Lubbock Animal Services has nearly 700 animals up for adoption

THE GUARDIANS HAVE LICENSE TO CARRY, TRAINED TO CARRY AND USE CERTIFIED AMMO, FIREARM AND HOLSTERS. THE SIGNS READ: “ATTENTION: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE STAFF AT OLTON ISD ARE ARMED AND MAY USE WHATEVER FORCE IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT OUR STUDENTS.” JON RIGHT NOW LUBBOCK ANIMAL SERVICES HAS NEARLY SEVEN HUNDRED ANIMALS UP FOR ADOPTION… THEY’RE HOPING THEIR UPCOMING ‘CLEAR THE SHELTER’ EVENT CAN HELP REDUCE THAT NUMBER.. TODAY OUR COURTNEY FROMM GOT TO MEET SOME OF THE ANIMALS LOOKING FOR HOMES… : COURTNEY Its little guys like sullivan here who are looking for that forever home and thats why this nation wide even tis touching here in lubbock las has nearly 700 animals total that need forever homes.. BARKING MEOWING STEVEN GREENE if we could get to 100 that would be good on an average saturday we adopt about 15 LUBBOCK ANIMAL SERVICES.. ALONGSIDE NEARLY TWELVE HUNDRED SHELTERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ARE TAKING PART IN THE #CLEAR THE SHELTER EVENT… last year there were 1,000 shelters and nearly 80,000 were FREE.. .. WAGGING TAILS INCLUDED.. were going to have free adoptions and they will have bags so everyone will get some items to go along with their new pet

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