LIVE: Omoyele Sowore meeting with leaders of ethnic groups to discuss the State of the Nation

[Applause] now the enemies the trust for us we have those people they are most manipulating us against each other they re wants to see our enemies or when it suits them they will give them a name that is popular now this bloody hell they will tell you what we see then what the time it was there was the time the problem it was that is how please and we are hosting issues without any problem you [Applause] yes say that yes we gotta use the tourism is the 4-h anywhere that is the business if you speaking from Busan so they are now that's how they make their existence is reason why I don't join the bad Muhammad Ali jewelry structure and undergrad is restructure for the people where Marshall and the arguments the moment you lose out of this thing because the people we have a big open house before my life but I insisted on fringes of the society we are tired [Applause] Oh insulin dose okay we should go thank you

26 thoughts on “LIVE: Omoyele Sowore meeting with leaders of ethnic groups to discuss the State of the Nation

  1. SOWORE…

  2. My people dey fear too much… Buhari lacks ideal, this will only waste our time..he should resign…only revolution can save us…standup naija and occupy the streets

  3. Where are the other 2019 presidential candidates, they are fake , election is over ad they are now silent, Sowore , I salute you, God Almighty will continue to protect you, you are not a sacrificial lamb, you are a winner in Jesus name.

  4. This guy is just something else! An absolute blessing from God to Nigerians.Soo bold, very intellect and very directs with his objectives.Nothing bad will happen to you and all aspiring youths who have eyes and can see your pure truth

  5. Anyone who see this my very leader Sowore and not following, that person has been brain wash' Infacts that person must be sick

  6. This is not about Sowore it is about every Nigerians who want to be free other Africa countries are looking up to us please let come out in mass

  7. Whenever I sight Sowore, I feel am alive. Where are the other grammatical presidential candidates. This is the time to fight o. All of you are now hiding in your shells

  8. Revolution Now! Another opportunity for you and I, to come out in mass and speak with one voice to say enough is a enough for all the jagajaga in Nigeria. God bless Omoyele Sowore.

  9. Sowore if there's anyone I can die for as a leader is you,only God could make this happen because the useless religion brought to us by England won't allow us come together.England God will forever purnish you,you shall never get your bexit unless you divide us the way you meet us amen.

  10. Sowore is a blessing to this generation .but Nigerians dont value what they have .many europians and American's country's don't have somebody like sowore.and they are even praying to have it.somebody that is and fearless and they are doing well as a country. Our problem as Nigerians we never value somebody that is saying the truth.i will stand with Sowore anytime any day.

  11. How can Nigerians in the diaspora be part of the revolutionary movement?….as long as it's not pseudorevolutionary. Martin Luther king Jr once articulated so very well more than I can ever master, that if any man has not found any reason with which to die for, that man has no business living. Thank you Sowore my future president. It's so sad that because the Lion had no historians, it was the hunters praise that was been sang…over the exploit of the antelope. Nigeria youth Please, let's come together and do the needful, because we have no other country….otherwise we might suffer extinction soon.

  12. Where are the so called "youths" scrambling for a coalition during the last elections? They've all gone to sleep, waiting for 2032 to start a new coalition argument. Sowore has proven himself to be miles ahead of the rest. The so called younger candidates were just a distraction from the establishment, and now that they've fulfilled their mission, they can only wait until the next elections. But we, we move!

  13. Correct correct my President πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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