Love a Cat Month at the Hawaiian Human Society

For today’s Pets on Set segment — we feature two kittens with me who will be available for adoption Also joining us — Christina Kam of the Hawaiian Humane Society. It’s love a cat month Kitten Awareness ” Every year, during the summer, we see an influx of kittens coming through our doors. ” Cats in Hawaii breed all year long because of our long, sunny days. But beginning in May or June, it begins to peak. ” But what should you do if you find a kitten? ” The best thing you can do it not rush to intervene – observe the situation. ” Often, cats aren’t abandoned and their mom is nearby hunting or getting some alone time. ” Mama cats know how to care for those kittens better us so leave them with their mom and just monitor them until they get bigger. ” If the kittens seem to be in danger of you don’t see their mom return within 8 hours, they do need help. ” But keep in mind – animal shelters and veterinarians often do not have the resources to provide intensive newborn care, be prepared to see this intervention through. ” During June we’re also celebrating Love a Cat Month with free cat adoptions for all cats, 6 months and older. Your top morning headlines, after the break. You’re watching KITV 4 MORNING News. We’ll be right back.

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