Man’s body had been in apartment closet for months, SAPD says

we have some new disturbing details about a discovery on the city’s south east side a decomposing body found inside and the fair avenue apartment complex now police believe that body had been in the apartment for months though Barajas has been following the story all day he spoke with residents who were shocked to hear the news they said the body had been there for about a couple months what Chester Jackson was stunt his daily smoke break interrupted by a swarm of police investigators and a crime scene just feet from his door on the 11th floor people people passed away you know that body believed to be a 40 year old man police say apartment staff found the body as they were investigating a strange odor someone had checked on on the apartment before and believed the odor to be something other than what it really was and disregarded it and then they checked again today and they found they did some looking around and they found the body in the closet police spent the morning inside the apartment searching for forensic evidence clues to how the man died and who is responsible police believe the victim and person responsible knew each other chief Lee McManus says the evidence on scene suggests a foul play they are now handling this case as a homicide Jackson has lived here 13 years he tells us he rarely leaves his room and this makes him think twice about ever changing up that routine that what I do I stay to myself I go to still go where I got to go come back here my problem like TVs ABC and police have not released a much information on the victim we are still waiting to learn his name if you have any information you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at two 10224 stop live from police headquarters Bill Barajas case at 12 News

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