Manirathnam | Telugu Short Film | Prem Kamal Rondla | Pankaj Tottada

Hey dude….i’ ve come… Thought you wont come today Well…that is why i came i’ ll get some tissues Why are you so dull? Nothing man You didn’t express anything even yesterday.. come on man what has actually happened? see dude each girl has her own fragrance even when she leaves us that fragrance stays somewhere in our mind You just get mad whenever you remember it. So is this love?? Patient enough to narrate the story? Patient enough to hear my story? Firstly, whats her name? ( screaming in laughter) Hang up dude…my buddy seems serious Lets go buddy we have no time lets go man Excuse me my reports? whats your problem? Give off them dude we are getting late Her name will be written on reports dude ill just go and have a look. —–ANJALI—— Whats the problem? Nothing we just got our reports exchanged And what did you do next? Wait….you searched her name in instagram Right? Uuh i searched it on facebook of course it took me a week I got it….. What did you get? she doesn’t belong to our city. She came here to study. Hey she is coming tomorrow so what do want me to do? I cant get up early morning….you just leave me i have lot of to do my owner will hit me if i fail to do it….. you just leave me man we woke up early morning and went to Station. Of-course chandu had to come with me Hey…what shall we do now? I cant seem her anywhere? I think this is not gonna Workout. That is what i’ve been telling you since morning you woke me up and made me sit in this fogg Im still wearing a lungi and you are making me wait for her. Bro will you come to gandhi bomma? (indistinct laughs) Oh sorry aren’t you the driver? (Screaming with laughter) Its obvious to think us as drivers since you wore a lungi. That day i got a clarity. Whenever i try hard for her she is running away from me And whenever i take her lite she is coming close to me. That is okay? Is it neccesary that a frnd must become a fool in every story? where did you meet her next. The same restaurant from where i left yesterday. Excuse me i’ve seen you somewhere…! Hello…even the gents washroom is here even the gents washroom is here So finally she became your friend I don’t want friendship man I love her and i wanna propose her. I love her and i wanna propose her. congratulations… go and do something man She is leaving tomorrow and she wont return till 15 days. tell me something man. You saw Maniratnam’s movie right go and make something out it dont eat my brain. You know something. we observe people roaming around in love and pain. I believe that is because of maniratnam’s movies. Even i was a victim of it. Why are you so silent? Speak something Alright i’m going. ANJALI I don’t like you. you are not my desire. I don’t think you are beautiful. But i’m afraid all this may happen. Think about it. hi hi when you were expressing…. that day i saw an excitement in your eyes I like that feel. But i think you didn’t saw my eyes because of your excitement. if you had seen my eyes you would have known my answer that day itself. Its so good man. i wonder how wonderful it is going to be! It is so good during the proposal and acceptance itself. you seem so happy today. oh i didn’t tell you right. I have a childhood friend prasanna. He was out of reach to all of us And i got his message all of a sudden. im chatting with him right now. Why? Why was he out of reach? He was seriously preparing for a govt job so he was not in contact with anyone. So it went that way and i’m speaking today since he texted me. Actually i too had a dream of marrying a guy with a govt job. Heyy i didn’t mean like that. i just said it casually. I too have a friend. No one could understand me like her. Alright i have some work i’ll leave. You said about a girl since i said about a boy right. No i just said it casually. Ok not like that.I really have some work. I’ll leave now. Hello..! hello..!Today is birthday! remember that? Oh is it..Happy birthday. i’m in mid of something i’ll call you later It was really good at the beginning. when i was doing something for her,when i was evolving for her I really liked it. slowly i started to loose control and i felt i lost myself. Frankly i was frightened. My whole life was filled with questions. i want to tell you something Why are you asking for permissions today All this doesn’t seem good to me. Come to the point About you and that girl. you are changed now. you are not like the old one why are behaving like gay all of a sudden? What am i talking and what are you talking? Just tell me what do you know about the girl? I know nothing about her. I just know you After speaking to him i got a clarity. Love appears cinematic till the proposal and everything is weird after that. I feel better when she is happy with someone else rather than suffering with me in future. Thats it. i never turned back. You seem so busy these days yeah a little busy Its okay its for your life right Yeah Are you eating on time? yeah I’m not eating. So what else? nothing We generally feel for people who don’t really give importance for us keeping aside the ones who actually give us importance. yeah i agree I told you about my childhood friend prasanna right he used to try to impress me since childhood. He surprised me recently for my birthday. But i never cared him. poor fellow. you are happy right? You are trying to say that you attracted to him right? He is impressing you more than me. Are you crying? Must be happy tears you are going to him right what else Eyy i told you ill be there. I’m coming there cutting off everything else. just wait for 10 mins. Alright what else? When is your marriage? You will call me right? You are gonna say that you are going now and never come back right? get lost just tell me something man. I’m unable to do anything I feel alone tell me something My mom has no one else except me and my dad. whenever we raise our voice against her. She used to sit in a corner and cry. She used to sit in a corner and cry. That is real loneliness. Before that this is not loneliness at all. When a girl loves you. She will say that you are her life, breath and everything. She will say that you are her life, breath and everything. And she repeats the same with her husband after marriage But no parent thinks of giving their child’s position to someone else. Go and do something for them. child’s position to someone else. child’s position to someone else. Go and do something for them. So is this the justification you wanna give to everyone who is in love? Who am i to justify others? You asked about me right. i told you my positives and negatives. i told you my positives and negatives. Generally people say that some one is correct for them. In reality none is correct for none. Nothing like such exists in real life. They say life is all about adjustments thats true Thats okay. But why did you leave yesterday? Alright i’m hungry. lets have some biryani. Hey dude will you drive? Why what happened? My girlfriend is calling me. Haha you people don’t change no matter how much i tell you. Alright we don’t realize till we experience something. Okay lets eat and go watch a movie. Which movie? I feel any maniratnam’s movie would be better Haha have you changed now?

50 thoughts on “Manirathnam | Telugu Short Film | Prem Kamal Rondla | Pankaj Tottada

  1. Extraordinary – Direction, Songs selection, Editing, Camera work

    Worst- Story telling, Script writing

    Actors can perform better

    Missed few connecting shots because of them viewers won't get connected to the story and makes them feel lag.

    Final verdict: Felt like watching present maniratnam movies ( Cheliya )

  2. తెలుగు సినిమాల్లో తమిళ్ పాట నా🤔🙄
    బాగుంది సినిమా👌

  3. As a maniratnam fan i felt the essense of his style of making, Extrordinary cinematography, Edit & Choosen BGM's. But there is something missing in the film which makes me to just enjoy the film either missing the feel or involving in the love story, it would be Excellent if director come up with more into writing & screenplay.

    Finally, Maniratnam is like a "Early morining's cup of tea in winter's but which is not hot" but still loved it ❤

    All the best team ☺

  4. Bgm songs selection superb bayya..Hareeth you done extordinary job man and heroin also.Dubbing dailog frequencies konchem chusko bro.
    Feel good movie

  5. Classic 👌👌👌
    Hareeth chala Baga chesav bro.. Loved all the performances of cast.. Crew also done their best👏👏 Prem bayya maku kuda edaina unte koncham chudandi.. Dop kosam em cheptham ✌️👏🙌

  6. It's practically ur concept is true. But as movie line, it's not GD bro. Not connecting to everyone. Our audience expecting a positive end. All d best bro. Songs nd taking r flawless. Hero n heroin also GD.

  7. English translation was needed.
    Those who did not understand the Telugu,
    He could understand the maximum English..
    As I………

  8. Hareeth ga! Short films ki national award unte best actor neeke vastadi! Jeevichaav ga character lo👌👌👌🤙

  9. Direction and photography hatsoff,
    Main characters did great job.
    Chandu character felt real… A typical sidekick friend.

    What i genuinely felt that this film made out of sheer love towards MANIRATNAM, any maniratnam fan will connect…

    Needed some more scenes to add details… Yeah, a little more of HER character would have justified the plot.

    Some may say plot is bad, expecting a happy ending every time. This is not a happy plot… Its REALITY.

    But i can say, I didn't watched the film. I felt it.

  10. Song chala baagundhi..both of acting excellent…I like that girl feeling…she was superb…but a ammayi mimalne premistundhi..okasari tanu chepedhi vinte kuda baagundehiiii..but totally…supbbbbbb …

  11. Total movie motham feel carry indi…writting is good and slow screenplay plus performance are much suitable….all d best

  12. Excellent direction and dop and editing .. all cast did fantastic performances and hero and heroine acting is very natural especially dubbing and mixing is highlite to this fresh concept

  13. Super movie Brother Chala bagundhi chusthuntene eyes nundi water drops vachaye elanti ontariga undatam Chala kastam kadha anyway super story nice performance to all…..all the best

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