making 3 gg’s with members from the big 3 gg’s (concepts + debut mini album)

Hello, welcome to another video. Finally I was able to bring this video, but before I started I would like to apologize for not uploading video last week, I had planned to upload this video last Monday, but out of respect I decided to have a break for a week, and finally I have time to upload a video, so let’s start. I made three girl groups with different concepts with the members of Red Velvet, TWICE and BLACKPINK. Each group has six members and I gave every group a debut mini
album with six songs. Let’s start! And this was today’s video, hope you enjoyed it. If you liked this video, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe. If you have another suggestion for a next video, leave it in the comment section. Before ending this video I wanted to tell you that if you don’t like an idol, ignore them, don’t waste your time leaving hate comments, just don’t make any hate comments to any person, because you don’t know how much can hurt. I hope that Sulli’s death leave us a lesson to any of us because it doesn’t matter if a person pretends that nothing happens, because inside that person can be very depressed.

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