Local animal activist: Harvey relief efforts trip was ‘life-changing’

in the Valley. He spent two weeks in Texas, helping with animal relief efforts from Hurricane Harvey. 27 First News Reporter Cameron O’Brien caught up with Cooke, and learned about his experience down south– and what he learned there that could be applied to animals here in Ohio. JASON COOKE, ANIMAL ACTIVIST: IT WAS AN ADVENTURE IT WAS A LIFECHANGING EXPERIENCE. CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: Jason Cooke is back in the Valley… After spending two weeks– in Montgomery County, Texas… He worked with Best Friends Animal Society to rescue cats and dogs from Harvey. By the time he left– the shelter was overflowing… JASON COOKE, ANIMAL ACTIVIST: IT WAS AROUND 940 DOGS AND CATS SO WHEN YOU BREAK THAT DOWN IT WAS ABOUT 840 DOGS AND 100 CATS. CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: 95 percent of those animals had NO identification or microchips. That made it VERY difficult to reunite pets with their owners. Jason says- it’s a good reminder for Valley pet owners. JASON, ANIMAL ADVOCATE: IT REALLY DEMONSTRATED THERE JUST HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO MICROCHIP YOUR DOG. BECAUSE COLLARS FALL OFF, TAGS FALL OFF, BUT MICROCHIPS DO NOT. CAMERON O’BRIEN, WKBN: Jason didn’t come back to the Valley alone… Three pups rescued from Harvey made there way up here as well. They are in foster care with Angels for Animals…dozens of people have applied to adopt them. Jason says that’s great– but don’t forget about the Valley’s own. JASON COOKE, ANIMAL ACTIVIST: THERE’S ONLY THREE DOGS THAT ARE AVAILABLE FROM HURRICANE HARVEY BUT THERE ARE HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF DOGS IN THE TRI COUNTY AREA AND BEYOND THAT NEED HOMES. In Brookfield, Cameron O’Brien, WKBN 27 First News [B7]20170910

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