Macho: Springer for Adoption

This is Macho, a reportedly three-year-old liver/white
neutered male. I just got him from the Chico city
shelter Oops [laugh], little too far, Jimmy. He’s the one with more brown. The other dog is my dog, Jimmy. They just were reintroduced. I’m very pleased to see that he’s already playing. He’s was a little bit anxious when he first
came and now he’s relaxed and happy. Jimmy is so very
pleased to have a playmate. [Laugh] Oh, dear can’t even keep them in frame. He’s trying. Around the lemon tree. Oh, he’s already making noise. That’s good. Jimmy can be a handful. So, I’m pleased to see that he stands up to him without getting into problem. They have to communicate. So, this is good dog communications here. Very playful. He was an owner surrender. Yeah, owner surrender/divorce/ money situation. That’s how he ended up at the shelter unfortunately. A single owner I believe. My understanding is they got him as a
puppy. So, he’s only known one home. He’s very friendly. I just met him and he just was wanting me rub him and coming up to me and so I’m very pleased so far. Each dog is different, you know. He’s over there eating grass or something. Here we go. I think they’re already wore out. He’s cute. He’s a really cute little. He’s been clipped. That’s why he looks kind of puppy-ish. Somebody probably sheered him all over and now he’s grown out a few months from that.
need now is growing out a few months I was reading that some people believe it keeps the dog cooler but evidently that’s not true. Their coat acts as an insulator and provides cooling, I mean as crazy as that sounds but some people like the easier care of shaving of them in the summer. That’s it for today. Signing out.

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  1. We are very interested in adopting this dog.  We live in Marysville.  We've had springers in the past.  We also have 2 little dogs and two teen boys in the home.
    You can contact me at [email protected]

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