MAGA Evangelicals On Why They STILL Support Trump

>>Many evangelical Christians are just delighted
by Donald Trump, by his rhetoric, they are in full support of him and a lot of it has
to do with abortion and basically chipping away at the LGBTQ community’s rights. Julie Zauzmer at the Washington Post interviewed
about 50 evangelical Christians in three battleground states, I think Florida, Pennsylvania, and
Wisconsin. And of those people included a man who said,
initially, he didn’t think Trump lined up with his personal morals. But he decided to vote for him anyway because
he believed Trump would reduce the number of abortions in the country. Since then, he’s all in. He has watched as Trump restricted abortion
access, rolled back gay rights and tried to reduce both legal and illegal immigration. He’s listened as Trump has made racist statements
and been accused of rape, and he’s reached the same conclusion as so many evangelicals
across the country. In 2020, he’ll support the president. This time, it won’t be a hard choice. And according to 70% of evangelical Christians
support Trump. And for many reasons, for instance, like this. I didn’t see it and by it, he means the White
House. I didn’t see it lit up in a rainbow this June,
that’s from a youth pastor. He was happy about that, satisfied about something
as simple as just supporting other human beings. On abortion, how about this? Do I enjoy his tweets? No, Reverend A.J. Dudek said about the president. But he believes the agenda far outweighs that
concern. If Donald Trump will help save a couple million
babies, that’s a good thing. My vote has to align with my view of God’s
word, I should care for the baby in the womb. Now one woman said that Democrats think that
Christians are wacky. So she supports Trump because she believes
he has her back as a Christian, saying he’s forthright and honest. It’s hard to say that without saying listen,
he’s not honest, he’s dishonest. I feel irresponsible just kind of reading
a quote that is not factually correct. But she said, he’s forthright and honest. At his rallies, he talks about God. Her name is Joey Rogers. She was wearing a Trump hat while shopping
at a gun show in Florida last month. Rogers is a member of an evangelical church
near Tampa. And she said her affiliation with Trump reassures
her that the president is praying man.>>Yeah, you might want to change the A to
an E and then you would be right.>>Right, and so there’s even more because
you’re probably thinking about the people talking about saving the babies. You’re probably asking what about how the
Trump administration is treating babies and other people at the border. Well, it seems at least some of these people
like that. How about this, if you’re coming to America
and you are in one of our facilities being held, that’s on you, said Andrea Owen, a retired
police officer who spends most days babysitting her autistic great nephew. I’m not trying to be hateful because we’re
all God’s people, but do it legally. The places their housing them honestly, if
they’re so uncomfortable, they shouldn’t have come here. And one thing about this, a lot of these people
consider themselves value voters. But what they mean by values, abortion, gay
rights, not traits like integrity and kindness, saying there’s no way I can know those attributes
of a person’s character. Though this person here did say he picks Trump
over Clinton in part because he found her dishonest so that would be it. Let’s move on.>>Again, rape accusations, other sexual assault
accusations, racism, inciting violence, all of that. And one Wisconsin pastor says, he has not
felt the need to as a religious leader to denounce any of it in front of his congregation. Which, by the way, we’re talking about 5,000
people in his congregation. He says, he has not seen any behavior from
Trump in the past three years that would prompt him to openly dissuade churchgoers from supporting
the president. Saying there could be something, where society
really crosses the line on something, that I feel as a pastor I have to get up and say
something. But it hasn’t happened yet.>>Okay.>>This is wild, the whole story is just wild.>>Are you ready for my big Young Turks pitch?>>Yes.>>Here is my big pitch.>>Okay.>>You’ve done a great job reframing certain
conversations on this show and across the network. You’ve done a great job shifting how a conversation
is actually held. And I think this is a good opportunity for
it. And I think what you should shift is start
calling evangelical Christians, evangelicals. Because Christians is really not apropos in
this case. I know I say that getting the chills and knowing
what’s coming for me on Twitter. But it’s really not, I studied the scripture,
I taught scripture. The historicity of Jesus Christ, he was a
real person, right, like we know that he existed. You don’t have to believe he was the son of
God, but I’m not saying you two specifically. I’m saying humans don’t have to believe he
was the son of God, but he was a real person, right? So the idea, the bastardization of the phrase
Christianity for these people who are living without compassion and truly without a sense
of heart and love for the other is appalling. And I don’t know that we serve anyone by even
calling them Christians. To me, when I talked to you two about it,
I think that maybe the best thing we can all do is reframe these conversations. And we’ll call you an evangelical, but your
belief is inherently a fringe belief in that it excludes others rather than includes others.>>I get with that though, but then it also
is like, I think he gives the idea that only this portion of Christianity is bad. When I consider myself a Christian, I get
a lot of hate for that on Twitter, people are like, it’s witchcraft. And this now, I’m a proud Christian. And I’ve said that multiple times on this
show, but yeah, I have been in churches where there is a lot of like anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.>>Sure.>>And a lot of things that are hateful, a
lot of talk about abortion and kind of like demonizing a woman who may get that medical
procedure. And yeah, but I also, as a Christian don’t
consider myself a bad person. And there are a lot of Christians who don’t
really know the Bible. A lot of Christians who don’t really, and
there’s a lot of Christians who are just racist.>>Just like with Islam, there’s an ecclesiastical
tradition to Christianity.>>Yeah.>>There is this loving and inclusive tradition
inherent within Christianity, it’s just being ignored and the mean any sort of Christian,
Christ focus movement has been co-opted, right.>>Right.>>One of the many failures of liberalism,
>>Right.>>Is that we allow them to have Christ.>>Well so, that’s right and the flag.>>And the flag.>>Right.>>And the idea of patriotism. The very notion of patriotism is all of a
sudden a conservative value. Those are failures on our part of liberal
marketing.>>So Steve, challenge accepted. So let me begin the reframing. First of all, you don’t know the flag. It’s right there, it’s ours. Okay, second of all, you’re not going to beat
me on patriotism. I became an American cuz I believe in the
idea of America. Whereas you people don’t understand the idea
of America and are deeply un-American if you’re right wing, okay? And I will explain why, even within the context
of this story. And then I will attack this in several different
ways, including the fact that you don’t know anything about your religion. I’m an atheist and I know way more about it
than any of these evangelical fools, okay? So first of all, you say, well, no, I do it
because there’s a Christian nation in fact, Rogers is one among the people that broke
quoted said, all of our laws are based on the 10 commandments. Not remotely true. There is no law that says you can’t have sex
with your neighbor’s wife, I wouldn’t recommend it. Okay, but there is no such law. There’s no law that says you can’t curse God. In fact, there’s a law in in our constitution. So its core to our government that says, you
shall not establish a religion, you shall not establish a religion. So you should actually learn something with
your life, you’re just not correct. In fact, so well, the founding fathers loved
Christianity as they wanted to be Christian nation. So let me quote them, first of all, if you
don’t know Thomas Jefferson ripped apart the Bible. The things that he found to be obnoxious in
the Bible which is a lot of it to be frank. He just ripped the pages out and he was like,
this is garbage, and he literally threw it in the garbage. And he’s called the Jefferson Bible, he just
kept the good parts where people are decent to one another, help the needy, help the poor,
etc.>>Right.>>So if you think Jefferson was an evangelical,
you’re an idiot, you don’t know anything about the founding fathers. Let’s go to John Adams, the second president. You probably don’t know that either, also
one of the founding fathers. Anyway, he said as the government of the United
States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion. Let me repeat that from one of the founding
fathers. As the government of the United States is
not in any sense founded on the Christian religion, as it has in itself no character
of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility of the Musselmen. That’s how they refer the Muslims back then,
and as the said states never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any
Mehomitan, that’s another way of saying Muslim nation. It is declared by the parties that no pretext
arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing
between the two countries. So I don’t know how he could be clear, it
even talks about Muslims. Right, and how America’s opening and welcoming
to Muslims, from the founding fathers. Jefferson, in explaining the First Amendment,
said there needs to be a wall between state and church, a wall. I want Mexico to pay for that. No, I want the evangelicals to pay for that
wall because that’s what the founding fathers intended. We are a secular country. Now when you say we should be a Christian
nation based on the ten commandments. I love you brothers and sisters and look,
Christians make this show possible. And if I went into, and I have in the post
games, etc., and different times, the wonderful acts the Christians have done within the Young
Turks community. And we couldn’t possibly do this show without
the great Christians that exist, and our members, etc. And you should learn your religion like they
do. And seems exactly right that guys, you’ve
got to take your religion back. Because the sermon on the mount is a wonderful
thing, it is a historic speech, it’s fantastic, and you should be deeply proud of that. But these guys have co-opted your religion,
and are now marketing it as a vehicle of hate. Hate against gay people, hate against women,
hate against other minorities, etc. So, it is absolutely unacceptable. But if you pretend that you care about religion
so let’s quote your Bible for you, okay? Jesus replied, I tell you that anyone who
divorces his wife, except for a sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery,
okay. You’re not allowed to get divorce, you’re
certainly not allowed to commit adultery in the Bible. Well then, how do you explain Donald Trump? Been divorced twice, committed adultery, untold
number of times and you know that. You know he had sex with Stormy Daniels, you
just get pass it. So you’re telling me, well, man, he hates
gay people like I do, that’s I’m a good Christian. Well, how about the part with Jesus said,
don’t get divorced. Yeah, I know, but Bob down the street is divorced. And we’re best buddies, and we go hunting,
so I just ignore that part of the Bible. Wait a minute, I thought the whole point of
being evangelicals is that it was suppose to be the literal word of God. What happened to eating shrimp and eating
lobster and all that? That’s all sort of abomination. Exact equivalent as a man lying with a man. But that’s inconvenient because you like shrimp. So either you live by the Bible or you don’t. Make up your mind and since you’re all selectively
quoting the Bible, why did you choose the hateful parts? No, seriously. Think about it, think about it. Why didn’t you choose the parts? Why didn’t your pastor or your religious leader
choose the parts where you emphasize the poor and helping people and the homeless. Remember, Jesus picked the prostitutes and
helped them, right. What people considered the lowest people on
society, Jesus went to their aid and assistance, yet you don’t emphasize that. You emphasize the part that’s in the Old Testament
about, man, you should really hate gay people. God didn’t like gay people but you ignore
all the other parts. By the way, and this is another problem with
the Democratic Party. They never challenged the core assumptions. The Bible is not against abortion. It is a lie on top of a lie. Read the Bible. Here, I’ll do it one more time.>>Numbers.>>Just like the church.>>It is. Pastor Uygur presiding, the priest is so,
this is in your Bible numbers 523->>My goodness.>>To 527, if you don’t believe me, pick up
a Bible and read it. The priest is to write these curses on a scroll
and then wash them off into the bitter water. He shall make the woman drink the bitter water
that brings a curse, and this water that brings a curse and causes bitter suffering will enter
her. The priest is to take from her hands the grain
offering for jealousy, wave it before the Lord and bring it to the altar. The priest is then to take a handful of grain
offering as a memorial offering and burn it on the altar. After that, he has to have the woman drink
the water. If she has made herself impure, in other words,
cheated on her husband and been unfaithful to her husband very clear. This will be the result when she is made to
drink the water that brings a curse and causes bitter suffering, it will enter her, her abdomen
will swell, and her womb will miscarry. God is pro abortion, period. If you don’t like it, take it out with God. I didn’t say I literally believe the Bible,
you said you literally believe the Bible. Do you or don’t you?

100 thoughts on “MAGA Evangelicals On Why They STILL Support Trump

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  2. Yep I'm Catholic, I don't eat seafood and pork but I support gay rights and the rights for people to do whatever they want with their bodies. As long as I'm not hurting anyone, vivre et laisser vivre.

  3. "My faith animates all that I do" – Elizabeth Warren. Identifies as Democratic Capitalist.
    Cenk's pushing for her. How does that resonate with the TYT community?

  4. Back in the good old days cults became a terrible problem in the United States. Then after Reagan shut down all the psych hospitals to give Republicans more voters, the politicians saw how if you throw the name Jesus in (just like kings did & emperors before our forefathers separated church and state) you can get people to do anything just about anything. So they adopted all the grandiose rhetoric of the Warren Steed Jeffs, Reverend Jim Jones, the Reverend David Koresh and now Saint Psychopath Donald Trump. So all the fear and shame base people go toward politics now and they're Donald Trump supporters.
    Leaders like nothing better history shows than people that will commit any kind of Ten commandment sin in the name of Jesus so they can get their little butt into heaven for eternity.
    I went to a conference in Santa Fe New Mexico it was a psychiatric conference. Called the family in stress and crisis. One of the most excellent workshops was by a theologian who wrote an excellent book called when God and religion are a drug. This is an incredibly relevant book here. at the same conference we talked about how Americans have gone from The Age of Anxiety due to the Cold War into the age of compulsivity. That's addiction. Americans are addicted to everything their phones football TV sports God shopping handbags shoes plastic surgery jogging guns cars sex drugs booze work money hoarding just on and on. These people have chosen the god high and it's a real high and endorphin Spike that makes them feel almost as good as methamphetamine

  5. I seriously doubt that jesus was an actual real person. There were many wandering preachers in the area of Palestine around 2000 years ago, and stories of jesus were probably loosely based on those people in general.

  6. Who is this turkey of a guests? There's no historical proof of a Jesus that raised the Dead or died and rose from the dead along with hundreds of others on that same morning or any talk in town during that time that a woman had a baby without having sex. No date of birth no date of death no record in the census of that time, NADA! So when it begins by saying we all agree, right? He did exist. He's trying to get everyone to start on the same page with him. They do that because it's a head start for them. No historical proof. Josephus is not a credible historian !


  8. Can someone please, PLEASE have a friendly discussion with Cenk about the New Covenant Jesus made with God and what that means for Old Testament law? I love Cenk and I have immense respect for him, but every time he talks about Old Testament law without giving full context it drives me NUTS.

  9. Jesus was a man the bible is a book period.religions were created to control the masses without guidance after 1000s of years humans never evolved I find you meat puppets half way to oblivion and I enjoy your conflicts its the best show on earth.

  10. Why do they have to mess with any of our rights?!? If Donald "The Terror" Trump isnt taking rights away hes terrorizing us to think he is or commit crimes against eachother.. If its not blacks is LGB not them whites not them Christians arabics…muslims…mexicans. Is there anyone that hasnt been terrorized in some way by this man and his pals? Were All affected. 'Leave me alooo-ooon….(Flipp Dinero voice) lol

  11. Adolf Trump is a pathological LIAR. Oh and evangelicals are total hypocrites. The don't want abortions but they put children/babies in cages.

  12. I'm black and a Christian. I don't care anything about LBGTpeople's rights because being gay shouldn't give people special rights. I dislike Trump on a whole other level. I didn't vote for him the first time and I never will.

  13. I support Trump for many reasons. One big one is I am an ex-muslim who left an Islamic country. Now there are areas in AMERICA where if you try to say you are leaving islam, there can be problems. I don't want the same problems I left now in the U.S. I have nothing against South American immigration. Secondly his tax cuts actually DID benefit me. Finally I think he will save the U.S from AOC and Ilham Omar. I used to love this channel but lately it has a very Pro-Islamic bias.

  14. A vote for 45 is a vote against God's word. He is a Heathen and NOT A MAN OF GOD. If you vote for him you ought to take your Bible out and read it again. You can't be against some sin and turn a blind eye and ear to other's.

  15. The worst news is that there are 80 million evangelicals in the bible belt. And of those 80% are Trump supporters. We are doomed!

  16. The real question is why do progressives act like children. You have never given Trump the same courtesy that any elected person gets. You can't make conversation without retreating into emotional claims founded on NADA. It's no wonder, you can't debate truth with feelings; and you wouldn't know truth anyway bc you get your propaganda from activists. Good luck in 2020.

  17. I’m a bit disappointed Cenk didn’t reach the logical conclusion as to why Evangelicals and Christians pick and choose the more malicious aspects of the Bible. Capitalism needs people to believe they are better than the poor, LGBT, and the black community to justify its horrific past to operate.

  18. There's no wall between religion and politics. Otherwise how do these evangelical preachers tell their flock how to vote? Their non-profit status should be revoked so they pay taxes.

  19. Democrats will rule US after the rapture of Church, People of God be ready to meet your one true God Jesus Christ.

  20. if you believe in god then you cannot believe in the devil (Donald Trump) as well god is about forgiving, loving, caring, and being noble. Nothing you do to others (immigrants or not) should come form a place of bad intentions or hate. So how can these people say they believe in god if they align with trump ideas or views???

  21. "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things
    and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion"
    – Steven Weinberg (1933 – present) Nobel Prize in Physics.

  22. Evangelicals are not in any way associated with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    John Adams happens to have been a Unitarian, and Unitarians still practice and teach inclusion of all religions.

  23. "The historicity of jesus christ, he was a real person, like, we know that he existed"
    No, we don't know that, actually. And now you've made me suspicious of everything else you might have to say. Great start.
    And the next thing he says is a No true Scotsman fallacy. I'm done.

  24. Thanks The Young Turks.😊 How can i ever forget that christians pay the bills since it's the very least they can do? Thanks Brooke Thomas.😊 Wear Y'All's cross of ignorance i ain't skeered? Pray and what you receive might be yours so pls pay attention?😁

  25. Don't call them Christians because they follow a MAN not CHRIST'S TEACHINGS or MORALS. The devil spoke to Christ too, but He chose not to listen. Christ told the devil to get behind him, but these supporters are loving/embracing 45s hateful idealism.

  26. Yes, "Evangelicals" are not "Christians".

    No, "Jesus" was never real. His historicity is an amalgamation of stories, rumours, folktales, and *possible* facts of multiple people.

  27. Evangelicals worship "Republican Jesus" who is almost the polar opposite of what Jesus was represented to be in the Bible. "Republican Jesus" loves the rich, loves corporations, loves corruption, is a misogynist, hates the poor, doesn't think racism is a sin and loves guns. EDIT – And hates LGBTQ people.

  28. The irrational are a safe nest for a con man. Planned parenthood prevents more abortions than all the christian on the planet combined. This is apart from bombing pregnant woman in the middle east and letting small children die in a cage in Texas. If this is what it means to be a christian then praise Satan. If the sick crap in the bible is christian then count me out.

  29. God doesn't exist, there is also no evidence that Jesus even existed. There is no debate, it would be a waste of time to even talk about it. The topic of religion is for primitive simple people.

  30. The Bible never tells you to Believe in religion they go to church but never pick up the Bible on there on they let someone read bits and pieces of it to them they believe in religion more then they believe in Jesus

  31. As Congressman Steven King admits there will always be tons of rape and incest in society. So making abortion illegal won't stop abortions it will just ensure that millions of grown woman will also die from unsafe abortions. The religious right doesn't doubt that their God will prove to be the worlds most proficient mass murderer during the apocalypse, as long as they are safely wisked away in the Rapture. I imagine most of their rapture is in the fact that they know so many others (gays, liberals, muslims) will die horrible deaths while they are saved. Kind of psychopathic if you think about it.

  32. "We know Jesus really existed."
    no you don't. There's 0 evidence to back up that claim.
    We know A LOT about romans because they wrote everything down. Nowhere is there any mention of Jesus.
    Actually, besides the new testament (and derived bibles) and the quran there is no historical mentions of Jesus.

  33. Lucky God that does not have a vagina and cannot get rape or pregnant and does have to chose in bringing a child that never wish to have in the first place. God can go F him self and too all the idiots that are into middle eastern board games. Yes, Jesus was from the Middle East and Christianity is not different than dungeons and dragons. Stuff for nerds.

  34. WE do NOT know Jesus existed. You can't just assert a thing like that. AT BEST we can say that most historians agree it is likely a real man we could identify as the Biblical Jesus existed. However, we don't know any such thing, the evidence is weak, and we know there were many men claiming to be the son of God, savior, etc, and who were called Jesus. So, don't make nakedly false assertions, and then tell us that those other religious nutbars are really wrong. You are as wrong as them. Just stop talking.

  35. These are a cult. No wisdom whatsoever as they are fooled by Trump's rethoric and lies. If Satan himself (without disguise) would tell them the same things they hear from Trump, they would choose him as their leader because of his "honesty" and getting things done whatever it takes. They expect God to behave like man does.

  36. Plenty of scholars doubt the historicity of Jesus Christ, and if he did exist he almost certainly bore little resemblance to his biblical representation.

  37. What amazes me is how right Marx was about religion (albeit for a different reason) ,it is the opiate of the masses, science has proven religion excites the same receptors in the brain as narcotics and other addictive substances. I remember that high from when I found Jesus as a kid, but like any high it didn't last. And while living forever sounds appealing, doing nothing but singing praises, unfortunately sounds awfully boring.

  38. I am a Christian and I am NOT a Trump supporter.
    However, “Evangelicalism” is a mostly “racialized-white-conservative” movement based more on protecting the privilege of other white-race-members.

    Christ is LORD! Jesus is the resurrected Son of God! Evangelicalism is a sub-sect and an aberration of Christianity (the same way the KKK is a sub-sect and an aberration) and does not DEFINE the historical or theological tenants of the Christian faith.

  39. We DON'T know Jesus existed. That is a blatant lie. There is scant to no evidence of that. Not saying he didn't (and it's irrelevant whether he was real, is an amalgam of myths or whatever) but to claim that is just patently false. And if you are going to get into the business of declaring who is or is not a 'real' Christian you're opening a can of worms and engaging in the No True Scotsman fallacy. I leave that shit up to the Christians to squabble over.

  40. I wonder how many abortions Trump has paid for. Wake up evangelicals. Trump is telling you what you want to hear to secure your vote. How can you not see it?

  41. Jesus did not exist. God does not exist, the bible is just a book – Harry Potter does not exist, Magic is not real, please don't put these idiots on…

  42. " i should care about the babies in the womb." What about the babies outside of the womb? They grow up to be the societal burden in the republican parties eyes.. especially if theyre poor or a minority.. smh

  43. It appears that the Evangelicals think that Jesus is ok with the children that are killed in all of the wars the US supports.

  44. You should have Chris Hedges on the show. He is an ordained minister and wrote a book about the fanaticism of the Christian Right.

  45. You cannot weaken groups, especially groups such as Evangelicals, by telling them they are in the wrong. The best thing you can do is repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat lies told by Trump and show the proof–easier than finding a flea in an abandoned house full of stray animals. When you speak in a manner that makes a group feel like they are being attacked, their wounded egos only makes them more zealous. If dealing with a group-mind that is prone to playing the martyr and filled with members who have Messianic Complexes, then there is no benefit in trying to change their minds by pointing out their theological ignorance. Not a one of these people would recognize Christ if he were here in the flesh, but would be shouting, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" I am aware of the seeming hypocrisy in my last statement; I only say it to illustrate the point that there is no peace in those who interpret the Bible as a book of things to judge and hate. Jesus said, "Judge not lest ye be judged." I struggle with it daily but we need to cut it out and stick to pointing out the verifiable lies–most–that come out of The White House.

    Let's stop giving the far right ammo for "the left is trying to censor us; they are trying to take away our freedoms," etc. and hit at the root in the Oval Office. Focus on all of the ways he is harming everyone who is not ultra-wealthy. Do a daily segment on Scripture and how Trump is constantly at odds with it. Have on guests that teach the message and actions of Christ as written. Personally, I don't identify with a religion so I have no teeth-bearing dog here. I do think Jesus said some important words and we could all benefit from them, really. Have people teach what the Koran and the Hebrew Bible say. Give time to Buddhists, Taoists, practitioners of Zen, etc. Build a community of tolerance. I know it is hard not to get angry and loud–I'm struggling with it but working on it too–but like violence, anger begets anger. What does anger often become? Yep.

    Everyone of us needs to strengthen our hearts, patience, and tolerance given none of us are perfect. We will never be perfect, but we can always strive to be better and to teach ourselves to love and talk rather than balk. I mean no disrespect to TYT. I love you guys. All I want is to live in a world of love, and anytime one of us is struggling to love it cannot become a reality. Let's all be here helping one another to live peace and love. We can build an even stronger community here by helping each other grow in tolerance. How can we despise condemnation and intolerance in one form yet practice another form at the same time?

  46. Evangelicals are particularly gullible people. That's why they follow a transparent con-man with ease. It's unfortunately that simple.

  47. I'm a Christian that can't stand Trump and I haven't liked him since June of 2015 when Trump made fun of Mexicans.

  48. Most Christians do not support Trump's morals, but they have to vote for either the
    (1) party of the divorced man or (2) the party that kills babies and claim that it is a right.

    The democratic party is also very pro-Muslim and pro-Atheist (In their own contradiction), but Christians are labeled as the oppressive religion, yet the news claim otherwise.

  49. Numbers 13:30 does not say anything about miscarriage, it is about a ritual of repentance.

    "When he has made her drink the water, then, if she has defiled herself and behaved unfaithfully toward her husband, the water that brings a curse will enter her to produce bitterness – her abdomen will swell, her thigh will fall away, and the woman will become a curse among her people."

  50. The party that hates traditional family, white people, American ideals and unborn babies claims to be the anti-hate party.
    Remember Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao? Leftists, Yeah, so compassionate leftists.

  51. Why don't you ask evangelicals why they support Trump, just as right wingers make "debate me" tables?
    Oh, because you would rather believe in the straw-man version of them rather.

  52. So Christian should support border human traffickers and criminals to be good Christians?
    Remember that 2/3 of women at the border are RAPED. Christians should support that?

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