Major terrorist attack being planned by Pakistan based terrorist groups

11 thoughts on “Major terrorist attack being planned by Pakistan based terrorist groups

  1. This is my request to central Govt, do not hand over terrorist bodies to concern family those killed by our forces , deposits secretly n not celebrate by enemies of our country.

  2. The gadhars and shameless opposition parties will object to any actions Modi government takes to target terrorists crossing LOC and with in the country.

  3. What business has Politicians in Valley to question Central Govt. to send troops. I think leaders like Mehbuba or Omar should behave responsbly or go to PoK and practice their divisive politics

  4. Any other terror attack on India, the reaction should be substantial and outright demolition of terror sites, whereever they are in POK or in Pakistan.

  5. Paki terror calendar is predictable – works in tune with India's voting seasons! Ever noticed their attacks are always as a " reply "/ retaliation – the idea is to carve the fake narrative that they are simply victims, peace loving muslims. Because their prophet went around beheading, murdering & raping they feel it is their right & we must simply accept it with no resistance & if we do & they suffer deaths then they pull the victim BS out. No where on this earth where Islam is – is there peace ! The Hadiths' of Sahih al -Bukhari & other books support this idea of Jihad & Hindu's need to wake up to reality of the different Daruls' which buys time for them to regroup & assess – so long as we have Pakistan & it's military there will be no peace on earth ! We keep repelling their attacks for past 70 years & if something concrete by international coalition force is not conducted to destroy the camps & Imams & put in place a dictum that ensures the removal of the Hadiths of hate – all we are doing is damage control !

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