Llamas with Hats 2

Carl what on earth was all Lancel I’m not sure what you’re referring to who sunk an entire crew Carl are you sure that was me I I would think I would remember something like that oh I watched you fire a harpoon into the captain’s face that sounds dangerous you were head-butting children off the side of the shed uh that must have been horrifying to watch you started making out with the ice sculptures thank God that the children weren’t on board to see it ah Carl why is the lifeboat all red and sticky well I guess you could say it is red and sticky uh what are we standing in would you believe it strawberry milkshake no I would not believe that melted gumdrops no boat nectar no some of God’s tears tell me the truth Carl fine it’s the lovely elderly couple from to be well they were they were taking all the crescent rolls can’t believe what I’m hearing I will not apologize for art where are the other lifeboats oh you won the prize I didn’t even notice that where are the other lifeboats Carl looking at the trajectory of the moon and the Sun probably at the bottom of the ocean I bet lots of holes in them I have a problem I have a serious problem our just terrible today Shh do you hear that that’s the sound of forgiveness that’s the sound of people drowning Carl that is what forgiveness sounds like screaming and then silence [Music]

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  1. Our friends are the ones who showed me and my siblings this and we always say this to each other, “ Carl why is the life boat red and sticky?”, “ Well I guess it is red and sticky.” “Carl what are we standing in?” “Would you believe it’s strawberry milkshake?” “No I would not believe that.” “Melted gumdrops.”, “No.”, “Boat nectar.”, “No.” “Some of Gods tears?”, “Tell me the truth Carl.” “Fine. It’s the lively elderly couple from 2-B”, “CARLLLL!!!!!”

  2. Caaarl why is the boat wet and sticky?
    Would you believe that it is a strawberry milkshake
    Boat necter
    Some of gods tears
    Fine its the elderly couple from room…

  3. Carl :Ssssh do you hear that? Thats the sound of forgiveness.
    Paul : thats the sound of people drowning carl.
    Carl : that is what forgiveness sounds like screaming and then sillence.

  4. I hope you all can understand the impact this video series has had in my life. Hello, my name is Carl and I will never live in a world that doesn’t have references to Llamas wiith hats. Some of my closest friends have said “Carl that kills people” when we first met. I’m in college right now and everybody I meet will say what is in their minds. Thinking is imperative to tell me “that kills people.” When I was a camp counselor I spent a whole week with thirteen year olds that would reference Llamas with hats more than my own name. I have learned to coexist with these references. It has become a fact of life for me. One thing that reassures me is that when I truly get to know someone they will no longer see my name as the name of a murderous llama, but as the name of a person. I did not come here asking you to stop because I surely can’t stop the references and I most likely will never meet you in person. But I thank you for reading my story and I hope you will think of this video, that you will think of me and my story, whenever you hear the glorious name of Carl.

  5. Well you can only reasonably pack so many croissant rolls into the life boat's emergency kit. It really was for the best. These things tend to work themselves out. =)

  6. My friend made a Gachaverse version of this I’m the one who killed the people on the boat and my friend is the one who asks me like92466227 times “what did u do?” And I repeatedly say”I DIDN’T DO SHIT” I have a problem ok ima go now bai

  7. Sonic version
    Shadow: Do you hear that? That's the sound of forgiveness.
    Sonic: *screaming and drowning
    Me: That's the sound of people drowning Shadow.
    Sonic: *finally drowns
    Shadow: That's what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence.

    Carl good thing the Children's didnt see it

  9. Carl: Would you believe it was strawberry milkshake?
    Paul: No, I would not believe that.
    Me: 'Sides, if it was a strawberry milkshake, the boat would be pink and sticky, not red and sticky.

  10. I think of Tik Tok when i see this video now.

    "thank god that the people in the comments section didn't see it"

  11. would you believe its strawberry milkshake? (no i would not believe that)
    melted gumdrops? (noooo)
    uh,, boat nectar? (no)
    some of god's tears?

  12. okay okay okay so I’ve watched this series so many times since it’s come out, but I still don’t understand what prize Paul won???

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