Love Gov: Protection from Jobs (Ep. 2 of 5)

[EPISODE 2: Protection from Jobs] I’m really doing it, Lib! I got a studio space! I’m so proud of you. And Gov is super excited to help. I thought he was against
you running a business. No. Now that I’m done with college,
he thinks it’s a great idea. Plus he says it might help me pay back
my student loans. Who are you talking to? It’s just Libby. We’re having a picnic? I had to confiscate this
from some eco-terrorist. He is trying to introduce
foreign foods to the local fauna. He didn’t have a wildlife impact form. Is that really important? Society is built on rules and regulations. When people ignore those rules,
society collapses. Then we’re all tearing each other apart
in a Thunderdome. Although, a new Thunderdome Development Zone would be a huge boost to the local economy. I’ve got an idea. I gotta make a phone call. She will not call you back. Hey, space cadet, pass me that rag. You still have these? Sure. Babies loved them! Stupid babies who can’t keep food
in their stupid mouths. I think you’re being unfair to babies. I am not angry at babies. I am angry at the reminder of failure. Isn’t this great! I can’t make these fast enough. Everyone loves my bibs. How exciting! I love small business, not as much as big business, but still. Hey, I got you something! You did! What is it? Ta da! What every business needs. Oh… thanks. You’re welcome. Hey, I can’t do lunch tomorrow. I’m totally swamped with orders. And Libby and I are gonna take
a stab at optimizing my Etsy page. Did you say Libby? I’ve been researching SEO stuff
and making design tweaks on her site. It’s going super well. Wait. She’s not working for you, Is she? Yeah. She’s really good at… …the dorky stuff that’s boring. Analytics suggests that
the pink bibs are doing better than the blue bibs by 35%. See? Look. The last thing I want to do
is tell someone else what to do… … Go away. I’m just a little concerned,
Are you ready for this? Hiring another employee is a really big step. She’s been already freelancing for me. Wait, Have you being paying her? Yeah, a little bit. Hoo boy. Okay, well, good thing I’m here. Now that I know that Libby is working for you, it’s my moral responsibility to protect her. Thanks, I guess, for caring,
but I don’t have to worry about Alexis. Pee into this. Wait. What are you protecting her from? I’m protecting her from you, her employer. It’s just a small business. It’s not a big deal. It’s not a big deal? Yeah… Is child labor not a big deal? What if poisonous toxic chemicals in these bibs make Libby more incoherent
than she already is. Is that not a big deal? Alexis, businesses are dangerous, I mean I’m talking marijuana-level dangers. And all these rules have been put into place to protect workers and consumers. So, if you want to hire Libby,
you’re gonna need to comply. I don’t know if I can afford this.
Maybe I can’t hire you. It kinda sounds like you
just protected me out of a job. Now, they say all these regulations
are to help workers and consumers, but all that leads to is fewer jobs. Okay, that is exactly why we have
unemployment insurance. So, there’s nothing to worry about. All these protections are done with good intentions, and I’ve never heard of a road paved
with good intentions going anywhere bad. Are these lead free? They’re one hundred percent cotton. I’m not a hundred percent sure of that.
We’ll need to get it tested. We will send you the bill, don’t pee on that one. See you for lunch tomorrow. And if I follow all the rules and everything, Do you think my business
can still make a profit? I don’t know, not really my area of expertise!

89 thoughts on “Love Gov: Protection from Jobs (Ep. 2 of 5)

  1. @ Dustin D.

    When and where did "[y]our financial elite literally take 99 cents of every dollar earned"?

    And why haven't you reported these elite to your "well functioning government" so that your money is returned to you?

  2. The Independent Institute pretends to be a liberal think thank but is actually a liberation organization (missive difference) funded by Phillip Morris and Exxon. They pump out junk science and fake "films" like this to put disinformation into the public sphere. Sure the governemnt is often over reaching but it needs to be controlled by the people, not companies!! The Independent Institute wants our country to be run by corporations, lobbyists and their CEOs. When these people hold the power, we as citizens have no voice because our votes are overpowered by their lobbyists and money.
    THIS IS PURE PROPAGANDA!!!! Research what they're saying and know that the constitution protects you from much of what they claim is government over-reach.
    This is what they don't want you to see-

  3. Just finished watching all five episodes. I may not necessarily agree with all of them but I find them hilarious, in a good way. Very entertaining, I hate the Gov guy but he is very charismatic and has this upbeat quality that makes it difficult to do so.

  4. Stupid, boring, good for nothing videos. This guy needs a life. They want to do something. Let them. I don't care what people say about this video. I went from another video to this one video to say this. They want to hire, let them hire.

  5. Kinder Gentler Atlas Shrugged. And even Homer Simpson can understand it (although I'm not sure about Holy fuck weasels below). Well done.

  6. The sad thing is that it is actually much worse than this! Complying with all the employment laws and regulations is a huge damper on businesses of all sizes.

  7. playing devil's advocate for a sec, its actually bad to feed ducks bread for various reasons, as fun as it may be… 🙁

  8. All waterfowl essentially have celiac and cannot process gluten, so feeding them bread fucks up their intestines and causes them excruciating pain…but yes lets just make fun of the craaaaaaazy liberal government strawman because ha ha ha.

  9. The big bad government is ruining small businesses with regulations, so no regulations are the answer? You have to be careful what you ask for. Independent institute my ass, this is a conservative thing.

  10. I believe waterfowl and birds should have to gather their food from their own work. We should not give them handouts, lest they grow fat and lazy. This man, Gov, is protecting the waterfowls right to the sweat of his brow.

  11. Except the government has protected us from lead poisoning from products from China and eliminated child labor. Aren't those terrible examples of bad governing? Seems to me safe products for sale and not allowing child labor would be a good thing. I feel like this is an add brought to us by the Koch brothers.

  12. Many people fear change and will immediately claim a this system cannot work. Yet if you look at our current system it has been not working for a long time aka the always rising debt. I think we should change our global focus to rising the standard of living for every human living now and who will be born into this world. Think of how much crime and how many wars we could stop if everyone had clean water food and shelter. We are totally capable of creating that. We need to stop the greed. Allowing individuals to have access to more resources because they have more wealth. We teach our children to share, why are adults different? I understand you worked hard to gain such wealth. But no one person understands how everything works that keeps our society running smoothly. And if we took the power cooperations have and used it for the greater good of everyone (instead of the greater good of a few) we all would have a better quality of life. It is being said technology will take over many of the jobs we have now. the real question is do we want a few benefiting off that? or would we rather the entire human race benefit from such events? We could all live our lives as we please (sure some will waste the best time in human history as there are plenty doing so now. but others won't be held back by money and will be motivated by the feeling of accomplishment. I believe with technology working for everyone and a little community service from everyone we could keep society running for everyone. I know I live in a pipe dream. but before you can live beyond your wildest dreams you must dream them first.

  13. I'm confused, do you think our monetary prosperity is more important than the future? Or do you just no like how controlling the government is?

  14. ALSO, without these regulations, businesses would be terrible, working for them would be detrimental to your health (not all) but look at workers in china who try to commit suicide for instance

  15. 1st time a youtube ad got me to subscribe, most political skits are so corn ball but not this.. im also probably a mrssahjunist free speech guy so its doubly weird to be laughing at womens
    edit: who am i kidding? im only here for Gov

  16. This video is very funny, like the watching your grandparents trying to be "hip" and "trendy" and "witty" kinda funny

  17. I am so glad I found your channel! Thank you for advertising on other videos, this channel is awesome, and I might not have found it otherwise.

  18. Complete propaganda. Are you seriously insinuating that employee protections and a MINIMUM WAGE are government overstepping on small businesses? This is a classic appeal for working class people to abandon their rights in favor of an ideology that advocates for the rich.

  19. Except most states have tons of tax breaks and regulations exemptions for small businesses and most of this video is over reactive garbage

  20. I know that they're just acting and all of that jazz, but if he kept talking any longer, then I would've punchd him in his damn teeth.

  21. how did this get on my youtube from ancient history… I just threw up at the production quality. On principle I have to readjust my moral/civic compass to oppose the creators of this garbage

  22. This is republican propaganda. They want you to hate Gov and they do it by pointing out all of the bad things about it and making the good ones look bad as well. If you wanted to punch Gov after watching this video then the propaganda worked! Congratulations on falling for it!

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