Lunch shaming over school lunch debt becomes national problem

3 thoughts on “Lunch shaming over school lunch debt becomes national problem

  1. Really easy the schools include the lunch program with the tuition. With an option to.opt out if the parents disagree with the menu.
    Also have a subsidy program to help with the extra cost of tuition.
    This should keep the kids fed that need to get fed. And the parents that are just cheapskates will have a difficult time getting the subsidy.

  2. If your mom and dad can't afford to pay for your lunch, they have failed as parents, human beings, should never have had you in the first place, and you should be removed from their custody and placed into state control and groomed for hard labor duty while they do hard time for felony child neglect and stupidity.

  3. It has even turned into graduation shaming as well, which means in some schools, if the student lunch debt is not cleared up by the end of 12th grade, then the student(s) in question is not allowed to even participate in the graduation ceremony. That's messed up.

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