought was an experience of that you know my daughter's 29 years old and I remember how angry the doctor was and it was my first real exposure to my personal experience he didn't want me to leave that test so so I I get that there's no there's no ambiguity about that for me it's a terrible terrible example of corporate greed and all that my only issue is that you know that some people want it for whatever reason and and this idea of taking it away from people I'm not totally there I actually want to give you credit for something unprecedented I have never seen anyone in a political debate come out of a debate and say I was somewhat persuaded by the ideas of the people I was debating I've literally never seen that in my life the texture I was gonna text you tonight yeah no no talking the gold standard here we're talking Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren so you know yeah I don't know that's that that level of open-mindedness you will never see from a politician because they're too scripted exactly but I do I actually want to ask you about two things where I thought you did great when you talked about reparations and you said that it was a debt that is owed I felt it resonate in the room have you used that terminology before because it seemed to really land a punch you know I've had a career for 35 years working with issues of personal transformation all the country is is a collection of people so whether you're an individual or country you can't have the future you want until and unless you're willing to clean up the past gotta clean up your past relationships or it energy stays stuck so I'm not minimizing the the struggles or sacrifices of any of our ancestors black or white I'm not saying there's been no success I'm not I'm not minimizing the Civil Rights Act I'm not minimizing the Voting Rights Act although of course it's been chipped away out but the issue of economic restitution is just a piece we haven't gotten to yet and so the economic gap that existed at the end of the Civil War has never been closed and at that time to come see Sherman promised to every former slave family of for forty acres and a mule the vast majority of cases it wasn't given even when it was given the vast majority of those it was taken back so that gap was never closed and I think most Americans might not have really allowed themselves to think about what we're talking about here we're talking about I'm so good I'm something bad by the way whenever I'm sold well I'll go back to that minute let's stay with the race and then I have to go back to the health care the Medicare for all we talking about two hundred and fifty years of slavery that was followed by another hundred years of domestic terror and institutionalized violence against black people and what do you call Ku Klux Klan and lynchings if not domestic terror you're talking three hundred and fifty years of institutionalized violence against black people that is longer than than the United States has even been in existence now at the end of World War two Germany paid eighty nine billion dollars in reparations to Jewish organizations and and that has gone far towards establishing reconciliation between Germany and the Jews of Germany in the rest of Europe Ronald Reagan in 1988 signed the civil liberties act where we gave to every surviving prisoner during World War 2 the Japanese internment camp between twenty and twenty two thousand dollars so paying restitution and paying reparations is not a fringe idea the reason I like and this was the reason I like reparations as opposed to race-based policies race based policies doesn't speak to whose fault it is reparations carry moral force it's not just about economic restitution it is an inherent maiya culpa it is an acknowledgment of a debt that is owed it is acknowledgement of the willingness on the part of a nation to pay it and payment rendered marianna I'll return the favor I was unsure about how to execute reparations when I heard you say it is a debt that is owed it resonated with me and it made me start to think well that's literal this country owes a debt to those people who worked all those years and never got the fruits of their labor and so thank you for bringing that forward today appreciate it in many cases in which black wealth has been accumulated and then they've been state and local efforts to thwart that so you've affected my thinking so much that it's nice to think I effected your thought all right thank you so much Mary I'm horrified to think I sounded like I did I didn't want to get there at all oh my god okay that's helped me on that okay help me on your show like what you see click this subscribe button below and don't forget to ring the bell to never miss another video from the Young Turks

47 thoughts on “Marianne Williamson Surprises Cenk With Answer

  1. the only candidate standing up for black people. and the media and late night comics are trying to delegitimize her by calling her crazy. they're scared of closing the wealth gap.

  2. Is she on drugs? Idk she is so weird. It's like she puts on an act but then she doesn't because her facial expressions seem genuine…

  3. Marianne
    You are brilliant and I love you. Picture two health insurance policies. At the top of one you stamp in big bold letters THIS POLICY CARRYS A HIGH LIKELIHOOD OF GOING BANKRUPT IF YOU BECOME SERIOUSLY SICK OR INJURED. Would you feel it ethical to sell that pilicy? Look into your soul and ask if you want bto sell that policy. Sending light and love.

  4. Start with the native peoples and every thing else will follow. For, all who claim to be American and part of that heritage are responsible for the history and condition of native people in this country. If this matter is our foundation we will prevail as a people of America. If not, we will fail.
    I don't see that character as being desirable in politics or with people on the streets. If native people are mentioned or included in any national introspection it is at best a side note mumbled at the end of any discourse. And rarely ever spoken by a native person.
    So all the talk is blustery and vacuous.

  5. Imagine if we had Medicare for all and someone was posing to remove that and go with private insurance. Would she feel bad taking away Medicare as we have it now for the elderly people?

  6. Merriam moved me on reparations as well– when I watched her straighten out Rave Dubin. Glad she's starting to come around on Medicare for All– I don't trust her policy chops enough to see her as a serious candidate, but I hope she is a powerful public figure and ally to the movement long after we put Sanders in the White Hourse.

  7. Will AOC arrest the 'orange man'? Will it be Warren that gets him or if "Mueller don't get him, Stormy Daniels will"?

  8. We need to show the world that 'Collusion was not a hoax! Why didn't CNN ask the candidates what action they'd take on 'Russian Collusion'? They should have had Mueller on the panel for moral support!

  9. Our history is a book of horrors. You don't change things by tweaking a sentence or replacing a chapter. You don't just write a check and walk away. We must fundamentally change who we are and continue as such. Equity, sovereignty, co cooperation, solidarity with reparation.

  10. Not gonna lie, I'm skeptical about Williamson, but she's fascinating to listen to and I love that she treats logic like a real human being and uses it to inform her opinions and evolve. You don't always have to be right. But you must always be open to the notion that you may be wrong. She embodies that very real component of the human condition better than any other candidate.

  11. I bet she spends her time reading fictional books like Harry potter and Twilight talking about dark forces and surrounding people with a love aura i thought all of the hippies were killed off

  12. Why is it that so many of these politicians mistakenly state that “many of my constituents want to keep their insurance…” when the truth is “many want to keep their provider/doctor.” — stop mixing the two. F’ck the insurance companies. Never has an industry taken so much, and given back the least — then insult you and take even more.

  13. At times, she has such great fluency and valid points, but she almost ruins it with her strange demeanor and goofy spiritual phrases. She's being herself, which is all she can be, but if it weren't for those factors she'd have a much broader appeal.

  14. People keep saying she off why cause she not speaking the bullshit that we are use to hearing because she really talking as somebody that really wants to help this country

  15. If she was swayed during the debate, she has given zero thought to these issues. Cenk tried to make it a positive.

  16. I honestly thought this was such a great moment for her in the debate. I think she was just sincerely asking the question of the other candidates and trying to have an actual conversation with them about the direction the party should go in. I think a lot of people watching at home were probably thinking the exact same thing "I don't know about this. What if the Republicans use it against us and we end up losing?" A reasonable question to ask, she wasn't taking some bold stance against it in an attempt to win over voters (or donors). The best thing was that it gave the other candidates a chance to respond and say, "We can't keep worrying about what Republicans think, we have to stand up for what's right." It created the perfect opportunity to address the concerns that voters sitting at home have, and Buttigieg and Warren gave really great answers not necessarily for themselves but for the PARTY. I think that moment convinced more than a few viewers to open up more to the progressive side of things. We DO have to stand up for what's right. I'm so glad Williamson is in these debates.

  17. There is something mentally wrong with this girl she talks about dark forces in the economy…wrapping donald trump in some love aura.when she said she had a cat i bet she has MULTIPLE cats

  18. I have a lot of respect for Marianne. She is far more intelligent and informed than people give her credit for.

  19. I thought she was about to go into Deuteronomy 28! The story is told there of the US giving African Americans reparations right after 400 years of affliction in this land. The dots will never be connected live on tv.

  20. Not sure why both the right wing, as well as many on the left, like to bash her as some new age hippy kook. Granted on stage, she sounds a little flowery and vague, but when pressed like this, Williamson seems actually very policy oriented and knowledgeable and does seem to want to offer solutions that would heal many of this country's long open wounds, though perhaps it's that direction, which is so alien as to how we have talked about such things, is what makes pragmatists write her off. Too bad she doesn't stand a snowball's chance at winning, though she could do well I think if she ran for a less lofty position in government and out of all the female candidates, she is still the hottest.

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