Marcin Patrzalek: Polish Guitarist MURDERS His Guitar! WOW! | America’s Got Talent 2019

hello welcome welcome what’s your name my name is marcin how old are you I’m 18 I just turned a couple of miles ago bring funny so I actually come from Poland from a very small city but soon I’m gonna relocate here in the States because I got accepted to college yeah what are you gonna do for us today so I’m a guitarist as you can tell I don’t sing and why why America’s Got Talent first of all it’s like the best show on earth so so that’s the best reason that’s awesome we don’t want to hold you up we’re excited to see what you got thank you so much [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Marcin that wasn’t absolutely out of this world perform its great job Simon let’s start off with you amazing actually amazing I know how difficult it is because I had tried to learn the guitar when I was about your age I hated it so much it’s through a toffee at the guitar teach and he punched me in the face so 99% of the people who come onstage with the guitar can’t play the guitar you’ve just demonstrated what that thing was actually invented for so respect that was amazing there’s obviously a different kind of artistic passion that you have and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future it was stunning absolutely stunning yes thank you so much he didn’t play the guitar you murdered the guitar I think you’re gonna end up in college teaching them something rather than they teach you appreciate I think you just taught the world something well let’s take it to a vote I’d like to start it off with a hell yeah yeah absolutely a million percent yes [Applause] yes thank you [Applause]

100 thoughts on “Marcin Patrzalek: Polish Guitarist MURDERS His Guitar! WOW! | America’s Got Talent 2019

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  2. This is Polish artist. That is exactly Polish pride. Poland has got talent. Remember, wherever you are, you always represents Poland, so do it bests. SO PROUD.

  3. This guy deserves a golden buzzer

    100% pure talent
    Actually what so lacking about having no backstory? And not an american? Come on AGT face the reality

    He really deserves a golden buzzer

  4. By the looks on Simon's eyes he really wanted to hit that gold buzzer, but remember Got Talent rule #1 : No sad story, No buzzer.

  5. Please, can someone explain how did he play that at 2:41 , he is clapping his guitar with open hands…wtf?!

  6. Simon won a Trophy for playing guitar! Got pissed and threw it at his teacher.then got knocked out by the teacher that taught him how to play guitar so well that he won a Trophy for it and quit playing because he thought a Trophy wasn't what he wanted in life! That's what i got from this ..anyone else??🤔🤔😁😁😁😁

  7. been playing a long time, that was amazing…not just style but a precision that, til now, is impossible…
    where the heck is the buzzer, that was so inventive, something new with a guitar, haven't seen anything that innovative since Hendricks.

  8. This guy wrong say his name. In Poland his name is Marcin , But in GB, USA and other countries this name is Martin. He don't know what is his name. He could check it on uncle Google before this perform.

  9. Just looked this guy up and he's a month and three days younger than me, apparently. Makes me feel like I'm doing nothing with my life lmao

    Anyways, congrats to you, Marcin! Keep up the great guitar work and don't drop out of college like I did.

  10. Some guy: Plays guitar insanely well and improvises the instrument with the skill and speed of a gazelle sprinting through field while also playing a medley he obviously worked months on ripped apart his fingers for


    no sad story sorry

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