LSC Board Member Matt Keenan Speaks about Supporting the 100th Anniversary of Veterans Day

We do a much better job at caring for our Veterans than we did not many years ago. And, I think some of us my age and older remember a time where the Veterans just to get the care and support they deserved. And, I think the Veterans obviously represent the best of our citizens. They wear the uniform, they made made sacrifices for us and even though I think collectively people are pulling together and doing a lot more for Veterans than they did not too long ago. There’s still a lot of people that fall through the cracks. Whether it’s issues involving housing, whether it’s issues involving health care, whether it’s issues involving them getting the benefits that they’re entitled to receive. People are pulling together and that’s one important mission of Legal Service Corporation. Next month is a really exciting time for Legal Services Corporation because it’s the 100th anniversary of Veterans Day. It’s also the second anniversary of a Veteran’s Summit that’s being convened in New York City by Legal Services Corporation and their Board. We’re also commencing a Veteran’s Task Force to identify the areas where Veterans still are not getting the help that they deserve. So as a member of Legal Services Corporation I’m very excited about what’s going on in terms of our mission and advocacy for Veterans. In the next 60 to 90 days you’ll probably be seeing and reading a lot more about what legal services is doing.

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