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this is Felix cute right this is Bess I don't think you even begins to cover it to you Kleenex and vests are in charge of the a stroke family which also includes mum Anna and me Ivan hello and for the last six months the a stroke family have been rocking around in the Honda Civic now the civic honda small family car has been around since the early 70s and now in its tenth generation you think it know how to cope with the demands of a small family by now hence the reason for our test in truth though some previous versions of the Civic haven't quite hit the mark on that score so there really was no guarantee that this car would fit the bill for us so now that our six-month tenure is over it's time to look back and see how the car got on when faced with the ultimate test this law as we've said the whole reason we chose to run the Civic was to see whether the traditional small family car can deal with the needs of a small family well it did a really great job yes a bigger car like in a state MPV or SUV will always make your life easier but compared with other small hatchbacks the Civic does the job better than most there's easily enough space for our two child seats complete the children obviously and the boot is bigger than most as well with enough space to fit our double buggy and a bunch of other bits and bobs it's not perfect with a load lip to negotiate and a weird step in the floor but that's not a deal-breaker whichever version of the Civic you go for you get loads of luxury kit as standard well that's not strictly true the entry-level S version doesn't but the next rung up the ladder the SE does and the upgrade cost barely anything at all we upgraded a stage further to SR trim for even more luxuries but more on that in a minute or two the Civic is a really good car to drive basically because it does everything you want it to do most importantly it's comfortable enough to keep the family happy and because it's also really light it feels agile and sharp in the bends the steering's really nice the gearshift is fantastic and the turbocharged 1 litre petrol engine is really smooth really quiet and it also delivers really perky performance while the engine is impressive of performance it's not nearly so impressive on the juice the official figures look really good at 59 miles per gallon and yeah we all know that those figures are a little bit optimistic but it's still a bit annoying that we've only just managed to scrape 40 miles per gallon and that is a pretty big difference the Civic's cabin may be nice and practical but it isn't exactly full of the joys in here the materials are a little bit humdrum in places the color scheme is very dark and dour and the small windows mean that there's not a lot of natural light in here especially in the back by far the worst thing about this car the graphics are dated the screens not sensitive enough and it takes far too long to transition from one screen to another but the worst bit is how illogical and convoluted the operating system is even simple stuff like changing the radio band or selecting a new station is ridiculously difficult so much so that I still haven't got used to how it works after six months of trying despite one or two niggles we're still satisfied that our Civic represents pretty much the best of the breed when it comes to the decisions we've made inspecting it excuse me for looking a little bit smug we've checked with Honda and it turns out that pretty much every decision we've made accurately reflects what the majority of civic buyers go for as well the turbocharged 1.5 liter and 2-liter Type R engines are all very nice and powerful but for most buyers there's no reason to look beyond the perky 129 horsepower 1 litre petrol engine and while adding the continuously variable automatic gearbox makes your engine a fraction cleaner it also makes it louder and cost you more money so we'd stick with the slick shifting 6-speed manual you get a standard we also got the best balance of kit and cost with the SR trim we chose which is why most buyers do the same it takes the already generous kit of the SE which includes alloy wheels aircon bluetooth da B radio and parking sensors and it adds leather covered controls automatic wipers sat-nav and a rear parking camera you also get a really impressive suite of standard safety systems that includes automatic emergency braking that system did go a bit haywire during our time with the car which resulted in a trip back to the dealer for a repair but the problem was sorted out with as little fuss as possible we even chose the most popular color for our car that being the brilliantly named brilliant sporty blue metallic which cost us five hundred and twenty five pounds in fact that was the only optional extra we added because apart from a few aesthetic upgrades there's not a lot you can add without upgrading to e^x trim besides SR trim is so well stocked that there's nothing that we really missed so overall our time with the Civic has been really positive it's managed to survive family life which is testament enough in itself and it's kept us comfortable entertained and largely hassle-free along the way yes the car we replace it with will be bigger and more practical if only so we can be less careful well lazier about the way we load it up but I can't think of many other family hatchbacks that would have suited us better and the whole ice drop plan is going to be pretty sorry to see it go you

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  1. This is a great review. Long term reviews are the best because you get to experience the niggles, flaws get exposed that you may not see from a short test drive, and how it’s like to live with. Good job.

  2. Bought new on retirement , I've had my Honda Civic since it came out new in 2006 , lack of rear visibility is my biggest worry. I simply wanted a reliable car for the rest of my retirement days and I ordered a civic , before I'd seen the new model , because they were known as staid and reliable for old people , a modern Morris Minor. However , the stunning new style attracted a lot of attention when it was new [ which I didn't like !- the attention I mean ] It has Vehicle Stability Assist VSO and Traction Control , [besides cruise control , air con [both auto and manual] , ABS , power assist steering etc. , auto headlights and wipers , freezer glove compartment etc.] I believe it was the first 'family' car with Traction and VSA – and now done away with on the newer Civic to cut costs I'm told ?? VSO and TC has kept me out of the ditches in the snow here.And I only discovered what VTEC was after about 8 years from watching Youtube [ and never use it , too frightening – I'm old.] My wife is frightened to drive the car . Perhaps the wrong car for us , I don't need all these things , nor understand half of the knobs. [ My windscreen kept misting in the Winter – until I discovered after some years yet another cleverly disguised knob for demisting. Oh so thats what it is for ? I'm not that stupid but I live abroad and the manual is in a language I cannot read. But after some 13 years now I've figured out most – but not all . I have only done 56000 Kilometers [ have another car] , EVERYTHING still works perfectly after 13 years so like all Hondas , uterly reliable. The only problem I've had is backing into a large stone underneath the car which threatened to write it off despite not a scratch [ too old to put a new floor pan in they said.] Really could do with a camera in the back. The other problem was two fat lady friends of my wife , got into the back somehow [climbed over/squeezed by the front seats ? ] But they could not get out and called the AA on mobile – they didn't realise it had rear doors – too well disguised .[ this is true.] These clever young designers don't design for old people – we are more and more written off ! This is a young man's car , I feel I'm driving in the Monte Carlo rally. Maintenance is minimum – change the oil and filter. Still wish I had my Ford Cortina Mk 1.

    p.s. In Ireland recently parked beside a brand new civic , owner told me all are now 1000 c c turbo – can this be true ?

  3. Had a type r fk2 … swapped it in for a civic 2018 sport . Rides better save more dollah . Dont listen to this guy on the infotament system its easy peasy and the mpgs are fine you cant go wrong its a brilliant all rounder and im well impressed

  4. Entertainment system in Honda is s**t. I have brand new Civic and is absolutely disaster. Laggy climate control, voice recognition hardy recognized anything, screen mirroring doesn't work etc. I spoke with Honda about it and Honda acknowledge the problem, but they won't do the update for entertainment system.

  5. In my country, the civic doesn’t need to be good enough for you
    You need to be rich/good enough to have a Civic 😂

  6. Ha Ha i see it my paise screen on phone keeps going dark and i could not see the top of the spec box lol
    I avoid the smaller engines now as they always have lower MPG which i mevr cannget my head around the 1.6 detec is listed as 80.7mpg but i bet that is down hill

  7. What a strange review. Other than a poor infotainment system, disappointing fuel economy and a cramped, cheap looking dull interior it was a great car. Also no mention of the styling? Fugly IMO, especially the rear which resembles some sort of lame NASCAR racer. When you look at all the very competent alternatives in the fiercely competitive small family car sector your verdict is questionable to say the least. A car infotainment system has rapidly increased in importance with the adoption of the digital age. So much so that it it is a deal breaker for me. Use a good one and you will understand why. The Civic is certainly crossed off my list.

  8. Like many standard features on cars they tend to be rubbish. Standard sat nav but a rubbish sat nav. Infotainment badly designed. Dreary interior is an understatement.
    Maybe one day Honda can make their cars have the same appeal as their other products.

  9. The only thing i dont like about my hatchback is it take couple second for the engine to roll when you start up the car

  10. That house looks familiar…I used to live behind you 30 years ago!

    As for the car…that spec/engine/colour combo is my list along with the Seat Leon FR 1.4 125. Interesting comment about the smoothness of the three cylinder engine, I was concerned it might be too thrummy – I'll have to wait and see until I test drive it myself. I've heard reports elsewhere that the four cylinder 1.5 gets closer to it's claimed mpg figures.

    Personally I think the interior is great apart from the cheap feeling buttons on the steering wheel. Many reviews comment about the infotainment system but thankfully Android Auto is standard.

  11. 40mpg is pretty reasonable, i don't know what are you crying about … ?! it's a 1 litre turbo engine and despite what the constructors are saying, a smaller engine does not result in fuel economy. whoever believes this is an idiot. Maintaining the cars size and weight while reducing the engine displacement always results in bad fuel economy.
    40mpg for a car that weighs nearly 2900 lbs without passengers and luggage is actually pretty damn good.

  12. Interesting car. I wonder if the bad fuel economy is perhaps the result of a tiny turbocharged engine? I know that most other manufacturers that have gone to tiny turbocharged engines (Hyundai, Ford, etc) have had problems with customers not getting good fuel economy. I know from driving turbo engines over the years it’s tough to keep your foot out of the turbo and tiny displacement and a ten second 0-10 only makes it that more necessary—compared to many large displacement normally aspirated engines we have here in Canada on large vehicles which return similar fuel economy figures whether driven hard or easy thanks to tall gear ratios and no boost.

  13. I mean you are dull I wouldn't take any design advice from you. surprised you didn't choose a ugly Ford focus.

  14. I really love the Honda hatchback but I’m not a fan of the interior. It would be awesome if they can change the interior to white or other colors instead of just black. I’m 13 and have 2 more years to buy my car so hopefully they change some things!!! Fingers crossed 🤞🏾

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