Making better decisions in groups

research shows that groups make better decisions than individuals but even groups can be undermined by social dynamics so how can we organize groups to achieve the best decisions diversity of background and expertise a wide range of views avoids flip thick and allows a group to explore a problem space fully recognizer expertise wait the judgments of individuals with relevant specialist knowledge over those of individuals without such knowledge find hidden information to prevent essential details from being overlooked encourage the sharing of information held by the minority of the group not just the majority look beyond confidence confident speakers aren't always the most knowledgeable to ensure that less confidence but potentially more knowledgeable group members are heard consider fix speaking times and no interruption rules avoid social influence good group decision-making relies on having independent members giving their own opinions if hierarchies exist it's better to collect opinions anonymously challenge the status quo standard practices don't always deliver the best decisions be prepared to tackle problems in new ways establish checks and balances committee chairs should ensure members agree on the nature of the problems they are addressing everyone should be encouraged to monitor for unconscious bias group decision-making has its own challenges and will never be perfect but by bearing these points in mind we can make better group decisions you

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  1. There is only one word for this presentation which is "nonsense" and that would be of the absolute kind. What about all the historical decisions which have been made exclusively by groups and without which catastrophe would never have happened. In addition to this, every paradigm shift in history and every scientific and technological evolution was never initiated by groups but individuals such as Nicola Tesla and Alan Turing. Just the premise of this video is absolute verbage.

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