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(dramatic wind blowing) – Whoa, okay this looks like a chant. Should I say it out loud? – What if it helps? (light bursting)
(gasps) This looks really delicious. What?! – Okay, let me re-try the chant, I guess. (bursting)
Okay Ty, okay. Try these, I don't know. – Jordan, I'm turning blue! – [Jordan] Ty! – Say another spell! – Peppers did Peter Piper pick! (bursting)
(gasps) Okay. – [Ty] Hopefully this one works. – Kay, try it. (exciting music)
(chewing) – Jordan, I think it's working. – Oh good, uh, I hope it does. – I think I'm turning back to normal! – Good, alright so now we know that this turns him back to normal. We need to bring this to Jake. – Feeling really weird. (snaps)
Whoa! My shirt turned green. (snaps)
I have some craving for some gold! Yee-hee!
(coins clattering) I have to protect my gold! I need my pots! There's me pots! (coins clattering)
Me gold is hidden, now it's time to take a nap. – I'm sorry we turned you into a cartoon. Can you speak?
(barks) Good boy. Logan, let's play. I can't remember how
Jordan said that in German. (speaks German)
(bursting) Logan! Logan. – Jake? Eat this. I'm too afraid to touch you, I don't want to turn
into a leprechaun either. – Wow!
(bursting) I'm back to normal! – [Jordan] Really?! (knocking)
(gasps) Mom and dad's home!
– Yes! – Guys, we still need to figure out what to do with the otters, I don't know. (mumbles) – What are we gonna do with them? – I don't know! We, oh, I don't know. I don't even know how
to take care of otters, I need to look it up. – Can we let them come out and play? – I don't know, no, I
don't think we should. (doorbell rings)
(gasps) Mom and dad are home! – Oh no!
(yells) (Logan barks) – Finally, yes. Oh here they come– – I hope the kids have been doing good. – I hear Logan, I can hear him. – Hopefully nothing
crazy has been happening. (kids yelling)
Hi guys! Aw, hey there. – Oh, you guys are still here. Yes! Where's Tyler? – You guys, something crazy has happened. – Oh, he hid over– – [Mom] Same here! What? Us ending up in New York, guys. – [Dad] Yeah. – What? – You boys sent us to New York when you guys were fighting
over the spell book. – I'm afraid that's not
where the craziness ends. – What? – What do you mean,
what's been going on here while we were gone? – [Dad] Tell us about it. – Sit down and I'll tell you. – [Mom] Wait, where's Ty? – He's right behind the couch– – [Mom] Why? – Ty, come on out! – [Mom] Ty, what's going on? – I'm sorry I made you disappear! (whines)
– It's okay, it's alright. – Aw, it's okay honey, aw. – You didn't know I was gonna do that. Kay, come tell us about
your guys' adventures. Jordan said there's all– – [Mom] What happened? It's okay. Okay, so what's been going on? – So while you were gone, some crazy stuff has
happened with the spell book. – [Mom] What do you mean? – Jake– – [Mom] What's been going on?
(Jake mumbles) Is the spell book still here? – Yes. – [Mom] Have you guys
been using it because, I hope you– (gasps)
You've been using the spell book after
what you did last time?! Why did you use the spell book?! – It's not my fault, okay?! – [Mom] You guys were fighting over it and then you made us disappear. What else did you make disappear? Is Audrey around? We weren't able to get a
hold of Audrey, is she okay? – She was– – Okay, Jordan was in Audrey's, like, Audrey was in Jordan's, no, Jordan was in Audrey's body and– – [Dad] What? – Jordan was talking, though. – [Mom] Wait, what? – Okay, so let's just
start from the beginning. So as soon as we realized that
the boys made you disappear, we decided that we should
try and use the spell book to bring you back. – [Mom] Why? – [Jordan] Because we
didn't know what else to do! – Yeah! – [Dad] Kay, so what happened? – Ty? – And we accidentally
turned Logan into a cartoon. What?
– What do you mean? – [Dad] A cartoon? – [Jordan] Yeah. – [Mom] How can he be a cartoon? – [Dad] You're not a cartoon! – Well, we used a spell in the spell book. – [Mom] And the spell made him a cartoon? – [Ty And Jordan] Yes. – [Dad] Kay, well apparently you fixed it. – [Mom] Okay, so then you
stopped using the spell book. – Well– – [Mom] You didn't use the
spell book anymore, right? – We used it more. – [Mom] What? Why would you use it again? – Tried to fix Logan! – Well, we also– We also have some otters in the bathroom. What?
– What, otters? – [Mom] What do you mean, otters? – Well, while we were trying
to figure out the right spell, we accidentally made otters
appear in our bathroom and the door is closed. Don't worry, they're still in there. – [Mom And Dad] We have otters– (laughing) – [Mom] What are we gonna do with otters? – Alright, so you turned
Logan into a cartoon, apparently you got him fixed. You got otters in the bathroom. Anything else happen? Oh, and you and Audrey switched. Anything else? – Um– – [Mom] So wait, I'm so confused! (chuckling) Audrey's fine then? Audrey– – Wait, that's not it. Boys, explain what else happened. – Um, Jake was a leprechaun. – [Mom And Dad] What? – [Dad] A leprechaun? – [Mom] What do you mean? – She made me drink a pickled smoothie. – [Mom] Jordan! – Well, I was just trying
to figure out everything and fix it all because
Ty also changed colors. – [Mom] What? – [Ty] I changed to red– – [Mom] Okay, how many
potions did you guys do? How many spells? – Uh–
(chuckling) – [Mom] What is going on? – Lots of crazy things happened. Here's my question,
where's the spell book? – [Mom] Do you guys have the spell book? On the counter.
– It's in the kitchen. – Kay, let's go check out
the spell book and just see– – [Mom] We need to fix– Yeah, let's see. Maybe we could fix– – We fixed Logan. – [Mom] And how did you do it? How did you get Logan back to normal because maybe that will solve
the problem with the otters? – There was this word. – [Mom] A word? – [Ty] We used this word. – [Mom] You used a word on Logan? – Like a word spell. – Show us how you do it. – Okay, ready? (speaks German)
(bursting) – [Mom And Dad] Whoa! – [Mom] What? – [Dad] Logan's a– – See, He's a cartoon now. – [Mom] He's a cartoon dog. – [Mom And Dad] Change him back! – Okay. (speaks German)
(flashes) – [Mom] He's back, oh my goodness! (Dad laughing)
– That is crazy! – [Mom] How'd you do that? – [Dad] Logan, you turned into a cartoon! – [Mom] What so you could change
him whenever you feel like? – Uh-huh. – [Mom] From a cartoon to a dog? Guys, that's actually kinda cool cause then he could come with
us on our travel adventures. – [Jordan] What? – [Mom] We don't have to
leave Logan behind anymore. – What do you mean, like,
he still is a cartoon. Wouldn't that freak everybody out?! If they see a cartoon dog walking around? – I don't know, we'll have to see. – [Mom] Well, maybe we could
just, I don't know but– – Let's keep that word a secret. Don't tell anybody about it.
– Yeah. – [Mom] Wait, did you guys
try that on the otters? Did you — – Yeah, we did and it didn't work. Oh it didn't work?
– No. – [Mom] So, let's go check
out the spell book then and see if we could come up with something new for the otters? – Let's go. (footsteps thudding)
– Here's the spell book. – Okay. – Oh good, so where's the necklace? – And nothing new has shown up? – Besides all the– – Has the necklace been
acting weird or anything? – [Jordan And Jake] No. – Okay, do you know about where
that spell was at, anywhere? Have you been able to– – Which one? – The one that changed, uh– – Logan into a cartoon? – Yeah, however you
brought the otters here and Logan into a cartoon. – Right here? – Should we try it? – Here's the necklace. – Over here, more. – Maybe it was right– – Somewhere around this area, I think. – I think this was the page. – You think there? Okay guys, here goes. (whooshing)
(gasps) – Whoah! – Okay. – Wait, that's not a spell. – That is not a spell. – Yeah, it doesn't look like one. That's a note!
– That's a note from Augustus. Guys, it looks like a help message. She says she needs our
help or else she's, uh oh. Guys, okay, we have to help her guardians or else they're going to disappear and she will disappear too. That they're coming after her. – Wait, is Augustus alive? Isn't–
– That's our Auntie Augustus from, like, many generations ago. – So wait if she doesn't
exist, we don't exist. (gasps)
– Wait, wait. – [Mom And Dad] That's true. – If we don't help her,
then she doesn't exist. Her guardians, who are her
guardians that we have to save? – I don't know but I don't want– – And she won't exist either. – We gotta do this. – We have to find it. Okay, so it says that we
need to find three potions in Hello Neighbor's house? – And hurry?! (loud clanging)
– Whoa! What's going on with the lights? – Okay, what is happening? I think we're in Hello Neighbor's house. – How did the Hello Neighbor
take over our house? – Guys, we need to find
those potions, fast! Let's go! – Okay, go! (beeping)
– Guys, let's go. – Okay, wait wait wait. I think we need to get
the adventures backpack. It's got some supplies in it for us. – [Mom] And watch out for Hello Neighbor. – Yes. – Kay, I will get the backpack. – [Mom] Kay wait, we're
coming with you Jake. Cause I think we need to
stick together cause– – Wait, shh. – [Dad] Whoa listen,
you hear those sounds? – I feel like the
neighbor might be around. (beeping)
(evil laughing) (thunder) (mysterious music) – I feel like we're missing– I see it! – [Mom] You see it, Jake? – I don't see the Neighbor. – [Mom] Okay, you got the backpack. That's perfect. Hey, why don't you get our
flashlight out of there? – Okay. – [Mom] Where should we go, guys? Where do we go first? We have to hurry– Wait, do you hear him?
(gasps) – Guys, there's– – [Mom] Do you hear the neighbor? – Oh, I hear. Wait, listen. He sounds like he's down that way. Let's go this way. – Yeah, we gotta go this way. – [Mom] Hurry Jake,
did you find the light? – There it is! – Here–
(loud buzzing) – [Mom] Take it, come
on, we gotta go this way. – This way, guys. Keep going. (loud buzzing)
Guys– – [Dad] Careful. – Wait, stop. Stop, Ty. – [Dad] Don't get too close. What does that note say? – Don't trip the trap! I's shocking.
(electric buzzing) – [Dad] Ooh, is that electrified? – [Mom] Oh my goodness
guys, we can't touch that. How are we gonna get past? – [Jake] Look at the door! – [Mom] Wait, you guys said
that's where the otters are? – [Jake] Yeah! – [Mom] The otters are trapped in there? – Wait why would the otters– Like, why would that be caution taped? Do you think the otters are the guardians? (gasps)
– Maybe. – Like, why else would
they be trapped in there? – [Mom] You brought
Augustus' guardians here. – [Dad] That's a good thing! – [Mom] That is a good thing, maybe you were meant to do that. Maybe you were supposed to. – And all this time we were
just trying to get rid of them. – [Mom] Hello Neighbor might
have 'em, we gotta get moving. – The note said that have
to get three potions. You guys, I don't know what's down there– – There's a light! – But I have a feeling that– – [Mom] You think we should go through? – Why would there be a
warning about the wires telling us not– – [Mom] Maybe we have to turn off, like trigger a switch to turn
off the high voltage. Jake, don't touch it!
– I'm not touching it! – [Mom] Guys, we have to hurry and fast. – I think we should– – [Dad] Did you just hear the neighbor? – I think we should investigate because there's a red light down there– – [Mom] Okay, we gotta go. Can you make it through without touching? – [Dad] Be very careful. – [Jordan] Ty, careful there's another one right there by your head! – [Mom] You can't go that way. – I can't? – [Mom] No, how are you
going to get through? – I can get through, I can
just step through that. – [Mom] Are you sure? Wait Ty, there's one down– How are you going to do this? Careful, careful. Don't touch. – [Mom] Careful, careful, careful! Oh that was so, wow, so close! – [Dad] Whoa, he did it. – [Mom] He made it, guys. Next. Great, there's Jake.
– Okay. – You know what, I'm going underneath. – Watch out, watch out! – [Mom] Careful. – [Jordan] Go around the other way though. – Jacob! – [Mom] Careful, careful (mumbles). Be careful, you're in a tricky spot, Jake. – No I'm not. – [Mom] Careful, careful of
your one leg and your arm. Jake made it! Okay guys, Jake made it. Jordan, your turn. Okay Jordan, you got this. – I'm gonna try and go the middle one. Kinda tricky because– Here, grab the backpack. – Give me the backpack. Kay. – [Mom] Careful, careful! – Ty, hold onto my hand. Careful!
– Jordan, you can do this! – [Mom] You got it, Jordan. Okay, we're coming through. – [Dad] I'm gonna stay
back here with Logan. I don't want him touching the wire. – [Mom] Here I come. I'm coming. – [Jordan] Come on, mom. – Come on, you're doing great! – [Jordan] Be careful. – [Mom] Okay. I think I made it. Okay, we're good. Let's go. – Guys– – It says something! It says, "Cut the red" and it has a cross on the red, "Yellow wire to cut the power. "Watch where you sit." – [Mom] Watch where you sit. Cut the red, or do you cut the yellow? – The red I think! Because– – Where's the red or yellow? Oh, it's right there! – [Jordan] Red or
yellow? I think it's red! – [Mom] Guys, they just found the wire. – [Ty] Because there's two,
there's a yellow and a green. – [Jordan] How are you supposed to know? – [Mom] But how do you know because– Read it again, it says, "Cut the red." But then it says, "Yellow." – [Jake] What about the
Neighbor trying to trick us by crossing off the red? – Yeah, that's what,
I think he misspelled. – [Mom] What do we cut? – Think you cut the red? – [Mom] I don't know, guys. Come here, wait. The red. That says, "Red." – [Dad] Alright guys, I
can hear the Neighbor! – [Mom] We don't know what to do. – Okay, I'm just gonna cut the red. – [Jordan] Ty, careful! Uh, I don't know. – [Jake] Or you can cut all three. – [Mom] Cut it, cut it! (electric clanging) Okay you guys, we cut the power. That's good, we cut the power. What'd we cut the power to? – The– – [Dad] You guys cut
the power to the lasers. They're gone! – [Mom] The lasers disappeared? – [Kids] Whoa! – That was very risky. (suspenseful music) – Alright guys, I think the
Neighbor went downstairs. Let's go this way, hurry. – [Mom] The lasers disappeared, great! The door is, nothing's happened. – I can hear the otters!
(splashing) – [Dad] Oh wow! – Kay, we need to hurry, we need to hurry. – [Mom] Where are we going? Where's he at exactly cause– – I think he's downstairs. – [Mom] You think he's downstairs? – I don't know guys, this house is crazy. (suspenseful music) (whispers)
– Which way? – I don't think we need to go– – I think we gotta go this way. – Maybe.
(barks) – Logan. – [Mom] Logan, is the Neighbor there? (shushing)
– I think the Neighbor's not here because–
– He found a bone. – [Mom] Okay you stay there, Logan. You just protect that. Where do we go, guys? (doorknob clattering) Kay guys, this is the end. – Kay, um–
– What do we do in here? – We need to, um– – There's another note. – [Mom] Oh, what does that say? – [Jordan] "Do you measure up?" – [Dad] "Do you measure up?" – [Mom] Hey, measure all the kids! – Wait, there's math on here. – I'm good at math! Three plus four Jake, go!
– Seven! – Three plus four is– You beat me to it. – Seven, okay– – Seven plus two is eight. – 78? – 78! – Wait, what is– – [Mom] Okay, so we gotta find
out who is 78 inches tall. – Measure Ty. – [Mom] Measure everybody. – Inches? – [Mom] Right? – [Dad] There is an inch mark right here. – [Mom] What does it say? He's, Ty's 49. We have to keep going. Jake, what are you? Jake's 60 inches. Jordan!
– I'm a tiny bit taller. – [Mom] Okay, Jordan's 64. Yes, 64 inches.
– Dad? – I don't think I'm 78. – [Mom] We need 78. – I'm not that high, no I'm only 71. – [Mom] We need a little
taller than David. Mom?
– I'm shorter than David. What do we do? – How high is 78? – [Mom] So it's not us. – Is the Neighbor 78? – He's really tall, then! – 78 is right here. – [Mom] The Neighbor's 78? Whoa!
– Guys, hurry. – [Dad] I think I hear
him coming upstairs. (beeping) (mysterious music) Hurry guys. – [Mom] Should we hide? – Where? – [Mom] I don't know,
we could hide right here but we're trapped! I don't know what to do. – 78, it's about where
these orange lines are, 78. – [Mom] But it's nothing there. I don't know what that means. – I don't know but look around
the room about that high. Why would 78 inches be
on here and asking us– – It's the Neighbor. – What happened to the light? – [Mom] I think you left it
in the last place (sighs). Now we don't have a flashlight,
we're gonna have to– I got this!
– That doesn't work. – [Mom] Oh hey, you've
got a magnifying glass. – But it has a flashlight. – [Mom] Use that. Look for clues. – Have we checked inside her bag? – [Mom] Yeah, see if we
have anything else in there. – The other light has
the purple light in it so there might be hidden
messages on the wall. – Do you want me to go and try to get it? – [Mom] No, the Neighbor's out there! Do we have our walkie talkies? – We have– – [Mom] Maybe we could call. We could talk to Audrey if
we had our walkie talkies. Did we pack 'em?
– Tripod? – [Mom] Nope. – Guys, I think we forgot to pack our bag with all our supplies. (Jake mumbles) – Kay, listen. 78. Let's just scan the room, 78. Anything look suspicious? Anything look out of the ordinary? – [Mom] Guys, okay check all these walls. – [Dad] Check the walls. – [Mom] Check 'em all out. – [Jake] That's a pink bit of tape. (gasps)
– Whoa, that is weird. – [Mom] Oh wait, guys you found something. Push on it! Push it. – [Ty] I can't reach. – [Mom] Does anything happen? – [Dad] There's something in there. – [Jordan] Can you tear off the tape? (tearing) – [Mom And Dad] Guys! – [Mom] We found
something! That's a potion! Guys, that's one of the potions we need. – We got one of 'em. How many did we need? (beeping)
– Three. We need three potions. – Okay so– – Guys, I hear the Neighbor. – [Mom] Quickly, everybody hide. (wheezing) (crackling) Guys, we have to run. – [Dad] Get down there, it's down there. – [Mom] Go, go, go! Hurry, we gotta get downstairs. – Whoa! – [Mom] What?
(gasps) – [Ty] Things may be hidden in the maze! – [Dad] The maze? Wait, what maze?
– There's a maze, wait– – Oh no!
(laughs nervously) (low buzzing) – [Mom] What is going on? – Okay, there's nothing behind here. – [Mom] No clues behind the dart board? Do you hear that sound?
– I do. – Look high and low cause we don't know where the next potion's gonna be. (buzzing getting louder)
– What is he doing? I feel like he's– Are you sure he's not, like,
down here building something? – I heard him down– – It's really loud over here. – [Mom] That really sounds like tools. – Hey! – [Mom] He's not doing
something down here? – There's lots of lasers. – [Mom] Guys, if we get
caught, it's game-over. – There's lights in here, look! There's a room in there! – Wait, do you think
that's Hello Neighbor? – [Mom] What if he was down
here working and it's like a tools shop or something?
– He was probably building. – [Mom] Are you sure he's not down here? – What if he's listening to us right now?
(sighs) – [Ty] Pink tape? – [Mom] I just want to make
sure we get the guardians. Wait, he found pink tape. – [Jake] Pink tape. – Is this like a drawer? – [Jake] Pull. – [Mom] Hey wait.
(gasps) – [Jordan] It was like a door handle! It's a door handle! – [Mom] You guys found a hidden door! Wait you did, you found a
secret passage, go guys. Go go go, hurry I think he's coming! Guys!
– Should I touch it? – [Mom] Wait, you found what? – Money! – [Mom] Found some money? – Ha! How much is in here? – [Jake] Is the potion in there? – It's a gold coin! – [Mom] Is that what we need
to worry about right now is a pot of money? – [Dad] We're looking for potions, guys. – [Mom] We need potion, not money. – [Jake] Well what if
the potion's in there? Yeah!
– Should I just like– – [Mom] Yeah, empty 'em. Maybe empty the money? – [Jake] Yeah, dump it. – [Mom] We have to hurry fast, though. (coins clattering loudly) Shh! Kay, check for the Neighbor, check. – He just walked around! – [Mom] Close the door, close the door! Okay guys, we have to be
quiet and do this quick cause he might be down here. (coins clattering)
hurry, hurry, hurry. – [Ty] What, here's a light down there! – [Mom] Did you find anything? (coins clattering quietly)
– Just a light? – Okay, so we only found this. Is this a tracker or is this a light? – [Mom And Dad] I don't know. – Cause if that was a
tracker and we took that, that could've been really not so good. – [Dad] That's the only
thing in there, Jake? – [Mom] That's it?
(pot rattles) – There has to be something in there. – Well wait–
(gasps loudly) It's a false floor.
– It's the potion! You found a potion.
– Potion! – [Mom] Nice job Jordan! (beeping) Kay, quiet. – [Dad] Put the potion in the backpack. – [Mom] We have to hurry and get upstairs before he gets out of the maze. – [Jordan] Go ahead and add it in. – [Mom] Kay guys– – He's right up over there. – [Mom] We can run, make it upstairs. – [Mom And Dad] Go, go, go, go! – I'm so nervous. (whispers)
– He's right there! (wheezing) – [Mom] We're missing one potion. Yes, let's find it. Find the potion, guys.
– Where is it? Search, search everywhere. – Where's the, where's the stuff? – [Mom] We only have one left, guys. That means one more potion. – Let's get the potion
so this chain comes off. – [Mom] So we can get in to the otters. – There's the Neighbor! There he is! – [Mom] Go, go, hurry! Okay. – Don't sit down, it
says, "Don't sit down." – [Mom] Don't sit down? – It says, "Careful where you sit." – [Mom] Careful where you sit? – Yeah but we took the electricity out. – [Mom] But what does that have to do with "Careful where you sit"? – Wait, check the chair! – [Dad] Wait, it says,
"Watch where you sit." (gasps)
– Guys, I found it! – [Dad] You got the third potion. (beeping) – [Mom] Hey, that's all we need guys. (beeping) I think we need to mix the three together. That means we need to
get back to the kitchen. – Yeah. – [Mom] So we can mix them
and get to the otters. – Maybe that'll get us out of this house. – Well we need to be careful because the Neighbor's probably out there. – [Mom] Yeah, let's wait. We can get in–
– The chain's off! – [Mom] We just need to mix the potions– – [Jake And Ty] Let's mix the potions! – Hurry. – [Mom] Kay, we need to
find something to mix it. We need a container.
– They're still in there, I can hear 'em. – [Mom] They're still in there? Hurry, before he comes back upstairs! – The Neighbor's coming! – Do we have a bowl? – [Mom] We need to find a glass or a bowl or something to mix it in. – Got this. – Where's the last one? – Here's this one.
(Jake mumbles) – [Dad] Here's the bowl. – [Jake] Oh good. – Okay um, let's start with the
blue, put that one in first. – Guys, I'm gonna go watch
out for the Neighbor. Hurry, hurry! – How much should I put?! – Just put all of it! – [Mom] Put it all in, Jake. (suspenseful music)
– I can't open this one! – [Dad] Hurry guys! I hear him! – Jordan, just put it in like that. – Put it in! (gasps)
– That's a lot, okay. – Okay, I'm just gonna– – Kay. – Is that good? – I think that should be good. Um, how– We need to mix it, hurry! Grab a mixing utensil! – I don't want to rush ya
but I hear Neighbor's coming. (spoon clanking in bowl) – Guys, it's really like, thick. – Wow. – This is so crazy. (whooshing)
(gasps) – [Mom] Guys, you did it! – [Dad] Hey! – [Mom] You did it. Okay, we have to take that to the otters. Let's go. We need to get that to the otters, now. – Just keep mixing. (kids sighing)
(footsteps thudding) – Here they are. Guys, the guardians are still here! – That's good news. – I gotta see this. – [Mom] That's good. (squishing) (laughing) – It's otters! – [Mom] If the guardians are here that means Augustus did not disappear, which means we won't disappear! That's true.
– Yeah! – [Mom] Good job guys, we did it! – Guys, there's something in this mixture. It says, guys it's in German, it says (speaks German). (flashes)
– Wow! – Guys, let's go take it with us, come on! – Yes, that is so cool, wow! – The otters. – [Mom] Oh, that's so cool. (upbeat music)
– There's two. – Oh they're so cute! – So wait, that word that was found from the potions turned these into
plushies, stuffed animals. – What does that word even mean? – It means adventure. It's in German. – [Mom] Oh, guys what– – That makes sense. We're the adventurers! That's crazy!
– Yeah. – These guys, wow! Look at the spell book! It's a message from Augustus! It says, "Congratulations,
you saved the guardians!" – [Ty And Jake] Woo! Guys!
– That means we're not gonna disappear! (cheering) It continues to say that,
"Take the guardians with you "on your adventures, as they will help you "solve all adventures." What?!
(laughing) – [Mom] That's so cool. – This is neat, guys. – [Mom] If we can keep the
guardians for Augustus, maybe they guard us too. – These are awesome! – [Mom] The guardians
for our whole generation. – If they guarded our ancestors, yeah! – [Mom] They must guard us. – This is so cool, guys. These are neat. These are so cute. Look at these, oh! But I wonder if that word
turns them back into cartoon like it does with Logan.
– Maybe. – Which will be real handy
when we go on our adventures because then they could help
us, either go ahead of us or they could do different things. Yeah!
– That's super cool. – We gotta put these in our
adventure backpacks, guys. – Yeah, let's go! – I wonder what the
first adventure will be that they take us on. – I don't know. – [Ty] Like, they could
help us on any adventure? – I think so. According to the book,
it says use these guys to help us on our adventures. – Oh! They're so cute. (inspirational music)

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  1. I noticed that Jordan touched the word and it's shocking maybe she couldn't feel
    It but she has a mark!💕love you guys best YouTube ever!!!😋

  2. Who shall the amulet glow purple when that YouTube family got to hello neighbors house like if you shall it

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