Los Lunas teen is finalist for national STEM competition

2 thoughts on “Los Lunas teen is finalist for national STEM competition

  1. The following is the source and "Tactics and Results" section, which follows after the excerpt shown at @1:22.


    Tactics and Results: Digestive enzymes are proteins that help break a food down into chemical bits that the body can use. Gianna ran her tests with different brands of cat foods and enzyme supplements. She added some of each cat food to a beaker, along with some of an enzyme supplement. She also added a solution of muriatic acid, to mimic the acidity in a typical cat’s stomach. Gianna let each beaker sit for 12 hours, then drained the liquid with a strainer. Next, she added some pineapple juice. The juice has enzymes which are similar to those in a cat’s small intestine. After 12 hours, she drained the liquid and let material remaining in the beaker dry. Then she weighed the beakers with their residue. The digestibility for a couple of dry cat food brands went up more than 7 percent when she used one brand of enzyme. Across all brands, however, the supplements increased the food digested by less than 2 percent. Gianna's overall conclusion: “It’s not worth spending the money.”

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