Made in Milwaukee, Shaping the World: The Campaign for UWM

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was born out of the idea that for Milwaukee to be a great city, it needed a great university. For the past six decades, UWM has been preparing
Milwaukee’s workers, leaders, healers, educators and artists. But our influence has expanded far beyond the city limits of Milwaukee. We are one of America’s
top research universities and a national leader
in community engagement. 180,000 alumni have made their mark around the world. UWM is on a trajectory of
success thanks to the hard work of our faculty, staff and students. This success is also due to the generosity of alumni and friends. Thanks to donor support, students and faculty across
our university have amazing stories to tell: stories of triumph, stories of discovery
and stories of impact. If I haven’t received a scholarship, I would’ve had to work probably for
minimum wage or below, and probably I wouldn’t do as well as I did. Submitted my grades and
application and within two weeks, I got a full ride. All I had to do was study. It made the difference. I started my own computer company to deal with personal computers. After I sold the company, I decided to make a more
serious impact by giving back. I told them that I want to give a million dollars for scholarships. They almost fell from the chair, you know? We’re able to attract much
higher caliber students. They told me that they
wouldn’t be here if not for the scholarship, number one, or they couldn’t go to college if they didn’t have the scholarship. It feels wonderful. But I was so committed before that. I would do it if even nobody
told me one word of thanks. Because I got it and I know what it means. If you’ve been on the other side, you know what it means. Nobody has to tell you thank
you for you to know how much it affects them. Come on in. My main area of research
is looking at the role that children and youth play as
caregivers to family members. Children and youth who are caregivers do a variety of different tasks. Everything from coming home after school and just making sure that mom, or dad, or grandma doesn’t fall, doesn’t choke on their food. And the second most common
task that they participated in was medication management. And these are children as young as 9. Those tasks are very stressful. The overwhelming majority
of children in all of my research have not received
any sort of training. All of the research I have
done has been really clearly pointing to the need for peer support. I have received the majority
of my research funding through the ALS Association. Without their funding, I would
not be doing a large portion of the work I’m doing now. I’ve been able to get
undergraduate students to work with me on my projects. The research I’m doing is groundbreaking. It’s research to do
something about an issue that gets no attention. I love the absolute joy when
you get to hang out with a child and hear them be able
to open up to you and share with you the things that they
can’t share with other people. Most of the money that student investment programs manage is internal
to their university or it’s a donor’s gift. That money is not one
that can run out the door if you do a poor job. But at Elmbrook Humane Society, this is a one year
contract that’s renewed. It’s been renewed each year. So not only does it provide
a real meaning because you’re helping someone in the community, but you know you can be fired. As part of the coursework, we’re helping analyze the
performance of the fund, the asset allocation, creating an investment policy statement. We have an investment lab, it’s
called the David O. Nicholas Applied Finance Lab. David gave $2.5 million for that. It’s endowed. That means we’re actually
going to have that lab forever. Having support with gifts hasn’t just changed the program, the program could not
be around without it. I am so grateful for the
people who have supported this program, which is making such
a huge impact on the students, who then go out into the
community and make a big impact on the community. And guess what? Then they give back to the students again, and it’s just continuous
in this wonderful feedback loop. At UWM, we transform lives through
the power of education, through the power of our
discoveries, and through the power of connection. The time is now to build on our successes
and keep UWM moving forward. We’re Wisconsin’s only public
urban research university. We’re made in Milwaukee, and
we’re shaping the world.

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