Lore of Legends: Zoe the Aspect of Twilight

Hey how's it going guys happy new years sorry for the lack of videos for the past few months I've just been very busy with a couple of other projects and also spending time with my family during the holidays check out these pics I took in Florida anyways it's a new year expect some more videos more frequently and yeah is this OE lawyer you've all been waited for hope you guys enjoy once upon a time there was an ordinary girl named Zoey who lived on Mount argon located at the mightiest peak in runeterra as expected from hurt Argonian aspects nature Zoey acquired great power however she did not gain her power through great defeats but rather seemed to be chosen at random in the nari teachers reported Zoey to be a very imaginative student that was easily distracted and always had the impulse to cause mischief one day zoey decided to ditch her boring-ass studies and cause some trouble while doing so the targa nyan aspect of Twilight noticed her and continued to observe her alright so you guys may be wondering what an aspect is I'm actually not quite sure what it is but I'm assuming it to be some sort of God for example Leona is the aspect of the Sun Diana is the aspect of the moon Pantheon is the aspect of war tarik is the aspect of the protector and earth Gaia is the aspect of beauty so yeah this Twilight God person watched Zoe as she was running away from her teachers while she was mocking them after an hour of pursuit Zoe was eventually cornered by her angry teachers and before they could grab her the aspect of Twilight summons six objects in front of her a bag of golden coins a sword a completed study book a devotion rug a silk rope and a toy ball five of these objects summoned could have been used to escape or defuse the situation but this girl chose the freaking toy ball she kicked it against the wall and carelessly watched as it bounced off each of her teachers intrigued by Zoe's carefree personality the aspect opened up a portal to the highest peak of Mount argon and offered her the chance to see the universe this is when Zoey dove straight into the portal and became one with the aspect from there on Zoey traveled to dimensions and played with the realities beyond human comprehension after a thousand years of her journey Zoey returned home to runeterra full of teenage curiosity for humans and her fellow aspects however due to her randomness and personality no one knows what her purposes are or what she aims for I mean other than her own amusement and yeah that is how Zoey became Zone B N you

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