Low carb hamburger helper

hey guys it's Becca the gastric chef so I'm going to do another recipe video I don't believe I've done this one before so in the white house we're going to do a spin on it anyway so it's all good we are going to make our version of low carb macaroni and cheese with me to make it Hamburger Helper so you can stop if you don't want to add the meat and just have it as a science macaroni and cheese or you keep going and make it a hand remember your twist so what you're going to need is post your pound of hamburger meat I've noticed that if I pack them like this and freeze them they saw really easily so and then you're also going to watch whatever kind of cheese you like we got cheddar jack so he likes cheddar and honors our cheese I'm going to need cauliflower your favorite seasonings we are going to use just a plain old taco seasoning mix you can use fajita you can use whatever you like you want to make it an Italian one you started you you would just switch this for like a mozzarella or Parmesan or whatever you're also going to need milk I see 1% because I'm actually kind of lactose intolerant when I succumb to plain old milk so we knew that and then in case I need to thicken the cheese up I have cream cheese out too I'm not necessarily sure if I'm using it but I got it out just in case so what I have going on in this pan right here is I've got a steamer in it already start up with water and the water is heating for the lid on that while we do some prep work all this out of my weight and I'm a dork and we don't have a cutting board anymore because mine got to cut up and wasn't coming as clean as I like so we threw it away so I keep forgetting to buy a new cutting board so we're going to this on the counter and take our cauliflower come on there all right you know Chuck we don't need that the rabbit will happily are taking and sorry miss Jackie I know you don't like cauliflower shout out to one of my friends and then we're gonna rinse this off real quick okay so I'm like it's like your night actually basically you just want to cut it to get decent size chunks not super small not giant it looks like brain okay we're all use a beef and hey walking distance gray could totally get like food colouring and make a Halloween guy so barbecue sauce or buffalo sauce on the neighborhood chicken wings every French Red Hots what you look do it all right then I just might cut it down manageable pieces don't cut your fingers like I do you don't want to make it too small you want it to be like fork sized yeah just keep cutting listen Kevin if you haven't been on camera do you have anything to say ah not really I've been working a lot that's about it I started bodybuilding that's that's the new any development you're going to start going back to eating more of a bariatric friendly way yeah after the move and with all the stress my eating plan kind of went to crap and I put 30 pounds on really quick aka if you're on an eating plan stick to it your body will go back to how it used to be if you don't craving matys yep awesome sugar and bread that's that was the vice specifically pizza and I'm excited I do not deny him his pizza every now and then he was to me like I need crust sometimes I don't like want her to cook he doesn't do that if I've had a rough day he'd rather I relaxed and took it easy so okay so this is going to make a ton and I even got like a small head so you want to get like a small or medium sized head of cauliflower you don't want to get the like the end-all be-all of cauliflower because we do that you'll be cooking forever you just want like a small to medium size so this is making a ton so I'm hungry so it'll work and we're going to make a ton of cheese you to go with it all right lunch is I'm gonna have to sweep this cauliflower is everywhere durian no and I am going to brown the meat so I may actually be on camera here a second oh he's long tearing alright wait try to get this off all right she's just gonna be like because the cheese is going to take the least amount of time this is going to take some time we're going to leave that there and just kind of forget about it while we do the meat because you don't want to really touch it it's going to steam the just going to do what its gonna do we're integrating this down just a little bit you want it just basically get it to a boil and then bring it down just a tad you don't want you just want to simmer and just do it then so now I'll just pop them in there for you probably shoulda saw two packages if I didn't turn it off I thought I did just keep rolling I thought I turned it get oh okay switch switch all right get the talk with you to me what's up everybody my head I'm back on camera so heresy oh you never spoke with me what every time any time you're here maybe but there's a lot of times I haven't had a cameraman I've done myself I like my papa meat extra taco eat tickle tickle so I use pretty much the whole time well remember you and puts them on top to to flavor the cheese so save some lessons okay like my pans may he'll be about me I like my pans so serious when he hooks me burn myself multiple pies yeah I I started bodybuilding training philosophy is you start putting muscle mass on you burn more calories so that will come off on its own as long as you're incorporating cardio at the end of your workouts yeah what do you said I've been doing a lot of Dance and if I'm not in dance classes miss Kimber I'm dancing it my butt off at home you're also chasing the four year old yes constantly chasing the four year olds as they say moms work from sunup to sundown but miss Becca here has promised me that next week she will be joining me in my bodybuilding excursion you and regardless on what you may think women because of their estrogen they will not get huge like China China wrestler side of the wrestlers she was she had at the fast running balance buzzer to make more testosterone than scent attribute look like The Incredible Hulk if you actually go look at female fitness model fair sale effeminate they don't look like the Hulk right yeah natural female fitness model so I do want to say one thing I'm not going to get into a whole bunch about this but there might come a brief sense where you'll see more worse than me if there might be a development now I'm not going to jinx or talk about but if that happens know that I'm okay I'm just behind the camera if that goes on there's no guarantees as of right now so I'm going bad nothing bad it just I may be behind the cameras that I'm in front of it for a little while and if that happens is the good things just keep positive vibes for me I will talk about it when we know more right now it's Noah we wish you with pregnancy it's not that before that gets out there but we will let you know when we know more it's pretty much all I can say about it for now all right so I'm going to lower this meat down to a simmer so it stays hot and we'll be back when the cauliflower is right nowyour I'm going to do the cheese you can record me doing the cheese I only added that soup I got to make your teasing scratch my bad my bad gooey gooey macaroni cheese and go we outside miss one thing we are going to put a tablespoon of butter in there well it's hot as we are doing keto and it is a Neff is the actual butter not the fake butter yes not margarine we have better health and that's mainly for two reasons the flavor and she keeps me the cheese from sticking and burning and if you see the marshmallows in the background there dr. Dorian Dorian he loves ghostbusters very very much but he had a nightmare that Stay Puft Marshmallow man broke into our house so we are going to kill State papaya roasting durian some ourselves watch your hand get a little psychological closure because Ghostbusters was a favorite thing and now he's scared to watch it because I'm staying safe up in it alright so we heated it up just enough butter now we're going to bring the heat down so we don't burn and we're going to put in a bit of milk that's probably little under half a cup work right there cuz you know me I don't measure I know to use but when we eventually get around to doing the cookbook I will actually measure we will measure and do everything out correctly for you guys we haven't worked details out on that yet but I'm working on it Ronis might need a little more looks like no no I'm just letting it melt up norine mommy's got the oven on baby it's hot over here you don't want to be over here go watch Teen Titans buddy he's really excited about eating the marshmallow yes he's asked for them a really quite minute back upon you oh I don't know what else to talk about Harley a lot going on okay well then we'll make this easy we're going to finish with this just keep stirring don't stop stirring thank Dori just keep swimming just so you don't copy we all sing it we can't afford it don't sing it hi we'll be back after it's done okay so we added this is tiny bit more milk but there's our cheese for our macaroni cheese cheese now you can totally cheat if you want to and just use Velveeta and melt that down or cheese whiz or keys with but I just had all this stuff on sale and it was cheaper to just buy this outright then to get the other stuff and that shows you want to make it you know if it was all I would do is save you like five minutes really it's nothing yeah but there you go and like if you like it a little creamier go ahead feel free to add more milk more butter or if you want to add the the cream cheese for texture flavor go for it right there you go that's gonna go on our cobbler you want to keep it kind of moving every now and then after you take it off the heat don't let it solidify you can reheat it if you need to I am going to actually stick it in the oven here in a little bit what you'll see that I'm going to check into your our cauliflower is not where I want oh yeah okay so basically you want it nice and soft so when you poke the knife and just go straight through and we do suggest getting a colander that's the steamer that's in it yes but you're gonna need a colander here in second anyway so okay so let me move stuff around breakfast show on the cheese again okay so if you're going to makes it into an Hamburger Helper go ahead and pre-heat your oven to 350 is 325 either way you're just doing it to mix everything up together then you're going to jump your cauliflower in Jesus all the air you get all the water baking cheese your zero calorie spray I have a coconut spray right yeah throw our cauliflower on the bottom then we're going to join are you paying attention to me here the cheese baby I play with the cheese when I'm not moving the camera and throw the meat on top of that we may need out of some slow sound music when we dump those knees on there so Barry White oh yeah then you're just going to mix up the meat in there get it all nice and mixed can you dump that home the camera not burn me okay yeah put it down put it down stop fidgeting I can crack an egg one-handed but I can't do that you can you crack in any one handed date without getting shell everywhere do that ah so you put the butter in maybe mix it yeah good argument now we're going to mix this all up we'll be back after it's mixed look effect alright so then we've got it all mixed in sorry looks like prop your lighting sound makes it better and you're going to take your chocolate seasoning this is what's going to make it more hamburgers help very I guess and then just mix it one more time so you don't get up a bunch of clumps large so if you likes it a little little extra taco we yep just fold it over so it looks you like it's pretty evened out no big clumpiness we should make up sriracha cheese make all kinds of jeans sriracha my favorite sauce it's also known as awesome sauce piri alright so that is all nice and yummy mix and then what you can do from here if your cheese haha look like I am which I might do this anyway is you can add a little bit of shredded cheddar onto the top just to give it you can you have to I would suggest not doing that fine with how much cheese is already in it don't get any more cheese you always need more tea then I am out of the house he is not fiber alright that's what the cauliflower is worth now with that much cheese I hope you much okay so now that's all mixed you can see it's got a nice beautiful color are we doing this we're gonna throw it in the oven for a few minutes to make sure the cheese is nice and melted on top and then that bad way we'll be ready to eat coffee in this unit okay it's literally been like three minutes is that it doesn't take long but look at that I'm play it reflects I can watch it but that is how you make a high fiber low carb high fat round or near that macaroni and cheese and oh well it would have almost been definitely not something look we see that gooeyness oh yeah there you go there is you can get that you can stop at the meat and taco sauce and just do the cauliflower and cheese for macaroni and cheese meat whatever kind of makes you right but there it is well guys remember if I can do this you can do it and I believe in iam have an amazing night

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  1. My husband and I made this for dinner tonight. I posted on your Facebook and tagged you on instagram about how it turned out. Let's just say it was a big hit in my household.

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  4. I have recently found your channel and have been binge watching. I had my sleeve procedure on 9/13/17 and I'm studying for future sleeve friendly recipes. I love your videos! Thank you so much.

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  7. Looks great !!! I had RNY 5-2-17 just enter soft food ! BUT when I am able to move on that will be a great dish add to recipes! THANK YOU ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  9. If your lactose hun I sugeset not doing much cheese buying 1% wont help it takes 10 gallons at least to make 1 pound of cheese.. thanks for video

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