Lives of Unmarried Women in their 30’s and 40’s

In Korea, of 7.80 milion women in their 30’s
and 40’s. 17.176% or 1.38milion are singls. Now in the 21st century marriage is no longer
a necessity but rather an option, and many women choose to remain single. Yet, there is not enough social security for
them, creating a blind spot of the structural system. Let’s learn more about the issue, and what
needs to be done to improve the current conditions. Jeong Eun-mi is a 41 year-old florist who
dreamed of becoming a good wife and wise mother as a child. Like the majority of people, she thought she
had to get married and form a family when she was younger. But her perspective has changed a lot. “I gained a genuine passion and desire for
my career in my early 30’s. Therefore, I naturally focused more on my
work than romantic relationships, and time passed very quickly.” Jeong is not the only one who chooses to remain
unmarried. Many women in their 30’s and 40’s do,
too. According to the National Statistical Office,
1 million 384 thousand and 47 women in their 30’s and 40’s were single as of 2015,
and that figure is more than twice that of 10 years ago. The drastic jump largely resulted from women’s
increased labor force participation. Also, Korea remains a patriarchal society. “Marriage is not only a union of two lovers
but of families, which I found very burdensome. I wasn’t sure if I could take care of all
the things that occur in my husband’s family while pursuing my career.” Currently, 40% of female workers have irregular
jobs and earn about US$1,500 per month on average. Indeed, the low income has a negative influence
on housing stability. “The majority of single women live alone,
and their residential environments vary depending on economic status. Naturally, there are concerns about women
being targets of sexual assault and other crimes, especially for those living in poorer
areas, as it is clear that the number of violent crimes against women has been increasing recently.” A recent survey conducted by the Seoul metropolitan
government on women in their 40’s and 50’s living alone, only 36.9% responded that they
were preparing for old age. Also, 81.2% of them answered that they were
unable to prepare for their later years because they couldn’t afford to do so. But there’s barely any governmental support
for them. 39-year old Kim Hyun-joo works for the cooperative
society of an animal hospital in Seoul. And she mentioned that Korean single women
are stuck in the blind spot of social welfare. More than anything, the biggest fear comes
from the fact that there are many structural limits if they suffer from any diseases. “If I need medical surgery, only my direct
family members are eligible to sign the consent form. I currently live with my friend, who is single
as well, but she would not be eligible to sign the form even if my life depended on
it. ” As a cat owner, Kim formed a gathering of
fellow single women with animal companions. The best thing about this gathering is that
they have good neighbors to rely on in times of emergency, who also have the same interest
and concerns. “There are certain hardships we experience
because we chose to remain unmarried. We share those things, relate to one another
and get healed along the way. ” Outside the welfare system, single women have
to find their own means to secure their futures, and they’re calling on a change in the family-centered
social policies. “Because the tax system, welfare policies,
and even the medical insurance system are designed for families, they alienate unmarried
women and single-person households. Therefore, our society needs to find ways
to embrace and support them rather than merely trying to treat the symptoms.” For marriage to be truly an option for both
genders, the general perception towards singles should be transformed along with new practical
policies to meet their needs.

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  1. Okay, first of all, I've been studying the cultures and the ways of South Koreans. In South Korea, your career makes you, regardless of your gender. The thing is, it is a country ruled by men who value men more. It is hard to establish yourself as a successful individual, and women suffer more.

    In countries such as Japan and Korea, career is very much valued, especially by the family of the individual, if you're not successful, you are shamed. Some women that are featured on this video may not be as successful as they could or as you expected, but considering the type of society they are in, they spent their younger years trying to make a career for themselves, only to realize that their progress is slow and they turn to seek help from the government for social security.

    In their country, status is power, you don't really have any say unless you're privileged. You might be questioning how they speak about how they have no time because of their chosen careers, especially for a florist, but they have it tough. You won't understand unless you study their cultures and society.

    Now, I know that this is a global matter, even if you do your research, there has been a drop in the statistics of married women or motherhood, but I would like to emphasize that THIS video was made and is focused on Korean women.

  2. South Korea is having more female than male in their population since last year, not easy to find 'perfect' mate anymore.

  3. Many people are single for various reasons. Most are single because they wouldn't keep their vows, which l call throw backs. They have a unfaithful heat which has gotten them in a mess of rejection.

  4. This seriously made my day. There were so many parts that are funny I really didn't take it for real at first. Keep up the good work ladies.

  5. 1.) Tell men you don't need them and that they aren't important.
    2.) Wind up alone.
    3.) Wind up Lonely.
    4.) Wind up on tv talking to happier people about how you're alone, lonely and remorseful.

  6. Best pick up line today:
    So, what brand of cat food is your favorite?

    Replaces: "What's your favorite restaurant in town?"

    I am a nice man in Montreal. hobbies: make delicious meals.

  8. These "single" females will vote in more social policy so the government will take care of them when they get older, this means more taxes on those who are working regularly (mostly males, married males).
    P.s. If these were single males society would be calling them lazy, no good, then need to get a real job and so on… the government doesn't care about single males except for them to be slaves to the workforce and produce.

  9. I work in high Arctic oil exploration. It is a very well paying job, and I've been in it for ten years. I make six figures. We work in teams of two. I'm single, and have never been married. My field partner is right alongside me, in the same income bracket, but he is married with a stay-at-home wife and two kids. He's a really decent guy. We work six long, grinding, and physically exhausting, 12-hour shifts together in brutal climate and miserable conditions. After our six shifts we then get six days off. On my six days off I fly to another city, book a luxury hotel suite, hit they gym, dine out, order in an escort, read in the jacuzzi, write, do photography, enjoy steak and lobster and a glass of champagne on the hotel balcony, and pretty much do whatever I want to do. On HIS six off, he is under the thumb and whip of his pretty, but grindingly demanding, selfish bitch of a wife who presents him with a long list of shit to do, and other endless demands, while ALSO turning over his $6,000 take home pay to her. THIS is a good Man, and he is by no means alone in that marital slavery. Now, gentlemen reading this (especially you young Men reading this), CHOOSE your life, but for f#cks sake, don't choose THAT!

  10. Feminists created world increase in all taxes and base expense costs. before, a man could financially support a whole family by himself. now we need two working parents just to float above the base costs.

  11. "As a cat owner, Kim formed a gathering of fellow single women with animal companions." So crazy cat women exist in other countries as well.

  12. whatever a woman works or has.. her best and first future will be definitely a family…or else let her hug a dog

  13. See ladies without us man your nothing we are the baby carrying and providing income. So take that ladies.

  14. And then the female Professor chimes in talking about the increase in violence against women. These people are like broken records with the same narrative again and again and again and again.

  15. Asian are gifted with the very nice skin ,Any ways women coming to there Seance , I testify with my hands in my hart without having any problems with opposite sex marriage and having children are way over rated! Avery man or women are very independent thinker and they hardly have anything in common because of sexual dependency they may get together for time being after they are sick and tired to be together and do not even pretend .So be smart don’t become static and if you feel you are cheated of ordinary life check on your girl friends and man check on on your friends ,

  16. As someone who knows Korean culture, any Korean woman who claims to choose to not marry is definitely someone who should be unmarried. In America, there is a Wall at 28-29. In Korea, there is no wall; after 24, it's a bottomless abyss.

  17. Boo fucking hoo, am I supposed to feel sorry for this single 40 something thot? She chooses to be single because she has too fucking high standards. Nobody cares about all the milions of single and lonely men in the west so fuck her. She can get dick at least if she wants to any time, men can't get laid as easy as her. Again, fuck her, enjoy the cats and die alone.

  18. All women hit the wall eventually even the good looking ones. Men age like fine wine and women age like spoiled milk remember that guys. 😊😊😊😊😊

  19. I don't see anything wrong with whats happening to these GREAT women. They are so STRONG and INDEPENDENT. Right? Welcome to manhood ladies where U have to make your own living ( just like man). If they applied the same rule here tje women suicide rate would skyrocket

  20. I am 33. Single and living alone. Lots of people keep saying to me that I will regret one day if I still choose to be single. I am ready for that and in the same time I also ready to laughing out loudly once the one who warned me before getting themselves into trouble in their relationship eg divorce, being cheated, having a bad child or spouse or any worse outcome you could imagine. 😁😁😁

  21. Errrbody gets cats. I either want a herd of puppers thatll greet me when i come home or a bunch of free range bunnies.

  22. Women all over the world think they're too good for anyone!! Women want to be lazy and not have to work.. well sorry , everybody needs to work. It's not like you can buy groceries for 20$. Gas isn't cheap !! Women have this delusion that they can get married and stay home .. Bull crap lady!! Women that don't work are lazy.. must be nice to set on the couch all day and play with kids. ( actually that would be annoying, because kids are annoying ). But you get my point.
    When a woman says shes a stay at home lazy..How much does that pay !!!
    If it doesn't produce a paycheck, it's not a job……..

  23. Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle. Love how these women are portrayed as victims, but men in same situation are portrayed as losers. Hypocrisy.

  24. Here is the politically incorrect unapologetic truth. The reality is that Nature never intended for women to do the same tasks and jobs as men. That is why women carry babies in their wombs for 9 months and men don't. That is why women's own bodies lactate after pregnancy to feed new born babies and men don't.

    Many developed countries have tried to socially engineer society so that men and women do the same jobs and the same tasks in contrast to what nature intended. They simply refuse to acknowledge the differences between men and women, ignore nature and want to treat them both as if they are same and are meant to act the same and as a result many of these countries are facing serious consequences. These consequences are things such as demographic time bombs of low birthrates, abysmal population growth rates, drastically declining populations that will lead them to economic ruin in the long run due to a overburden on the social safety net, healthcare and other programs for elderly people.

    As long as women focus more on their careers and education instead of child birth and rearing unlike their grandmothers who used to have and raise 3 to 4 to 5 kids the birth rates will continue to plummet and economic ruin will follow as there won't be enough children to pay for the social safety net of taking care of so many elderly people.

    Many countries have refused to address the issue and have opted to allow Immigration in order to pump up the numbers, but the underlying problem still persists. Nature intended women to be mothers and for men to be hunters, builders and farmers. If you make men and women do the same tasks that require women not to have children or few children the population will plummet.

  25. Title: Lives of Unmarried Women in their 30’s and 40’s
    Comments section: Fragile male ego

    You just HAVE to make everything about your gender, don't you? 🙄

  26. It is the same in America. It was a lot of competition to find a mate when I was that age because Vietnam cut our pickings severely. I did not choose to stay single. It just didn't happen for me.

  27. Fuuuck wth am I doing in America? I’ve had to remain single indefinitely after giving up on dating from bad experiences, especially online dating.

  28. I don't get it. The purpose of bringing feminism to Korea was to crush the birth rate and cause an epidemic of female poverty. We have achieved this goal. Why are people complaining?

  29. True about marriage. But we all tried to make it work. Women who think like it's too much, aren't strong enough to be mothers and do not deserve a kid in their lives. It's all about the kids ladies. You need to continue and pass your everything into this new life. But, you can stay alone and be happy on your own. Sure no responsibilities, but no love either. A kid us a better then a kitten or dig for that matter. But women have now scare men away cause of their needy, greedy, selfish, and shameless behaviors. Milking men for as much as they can and not feel bad about it. That my friends is what you call a black widow and they deserve to be alone for their rest of their lives. Sorry women, but it's true. You have no shame and I am a woman to agree to this. Stay single and value money over your kids.

  30. it's not fun to die alone. life is short and not having children is quite sad.

  31. Yup she hit the wall no questions about it, now ask her how many has she slept in the last year mmm let me see about over a docen of guys.

  32. Much people say me: Life without kids Is sad
    Me: But life with kids Is sad, because when They grow up So you Are sad…

  33. The trend is the same everywhere. Women choosing career over family in late 20s and 30s. They end up single.

  34. I married a rich girl, she made me poor. I married a beautiful girl, she got really ugly fast. I married a super smart girl, she left me for a really smart five foot dwarf with a huge cock and no hair. I ended up broke and happy as a pig in shit. Marriage is the bane of all happiness.

  35. It’s better to be single than to have a toxic marriage and eventually divorce your partner. No toxic feelings and stress.

  36. Men have come to realize they gain nothing from marriage and with the divorce rates at 50% the risk of losing everything they have is too high. The only way to not lose a game stacked against you is not to play.

  37. women don’t want a nice guy….they want a nice, hot, wealthy guy they can parade around their friends to make them helots. Every woman I have ever approached has turned me down. I have made my peace with it and, as a result, I was able to save all my money and retire at 45. No more 9 -to – 5 is a nice benefit. I will not marry now. I am over it.

  38. Gotta love all the comments from insecure man children bent out of shape that no one is dating them.
    "Women choosing to be single? Well fuck them I hope they continue to suffer in a system not built to include them!
    Is it any wonder why you losers are alone.

  39. I love feminism so much.
    Single men never had it so good.
    All I do now is casual pump and dump.
    I never even consider women for marriage any more. I don’t bother to get to know them on any level.
    This freedom for men to easily bang as many women as they want, WITH a total removal of any burden of providing for these women that used to be taken care of as freeloading parasites, was a fantasy before feminism.

  40. I’m sure they’re happier than married women. Because they have the freedom to do what they want with no kids. They feel shame because it’s an expectation they sign up for the servitude of marriage and having kids, and are jeered at for it. But the freedom is better

  41. Being single is not a glamorous choice that they made for themselves out of hobby or independence…. it’s a choice that has to made cause other options were worst than that…. I can see how ppl make comments about single people without knowing their story…just use your common sense people .. who would like to grow old without having anyone beside them??.. we are humans.. we all are born social.. but still people makes choices to live alone..why??…use your brain and pls do have some empathies (it’s a basic human thing you know!!!)

  42. She's 41 still looks very good meaning that she had not given up on attracting a guy nothing to realy hate on her i wich for all of them to find good partners

  43. The society has to support unmarried people.
    We need a partnership law for any emergency situation except for marriage.
    This is very discriminative.

  44. women over 30 are damaged goods, there is NO GOOD WOMAN who is single for long, someone puts a ring on their finger, buy some sex toys (oh wait, u already have them) and a couple of cats, lol-get ur shit together

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