Managing for Social Impact (Part 1) – ESCP Europe MSc in Marketing & Creativity

[Applause] if you are a child and living in a family that earns less than 300 pounds a week you're considered poor in this country in the Philippines or other emerging countries people earn less than 2 dollars a day and that's poverty the relative nester is important for inequality that's what makes it so important managing for social impact module really focusing on the broad range of different type of social impact that organizations can have whether there are companies social enterprises or other organizations all the other business schools that just offer these normal marketing courses without any influence of so the social aspects when they say contribution is really about impact it's not just really doing good as they say but actually saying while doing good makes in a lot of cases good business sense as well MSE marketing creativity is a 18 months program taught in two campuses the first six months is in London and two months in Paris we take creative thinking as well as analytical thinking now we focus on problem solving it's a really practical way of looking at how creativity can be used in marketing emerging markets are important for companies because that's when we talk about growth it's important to know which emerging markets make sense for your company and how do you approach it in a way that you still value the history that that emerging country might have part of the managing for social is to work on the social impact project but they have the choice to choose between any organization based either in London or abroad they have about six weeks of time where they would have to go out and talk to the organisation's talk to the charities talk to social enterprises and present themselves and interest them to work with the students on different kind of projects this morning was really about me teaching you guys as your professor and MSI this afternoon now is me moving into representing what I have been doing the past four years with this course is the option to go to the Philippines the projects that we start with toward Kalinga was an involvement in the Philippines that will take place in July for two weeks now what Kalinga is our dream to help end poverty for five million Filipinos by 2024 I think I'm going to apply for the Philippine project I never really worked abroad in a social project so I feel it's a great chance to do that and within this course the missions that you are undertaking with them it's so powerful in terms of knowledge experience that I would recommend to anyone to do it the next step for the students is to get a bit organized form a team for the social impact project being creative as to how to go about finding organizations that they're interested in working with from looking forward to what they're find and what they're going to be working with

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