[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hello 3 2 1 do we have a working mic today it's the only time I'm noticing is that it's really that's okay hi guys hey guys happy Saturday happy Saturday what is up one second so as you guys know what the drill give us a thumbs up if everything looks good with our livestream no thank you for you hear us clearly if you can see us clearly and everything looks ok give us a thumbs up emoji in the facebook chat and the YouTube chat and even on Twitter yes and want to be sure that's down the lane okay hey they say hi hi and you guys can see how like the comments are delayed so I know you guys are like typing but then also in your comment comes okay 30 seconds sorry I had to share on all most social media platforms that we were alive let's see wait until those some those little thumbs come that so I can see yeah sorry we have to kind of share something there we go I can see okay okay now we can do our little Instagram good you guys gonna do a little instance a story so that our instapoll ors know that we're live and you guys go share and do the same ring and you guys go yeah tell your charlie we're a lot of support supernatural parody to we need help okay why don't we say i'll say something okay ready huh hey guys it's hilly and hammond no we are live right now on youtube and you can come tune in and support Supernatural parody – we need your help help us create it swipe up very okay so I'm not on the fly I'm gonna ignore ignore you now I'm gonna post this okay so anyway yeah go share the links guys we are super excited to see you again oh my god yeah Sarah thanks Sarah we're supposed to bring the mind you so much sir that's right here can you all hear us better now that better now is this better that's probably that's probably better at the toilet okay sorry yeah thank you Sarah oh my goodness yeah yeah make me a first donation for today that's good we need help oh so if this is your first time tuning in welcome welcome right now if anyone has questions and doesn't know exactly where to donate for Supernatural parody to the Hillywood show is not funded by any companies or sponsors no one gives us money to create these parodies it's simply you guys who are funding us worldwide and we've been funded by you for two years and it's amazing and you guys are our boss pretty much so that's what's really cool is we don't have anyone stepping in to tell us don't do this or that it's just like you guys believe in so much that we do right here is donate it slash Hillywood we have fun perks and prizes that you can receive you can give two dollars or more whatever you whatever you'd like and then also in the youtube description box below we do we are allowing one-time donations if you guys feel led to do that that's also very helpful it will go straight towards supernatural parody – so anyway where's everybody from I want to see where everyone's from today Wow hi from India whoa I think that's a first I know we have Indian fellow India hi from Hungary yeah I'm not ignoring anyone is your follow us on our Instagram you'll see that I'm posting little stories so you guys can see what I'm doing and I'm not ignoring you sorry we're ahead by a couple seconds so my question right now is probably you know sitting in space somewhere Argentina sitting in space Estonia Russia Oh Netherlands Iraq Sweden okay there goes mom okay there's my bus do you see it Michigan Ohio Texas France Canada sorry yeah England Dannevirke can yard Norway when Germany Pennsylvania Ohio another Pennsylvania jure oh I can't do all these USA yay Costa Rica Oh Costa Rica sounds so nice I'm creating a beach right now so bad Wisconsin Atlanta Turkey South Africa Israel one on Leah Romania Amanda posting this on my snapchat holy crap you guys are from everywhere literally New York New York Maryland Belgium Mars smart smart but Germany Belarus I think it's how you say that I'm sorry if I said that wrong okay last time Lynne checked out okay we are done all right I said well hello hello and thank you for tuning in you guys oh there they are I can see your face my facebook people Wisconsin Colorado Springs the comments are actually working now no yeah last time they got stuck Thank You Dylan Dylan thank you so much for being our second donation for today okay so let's see do you guys have you do a recap thank you so much Dylan let's do a recap so last time we were on here are sorry our patreon made it to 60% so that was a super huge milestone for us we got so excited we had 1,800 patrons but what happened was after cuz patreon gets charged on the first of the month and so what happened was after that first of the month happened uh I think that we lost like close to a hundred people like I think it was about a hundred people yeah that oh my goodness Oh meet Barry thank you so much to meet Barry we should go meet thank you oh my god yeah so basically we lost close to 100 patrons because I guess some people decided to jump out which is really hurtful – towards us and then leave you guys so we're back down to 58% so for us to be able to create supernatural parody we need to get as close to a hundred percent as possible oh my god Deborah I know you Thank You Deborah Deborah we miss you so don't worry everybody so part of the people that jumped out might have just wanted like we don't really know why they joined if they're just gonna hop out right I did say that last time and be sure that when if you if you feel that in your heart to join that that's how we always say if you can't donate that's okay but if you feel like hey I can give two dollars or I can give a little bit of something because I really want to see and I like supporting Hillywood yeah that's great but don't do it so that we can say your name yeah and then you jump out cuz that's kind of what it's everybody's yeah and it's like wait a minute like do you want to see the parody or not because what you just did has slowed the process what what what doesn't make sense is when you're doing patreon the reason why I'm generally the one you're doing patreon is because in these upcoming weeks if we go into pre-production you get like all the behind the scenes you get a unique piece every one that the people that jumped out like aren't gonna see and I'm gonna be able to see anything if they jump down no worries though we we know that you know you guys have our back and well we're asking him God that everything will be fine he's always supplied and provided it's just it was just a little sad and we thought we'd answer that question because a lot of our patreon family members I saw some people really upset about what happened to the 60% oh my gosh darlin thank you darlin yeah that's good yeah so anyway nobody freaked out on patreon everything's okay God's got us you guys got us just thought we'd let you know what had happened but we're still super excited oh my gosh no uh I wish you said I'm a patreon already but I wanted to give you something extra lots of love and blessings lota from Germany oh my god oh I think we got patreon people really yeah Gemma thank you Jim thank you so much Gemma oh my god that's amazing so it looks like patreon is not gonna update me anyway you think we're gonna have to click on the update but that's okay happy birthday hilly from Thank You Kate that's awesome and remember guys um why I do see people that are like I only could give two bucks I could only get five everything matters thank you Sasa ah thank you oh thank you thank you thank you thank you that's amazing it's so cool ah Albertine Albertine yeah yeah thanks I'll be done the doggy packets you're a dobby package dan you will get the sneak peeks yeah but like we said once your card is processed if it's declined or someone drums out you can't get it so yeah be sure that you guys have all your credit card information right and everything cuz I want you to get it yeah yeah yeah my gosh hi Tobias thank you yeah very sweet of you Thank You ty um and he what package is he Tobias is a Rick Grimes oh yeah and then with these packages um once your cards processed you'll get video from patreon oh my god Nina Nina thanks Nina Hanna people are joining patreon okay praise the Lord I thank God oh wow Thank You Kendra you're a Jack Sparrow package Jack Sparrow Captain Jake spoon you get um that's the other fun thing with our packages you'll get the sneak peeks but you'll get oh my gosh Marie Thank You Marie Marie thank you so much you'll get discount codes for like little things like this like our merch that we're wearing so like you guys get special things of your patron wait me she just joined patreon welcome to the family blog are you family you are not gonna regret it you're going to love it it's a really awesome community of amazing fans awesome you guys thank you so much DJ oh my god you guys were getting people on patreon that's it you know thank you so much today Thank You DJ that is so cool I got oh my goodness Linda thing wait Linda Ark don't we know Linda Clark that sounds super familiar from I'm sorry if I don't if we've met I know a couple windows guys yeah judy judy Franchesca thank you and thank you Judy we know you oh thank gosh thank you very much this helps a lot was it was franceska the last Francesca was the last one oh my god you're gonna be on patreon with Miss Kim welcome John Kim we've missed you so much and we're so happy that you're back cuz you get all the sneak peeks yeah make sure just everything's right I feel that if somebody's not I make it Megan oh my god thank you so much this is so helpful okay so we've kind of talked about it me Molly my gosh this helps soul yeah we were talking about going into pre-production and the hard thing with this one specific oh my gosh Rihanna they are you know the thing that thank you the thing that's really hard about this one is we've been saving and saving as much as we can it's really we're back to 59% oh my god oh thank god we it's really hard to to put in the pre-production for this oh oh that is there no Desiree Thank You Desiree I'm already a patreon says I'm already a patreon but you girls you guys you guys you guys are seriously amazing thank you so much and then Desiree says hello again can you tell on this parity thank you so we wanted so bad to we're so excited to like actually get to fill me oh my gosh hate Oh welcome to Hollywood family Kate oh thank you so much that is you guys oh my gosh Melissa hi Melissa thank you any amount helps guys cuz we're you know there's one big family here oh hi Haley would they say happy birthday Hilary love from Puerto Rico ah anyway won't be saying about pre-production so we want to go into pre-production but the more we kept talking about it we were look we've already been getting price quotes from people and equipment and locations and costumes and studio rental academy writers designers like it's the problem with this one is specifically it's like you have to give everyone a 50% deposit which means it's half the price or there are certain people that say no I want the full price because that's just how I work so we're like has a lot of money to put out and like right now we like don't have that exactly so it's like like we want to get started but still even after this it's like we hope that people don't drop because we need help to continue so we doing upbeat jazz hey crystal thank you I'm just being honest guys like everyone always asked like where does the money go I'm like we will definitely tell you if you're curious as to where your funds will go for this production we will tell you visit this website though – and there's like a full list of there's stuff even missing detailed stuff Michael thank you guys really a little more to Supernatural parody – happy birthday thank you yeah it's so sweet of you guys this is okay wait do we see this no don't know I know Chris haven't seen Chris I don't think yes one sorry if it's coming up again we apologize the thing gets messed up yeah we can't really usual it gets like batch yeah page oh my god Jack's parole package right yeah Jack Sparrow nice choice good job how most of a percentage does she get off on her she gets 20% off oh thank god Macao thank you Michael thank you so much using oh my god you guys thank you yes this helps so much it does i I really want to donate if I'm in America Britney Huggins I like your last name yeah hi Britney thank me welcome to the Hillywood family we're so glad I'm so excited to have you guys on board hard Nancy hi nice to meet you man see thank you so much oh we got up another with oh my gosh Ariana this is amazing I did not already on honey at all thank you so much I was not expecting any job right now it hasn't started we started like 10 minutes ago thank you yeah cuz people on Facebook are like what happened to your 60% that's people dropping out that's what happens guys and that's what we were saying is laughter the first every month we hope it continues because some people just delete and you're like that's not really fair you know so that's why we say give what you can don't go above and beyond and then have to drop out and it's hard it's better to go what you can you know it's hard for us to like go and go into internet reduction cuz now it's like you're not really sure like are those real pledges or were they just fake pledges and it scares us because you know we go into the red you know once we start going into pre-production because we're having faith that you guys are there for us so we appreciate the ones but we know that you guys have our back and we have nothing to worry about and everything will be okay so thank you for this try those are little Castiel's out there Ashley thank you oh thank you oh my goodness that's awesome thank you happy birthday Hillywood thank you oh wow how do you see this name Lygia thank you Lygia sorry if I said that wrong but thank you much that means a lot sorry my nose like I have like allergies a nice name thank you so much Hannah welcome to the Hillywood Pedro family you're going to love it in the community help us with supernatural parity – hey Caroline Thank You Caroline Caroline that's very nice of you thank you so much thank you every little amount goes that doesn't matter the authority it just hopes Cathy yeah thank you so much Kathy Thank You Cathy oh yeah I'm Avery Daly we give 10% every month of what we bring in to st. Jude Children's Hospital so you're also giving to that too oh thank you thank you Samuel happy birthday Thank You Samuel oh yeah yeah we're getting more people Amelia hi Amelia thank you it's so sad how we have to like try to get us to go back to 1800 Thank You Eve I love your supernatural parity you make such great videos thank you easy Annie oh I'm a patreon I own a for almost a year now but I wanted to give you guys a little extra from Germany oh my god Paola thank you holla I think Papa how Allah how Allah Paola sorry Thank You Joanna so very very sweet of you jinx Shakira Shakira I still like that song I'm like you that's like a 2000 song Thank You Carrie Samantha oh my god Thank You Sonia welcome thank you Shakira and Samantha welcome everybody that is very much appreciated yes he's a lot too uh trust me Wow the lush thank you so much thanks to me can you donate even more if you don't eat already if you're already a patreon member don't go anywhere but if you want to if you're already on patreon you can do a one-time donation as well if you would like we don't expect it but if that were the only goodness Ashley sorry I can't give more but you girls are so fun too sweet that's not Ashley that uh more than enough goodness gracious like seriously we're talking like two blocks here well she says hi girls I'm already a patreon I like your stars but I wanted to give you girls a little more I'm really looking forward to SPN – and I've been a fan since long ago when your channel was Jack Sparrow oh my god love you and happy late birthday hilio there are people joining patreon and that makes me so excited Danny thanks Danny Thank You Danny Thank You Danny oh my god you guys Oh patron from Bullards I know that name Morgan and Belarus q but Belarus beat that Bella be aware of belarus belarus she put in a big e so be laris belarus belarus so Zoe Zoe welcome welcome you thank you I can't make it but I'm at work but she says hi oh wow this is awesome Cassandra Cassandra hi Cassandra so much for helping us with you Cassandra very very much appreciated right now you guys are so awesome I love all your periods especially Suicide Squad yay how did you get the money to do your first parody our first parody was Twilight peri highlight parody I had II we we saved our we saved our own money because that's when we were teaching at the rec centers mm-hmm Maria oh my gosh thank you hi guys I'm also a patreon but I wanted to see this one so bad thank you so much Furio yeah they're very sweet to give a little extra thank you um we used to teach we dance or we still teach spanish ballad by rekhs like at a rec center we had like it together we would teach together and we saved up and this was just when the Hillywood show was just a baby so I think we saved some of our money Oh Aaron Aaron Thank You Aaron you girls are so talented happy birthday hilly eleven years you have been on YouTube you deserve so much more Oh amber I am be much more thank you am always happy to support Hillywood any way I can oh my god you guys think Katrina Gina Oh Thank You Katrina oh my god you guys this is this is means this is amazing I I don't this is a blood I think you know how to expect you guys to donate today but they say we're back to 1790 okay sure yeah we had 1858 yay hi Lizzie hello Billy hi welcome welcome welcome we're so excited to have you be a part of this journey this magical journey of creating supernatural parity to bury you thank you Laurie you are awesome thank you so much for helping us oh my god someone says 60% is back we're back at 60 oh thank god we'll be back to 60% we're back in the running oh my god I hope so cuz I'm hopefully we can get started sometime soon oh thank god you're back in 264 so thank God you guys are awesome thank you so we're gonna just try to get as close I know it might be impossible but we're gonna try to get as close to we can't we're gonna try cuz if we get past this 60% just really if we can really try to just get a lot closer like we fans like then we can get into production without the 60% right now is only just to get started and it's like but even so if we just you know it's not necessarily to get started it's gotta be a little high that's what I mean we just talking about and I was like they quoted us but that's what I mean I was like sixty percent we could like if we wanted to we could start like saying okay well we'll buy this costume we'll buy that when it gets selection we go like in the red yeah that would be bad three stop it but thank you thank you did we say Lizzie yes okay there's Lisa do we yeah we redid that one i don't don't–i did this one sorry if it's something weird it's not like updated yeah you guys are like breaking it again hey Megan I'm not natively native thank you to you Megan you're us thank you thank you tomorrow hi Gemara IDSA tomorrow oh my god today yes we are back to 60% of our amazing okay let's keep it keep it there please don't drop and just do that that's terrible Natalie thank you if we could get close to close to 2000 patreon that would be hopefully yeah enough percentage-wise together well how many more would we need to get to 2,000 patrons would it be no because we're at 1794 we would need 200 200 people how many people are watching I think 700 it could be done Kathy welcome Kathy welcome to the patreon family Cassy that's very nice so thank you so very much Carlos oh boy hello Carlo hi Carlos welcome so thank you for supernatural parity to hope you guys are having an amazing day we are with you guys helping us my boy hey what a blessing huh I just got here did I miss anything yes you missed that we are back to 60% and that more fans have joined for or joined our patreon to help us me yes keep it up guys please and oh my god Stacey oh whoa okay remember that this is a monthly donation on patreon so I I mean thanks I mean I'm sure you are sure you get it but we just want anybody to cuz some people have done that then realized and dropped out so it's just hey I know that name hi Colleen Colleen thank you welcome to the family Wow thank you guys this is amazing sorry that Canadians we made no doubt teen hundred-page Odell hi Odell know your way out of that act I guess they said we made 1,800 patrons we back 18:01 oh my and you know what at the end of this month yeah before the before the charge we have I think we were almost at 1840 yeah oh my gosh dad what'd she say oh wait I'm gonna lose my place I'll have to find it okay we'll read your badge in a minute thank you guys so much hi Stephanie you guys this helps more than you know I can't tell you how much this helps with the production yeah every Anna Anna thank you it really does like we're not just saying this like it's it can't be done like I don't know cannot be done without you guys helping yeah yeah like you're the only things that are keeping Hillary alive because without you guys yeah there's no one no one supporting supporting so thank you hundred percent fan funded Shawnee she have you pledged I think your back Shawnee McInerney it looks like she just upped her pledge thank you Johnny but remember guys to try to stay at that amount so don't let you get the right / yeah I don't want you to have to drop and yeah get some juice oh my goodness zoom like your name Wow Thank You soos Thank You Seuss page Thank You page so glad you're back to 60% yeah sure thank you guys your hats are so cute hello from Texas Thank You Shane Kenz thank you that's amazing hola from Barcelona my goodness thank you guys so much Kelly wood will you get back to supernatural immuno Hanna hi Hannah hello your name again Thank You Hannah I know I haven't been on supernatural Amino in a really long time but I would love to come back I have an account on there in case you didn't know and I think I think you know you do you told me the fans are really really sweet Oh Deb says happy birthday hilly I became a patron during your last night a thon but I wanted to give you a little extra oh my god dad thank you oh whoa Victoire wait we know you know you she orders from us oh no a nice guy Victor so but that name Sorenson I think there's somebody with the same last name no I think that's the same person if you're the same person I'm sorry you're awesome she heard from my Hilly's yard sale hi Laura thank you thank you so much Laura for joining our patreon family it helps us so much yeah Thank You Laura what's Facebook saying lol I Elodie Wow oh my god you guys thank you Wow guys this is amazing well I guess I did hung up with it so is it Ari yeah do it automatically know LOD well thanks again hi Hayley what can you do a another doctor who parity maybe in the future well it is impossible the time you donate to the Hillywood show like right now obviously the Johanns oh wow thank you so often Joe cuz you got the Captain Jack Sparrow thank you so much for helping us thank you we truly appreciate it we got another one yeah Thank You Indiana that is so exciting what's the matter oh it's just price quotes from Bo Peep is it yeah that's why we're like you see we're trying we're trying to get things started night Mary Wow thanks Mary hey Mary it's very sweet of you thanks Mary I can't believe there's like a ton of you joining patreon today like that makes me sigh don't Sophie thank you so much Sophie thanks so welcome aboard to the Hillywood patreon family every amount helps you should read those when I'm starting to get these in so that we uh Emma Thank You Emma that just pop up by itself it might do hi Emma I am a now you should read those and I'll read these does the proceeds from the hilly store go to your funds for pre-production no the store with our are things like this oh my god movie Lizzy they know we love you too Lizzy she says she loves us the this stuff helps with Hillywood monthly expenses like running the business so it means like ink for our printer our paper our four storage units that is a monthly payment monthly payment oh my god Caroline thank you thank you we also have to pay for like the streaming service that we have that we have here our website our website that going website virus protection is our adobe cloud with all of our editing on there as well Julian Julian no it's Julian sighs Julian Julian thank you so much um but once if those bills are covered and let's just say our shot had some extra shop did a little bit better than normal like for over Christmas we put it into production so that's how it goes so yes who is the last person on camera Emma Emma Debbie honey thanks never can you guys do a stranger things – we're doing supernatural parody – right now we're trying you never know didi bowing boin boin boin Thank You D Thank You D Vanessa thank you come to Puerto Rico Comic Con email them and tell them to invite us Xavier here thank you here oh my god you guys alright thank you this is amazing I was not expecting you guys to help us today Thank You Annie yay Captain Jack Sparrow package thanks you know we got we kind of got a little nervous cuz we saw you know a lot of people jump out the ones that were fake pledges I guess I don't really know what happened but we got a little nervous either of someone who literally jumps out or someone whose credit card is declined franceska yeska Thank You franceska thank you so much you so much really appreciate it guys I hope you reach your goal so to eat you Melina hello welcome hi Alina are you doing a tour in Britain uh not anytime soon but if you'd like to see is that your local comic-con email them just send them a little say we want Hillywood Marian oh my god Thank You Marian Wow Thank You Kylee we're getting don't praise God miss Michael famous Michaelson Michaelson yes Seymour you okay no Michaelson thank you you got the dhabi package don't be le le Thank You le so much le and don't I going to drink don't forget when we when you're on our patreon account there's a new thing once you if you join today download the patreon app download the patreon app if you've joined patreon today well you know are a patron you know what they change though they just added where you can see lens through the website now you don't need the app oh that's oh I don't know if you get a push notification oh oh so there's this new thing that's called lens this lens it's featured through patreon you can download the app or it's actually on the web basically what it is it's almost like an Instagram story or a snapchat story it's like Instagram snap snap cat it's like a patreon a patreon a snapchat basically so like once we go into pre-production we can be like sneaking way more behind the scenes than what we usually do because it was always hard we it was difficult I was they have a good host it yeah so we'd have to take the time to post it and so it wasn't like as easy on the fly so now they add that they added this for gonna get more we can like constantly be on our patreon lens which is easy cuz now it's a yeah now we everything else had to be computer and downloaded and blah blah blah and now we can just like post and say like hey this is this is whatever we want to Alexis thank you and I'm seeing comments that are like sorry I could only donate one dollar no that's okay not about that like your one dollar makes a huge difference if there's like twelve of you giving a dollar like that's twelve dollars and it helps us so please never be shy about the amount you can or can't give so Thank You Rebecca Thank You Rebecca thank you so much hello from Brazil we love you so much hello from Germany praying that you guys meet your goal soon if I a million dollars that give it to you happy birthday holy I love you guys you can't wait for supernatural parody lots of lies Emma thank you mama oh my god you guys that yeah thank you so much thank you you are a 18:17 yes okay gay all right we're on our way folks we are on our way can we get to 8:00 at least 1850 do you think it can be done I think it can I hope so I hope so we're at over at 18 19 right now 19 18 19 how cute you guys are sending us cute little mess thank you guys thank you Oh Haley we got we got no notification okay okay oh hello who was the last one I think it was Rebecca yes yes I think yes yes – bah bah thank you so much you uh thank you welcome welcome welcome we're excited to have you onboard I wish we had like a actual like patreon theme song Jordi Jordi what did I catch is that a hobbit packet that's the Hobbit package five dollars is the Hobbit package thank you so much thank you Jordi Thank You Tyler thing thank you so much Tyler that's awesome any amount is going to help guys this is gonna make such a difference thank you so much everybody yay Paige yeah yeah I was nervous because this is our third one and I was like I think people are done Robbie and Paige Thank You Ronnie and Paige so much don't you – Todd thank you those two toad thanks toasted – Romney says can't wait for the supernatural kisses from Argentina Wow Tina lluvia lluvia babies yo BIA welcome Thank You Kristen thank you matías oh no no we knew you as you may remember the first day burn entropy was the one that introduced me to the Hillywood show when it came out so it's only fitting I give a little more for another fantastic D our dear darlin darlin kasha Geralyn know who do you know named Erin I know I was a darling I've been a page on sinew 2015 then why are you donating because they want to that if you guys feel that you would like to give extra that's in that's in your heart I can't I can't control that it's amazing though Oh Ellen thank you so much gosh you guys this is love from Alabama I love your videos you keep Ireland I am Tristen Thank You Tristan thanks Tristan I am so excited to have you guys on board I can't wait until we go into pre-production I can like sneaky stuff Katrina yeah yeah Katrina hello Katrina Thank You Katrina that's the same Chris Katrina I don't know I don't Amy Amy I've been up in this oh my god I've been a patreon since the beginning but I just wanted to give you guys a little extra I usually I actually used the first supernatural period to help me pass my driving test singing it in my head kept me calm enough to not have an anxiety attack in the car right on that is awesome thank you Stephanie Stephanie wow you guys remain romain just joined oh my god romaine we know you thank you romaine Wow welcome to the Hillywood family that means so much thank you love from the Netherlands hello guys please come to the UK they say on Facebook hey wow guys I can't believe they love me girls so much how do you donate well welcome you're obviously new slash Hillywood and that helps us monthly with a donation so that it helps us throughout the whole production process yes so you can go there and choose any package you want and you get goodies you get goodies up depending on your package you can get like a Skype call phone call percentage off of our shop behind the scenes you can get a whole bunch of stuff on patreon and it's a really small community of fans we're trying to make it larger yeah because that's what cases we got a thousand it's so small like we have like a hundred thousand people on our other social networks and that's hard yeah it's like two thousand this is easy that's why we know people I know I know Judy I know Nathan I know April I know like you know people yeah it's pretty cool or there is a one thing you can do a one-time donate donate donate a sorry a one-time donation down below in the description box of the YouTube video right now of the live YouTube stream there's a one-time donation link if you feel you'd want to do that instead that's okay that's there and it's available we thought we'd offer that yeah that's how you do it and we need um and for those wondering why why do you need help it's because we don't have a sponsor behind us and we don't have an MCN there's nobody funding Hillywood yeah so nobody an MCN is like i guess maybe what bigger youtubers have like if they're with maker or fullscreen like i don't know if those names sound familiar to you guys but we don't have that behind us we are totally 100% hand funded you guys yeah and our monetization on YouTube is little to none because you have to be with an official sponsor or an MCN to get like a high CPM and ours is like meeting you Lea little and a you to taste I think 45% of that 50% it's like 45 like 45% so the YouTube stuff that we get if we get anything a month that goes into also just helping that's pain the bills yes so that's how it goes and if you guys have any questions in the chat box like we are an open book we are happy to answer any questions and so this helps with the making of the parody so with camera rentals to set design yeah my goodness we should go through that oh oh something moved yeah marry you marry thank you man don't forget guys only pledge on patreon what you can so it's better if you just stay a solid amount instead of raising and lowering and raising and lowering because there's days with the amount and that's yeses with that effect family the packages as well so we like we don't know what package you are if you keep doing that and adjusting it stop be sure you make sure you know oh mama out of town can't watch the broadcast I want to give you guys a little more to help thank you a long and happy we extended birthday thank you a lot very sweet oh thank you thank you you guys are so amazing thank you I'm overjoyed a tribute to such talent smart and beautiful women thank you we can't do this without you yeah I know a lot of you are saying when is the parody when is the parody well we don't have like a set date because it's a matter of when we can raise enough funds did you just get started jump a hundred percent in like right now we have an a rough idea of like when we want to film when we want to go into production but we can't like 100% commit until we have like a more solid fun like behind the project cuz right now we would go really into the red so I'm sorry that we don't really know and you guys like wonder when one when's it happening we're like we're still trying to make watching patreon right down here below and we need to get just closer to our goal oh my gosh Lucy yeah thank you so much thank you any amount helps Dixie 1% we're at 61% one yes how do I miss it oh my god keep it up you guys oh my gosh okay what are you being weird because you're clicking around see 1% oh my god you guys made it go 1% more that's awesome thank you oh my goodness we have 18 24 patrons more I would love we if we could get 2,000 I mean we only get 2,000 patreon to be on board I think that might put us close to 70% and then was 70% I feel like oh yeah we could and then definitely we might go in the red but at least like we know that they have our bags and like we can not be as here yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure so oh can you guys let's all say I'm right here let's say your prayer do help us to get through here and just so you guys know every time you sign up or every time you donate or give a one-time donation or something on patreon you are an answer to our prayers so I just want to say thank you to those people that are like helping because you are actual answers to prayers yes so we appreciate I call you guys are little Castiel's are angels yeah Breanna thank you for you know 25 Pedro yeah yeah yeah thank you thank you guys keep it up how many people are watching right now I know I'm curious to know I have to go to youtube they look so cute oh they say amen love you girls this channel is the best oh thank you what are they saying you guys I saw my read that we meant amen thanks for praying with us we have almost 700 people watching oh my god Logan Logan thank you see I already always brightens my day so here is my first time donation Wow Logan thank you and that $27 will help go into either like food during on the Oh more people join we just got we just got like a little Club Haley hi welcome thank you thank you see guys you're helping us thank you I love you too Doreen we got you ladies we will make this happen for George in yeah thank you so much Virginia and you got the Hobbit package thanks for Jin yeah thank you so oh whoa Haley oh my god Hey jerilyn became a patreon darlin Thank You Eileen and darlin thank you oh so much kaeleen says I finally became a patreon for you ladies this year and we'll stay Oh the first supernatural parody is what helped me fall in love with all your work I can at least do a one-time winchester package amount oh so she she doesn't see that's smart say she's smart she's like I can't give 250 a month but I want to do a one-time donation of 250 right good girl because that's how it runs yes we got thank you Jeff thanks Jeff hi Jeff hi Jeff yeah oh my god you guys is so cool Janet thanks Janet oh my god that was exciting I was like a little clump oh that's amazing we to watch Supernatural parody – I'm really excited well we hope it all comes together we hope that we can actually do this you guys are wondering if every if if all the money goes to your parodies how do you pay for your own bills I worry about about I've worried about that for a while I hope you guys are okay well honestly we still have to work part-time jobs to just cover our own bills like car insurance and like your your gas and stuff so one day that we hope so the Hilary show could become our full-time job that would be awesome Stian what does she say you two are the first people I have supported monthly through patreon God thank you an amount of effort and attention to detail you put in into your productions truly makes it worth supporting you guys greetings from one of your is guy fans I became a member after YouTube showed your last donation video oh there's why are you guys still Tony I thought a little more because you guys are so awesome okay lean thank you and we got a patreon we've got a patreon we got patreon Suzanne Thank You Suzanne oh my god I love your butt love you both you're both amazing I love supernatural parody so much I love you so much hi hi there's a lot of Russian hi Hayley in Hanna the fact that 10% of the proceeds goes to st. Jude's I give them every month so this captured my heart oh thanks Debbie we're all Hillywood angels yes you yes you are trust me May hey guys can I go to just a one-time donation all I see a subscription you can do one-time donation if you're on Facebook you just have to just click on show more cuz I think it's underneath it it's under donate yeah yeah so that helps it's stream' slash Hillywood for one-time donation and for a actual patreon pledge with Hillywood behind the scenes the yay and Hillywood pert that's on slash Hillywood right here yeah are you both up to date with season 13 yeah yes 81% yeah we finally we almost have a piece of the pie I'm sorry I have like bad allergies like no I are let here just like all watery keeps like watery finally oh my god I love you so much Skylar your parents are awesome Turki says oh my god oh my guys we have 1830 could we get to the house could we get to 2,000 patreon would be ready hunt Hayley Hayley hunt your like a hunting thanks hey hello from Czech Republic oh my god I love you too so much yeah any amount you guys can give if you're sitting here right now and you're like I can give two bucks and I'd really like to see it it doesn't matter what you give we generally appreciate and yeah you don't want to do the patreon monthly commitment you can always do a one-time donation that does help as well now the one times donations does not reflect the goal like it doesn't reflect the 61% but we take those one-time donations and that goes like immediately into what we have to put on right now like so if we have to say okay yeah in next week we have to for Sherlock in the rental cars we're gonna have her lock in the hotel oh my god Cynthia jeez love you ladies I wish I could do this more often woah Wow Cynthia that would cover a casting piece probably they are like a prop or Hilley grandma's little teeny grandma cuz we have to pay hilly grandma because she fixes costumes yeah and she's like what 76 years old no hat and Miranda can't and Miranda thank you thank you so much can we donate from the UK yes you can donate from all around the world you just need a credit card credit card or you see Tina Gracie that's awesome who's Gracie welcome welcome Wow no more ultimate packages sad yeah those are unfortunately they are limited yeah because sometimes it's that whole thing that we have to be really careful if we put too many of those out we're afraid if they're not actual real pledges and then that can really affect the percentage so we we have to be buried care whenever someone gives that ultimate package we call them we make sure they're a real person it's not like a robot then we're like alright cool so now you can come on set and if you stay committed like you'll be on set with us and it's really fun and they're really sweet people but we still have I don't even know if we have Winchester packages available do we know those are sold out when the wizard packages are still available mm-hmm so we still have I think the wizard packages is uh that's a Skype call isn't isn't or a phone call no it's a Skype call yeah wizard package okay if you lose tries a wizard package and you're committed to that you get a Skype call with us after the parody and when you join when you do more people join I think we did wait wait wait wait wait hold on some of them is it just repeating names wait sorry we're confused I'm confused where did it go oh wait I did you touch I accidently yeah you did something oh wait no these are you know no we've already done those Argentina loves you well it's almost noon so I was gonna say we've been on for almost an hour I think we should just oh I'm a player on but I love you guys Oh Thank You bear cassia that's so cute those for you Zeus you just joined patreon you guys are so awesome seeing your high quality work and love for the Phantom's is just amazing always get so exciting that I hear that there's a new parody it's the first thing I go and watch online greetings from Germany yeah thank you Jesus oh my gosh so lots of guys let's all keep saying prayers that we can get close to 2,000 patrons cuz that would be uh that would definitely I believe lock us in Giorgio Lee ascus huh is that that last name okay all right if somebody I know someone we know dziena loud this is not a this is someone we know you are not allowed to do this but thank you but if you're an actual person that we don't know thank you thank you but it's kind of like a close family friend and like we feel bad when our close family friends donate so I'm not sure but thank you it means you either what Andrea Andrea thank you in Riyadh yeah thank you thank you thanks to you guys I found the supernatural series good good share praying keep praying praying it's possible because right now we have how many people watching so guys statistics you guys ready for statistic statistics this is not including our Facebook outreach this is just on YouTube we have close to 700 people watching right now and we're trying to get close to 2,000 patrons so if at least not even half of you if less than half of you donated on our patreon today I'd be using data thank you 2000 patreon and that would be awesome because that would be really close to 70% and I would say I would say once we hit 70% it's like guns a-blazing full pre-production and we'll just pray to God that you know we'll get closer to our goal because you can donate throughout the whole production of Supernatural pictures but the longer this tape yeah the longer it takes to come we don't want you to have to wait anymore yeah cuz we want to get going guys what time is it in your country it's new oh yeah that reminds me thank you guys top of the hour mission the guys wait for your men ready Hillywood homework everyone Hillywood get ready right now a video Oh Sandra I don't have a lot of money Sandra stop it it's something thank you yeah please don't feel bad please but I love you and admire you so much been watching you for many years and I really hope to meet you one day love you Sandra that Hydra please guys don't apologize for the amount even if it was like 25 cents like you guys it helps you don't understand what type of impact you make on the Hillywood show on the production Nathan stop oh my I ain't Const I am convinced this man has won the lottery there is no way in heck I'd always hate Nathan I'm Nick well Wesley thank you – Wesley says already a patron but I'm a wizard Oh wanted to give you extra because your videos have helped me so much with my anxiety and my depression watching your videos is some of the best medicine oh love your biggest guy fan yay another guy another guy fans I'm glad we can make you smile oh we have a patron Christina thank you all right no Nathan crap we are excited to see you on set so if Nathan is still whenever whenever that is cuz we're still in production I mean maybe not for Nathan we are gonna be so excited to give you a hug in person I see you want you won the lottery and you just don't want to say anything cuz that that I've never seen that happen before I'm a lie no thank you Susie your answer you're here and now we'll go to part of like the studio rental yeah that ain't cheap yeah that's not even God what is this not even part of it that's like like here's the studio rental and I think like seriously Oh Kristin Thank You Kristen Kristen a melody Kristen goes I'm a college student so I can't commit to patreon but I've been watching since Harry Potter Friday you all create such high quality stuff it'll be worth a donation Kristen thank you thank you and Chris wait okay Krissi's what is they already said to her I remember saying melody I don't remember saying Christine unless I'm tripping I'm sorry so what's so cool about it you guys when you my gosh in the production when you watch the parody now you're gonna like look at it and be like I helped make that and you feel like part of it like it's a really clue see if it was a dollar or two dollars when you watch it you're gonna go you're gonna yeah that's where it went like I don't think we don't think about like even when we go to script it's like so we're gonna make this set like when we were doing stranger things for like a coup so we're gonna do the basement and then like we actually started going into like holy crap we need like a couch we needed another couch and another thing and 500 game boards and three lamp and carpet carpet and a one about ten and then a light and I move my little toy and it was just like ya know you guys helped put stranger things parody on thanks to you yeah and now we're trying to do supernatural parody it all adds up guys oh we are we are back at our everyone grab your smartphone here we go we're back on board now everyone grab your smartphone grab your phone social media your laptops compared everyone go do a little shout out post saying like help Hillywood get to 2000 patreon let's go hopefully we can make this happen we have faith we have face we're going to repost right now go go go everyone on your mark get set post oh my god I'm a trans patreon patrons oh my god and uh thank you so much you Brenda Oh 18 you guys are so beautiful Logan thank you right again you guys are awesome hello greetings from Greece what a good day again Allison Allison thank you thank you yeah yeah that's amazing real good guys is this one of your most expensive parodies Rose lucky lucky right Rose thanks bones you I don't know if it I don't know but all I know right now to get started it is like cows out like more than normal malli malli thank you Thank You Molly Thank You Molly it's just because there's um hilly has some really fun ideas but it's a lot of ideas Shelly Shelby LP from Shelby mom and Shelby dad from Utah oh my god Shelby Shelby are like favorite people ever yeah the ones that boilers in the no no it's the mom and then Shelby has the blonde the one is Shaitan Arkham Asylum yes yes I love you guys we have been patreon since the beginning we love you work we love you and we love your family wanted to push more love your way hi guys Shelby you are so saying you Stephie now my god stuffy thing thank you so much Stephie thank you okay for reals okay you guys are doing it yeah it's working guys it's working this is good get the news out go out and say hey they need to get to 2,000 patrons so we can hopefully begin pre-production and that means that the train is moving George okay everyone we need the supernatural train to move Carrie needs a super nice train to move so he just take it whenever someone donates they give a little bit more coal to the fire they throw into the coal go choo-choo we're blowing I get that fire going we're doing our best and saying some prayers oh my gosh all right so everybody goes host because I haven't done it there okay I reposted it today no good luck help at Hillary show to reach 2000 patreon oh nice it can totally be done it is totally yeah if there's holy is reaching if there's that many people watching and everyone just gave like $2 like it would share that you guys cuz you can't like behind the scenes things that we don't post on our Twitter and Facebook and Instagram so we like of course we don't give away spoilers obviously we're not going to spoil spoilers real but it's gonna make you want more yeah you guys will be like this is really interesting because we never show like the production side of things and so you might see like when we're in the recording studio you might see when we're with our grandma doing costumes when we're shopping for props when we're actually on set and you see like a little behind the scenes like behind they're gonna be a set yeah like you we might actually tweet some sets because like of course you guys know we're doing natural so it's like we can leak stuff a little bit easier it's not so much like oh no it's like so I think we'll be able to have a little bit more fun with this and it'll deal it'll be a lot of fun makes a lot more sense yeah it's totally worth to sign up oh my dear Leah bond early 1846 1846 oh my goodness come on guy hi I'm from Australia's for I am but who needs sleep well good thing it's a weekend I'm old unless you it's Sunday cuz you're ahead oh okay we're getting on video keep it up Heather thank you so much Heather welcome aboard they can't wait to leak you some photos from set once we go into pre-production because we haven't filmed yet yes oh yeah thank you so much Tonya thanks Tonya this is so exciting oh they're tweeting thank you guys so much for news go share it yeah it is really close you guys Michelle Michelle thank you hi Michelle thanks do I have to pay per month only if you're on patreon and it's just it can emit whatever you choose it's not a standard maybe you can make it two dollars a month five dollars a month ten dollars a month whatever you want so it's we're not like forcing you to give a certain payment or you can do a one-time donation if you don't feel like committing and you're done you're not really into like the behind-the-scenes stuff and you just want to go I just wanna do one time donation that's available as well so no worries there did we say time yes yes we just show it Michelle perfect yeah and I mean thanks Katherine thank you thank you guys you so much Catherine I love you hi I love you parodies hello I love you guys just signed up on patreon thank you laying to you oh look at all those hearts on Facebook oh I love you girl since the first Twilight crystal says you girls are amazing Jessica oh my god someone says let's get to 3,000 page Jones that would put as close to a hundred percent could you imagine I know carry on carry Joe Jessica wrote a note Jessica wait – yes Jessica no I said thank you – Jessica did I miss Jessica though she says I've already I'm already a patron but wanted to give a little more love your work and can't wait for Supernatural parody – oh thank you oh oh we've got it yeah Caden thank you thank you I love you from France you girls are so you girls are such nice girls I want to donate more on patreon but I know I won't be able to keep up when I get paid I want to make sure a one-time donation as well that is fine that is 100% cool if you want to just give like a small that's my oh no just to get like the behind-the-scenes features that's fine that's why we say it's you know like it's a blessing for us whatever you guys can give but if you I just want to do one time because that makes me feel more comfortable and I don't want to have to do a monthly thing that's okay patron honestly it helps a little bit more only because it keeps us going every month so that's why we say unless you feel blessed to give more and maintain that a month give smaller amounts that you go I can maintain PI bucks a month I can do two dollars a month that's fine man I get behind the scenes I get discounts off their shop and they get pictures at the end of this and I get a Skype call phone call like whatever comes with the package so good thinking Jordan hi Jordan Thank You Jordan huh yeah yeah I'm texting all my family and friends asking them to help you your work in town is so amazing Wow Joshua Mahara thank you thanks Joshua and Tara you guys so much Joshua says here's some help hope you meet your target soon much love from the Midwest just here repping your your male fans yeah another one you guys do we have a lot of male fans you guys aren't very active on our on on media as much as girls I think girls in 1850 1858 Oh Matt Matt I'd hit you that number oh my god he medicine September join patreon October donated extra twice before enjoy your videos so much thanks and happy birthday thank you oh wow thank you praise the Lord Oh Tiffany I beg obtain around since it was first created but I'm overjoyed to help you a little bit more fingers crossed for mm patreon Thank You fanny I know let's grow the Hillywood family yeah do it let's do Supernatural birdie to go SIA thank you go SIA was how you see her name I think it's go co SIA god Lois it's not Gaussian could it be like a silent G Hosea host yeah oh yeah nobody J's I think yeah yeah Jeana Juna thank you to you guys so much welcome you to are you three that just joined on patreon Wow love from Egypt whoa Wow I'm a huge fan yeah love you girls Marina says that's amazing you guys oh my god can you guys do it I'd be crazy if I win a Power Ball tonight I will give you guys like that whatever happens oh I know 18:54 I'm so yeah I'm seeing prayer oh my gosh so we need like what is it 45 more people to get to 1900 oh my gosh if my math is correct wait last 100 and 150 so you're trying to say it hold on you guys help us with math we're really bad but we're super gay the English thousand believe me we are very good with calculating how much is whole thing mm – 1854 is how many more pages we need to make at least 2000 because 2,800 46 I'm like nine Mikaela thank you thank you Mikaela why guys well the boys no allergies Jojo Celine hello well you're so excited to have you so excited to leak you picture Thank You Josephine oh my god you 46 from 1948 yes people from 1946 but there's like 700 people watching watching we can so do this guys let's do it let's do it let's do it today so that we can announce that we're going to pre-production and we can get started yeah if you guys if you can if anybody's watching and you're thinking Oh everybody else will that's probably what everybody else is thinking so please help if you can oh my god Alison my god this game though on patreon yeah make you guys a few times at San Diego comic-con oh wow I love you guys and I love the work you do happy to help anyway thanks for just continuing along happy birthday Thank You Alison oh my god yes caddy heart star Haiti I think we don't work in a doctor's office because we did meet em guys they don't worry yes okay oh I don't think we did this I don't mean either Valerie do we do do we do it badly Valerie Stewart battle thanks Valerie thank you father I don't remember the unn below it either no I remember the one did we don't think we did well we're just gonna say it again we're putting you noticeable getting confusing the dealing that's like triple notification it'll notify us and there's like more notifications like replenish in between thank you in case we thank you thank you daddy all right sorry guys my baby sister is going to have brain surgery in the next few days and one of the only things that is keeping me from breaking down as your parodies thank you so much Oh wandering fangirl will pray for your little sister I'm really sorry to hear that go through that hopefully yes stay strong for her yeah welcome to the family thanks Danielle Inc you didn't yell rise how do I join I really want to help you guys hi Abby alright so if there's anybody new oh we oh we thank you thanks Chloe ah alright so we'll go over it real quick again we have 18:59 come on guys keep it up um mm yeah we're trying to get to 2,000 patrons today cuz that would really lock us in to begin pre-production ago right here is where you can donate at slash Hillywood you can choose as much as you would like to give and it comes with special packages and prizes at the end of the production yes so don't jump out after donating today don't jump if you jump out you won't get the prize yes any of your perks and prizes or any of the behind the scenes and that affects the overall goal so let's just say we make 2,000 patreon x' and then like people are like well that was nice I just wanted my name on the thing like he really liked that I know like and then we have like we put sad meme faces on that's terrible we have like we don't want that to happen so remember only give what you can and there is a one time donation link that's in the youtube description box below if you'd like to just do a one-time donation yay hi Ellie hi Ellie do we say this one too or is that yeah she do okay awesome thanks Ellie so much 1860 okay so now we are officially passed what are you clicking I don't know she's getting so excited that she's not even reloading pages now it's just like taking us to other websites okay so we are back we are over now what we had before those people before now we are kind of like five patrons over before what we dropped yeah so yay where do you guys 160 paint 1860 right yeah hi Tonya welcome thanks Tonya guys hey that's great I hope you reach your goal I just know I don't want to stay on all day long and drag it out yeah we feel balanced we don't like to do that so hopefully if you're watching and you can give anything to help supernatural parody to happen it's greatly appreciated cuz if we don't reach our goal today I don't know how long I don't know how long it will take before we actually go into pre-production because we don't have like the funds to begin pre-production yeah now so it's a little scary like if we were to do that we would be so far in the red that I don't even know when the video would come out so we're trying to we're trying to be smart mm-hmm being smart because we still will probably go in the red like what but with what we have it will feel safer we say for now with what we have now we've been able to call like the set designers and give them like a rough estimate of maybe what their budget would be to make sets for us but they're like well I need to know and that price might have to go up and all that stuff and hopefully they'll work all these things you should buy they're great they're everywhere it is great yes Delia Delia thank you so Stella yeah you are helping us get to two thousand patreon fingers cross thanks Russ everything's crossed my eyes are crossed Lauren Lauren thank you so much Lauren so nice to have you along for the ride yeah I love you guys your girls or girls greetings from Poland happy late birthday hilly thank you yeah you guys thanks for watching me so many past week they happy birthday messages it was it really made my day so thank you thank you for shouting that out girls and for keeping her in your prayers oh she's only three you're welcome yeah just stay strong for a monkey praying for her have faith o God will take care of her don't worry you guys you're joining page we've got page oh thank you so much Michelle that was so awesome Hugh she got a what package that many rhymes Rick rhyme and does she get a percentage off top 15% Antonia yeah nice to meet you thank you welcome to the Hillywood family I mean I'm so all I can give you as my support I'm 1862 oh my two-year-old daughter loved your first supernatural parity so I had to make a small contribution to you guys Oh awesome thank you I've known I've been with you guys since the AOL contest yikes holy crap oh my god Jamie have a one-time donation I'm already a patreon but I love you girls I don't know if you remember me but I met you a couple times in Salt Lake City I'm sure we would remember you if I saw your face she's a patreon though too so I'm sure we would have none unless she doesn't have a picture and it's like a little fox I hope my work with you girls one day happy birthday Hayley oh thank you Jamie this is so sweet can you need I usually would family look yes but I'm gonna make it happy to see the facebook comments Emma guess we can how much do you guys need to go to pre-production we're trying to get to a hundred percent of our goal right now we're at sixty-one percent so if we get close to two thousand patrons that'll put us at least close to 70% I think and I think that's enough to get us started with my production and actually like going into it and then during that time we can still have people join to help us hopefully get close to 100 per s but this is amazing and we're so thankful that you guys are signing up today like this helps and we like we have to make 2,000 so that we can get into pre-production so you guys please help in any way you can yes that'd be so awesome Julia oh yeah thank you I'm from bazzill Thank You Julia I means so much to us that is so exciting how much longer will the stream last I'm not quite sure right now we almost have 1870 Oh oh my gosh close to 1918 close then we'd only need 100 more people oh my god oh hi Megan Oh My Annie OH you guys have helped me through a lot of rough times I thank you for everything you do I met you at mega Comicon in Orlando in my magenta magenta costume and you guys are absolutely amazing and I hope this helps it does it helps so much with shipping costs and even down to somebody's shoes or costumes down to a rug on the floor down to a lamp Oh Audrey hi guys I'm a college student tight on funds but I had to come and give something it is my dream to go into TV and movie acting but I don't have connections yet we don't either no and I'm incredibly excited Andriy good luck on your college and everything and we completely understand your situation we're just so think but thank you for joining a little bit to the magic yeah they appreciate is so much do we did we say anything to this yes yes okay that's the last one so I don't know why it's giving me it again it's frozen ready to go something or no no guys Anna thank you it a freak thank you and thank you so much oh my god Congrats yay they honor your content they say Katie thanks Katie Katie are those all comments in Russian Hillywood army is there an option for a one-time donation or just to become a patreon I would love to give but I'm just curious on options love you yes there is this is slash Hillywood hey hi which Tim just did hi Tim you will get perks and behind the scenes at from Supernatural parody to you know if we go into pre-production and then there is oh my god Megan Thank You Megan thanks Megan there is a one-time donation one-time donation it's in the youtube description and the Facebook description below and it says stream slash and that's where you can give a one-time donation if you don't want to commit to the monthly donations we left options open but that's why we're trying to get our patreon to go up because that's very that's most consistent for us on a monthly basis to continue to pay for port for production costs and stuff as things go along yes Rina Trina thank you keep calm and watch Hillywood show they say on Twitter I love you hilly love you thank you guys Argentina loves you a happy birthday Christine Christine thank you uh Christine Smith come on let's do this guy's oh you're getting there guys 62% did it go up I think so oh my God we're at 1869 so whoa that Z as what we were saying oh my god can you guys do it even if it's a small amount that you can give that'd be so awesome I feel much better going into pre-production oh my god oh my god you guys a miracle are you drinking some water I'm getting excited Hannah please say hi say to Haley I love her I love here I love here oh oh we've got oh welcome we are so excited to have you oh my god you guys this is awesome keep it going keep it going 62% oh my god Clarissa Larissa Thank You orissa love from the Netherlands hello girls what you do is very cool from Kazakhstan Wow I think that's a puppet didn't help to be good thanks 31 people no it's not 31 people left to mm no no no no no 31 people left for 1900 and then after we reach 1900 only a hundred people left before we can start pre-production only on there's so many people watching I think that it could be done but that's up to you guys Oh el bells bells sounds like hell hells bells love you ladies been a jack patreon so she has the jackpot package and wanted to help reach your goal since every little bit helps Thank You El Bell – see you soon at San Diego Comic Con this year carry on ladies thank you thank you guys so much oh my goodness Heather Oh Heather Heather Heather thank you so much for being part of the magic I love you you're my Queens can we get to 2,000 to show the love everyone Candice Thank You Candice so much yay oh I got a hiccup I love your parodies could you send a kiss to Brazil for Brazil oh my god thanks for your parodies are the best ELISA welcome aboard you got the Time Lord package cuz 10 is for the 10th dr. Matthew okay you guys are doing it come on yeah you guys are doing it don't stop come on guys let's do it let's do it let's do it we will do it Irene Irene thank you oh my god Hannah 8075 holy poop come oh my god I'm starting to get sweaty yeah flannel don't help bring 75 holy crash you guys Courtney Courtney thank you you know that Courtney Davis that's not super familiar do we are you Sydney hey I don't remember that I think we did guys do we alert Sydney I don't think we did Sydney yeah we did a class at Time Lord package oh I'm sorry I missed it hi Sydney Thank You Sydney and Courtney greetings from Australia Wow we can do this Hilliard's family 1875 oh my gosh you guys seriously come visit our country 131 people from 2000 mike says on Facebook I think I think it's less than that though now I don't know wait I hate you guys going to any Comic Cons this year history math yes but what's our number at 18 what I just dropped my cap 1875 so it mm – 18 7 it's only a hundred and twenty-five people so three thousand till we reach 2,000 it's like not a lot at all her had that many people on our patreon ever mm-hmm ever Becca and Bethany like I can't wait for more from your biggest fans Bethany and Becca from the UK ah thank you guys imagine if Matthew Smith is math Smith as in the doctor yeah and I saw a couple questions saying can I donate if I'm not from the US yeah you can donate worldwide whatever amount you'd like to give and it will convert for us so don't worry about that Oh Rebecca Schmidt oh my god Rebecca I think welcome about that we are so happy he's a Hollywood family helped us thank you so much oh my god someone says 1878 oh my gosh Anna thank you Anna oh we are amber thank you invert it Oh Marge well we are close guys keep it up girls hope you make your goal that's you guys you guys get it well we can't do anything about it but if you can we are I don't know how many patrons would make it a hundred percent I would say close to 3,000 would have to or fourth I think would have to be about 3,000 patrons would have to make it but the thing 3 yeah three thousand people like people say oh that's so much but we have like 1.4 million subscribers yeah so it's like if everyone gave a dollar to like that it makes complete sense like I don't even think we have percent donate me yeah it was all like I think it is awesome huh I just want to tell you guys you're perfect we're not perfect but no we're not trust keep it up love you though I think I might fall asleep because I'm ill oh no Kate don't fall asleep Hannah are you going to do any facials like facial what people you know what I was told recently again I was told thank you you're getting my makeup yeah yeah like a black thing I was told lately that I take I do a lot of sound effects for things again oh yeah I was told that by my love from India Indiana cleaners hi beauties hi from Chile Chile Chile so cute hat thank you oh my gosh guys can we do it it feels like you're my best friends oh she's never met us but she feels like we're your best friends I've been a fan since hey have I missed something important yes we are very excited apparently we are at 1808 like 1878 patrons we're trying to get to 2,000 and there's at least 600 people watching right now so we're like can at least a portion of you give two bucks or a dollar because then we could make our goal but that's up to you and we're just excited because I I hope we if we get there guys then we'll say we're going into pre yeah if we can at least make like close to 70% then for sure well we will start pre-production and we will and then hopefully you know we'll just pray that hopefully during our no drops any people don't just and your actual filming that you people would still join in to get us closer to our goal because that's how we work we work on faith mm-hmm because if not we'd be sitting around for way too long and we want to try to get this started we don't want to make you guys wait like we're not just gonna sit time big it has to hit 100% before we do anything like no we work hard and we will try to make anything work with as little as we have to just put it into gear and just pray that the rest happens you know by the help of you guys so that's what we're doing right now we're gonna try our best to get close to 2,000 patreon because that should put us close to 70% and once we get that like if you guys got a sir today we could like enough tomorrow that we're going into pre-production like that's how close you guys are yeah so that is how close we are if you can help us 1880 what oh what oh do we say is this new this is new Tanya Thank You Tanya Tanya oh my gosh so that means we have 20 people to 1920 people to 1920 people to 1900 okay come on come on cuz then that means we don't know okay people people are people are moving people are moving Candice Candice you got a good package too that means if you stick with us you'll get some you're gonna get a 4×6 autograph sure promoting financial parity and you're gonna get 15% off her shop and you get the behind-the-scenes features Alissa thank you so much 1880 Hillywood man we're doing it you're doing you are but you have to I lost my shoe no that's the one time don't know that's the one time to open that shark on Twitter that's a one time donation if you want to give $1 a month that's right that's our patreon and if you think about it it's only $12 for a whole year Hillywood so yeah we try to you know what I just want to keep the options open for you guys cuz if that's something that you can do to support us anything how hello I love you guys love your work good luck with all your other productions lots of love from Lou Swaney oh wow yeah yeah an Ellen thanks 62% I know I know and guys please don't apologize I'm seeing a couple people that are like I'm I'm like 14 I don't have the funds like we understand everyone has their own way to attract you to have funds at 14 years old no but even if you are of age and like you just can't donate like we're not going to judge you or like get upset like we understand everybody has like financial situations so please don't feel like really bad if like you can't donate I love Hannah suck yeah Adam and approach it's like it's up to you but please help it's not in a bad way it's more like it's up to you just I hope it can be done like I have faith that God's going to allow this all to come together but it's more of you know when Jimmy thanks Sammy I gotta watch the streams because I'm at a convention right now but that's not gonna stop me from donating to you guys oh thank you yeah load why would it would hold on it's thinking hello from the UK Hillywood you are fandom allistic the animalistic pastic oh my god the makeup is on point I think we broke it it's not alerting no oh no it's all the learning this is dream oh it's so exciting come on I think we broke it I think you guys broke our alerts you might have to refresh that is there a way you can yeah I think so Wow okay we're gonna try the Hillywood show Oh 1884 someone says oh my god what that means like what 16 patrons still 1900 oh my god there's people pledging but it won't alert break please don't break you guys you broke our stuff don't worry we'll still shout out look I think stream Labs broke no buts okay I think we can still see we can still get your donations we can still see I still see them but it's like we something something's wrong with the alert box it's just not alerting us but we will make it work okay awesome you guys just keep him you guys just keep telling us what we're making you just keep telling us the numbers if we're missing anything yeah I think they broke it oh okay okay let's see if it works okay okay so who was the last person we want to make sure you guys are thanks properly we thank you either away but we like it here do we so Thank You crystal Thank You crystal we said that we said it Ellen and that was the last one that was the last one mm-hmm okay no oh there it goes okay oh okay we just did crystal oh we got a new one Kimberly hi Kimberly thank you lord you guys are breaking our stops oh my god that was really scary for a moment I was like oh no it's not that we don't get the donations it's just that we would have to like physically start writing again that takes a very long time yeah but we can do their own we used to do that do we Kayla we say thank you to my cane yeah I think so they just got all I got ordered and jumbled right now so I'm sorry if we say your name twice awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome did we say thanks to Sammy yes okay yes thanks Sammy but just because I'm not sure Amanda it's not sure if we said I think we did I'm just kissing again hi Thank You 1515 more to 1904 a the Lord where does whoa where did David come from I didn't even get notification there probably from the depths of like pagers David if you're actually like a real or an automated unless it was a test just donated love you thank you Hayden thanks Hayden Breaking Dawn Part one do you know why it's blocked it's probably just blinding I have musical artists thing like we can't control 1878 1885 it broke every time for these three donated ons I know I know you guys are doing that it's amazing got really broke like it actually gave us an error message it doesn't mean that donations aren't coming in they're actually going through but it's just for us to be able to mmm please help me show you understand the donating Lily wants no well Lily you visit this website you pick a package that you'd like not to have and then you put in the amount you'd like to donate per month oh wait are these old okay I'll go to I don't know what this is hold on cuz like now it's notifying us on its own so now we're going is this old donations are they actual people I think it's like just testing itself out in like a weird way please be real sorry guys this is really confusing my god I love you guys you're awesome love you my baby I'm trying to convince my mom for – hey anyway so the way donations work is right here at slash it's working it is automatic notifications those are real people David in Hana thank you sorry if we acted like you weren't real we've been having to click so much yeah the notifications like you guys are breaking it and then like won't notify us yeah so now it seems like it's doing it by it though yay yay so you can donate here slash Hillywood whatever amount you'd like to give it comes with perks and prizes and then also if you want to give a one-time donation the link is right here in the YouTube or Facebook description box below and you can give there as well for a one-time donation and we are getting very close to hitting 1905 us in 1900 patreon you guys can you guys do it can you get it they can there's 630 people watching right now on oh my word even if it's a dollar to anything that you can do helps guys and we really really want to go into pre-production so you guys there are so many comments in there that are a different language that's so cool you guys are all over the world we can't understand it though so if you want to translate it before you send it that'd probably be the best thank you for reading my comment I'm crying of happiness so sweet 1980 well it's not nineteen it's eight oh wait oh oh Lucinda oh my god wait so Lucinda you know how patreon works just wanted to remember patreon but she'd be a wizard if she had a wizard or just be sure that you understand how patreon works it's a monthly thing and we would love for you to get your pack and if you don't then please don't drop and because they don't trust really really if you keep that patreon up but you're gonna get your package by the time the parody comes out and the Skype call with me inhuman really fun so we can tell you thanks in person oh my gosh people do we need hmm hey we're at eighteen eight did somebody drop no no no we're good for 1888 so we need what is that twelve twelve more people till 1900 well that's it why there's like six hundred people watch out oh it's so possible you guys what's next after supernatural parody guys well it's and we kind of already have we have I have an idea already we like to plan ahead like in our little heads but yeah when you join patreon thus what's cool because we've had like the people who write us they've been with us since like 2016 2017 and they've been with us and because they've been with us their donation automatically goes into the next one so what you're pledging today if you stay with us after supernatural parody to that donation automatically goes into and that's what that's what patreon is is to help keep the Hillywood show running and if we let's just say we make our goal on patreon then we can do parodies way more often we don't have to like do donated bonds anymore yeah that'd be amazing Wow let's make this happen Hillywood family praying praying you already have a song plan or a main idea yes not for like the parody in the future that we're thinking of that's just an idea yeah have you ever thought of making a video that isn't a parody uh I mean yeah we've we've done like challenges and sketches and stuff but the problem is if we were to just say oh we're gonna do a sketch that money would come from our patreon and we don't want the money to come from patreon to do a sketch because then that'll take away from the parody and we don't want to do that yeah that would be a bad decision hey guys don't post your numbers on our chat unless you want stalkers and people to find we're not gonna call you don't don't do that don't do that that's private information that you shouldn't be putting out for inner nope nope nope the Internet is a dangerous place children kids I just don't need it so happy Oh Hannah Daughtry yeah I think so I hope it's working I know I hope so too now like we're sitting back hopefully it's notice we're getting nervous we can do this I know we're so close yay Carl still working okay Oh Carl thank you yes oh we lost a patreon someone we can see when you guys like jump out you guys awesome we got a notification don't do that don't do that don't don't come on here to get a shout-out and then delete it please don't do that but we appreciate you guys staying on helping and thanks for those who are stay well I'm a little thick and thick and thin we will get this going no worries you guys do you have a cat no we're allergic okay guys we're gonna have to get off fairly soon I know we've just we don't like to drag these things out so yeah I hope we can make it at least 1900 right now I know 1889 that's crazy how many people are watching that's the thing that gets me there's 600 plus people watching and we only need like a hundred more people basically to join so that we can go to production like we're right at the door so we're just gonna say our prayers I know it's up to you guys watching you may or may not be able to help us but if you can help it would mean the world to us and we can actually get started we don't want to wait anymore yeah we don't want you guys have to keep waiting cuz we don't know when we'll do like our next donate a thon you know don't leave do you think he will come to Germany soon I love you girls 1890 oh did somebody join in it's just not updating yet I don't know what oh what a big comfy spot and put my hands down my mouse is there though it says 18 1890 so we need 10 will people joined I said Carl I think so yeah I think Carl put us at 1890 go back to notifications no it's Carl Hannah are you sure yeah Oh probably yes so Carl helped us get to 80 maybe and that's only me me me thank you so my gosh okay we're not going to give up we're not gonna give up come on guys we are going to have so close so close you guys can do it my goodness I'm getting like my stomach like I'm getting like butterflies I'm getting like really nervous Wow Oh close to getting started oh they're so sweet everyone's helping all right you guys come on guys yeah I think about nine ten more people ten more you have more people to 1980 come on you guys can do it we trust you we can't do this without you so help them reach 2,000 patreon they say yeah help Hillywood get to 2,000 patreon oh there's so many people who tweeted that is we get to 2,000 oh my gosh well this is wow this is a jump this is a jump and we are so thankful for you guys Oh Carmelo's thank you okay Carlos you're making a difference thank you so much Carlos thank you thank you thank gosh oh my god don't give up this is possible oh yeah we're back we're back in action Tara and fight flying Fiamma hi Ana Thank You Tara fi mo oh my gosh Miami says the girls are one of the reasons why I went to study film production in the university I'm already graduated and understand how hard it is to make a movie so I want to support you even though it's not much stop love from Hong Kong Wow we don't have them many fans in Asia I don't think so we get like super excited when it's like Hong Kong China Japan oh my god 92 oh my god eight people and it went to 63% Oh see what you guys see oh my gosh Oh Ashley thank you this so stressful I'm getting so nervous cuz we're just so close I feel like I'm gonna pee Oh Alexis Thank You Alexis oh my god just remember guys don't give just to see it hit it and then drop out because some people have done that before yeah want to yeah other way Carolyn thank you thank you we need all the help we can get from notifying us over here but now it's notifying is coming by itself so even more like stressful just sitting and waiting for it now cuz we were used to seeing it like my oh that's like now we're just like well I really don't know cuz we used to get like little clumps like it would show like we were watching notifications and now the notifications don't work so now we're just staring at that or you know think of anyone we can make it oh you have fans from Turkey – oh that's so cool I wonder if we have fans in like well where do I always ask do we have fans there and your icon you guys again stop posting your phone numbers no no yeah don't do it we're not gonna call you I mean it's your choice if you want to we're not gonna call you not what we're here for yeah we and we don't want you giving that information out so bleepers can have it for you guys cuz creepers exist and you don't want a creeper to get your phone get rid of that and delete that and don't post it again please do not do that to yourself trust me guys feel like you're on pins and needles right now I got like goosebumps I feel like I feel like yes I mean said our cameo is down yes we've put cameo down because we have been just scripting and chatting about supernatural parody – and it's taking up a lot of our time so we don't want to and having meetings with designers we don't want to have to commit to do a video we can't do it for you guys so right now it's just closed for the time being but it will eventually reach 1894 oh we need six people to get too many hands very well they get to 1900 then after that it's only 100 people left before we can wait get the green light and is that too much to ask I don't know the green light to pre-production mind you this isn't the hundred percent where do we don't expect to get to the hundred percent but at least getting close to 70 percent would give us the confidence to go into pre-production so sorry if I'm repeating myself but I know there's new time viewers there is seen people writing like hi I just happy late birthday Gilly thank you I know I'm just like sitting here wait you're so close everybody you guys are doing it this is so exciting we are so close anything you can do oh one time you came home from work what did I miss all right and thank you so much yeah man here's the deal we are like five people away from hitting nineteen hundred patron nineteen hundred and we need to get to at least two thousand to help us get to pre-production get into pre-production matter that's not our overall goal but it's enough for us to finally get started to get started we are so eight like we are so ready we are so ready to do this and start like making things happen and actually going in a pre-production and locking in everything so Rin is obviously new so I'll answer this Rin says can I ask what does it mean going into pre-production what it means is that means we turn on the green light to say supernatural parity to can get started so right now we actually haven't started anything it's just been making phone calls how much money is this how much money is that what deal can you work for us like anything we can do so we kind of have an estimate of how much it gets started yeah Tara there and even in pre-production we start a witch Terrace I became a patreon last and just raise my pledge oh well only only give away can you command as we don't expect you to go over and beyond yeah we just appreciate any little so that's what it means is we actually can't start this and plan like a date to film until we know for sure we have enough funds and that's what we're trying to do today and we are super close because I think only we need is a couple more people until 1900 patrons but if we can get to 2,000 oh ooh thank you I think my so sweet of you thousand patrons we can actually start yeah and P production also means I don't know if you mentioned it because I was reading comments pre-production actually means like you like we start making costumes uh-huh and we start like actually go like booking stuff and like acting like we're doing it and then after that pre-production is is like through and are for patreon still looking good we then say hey we're gonna start filming in this month and then you guys would be like oh my god it's like for reals like yeah and that's what everything like so we're right there like we are ready to go and start pre-production and get everything there's a lot of people watching it's just a matter of if you feel led to give because we can't create this without you there is no company no sponsor no acting you guys are our help I'm a little more oh my god Heidi oh my gosh Thank You Heidi and oh holy boo oh my goodness we're at 1897 what 1897 any more people to make 1900 and then from there it's like the final countdown to 2000 it's the final countdown I think we should just leave leave this livestream open like because I feel like we're gonna hit it really soon but I'm afraid don't doubt trust an alert Oh Carlotta thank you Wow my god sounded cool Karla so we have two people no I am so excited I don't know – you're bad at math three don't know if you girls know my friend Evan says he's logging on right now and said he's gonna donate 1898 oh my goodness that was not attractive face I apologize you're gonna do it girls I'm not doing anything I'm just trusting no nods gonna give us what we need because I believe that all the visions you know what ice is from him things it is because I don't know how you think about it you're right I have this idea and I'm like how did you come up with that I don't know I feel like 1898 is like a year and we need like to get to the present year and we're currently in the best like then we can go through like the 1900s and then hopefully get 2,000 like 18 and then maybe yeah we can get to the present year and that would help us I love you pics pandas says man my phone is going berserkers ohmygosh on pre-production options really yeah is it good yeah it's just price quotes yeah like that's why we're trying to get crazy no I'm hearing I was getting texts from a few my friends saying someone donated ten thousand I that no like if someone wanted to donate ten thousand dollars like god bless you but you know it's just like that's so long yeah if anything if you if you have like an amount maybe join our patreon at like the hundred dollar level or just give like a one-time donation we don't expect you guys we don't expect you guys to just get looks like something like that cuz like number one we you have to worry about yourself as well and we do not expect those types of don't know so we we like when people give smaller amounts and that they can maintain it we don't want just like a lump sum because like then you know you don't know is it real is it fake like we just don't know so we just get a little nervous you guys you know what I mean but don't worry so should we get off I don't really know what did you it's almost time for us to get off technically like this usually how long you stay why do you need 2,000 patrons because about what gives close to 70% of our goal and then I go into pre-production thanks Michele oh my goodness oh my gosh give what you can people every job helps the glass field exactly mm-hmm how close are you to your goal we're at 63% we can do it – have you gone up that's gone up a lot of sense where we were before you were at 58% when we started this so that just shows you but you have an impact you guys can make so that's really really exciting I love you guys you're the only night lady two people to get to 1900 this is right there no it's I think it's one person heli if someone jumps at 1889 then you go to 1900 it's one person really there's like over 600 people watching we did one person to make 99 shout please I can't hear why don't turn your speaker's up cuz we're why I'm going there stay a little longer I know where I'm going you guys we don't want to so close we don't want to drag it out either be like sitting here and waiting and waiting you wait yeah cuz we don't want we don't you guys gonna sit on your live feeds you guys have fans from Ternate oh my god 1899 oh my god right now cuz I think it's cuz I I think I know that we're right there and it's just like a matter of 1901 Oh oh my gosh oh my god we made 1901 oh my god well how come they're not coming up what the notifications Nathan a then here we go oh my god Nathan thank you so much and in Eze oh my god Nathan you're gonna be in trouble please these are the people that have done that why you said why aren't they coming up oh my gosh you got yo we need 99 people oh my god oh my god we need 99 people to get to 2,000 patrons but 2000 is the Maddie is not her for pre-production oh wow are you gonna make any more when she meets you can have to play to it of course oh you guys did 1900 my goodness okay crap so it I'm just gonna like do this and just say a prayer because this last final stretch music fades I'm so glad this final stretch is pre-production like it's happening but it can't start until we hit 2,000 page ones well you can obvious we're this close but we don't have the funds to get started like exactly like we have to give in and tell us that designer like get started on the set he wants a down payment yeah you have to start paying away we just need to make sure we have enough that we don't go in the red right now we don't hurt ourselves thank you okay I knew it I think we should should we say should we go should we stay or I think we should just I think we should just say one more prayer and then just put out a little thing saying we've made it to 1900 we're on the final stretch can we make it to two thousand well technically the final stretch is a hundred percent so you don't want to confuse people oh well help us you know get reproductions who thought yeah I only need a hundred more people will get really confused why does it say 70 percent it's like you're not there ya know but maybe we should just do that and be like hey are we allowed to take I think I need to change my patreon so can't help with the numbers but here's a little extra they say stay prangs day oh my god Trish turn on the fan higher don't me turn it on the higher Aleya they really want the money well do you want supernatural parity oh you know cuz it's like it's just hard it's not that we want the money we want it to get started because those than that you guys I don't know how long you're gonna have to wait and that's not me already so far I'm I'm just like I'm go oh gosh wait a second how does she do that I thought that those packages were gone I don't know but she did Wow Adrian are you sure you sure Adrian Adrian thank you thank you be sure you know what you're gonna pay and we will wait are you okay if I turn on the fan you wanna take off your beanie what are you gonna put on we coordinated this see we take our time guys you try to make it really special for you guys not me I turned down the heater or something it's just that the flames are so nice and cozy that I'm getting a little warm okay let me go turn down the thing because if not what would you put on just a little t-shirt anyway well we can try we can try we can try so proud of you guys I'm proud of you guys oh my god Kayla yeah yeah Kayla thank you so much yeah 1902 these are we are so close you guys 65% we wait no no you guys that that's probably not that's probably not real you guys I don't want to I'm sorry no I'm not 100% sure on this so let's not oh oh that's so cool okay hold on I don't know I hope the problem is with patreon it's like doesn't yeah it's I can't confirm you know what I mean I'm totally confused one second don't get excited about that one you guys and I'm sorry to say that but sometimes it's it's like Nathan we called him we confirmed Nathan's a real person you guys so Nathan we know you're real yeah that that's a how is that possible it doesn't make any sense thank you tonight Thank You Irene Adrian I'm not sure if you're real or not but please don't do that but please don't don't do that because it makes the percentage go away high and it's not real don't do that please can't maintain that because that means you'd have to maintain that through a tiny brain thank every Thank You Emery so Adrian that means you would have to maintain that amount through the entire filming production and we don't want you to do that unless you can so please just don't even go back to whatever I got really pedals back to a smaller amount it's totally okay you can edit your pledge Adrian just please don't because that's gonna be it's gonna mess up the whole percentage and everyone's gonna get excited and it's not real so please Leslie unless it is let's really apologize if you are real but it just it we're a little nervous so we do we are asking you to lower that if you if you're able to oh my gosh right here we're gonna take you Oh Sophie Thanks so I'm back yes thank you so much Oh awesome wow you guys are you so cool are you going to go to the bathroom because I feel like I have to go to the bathroom oh wait you can go first I'll stay I'll hold down the fort don't judge my massive flannel today but all we had was okay there you go it's back down to three sets okay good I'm not no not that the percentage is bad is just with Adrienne we want her to be real and we want to make sure you get the right perks Adrienne we just have to be careful of you know the pledges I'm sure you understand Oh Kelly Kelly and kameena okay wicked Nima and Kelly Kelly she says hi Healey and Hannah I've been a Rick Grimes patreon for two years now but I wanted to give you a little bit more to help the quality of reductions is great and your hard work you put into them is worth every penny Oh Kelly and I Mina Arkadiy Mar aneema thank you so much love you guys hope to see you in person we hope to see you to 1907 don't get mad Caitlin don't get mad about the percentage it's back down to like normal I think cuz yet you know the eight 8jn1 was expensive and we just told her that's a little too much put it down to what you can manage cuz that's the best thing to do that's the best thing to because we have to watch out for you guys to we don't want to give you guys false percentages as well but still guys this is so exciting 1908 1908 we are back down to 63% so everything's okay that's okay yeah so that's it good that's fine yeah that's better it's a better decision Tonya thank you and thank you Tonya appreciate it Adrian if you were saying for example I have this extra money and I really want to give this extra money right now we appreciate that you wanted to do it through patreon but because that's a monthly donation you did the right things and the right dating what you can't if you want to give any extra do the one-time donation yeah that way if you feel like but I really want to that's available and that and that's fine yeah so I appreciate you we are honest with you from listening to us cuz that's the type of people we are we're not just gonna be like yay like we care about we care about I've never seen sue financial convince me why I should watch it everyone convinced her why she should watch it ESPN family go to work because it's awesome cuz it's awesome yeah I do but oh my goodness this is so exciting I cannot believe so if we have nineteen oh eight how many people do we need it's like nine ninety ninety one kind of thing yeah that's crazy ninety-one people until we make a decision to go in to go potty break oh my goodness oh dude I'm miss Kelly hilly I think I did sorry Kelly if I missed you oh my goodness thank you for being so inspirational and inspiring me to follow my dream keep it up you guys are perfection from Charlotte thank you well Charlotte we're nothing without you guys literally you guys are the Hillywood show for those who are donating that's the only thing that's keeping us alive so thank you oh my goodness yes go watch Supernatural oh my god I'm so excited Oh Antonia hey we got one she probably heard that oh wait I hear feet she coming oh okay Thank You Antonia oh my god oh how do you see that bam bam see thank you so much oh my gosh you guys are doing it oh my goodness oh my goodness we are so close to going into pre-production we just kind of get to 2,000 patrons and I'm Way better about it oh my goodness you guys oh my goodness hilly we got two people I hear feet she's probably walking oh my goodness hilly oh no I guess she's not out maybe I'm hearing the dogs walking around oh my goodness you guys are so cute Oh snacks because it's past lunch bruh I told you it's hot in here we got two new patrons yay thank you for watching out for us you guys are so extremely talented oh my gosh coconut oil oil I haven't tried those they are so young these are hilly snacks you want a protein cookie can you go into pre-production with 1908 probably not we need to get to 2000 because it just secures us better to put down payments for pre-production so let's talk about just so some people know where does where does the money go hilly name one thing so we'll just start naming things off because I'm sure James James and Carissa oh no no it's already donated yeah you have I'm already a patron but I love you girls why how do things get off the ground Thank You Jessica you guys I'm sorry if we're eating and it looks really unprofessional 19 we're at 1910 oh my gosh that means we need 80 people oh my god people are watching 80 people to get started I got almost 700 who aren't watching right now me eating a cookie I'm sorry sorry it's very loud don't move if you couldn't recreate it though that would have been hilarious Hannah stop farting stops gross you're like on strike now oh my god destiny oh my gosh you guys are you gonna do it are you gonna do it today yes why yes yes oh my gosh you guys and then supernatural parity is off the ground we're playing that's like it's it's getting there it's getting there don't you need 90 people we need you know 80 it's late 99 people now right no yeah I know I'm doing it backwards 89 still that's nothing that's not a lot of people you and your furniture I know it's squeaking so we're like having a picnic starry-eyed you're hearing us – we should talk to music but it's copyright only 80 people I don't know just a for them come on family yes they say I love your videos some so cyber's supernatural party – we are – we hope we can do it honestly all these lessons are so good for your numbers numbers I don't know maybe like subscribers I don't know how many do you need well if we get to 2,000 patrons that means we are going to green-light the project and start pre-production like that's bad to eat that way I'll go hang out here they're saying we have 1912 wait what we haven't gotten any notification they're coming in have long have you been live probably a little too late a little bit too long sorry for our YouTube viewers who are but you guys kept donating so we kept staying and now we're like should we keep staying when it when it thank you when is for helping supernatural pretty part who you are going to make it happen oh my gosh we're at 1913 Oh Douglas thank you thank you Douglas oh and Kirk Thank You Kirk oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my god Ben oh my god it's literally like the final countdown to a pre-production stage oh my gosh I did not think we would get here at all like not even close I know when I threw out 2000 today I was like that's hopefully possible and just remember please don't donate just to get a shout-out and your name called oh you would rather late we'd rather wait and be with ya then to just get it and they're not real yeah please we don't we don't want robot accounts well we don't want to also put out funds that aren't there oh my god grim grim he'll they need you oh my goodness you guys mm patrons are 70% as Timmy the estimating 2000 has 70% because like it depends on the amount of money donated type of thing so I think that's where the percentage goes up but that doesn't it we're more about 1914 we're more about getting the 2,000 patrons because that's that's like more it's a person it's more solid than just an amount cuz then someone could drop out at a huge amount and then we're like oh no it's not good so that's how we're like just give what you can a buck or two if you want to give a little more you can donate here at slash Hollywood comes perks we will if we go into pre-production we will be releasing behind the scenes pictures and little videos just sneak peeks to get you guys wet your appetite and then we also have one-time donations available to Oh Martin oh my god Martin thank you oh my god you guys are so inspiring I love you so much from France this is making me want to catch up season 13 you should I have to you and your furniture it's not get off my chair and we'll make that really good I know guys if you don't know what we're eating we're eating this and no we're not sponsored we just like coconut we're also eating this they're really good those are reasonable chips but they taste like chips they don't taste like and I'm sorry this is not like us to eat on the air but I feel like we're at the final countdown well we've been on for about it'll be two and a half hours so I don't know how much longer we're gonna stake these ships I don't know what to do Oh April gosh they wha April says stay on live you're getting there oh my god oh my god and Blanca Thank You April and Blanca Emma oh my gosh thank you Emma oh my gosh you guys oh my god what if like guys what if we like get really close we're almost at 1920 you guys you can you do it can you do it kids do it can you do it can you imagine if we got really close and we actually played and we got the rights to play it's the final countdown really we'd like keep playing music and like right when the music ends we like hit it stay they say I don't I feel bad for staying though guys because we want it to be we want we don't want you guys to feel like oh I have to donate because they're just sitting there staring at me like we want it to be like something that comes from your heart that you really want to be involved in that you want to like invest in and get the perks and the the scenes and we wanted to be like an actual real decision thank you that me Thank You Becky yes my goodness celebrate with pie I think we would if we got to do I ate so much stuff last night oh yeah for your birthday celebrate anything and when anything good happens I can't like myself a dessert your celebrate I get like so excited I'm like I need to eat something sweet someone says even two dollars a month is $24 for the entire year that's right we try to keep Hillywood open with donations so that you can get whatever you'd like but people don't have to what so it's not like your father [Laughter] 19:18 Stephanie says on like norba thank you thank you awesome package choice yeah hi ladies Ellie says you eat away Shawna says we don't care wait no Antonia she already donated she's back maybe she jumped out so yeah I need me don't do dad dad makes everyone frustrating welcome hello Antonia and Ana thank you guys Antonia if you're new I'm sorry if I misunderstood d-19 oh my gosh the longer you stay the better the chance to reach mm I know good feel bad like it's too long I feel like we feel like we we don't want to ever drag this out like I said we want this to be a natural thing not just like Oh let me sit here until it happens like it's we just we feel like it's rude of us so that's why we like to get off after a certain amount of time I think the donations aren't coming in we go okay well you know we're thankful for what we have when we get off but I feel like we're so close right now I feel like I can smell your food doesn't smell good a little bit goes a long ways guys yeah it sure does so 1920 Oh what oh yeah sorry had headphone users this might become like the danger zone the danger zone oh my gosh 1920 that gives me 79 people no is 80 now don't get no I'm not stupid we got like 70 till 1920 plus 70 no coz God gave you know you need 80 feet Merrill I was close 80 you Thank You Meryl eighty so why did we get it wrong last time Merrill thank you so much we need 80 then from there it drops to 79 78 77 it goes back but last time how come I was so weird like you said we need like 30 more you guys I'm thinking from the top down reversed because I'm let's all pray mm if it's your will so that we could go into pre-production and even if we don't have a hundred percent that getting close to 70% we'll be able to because we know everyone really wants to get us get it started and that your hand will be upon this project and that you will there we go we pray so now we wait now you just have to trust the Lord 19:22 what does that happen I don't know but we like I got notified yet there's signai 2:22 Oh what Alex and thank you Alex oh my goodness Alex know what's really inspiring is what you share your faith well that's just what we believe is video polina thank you Halina yeah no reminds me of cast bronze numbers can be intimidating I'm sorry I'm pretty bad at oh my gosh I wish I could donate but good luck can't wait for you guys come up to 9 to 24 oh my god you guys and we get to 2,000 we can put an announcement like out tomorrow that we're like starting pre-production and that we're going to like actually get involved like it's actually beginning and then we will just like throughout the whole production we'll just keep saying like hey if you want to give you can but at least it's enough to like get us started holy crap alright come on God hear their prayers I think what he does we've already here's everything welcome thank you for bearing with me Trump family you'll love your stay seventy-six people need that in 666 viewers yang Satan's watching – he's like oh we're at 665 so at least Satan's gone love your parodies I wish I could donate oh my god 1920 I was away for an hour and a half and came back and almost a hundred new patrons yeah amazing what a month is how can I see how many patrons are good at this website where Sam's head is there you go this website slash Hollywood and there you can see the percentage and how many tree are joining 19 was owned by more lore Laurie Laurie Thank You Laurie thanks Laurie and yeah guys if you want to join and you're like I'm not really sure you know financially just keep the it like a $2.00 pledge because that would be $24 in a whole year and that's like shorter than note smaller than like your Netflix payment your Spotify payment your iTunes payment and it helps Hillywood create something really a vegetable yeah phone payment so just do it I don't know why I have a clip I'm getting nervous and I'm playing with stuff oh my stuff my wings we're going to put put it on your nose no oh God you started at 1757 and are almost at 2,000 can you guys do this one this will break a record we have never ever since we started our patreon in 2016 there 2015 we have never gotten 2000 ever close to 2000 patreon so if the SPN family can get us there and help us with this production like oh my god Wow oh yeah the game is on it sure is 63% let's just don't hurt her wings Hillary did you have one of these just reading spirity was the best Thanks Oh dun-dun-dun-dun I feel like the jaws music is playing in the background yes I will do a happy dance if we hit 2000 countdown cute mafia ah the SPN family is powerful you guys are you're seriously the best fandom ever just under 80 people out of 670 people come on guys everything helps even $1 Megan says mm-hmm Wow if you feel led to give please help us get there so we can start the idea just think of everyone that is watching donated at least $1 you would have close to almost 2,600 patrons yeah please drink some water I get dehydrated watching you I just drink this whole thing and now I drink this half way that's what we have Nicole I don't drink lower that's why I want you to dance as a little Jenson in the screen okay I'll do that little move reach 2004 happy dance happy dance and oh oh another person Sean OH Thank You Shauna oh my gosh we're at 1927 oh my gosh what that's almost 1930 I know we are getting to the present year all right back to the future let's keep going with that DeLorean you we have to get to Titan II wish you could joined as a patreon you just seamless do we get your notification I don't know maybe it came under a name you know that they put in a different name and don't forget guys if you join patreon and if you actually are staying with patreon you will get behind the scenes new yes behind the scenes that we do not post on Facebook and Twitter because you guys really yeah you guys exclusive VIP and you can see that starting at enjoy they're saying it's going up that I know right what is it like slowing down Lucy Laura thank you Laura you didn't say anything between the last picture on this one you were just like wait that's all what happened was just like a chip oh thank god thank you Laura almost 1938 a year my girl was born yeah we're flying through time let's fly to the current mm mm when you get to see thousand y'all oh please don't drop on patron it hurts a hard edge then drop out it hurts our hilly heart it does Kate yeah I I'm sure everybody that is pledging right now those is taking a while so yeah we just want you to donate because you want to give and you can give Oh Madonna make us proud ladies Oh Kiana thank you I hope we make you proud I love Hilly's idea for this next one I usually it's like when I first heard a guy I like it when I when I told her the idea for the first supernatural parody she didn't she didn't get it she was like why I had to explain it more because it really well no it has to do with the Mark of Cain he's shaking it off and he was like I just I don't understand I was like and so it took a while but with this one i sat her down I like said it like I promised it and she was like I get it and I like it and I was like yeah it's under a lot of ice she likes to stranger things I love stranger things that was super she totally got that one when I told her lucky chips the whole bag oh my god that's so many a guru oh my God thank you she didn't get it that's why she was Castiel hahahahaha no if someone told you we're going to sing Taylor Swift song for super neutral clear a bit why like what's the point like I don't get it and then it was the Mark of Cain and she said the lyrics are changed if anyone if anyone drops out of the patreon I'll tell them off in my mom boys oh it's his 1931 well I think that that was that person the last person quarter or whatever that means we need 59 people know more than you think you know no Hillary it's more than you're thinking oh yes no yes no yes 30 Katherine Thank You Katherine I love the people that are just saying they're reloading reloading to see if it moves 69 oh my gosh you guys we're past the 70 mark oh thank you drew oh my gosh we're past the 70 point we're now down to 69 all these 69 people and they lay on a chair oh no not yet and thanks Tina that's 1969 we're not only at 1930 to right now what yeah what happened in 1932 you guys should right now Google what what moment of time don't need me again because every time we go to chip it's like something popped up Thank You Jenna Thank You Jennifer you're so cool don't you drop those those are my favorite chips donating Oh oh my gosh Tanya Thank You Tanya 67 people laugh try eating more chips Tanya Thank You Tanya Jennifer said donating again because why not happy face oh my goodness someone says don't tell a funny story from set hold on I have to text somebody real quick what's a funny story from stranger things parody or from so last supernatural parody Asura kept farting in the Impala and hillie had to keep getting inside the Impala yeah we had a little tweet about that yesterday 1933 the Great Depression oh my god well let's get out of that year 1932 isn't a great year maybe those chips are magical my goodness have you gonna watch it with what maybe those chips ah Jessica Thank You Jessica welcome I would say 1935 when did that happen I don't know maybe we are they just know maybe it's cool 1935 the Parker Brothers begin selling the board game Monopoly night night night go now you go thank you oh my gosh Jana oh my gosh oh my gosh 1935 is right before World War two that's why our parodies take so long to come out is because we have to save up every every month mhm faster we can put it out faster oh my goodness tells a story from say any production that is loud I twisted my ankle on Eclipse parody ah magic chips do you know Thank You Jana well I just started watching Supernatural so that I can get the parody I want a Hillywood monopoly that'd be kind of debbie fun a board game way too expensive to make I I toured two ligaments in my Inc in my ankle during Twilight Eclipse parity and you can see the big knot in my ankle during the Eclipse dance when I'm in the white dress it's like my right ankle if you look closely there's like an orange on the side of it it's not hard to miss guys and she made me dance when I was like I woke up in the morning I almost threw up because the thing is so bad I didn't and she was like you dance I just looked you know shit I gotta tell you I don't know which means your B be doing it and I had a dance in the dirt okay twisted I'll tell you torn ligament but you but hilly okay stop I had the pain tolerance oh my god thank you I want a parity party stop because I didn't know that the ligaments were told you just think I want to pass out we need to skip through the 1940s quickly let's not talk about World War two someone said 1933 no I'm not clumsy I tore my ankle because I was doing something a little clumsy but the year my grandma was born Yas I just donated I was glad to help out thank you guys so much I like it you're both wearing the same shirt yeah we tried to coordinate its our shake it off shirt Hannah you tell another story from seven how do I donate on patreon you visit this link and you pick the package that you would like to have for all your perks and as long as you're on board till supernatural parity to is released you will get all those prizes etc Hillary do a mini happy dance at nineteen fifty okay I will I will halfway dance in 1950 oh my gosh can we make it I feel like I feel like the Lord's moving 1936 what does that say Jesse Owens did something at the Olympics or something they're giving us facts whenever we hit a new year Oh 36 I identify myself as hilly so much I'm wearing the flannel – Oh Rumple yeah yeah okay listen on every set you injure yourself to cure chilly does she's just accident-prone usually it's like just by accident though it's not like she just oh I'm just being silly and I tripped over a cord it's like she just well I says 1937 oh my gosh 1938 Oh what is that the petrie cera thank you Sarah she's not clumsy she's beautiful Sarah thank you so much the one good thing that came from 1940 was the year Pinocchio came out okay Oh drew another drink you drew thank you 1938 oh my gosh you guys – France oh my gosh 1939 oh my god you guys are actually donating or doing it Oh 1937 people are like dropping out does they want to get their name called them they cancel stop that only do it if you want oh that's cool no we have 1940 what are they talking about 1940 no year Thank You Kayla oh my god we are almost my god so now we just need 60 people 60 people watching Bailey thank you thank you learn magic it's magic Jim Bailey Bailey Thank You Bailey oh my gosh you guys are doing it oh wait wait wait how many more people 60 I'm right I'm right you guys are amazing you guys we should just go through every parody and see you Adri Adri you wanna help it will help Andre help you will watch the behind the scenes and you but I probably helped with the meal for the crew that day yeah I helped with the camera rental for that day I helped with every little I have set and you'll see of those props you see it help with that costume I help with those wigs I help with the makeup yes with my ability insurance I help with the permit I help with the locations I felt with the rental cars I helped with the flights I help with just yeah they get it I'm just saying I'm like that's that's what's listed right here on so when you guys go oh like where does it go and then ten percents giving the same to children 19:40 bring out the Jazz Band oh my god whatever like what if we have like costumes like you wants to get the 70s are gonna be like like yeah the night is just like yeah Hillary you're right email it's it's sick oh wait Kadima thank you can emo oh god I totally read that wrong I though that was like an absurd amount of money you know Jesse found this found this down the back bonus points to ever it gets where the names come from canina oh it's probably from like an anime or something decluttered might put my pledge is to upgrade the Hilly's Oh still make sure that you saw where the cable that you are supporting 60 people 60 people Hillary was right so we got eleven nineteen forty sixty people and how many watching how many people are watching you reckon 55 was it Oh magic Gibbs Oh magic conch well we prayed yeah we prayed I subscribe okay so let's go through a parody and see if there's an injury involved Twilight parody I don't think so I just got sick with pneumonia you don't stick with pneumonia okay new moon parody new moon parody 1942 up all magic cubes sorry wait peaches I already know your name I think she might have just adjusted so remember stick with your your your pledge because then that messes up what your perks are so you want to make sure that you land on your pledge and lock in because sometimes it can mess up and we don't know what package to give you bad thank you thank you Beth thank God so Raven Thank You Raven oh my gosh we that means now it's like 50 something people oh my god it's like 50 something yes because she hates 58 people yeah we only need 58 people how many people are watching oh my gosh seriously they said 666 we're watching no someone clean I didn't it's not it's not they keep saying that it's not 658 so I wouldn't be surprised that that was real okay it's a weird shit runaways parity oh I just went through a breakup so my heart broke on that one so there you go that's what's wrong with that one I was going through a breakup during that whole parody um Eclipse parody ankle and easy Breaking Dawn Part 1 parody my knee I bashed it into the bed when I jump oh yeah Breaking Dawn Part 2 parody I fell in the snow and landed on my like my wrists yeah but you didn't hurt yourself wasn't permanent dark night parity or dark night I threw out my back with the hammer oh my gosh remember I went like this with the hammer so trying to be he ledger and I was like you guys can we do this yes we can I really hope that Sam has more highlight in this parody well no spoilers 58 people Oh Oh Abigail Thank You Abigail oh my god we've been almost three hours can't we hit it before we go would you put a clock that don't make it too stressful timer I mean so nervous I think we're not gonna make it we're not gonna make it NEMA 1944 see it was true Satan was watching for quick 1946 oh my gosh that means donations are coming in oh it is it went up where are you there you are dad Thank You Deb yay thank you no it's okay we're not tire see everyone's okay with the stream but I feel like it's like our youtubers that go to watch it afterwards like this is too long Jacqueline oh my god Thank You Jacqueline day it's fun don't feel bad love you and if you say that you're not clumsy faking you oh yeah oh my gosh you guys think 19:45 Anne Frank and her sister died oh my god okay can we like say nice things in the air not so depressing Elena Elena Thank You Elena how do you donate Joe wants no Joe you can do a patreon donation where you pledge monthly and you get perks and behind the scenes or you can donate at stream last calm slash Hillywood that's a one-time donation yes don't leave keep going stay on less than 60 people and there are six hundred and sixty people watching still praying follow the link in the video you can donate there I'm learning more history because of hilly within school I'm a mess we should do like hilly with 1946 the first rocket launch to reach the edge of space launched from New Mexico see that's more positive there you go I don't need to hear about things and wars share stranger things parody so the end of the war 1946 stranger things parody hilley's shin vs. the bike yeah yeah you guys my shin was hit in the same spot I think from equation cuz I had a love this big sticking out like supernatural parity the person was like the those contacts no but that guys were so something hurt me on supernatural parity too but I don't remember I think I I think I'm remembering something oh when I got out of the Impala and I did the eye of the tiger do you remember that bruise under my arm oh yeah it was like this big I'm not anything because my god on the apana like present no but I just think my thing it like hit it but like I didn't know it hit it until you don't realize no especially when you're like acting and I got home and I was like and it was like this like that big we're only at 50 cm our people oh my I know it can be done but I don't want to stay here for like another three hours like I just like its to drag down your life shows are so fun I can watch you all day how much money do you still need well we're not worried right now about the money we're worried about more of the patrons so right now we're at 1946 patrons were trying to get to 2,000 that's only fifty something more people and that hello Whitney thanks for reminding me hilly on supernatural parody a photographer rammed into your face my beloved photographer Chuck which we love and adore he was turning a corner and he was grabbing his camera bag o magic cubes thank you helmet hope this helps you guys are awesome it does help you guys thank you 1947 UFO incident the year the night round Allen Street came out in 1847 really no no it was me yeah 80 17 1947 the years of ham here on baby walk nothing black and white night we're on 34th Street wait Nightmare on Elm Street wait I'm so cute Nightmare on 34th Christmas tree tonight we've been stuck on this Batman gift Oh [Laughter] be stronger thank you thank you base trucker 1947 the sound barrier is broken 1948 forty-eight 1948 Steve bit longer stay stay the year ago Israel received independence yes 1948 1948 mm-hmm oh yeah that's right huh 1948 is when they became the olive tree is it little scripture verse 1948 stuff happened Thank You 48th stuff happened Thank You 48 1949 wait wait wait wait wait wait you guys we're skipping through time wait oh my gosh they're saying we have 1950 they're saying we have 1950 we're way you what where are you oh boy forgot to do a mini dance mini yellow eyed Sam thank you yellow yellow eyed sound my gosh Melissa boy yeah you guys we are like what 40 people will wane out no 50 people away 50 50 people away of keep people away oh my gosh thank you Sarah exciting oh my god 1950 you mean Miracle on 34th Street yeah yeah I think that's what they meant because they said nightmare on 34th Street and I was like what Christmas movies I think 34th Street you see it does and the Maisie day parade he's like oh so me and mom we do an impersonation of Santa Claus do you guys want to see I think the higher meets Macy's Day Parade has to hire me already and you have to be the announcer and here comes I'm gonna do it alright John it's our 34th Macy's Day Parade and we here comes Santa bringing all those gifts for those children doesn't he look jolly this year he knows all hope you guys have enjoyed the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade join us next time up next is the dog competition show whatever it's called that's all he does I know this means in in dance choreography this means like I see you I know you I know all 1952 what oh I Love Lucy debuts on CBS really happy 52 or is that someone just claiming a year don't get me excited someone claiming stop it come on guys we're still in 1950 Oh Keanu Thank You Keanu we made it to 64% just said that a while ago where have you been in Santa Liam I know Saint Nick knows I see you when you're sleeping 19:51 oh there it is I I Love Lucy debuts on CBS James Dean gets his break when he appears on a Pepsi commercial in 1950 I love you girls we love you more hello poop hello back to you I think there were too many lucky chip silly oh my gosh from 1951 so we needed 40 49 49 people we're in the 40s what did I miss we only need 49 people to start please production production it's not our overall goal but we don't care at this point we just want to start people anxious not preferred that we can go into production and film this thing you guys please please if you can donate please help any amount helps you can donate here at slash Hillywood or our one-time donation which is down below Nicole the links are working fine yeah trying to refresh your page I think Haley has gone delirious yeah with me talking about Santa and magic chips I've only been doing a live stream for three hours I don't want to drag this out I keep feeling like we're dragging it out but you guys keep doing no they're telling us to stay I know I can't wait for well that finally updated I don't know what happened there I seriously think you guys can get it in the next hour oh wait wait wait wait what's it out I don't know there's money there were numbers it's saying 1953 1953 almost 700 people watching my god oh my god 1953 we're at 1953 1953 Samantha Samantha thank you for being one of them stay online stay they say they get mad when we see when we say we're gonna leave all 1952 did someone drop 1953 Korean War ends stay put ladies get more chips 1953 1952 you're not dragging out anything this is so exciting they said so happy I could finally become a patreon I have watched since go going and have been hooked on your creativity sense let's do this Thank You 47 people laugh Oh Haley and Hannah during the dance scene with the Angels Hannah broke her shoe yeah but that wasn't and I didn't hurt mine she didn't hurt herself my shoe broke anyway my photographer was like 47 to go 46:46 state till 2000 that's up to you guys you guys have to do that I can't do it Aaron Aaron Thank You Aaron welcome I I'm secretly watching at work the links aren't working stupid ol computer the links are working links are working you guys fresh refresh cause it's working on our end and we're getting like a lot of the traffic and it's working fine 1954 1954 we're in 1954 45 people oh my god no no no I think it's 46 Willie that would be 1955 Oh but still still 1954 below is when white Christmas came out wow I'm dreaming of a supernatural parity too just like the one that was before oh my goodness can you bear Castiel's sparkles and to hear Sam and Dean in the snow no dreaming so 710 people watching they just need 50 less than 3 less than 50 people let's go together Hillywood family so basically if you're tuning in you don't know what the heck's happening we're waiting for the last it's the final count it's it'll help us get at close to 70% and once we hit 2000 that's when we can get the green light to begin pre-production 45 more people I was eating some magic chips to help out but I have finished them now another bag Marty makes 5 1955 Marty McFly plays the enchanted chain genius they need you oh my gosh and remember when you sign out sign up you get behind-the-scenes stuff and hopefully we can actually start posting that I know oh my gosh 1955 Oh it's two o'clock oh my god we have to get all you know we are supported by people can you guys do it that's it that's all it is and then we can actually start oh my gosh there's so many people watching too even if you gave a small amount that would help to like it don't worry like if you see people like oh they gave $10 they gave five they gave 20 like guys it's it's from the heart that's all it is because then we just feel more comfortable going into pre-production at 2,000 patron yes Jamie we are still on we every time we say we're gonna leave three they have to get mad at us Raymond is so much every amount helps good deal Raymond thank you I'm eating magic chocolate to help it's midnight from Jason's love from Israel – Israel it's 10:00 p.m. in London who's complaining not me hello girls oh no I don't want to just sit here and drag this out I feel really bad for them just staring staring at the screen if you guys think we should stay till we hit 2000 but we don't want to stay all day but we have to leave like we have to have to have an appointment today with somebody so we've got to get off and actually we didn't think we didn't think you guys would have gotten us this far oh my god Nicole thank you just tweeted the link thank you yeah you guys go tweet the link and say they need to get a gun Sarah Sarah Thank You Lera you guys post the link and say they need to get close to two thousand for us to start pre-production you only have 44 44 left 44 more people okay they say at least 44 people gave $2 like we would be there 64% are you kidding me that's still 64% now I keep thinking is going to go down oh my gosh now we just sit wide I didn't wait sorry we're just like staring though cuz it's like so crazy that we got this fall I know that's why like we were gonna get off at an hour ago but then you guys like out of the blue it was like a rush that pushed us over I think to 30 yeah we have to go soon but I don't want to go I know but so update is we have to leave for an appointment at 2:30 so if we can make magic happen superhot oh man bad Thank You Samantha that's really cool finally able to become a patreon and decided to give us a little extra help did you Thank You Man Samantha stay okay well we're just gonna keep praying because if we like I said if we get it today then we can announce by tomorrow that we are officially in pre-production and that people can still help during the reason that b-but that we are we are going to start leaking stuff that we're gonna like you know once we start actually going like we haven't done anything yet like once we actually start going like shopping for like props or costume pieces that you'll be actually a part of that journey with us so no I cannot tell my appointment to join us that's top secret we have to meet with like another set designer today so we have to tell him what our budget hopefully is and then we shall see why can I only donate a minimum of $25 Sam let's no cuz that's just a one-time donation if you want to donate less than that you can join our little patreon right here for a dollar and then that's only $12 a year if you would like we like to put out options we like to give you guys options cuz we just appreciate anything that comes our way cuz we really really want to make this parody for you oh my gosh I'm getting so nervous I know oh we got half an hour to get them then sporty very it can happen though because there's there some there's so many people watching but it's more of there's an 686 people watching I think it's because and I've said it before it's just remember that if you I'm not I'm not doing this to force anyone but if you sit back and you say someone else is gonna do it that's probably what everyone's thinking and that's why it doesn't go anywhere so yes designers and good if you want to donate and you can and you'd like to see this we could really use the help so if you feel led to give we've prayed we trust that no matter what somehow it will eventually get there and we were hoping that maybe today it could because you guys are amazing I don't know how it got up so fast I'm crying so much it hurts yeah I don't know that's up to you guys well don't get discouraged Hannah I'm not discouraged it's just that I don't feel bad oh my god 19:57 we went up it went up one two why is that 1956 no yes yes thank you jazz so much thank you 1937 someone say 1958 no no I just tweeted about my pledge thing Sarah Nathan's Anna this man is Nathan Garner Nathan Nathan how I'm gonna call you but yeah full name mister lottery winner sir Nathan you don't need to you don't need to you holy crap Nathan he's won the lottery I'm concerned you won't you've won the lottery or robbed a bank you don't please don't use your money to spend on Haley if you wrote thank you so much Siena oh my god Thank You Siena only how the heck how are you guys doing this I don't understand like where you're coming from hey where's everyone coming from oh my god David thank you David Jacksboro package to write on 1958 1958 oh my move oh my god 1958 1960 wait wait wait wait are we rounding or is it actually there they're saying it's at 1960 no I have rated so hilly they're saying it's at 1960 there's more than one person saying that so 39 no no no hold on hold on hold on wait wait wait wait wait wait wait huh I know you're right I think you're right 39 people oh my god 39 more people oh my god amethyst thank you oh my gosh ah you guys 30 Jacqueline Thank You Jacqueline oh my gosh turn your headphones down just so you know ya headphone news oh my god what 30 with what I told you not to give up miss and we we should get off soon look we're still ahead of our appointment we can still make it stop doubting Thomas oh my gosh 1961 39 people left that's all we need to start pre-production and there's 700 people watching please help if you can we really like to start tomorrow is this such an adrenaline I know how do you think we feel well I'm on the edge of my seat shifty pants dance when your favorite characters gone missing you get shifty pants and these are the small we can and we will I'm screaming over here who like totally loved that Disney movie they said we started a story about photographer Chuck what happened his elbow was up he was putting on his camera bag he turned a corner and me as little Dean was there and my nose went right into his elbow and he went boom and it hit me right here and I had an ice pack but it's a good thing because that day I had like the beat up look for Dean so you couldn't even tell we could start tomorrow says Elvis yeah we could we just got to get there if you start pre-production tomorrow if we get to 2000 and we're at 1961 Oh My Lord Jesus help us all right Pete are I am ready rust in many pieces for you to LA I like Castiel but I kind of tend to like Dean more sometimes like I just but Cass is the great I like Sam OH – Sam's great – they're all great I like Bobby – don't forget Bobby oh my god we're all just sitting we're all just staring what happened in the Year 1961 daddy was born yeah Papa was born oh we missed mom's birthday it will happen I'm getting nervous I'm shaking with excitement 1962 Oh Oh Giuliana thank you oh oh and Britt didn't you I'm so excited for this you girls are amazing they they you guys night waiting for three here it's Jess thank you Oh Go Go Go Go Go Go so you guys can you they can do it Oh Marilyn Monroe passed away in 1960 can we have happy thoughts thing let's do nice 1965 no no no no no we haven't oh the magic chips just phone no save the magic cubes oh my god and her thank you oh my gosh it won't let me donate something about a shipping it Audrey Audrey thank you thank you um about the shipping address that's not please you pack you picked a package where we need your address I can send you that Lanie thank you sounds like a good 30 seconds I was like saying the same thing 34 more people left I'm gonna I'm gonna curl up in a ball I'm gonna like gosh flatline on the Florida side 1967 Impala oh my god isn't that you're in the Impala Oh oh my god we landing here the Impala okay let's go let's go the Impala she's in she's in baby is born is born Thank You Olivia baby was yard Thank You Olivia for giving baby her birthday now no one wants to changes thank you 1969 we went to the moon in 1969 we're flying through tyre fly who hit the who hit the gas in the Impala I mean oh my gosh you guys feeling lightheaded again water are you guys gonna come out with more supernatural March I'm not even worried about that right now indiarose thank you oh my god are we in this Oh someone dropped Daffy don't do psych they're saying they're saying 1970 though no it says 1969 no that's okay we're still happy we're still happy my mother was born in 1983 can we get them to nineteen eighty ninety seventy Beatles breakup okay thanks 1970 1970 they're saying it are sure for sure someone says you guys have to leave for your appointment in 15 minutes I know oh my god 1970 Thank You rose Thank You rose it's not the 60s Oh 67 days oh please I don't know why I guess maybe because it was the first boy band on my fire girls so crazy I guess because it's like almost the first boy baby huh yeah I guess it's like the axis and the girls you're like they're still like that we're still like yeah we still are thirty people in 15 okay so if it's at 1970 we only need 29 people I don't even know anymore is it 20 people we need 20 no wait I'm so dirty we need 30 people uh-huh thirty people that's it with 15 minutes left to go before we have to leave what if we leave he hit it will start screaming during our appointment being thrown away ladies you're free to go Dean Winchester was born in 1978 there you go 1970 was disco my lipstick Oh Alex Marissa carni hip-hip Courtney sorry that we do the dance years ago years ago where someone thought it was a great idea to call it their names on a microphone leg saying their name so now whenever we hear stayin alive we say people's names Britney Thank You Britney 1970s the video cat wedding look at my neck it's like okay because you know I know I'm nervous come on guys you guys are still live-streaming yes cuz we're almost there almost there it's it'll be stupid for us to leave disco disco know that that one song was weird is like bully wooly bully or something the purple month sorry gotta keep the dog out dog wants to come in uh-oh they're saying 1971 oh my gosh is it sick seal a seal a seal a better one oh my god oh that you know whose 1971 Willy Wonka came out I love ya I want to view paradise simply look around and view what we got a good text a good text oh yay yes yeah all right got a good we got a good text anything you want so hilly wait wait wait wait wait 29 people we're in the 20s 29 people 29 people come on 1972 wait wait wait wait oh my god we may 1972 oh my gosh you guys don't stop oh my gosh we mean 1972 oh my god my gosh 2027 people no wait 2000 John Thank You Jana money John oh my gosh John thanks so much only 28 more uh-huh only 28 more people oh my god we have 10 minutes excuse me we have 10 minutes oh my gosh I love that movie Willy Wonka I adore that movie I still quote things to this day from it and I love how this fence is killing me I hope it'll last love how he treats the kids he's so rude to things that he happened but their brats that's why it's why I love it I know don't hold on to that feeling come on guys oh my gosh I'm so excited come on oh my gosh we could say we start tomorrow oh just take us with you sorry I can't you'll know exactly what's going on can't sorry it's a it's a set designer point yeah you can't see that yeah my parents were born in 1972 come on oh it's weird it like goes faster than it like stops like I run out of gas I cannot believe that number right now though like we are so close to 2000 I know we are so close how far away is your appointment like 10 minutes yeah you got this 28 28 people in 10 minutes can we do it I think we can how many stay in online stay in online all my gosh is still have 700 people come on new do buddy I got a parody waiting for you oh do buddy do is if you were wise you'll join patreon what do you get when you get a $2.00 package behind-the-scene per Peter and super see secret pictures oh my god I was terrible they're saying they're saying we're in 1973 I see somebody oh my gosh they're saying 1970 Oh confirmed 1973 comfort my gosh yes all right who was that though my mom was born that's what happened in 1973 someone's mom for Marita's mom was I who are you who was the person that gave I don't know nothing's getting up I'm on the edge of glory they say on Facebook 97 you don't miss your appointment 1973 don't miss your appointment well well thank you well oh my gosh well 27 people that's all we need Oh Julia did that make it good is that io-san I don't I don't know hitching up I don't know illuminati comfirmed nope no illuminati here this is cute the Kiwi how far away from miles is ten minute hand in a minute drive generally feel like my life peaked in 2015 now my life is when I she like gets happy memories from super Niles parity let's do this for our moms more magic Jim Hannah you stopped eating magic chair I'm so full that's me more magic tips that was me Oh Julia thank you oh my gosh storia isn't that kylie jenner's baby's name now isn't it storm or just I think it's stormy but it's like sto RMI oh my gosh we're in 1974 oh my god we're 26 people 1976 Oh hold the horses whoa whoa whoa got the Eagles hold our so stop the Eagles what that's all reaction oh my where are the Asians I'm seeing so many I was 1976 1976 that means it's only 24 people oh my gosh go go go go go oh my gosh how are you guys doing this you guys gifts 1875 was for Nick Nick welcome to the patreon family Nick I don't get it Lydia says we are raising funds to help us make supernatural parity to Missy Missy Missy Melissa and Shay Thank You Missy thank you so much carry on my wayward son was released in 1976 so we have to get to 1976 you guys we aren't no he's 76 hilly when eating is 1978 we gotta get to Dean's birthday I love 1977 oh my gosh I need to confirm we need to confirm oh my god we have five minutes left it's like oh my gosh 24 people each giving $1 730 people are watching you know oh my gosh 1978 no no no to really thank you so much for juries making the decision to help us yes we want to do this guy's oh my god Haley they're saying 1978 Dean's birthday oh my god is the deans birthday hail and Halen I think you owe 79 we skip right back but we went to grease lightning going lightning greased lightning go greased lightning greased lightning go greased wants a brain Oh your chicks and Cree no that's not what it says it doesn't say that I don't know anything it says something dirty so no I'm not gonna say that part no that is the part nineteen eighty twenty P will any 20 people oh my god let's play 1980 they said 1980 we made it today eighty you guys we're not aiming oh my gosh REM Thank You ru thank you guys we're not psychic saw question they're saying how much money are you aiming for right now it's it's not necessarily that it's because when my gosh Julia thank you thank you right now even though some people may be giving 25 1/2 it all adds up but the more patrons we get the more the money goes up and your eyelid thank you thank you thank you so much Josh you guy you had 1980 but someone dropped I know that's what happens don't give it out it's not fair guys just to get your name call like that's that's not fair to all these people that want to see supernatural parity – yeah twenty people I've got kids and the mouths of lions and Luke intro how do you donate right here slash Hillywood you can get whatever you'd like a month or a one-time donation link is also available to stop doing this on livestream because I am just like pinching my hands I have so much anxiety right now put that down oh it's like people were dropping yeah don't do that I don't want you guys packed at nineteen eighty okay good thank God don't don't jump in to get your name called to see it go up to drop out because that's not why we're here we don't we honestly want you to give because you want to give and you're like I'm it meant yeah not just for the name and to see us happy like we really genuinely need the help right now and we are 20 people away from starting three minutes oh my god time slow down don't pinch yourself I know I am getting like I get fidgety I like to fidget hey thank you wow this is amazing job we are all we're always there I know 20 people until we can enter pre-production you guys let's do this if you are watching right now and you can help please do if you can and if you really want to please do because we really do need the help I know our appointments coming but we're afraid to miss it this is like a huge moment for us like that means we can actually get started 20 people and 700 people are watching what is going on we are trying to raise funds to begin pre-production on supernatural parity to in 1981 for close oh my god oh my gosh we're at 1981 yeah oh my god 1981 Hannah oh my goodness Oh florian florian thank you thank you oh my god 1981 don't naive go play nice really nice my Paul that's all it is is 19 more people and there's 700 people watching if you guys all gave $2 like that would be our goal right there like not our goal I'm sorry not but our what we need to start pre-production cuz we can't start unless we hit 2,000 wait oh oh my goodness way you guys it's saying 1983 oh oh it's going to happen we need yeah we need any new production only give to stay committed yeah don't do it to see it go up and drop out because it's really really depressing for it helps the production and yeah so we don't want to go put out funds that actually aren't there Britney oh it me thank you and you won't regret signing up cuz you'll start getting those sneak peeks and you'll be like yay yeah if you're a patreon you get sneak peeks I know we've said that but for those who are yeah read IRISA Rita Rita Rita reader read a reader REMSA that's a ton tighter read ERISA read ERISA read ERISA I can say for a tongue tighter hailey really needs to get read ERISA read ERISA read ERISA no read reader harissa here we go again sorry it's a lot of people what is pre-production 1984 oh oh my god oh my god oh my goodness sixteen people pray God please tell these ladies who deserve this oh my god so creep oh my god sixteen people left that's all it is Alexandria thank you so we're making the pledge it plays with our feelings don't drop bi exactly but it hurts production but pre-production for those asking pre-production is like we actually pay the set designers to get started on the design we actually pay the costume designers to get started on the costume so we start putting money so the money starts going out so that we can actually say yes we are filming and we're trusting that eventually you know we get the rest of the money Oh again keep it up guys thank you but thank you so that's what pre-production is and you can't start until you start giving deposits or sometimes full amounts I know about the appointment start rubbing it in don't remind our let me just let me just text them and just see like could we be like 10 10 minutes later than plan because I know that they're know you're okay Antonio you're fine Antonio Carmen Hanna Carmen Ortega Carmen Ortega that sounds familiar hey thank you for you nice nice oh that's my birthday happy birthday Carla Thank You Carla oh my god Hannah 1986 I'm sweaty oh my god I'm dying no I'm soaked dude only one oh no it's disgusting Julia hailey Julia my god Julia thank you so much 14 people that's all we need oh my god you can give a little bit whatever you can that means we will have to we will be able to go no 1987 is that legit is it 1980 wait I got a confirm I got a confirm oh my god Mary thank you Mary oh my gosh okay please I'm gonna keep saying this only give keys you're committed to give please don't drop out yep so it's me yeah don't play with us Sophia Thank You Sophia go donate guys oh my gosh 12 people left 12 people need to donate together into pre-production and then we can go into pre-production which means super down there don't worry you can't donate today are they so know we'll be open 24/7 even when we are in pre-production because you know of course we're trying to make it to our overall eventually so what where's the kind now yeah we're too impatient we just got to move on wedding yeah we're just gonna go with this we'll be able to get started but it's not like okay so they got started so I drop out it's like no we still need help during the next you know month after those gonna pay oh my god bird bird suit Alcatraz bird suit Alcatraz Birds at Alcatraz birds at Alcatraz thank you so much oh my gosh thank you oh I'm so hot if we make a mm hand I'll get naked no I it's a joke is a joke it's a funny joke laughs 800 people are people and we need 12 people waiting for Tommy but we can't do without you through the years if you're sitting here watching and if you want to help us get there if you want to make that commitment in pledge the Hillywood show to make us be able to create supernatural parity that would be amazing can I donate once Oh Abigail Abigail awesome some of this can I donate once yes we have our patreon right here but it's a monthly donation but it could be a small amount whatever you'd like to give and also we have a one-time donation link in the YouTube box down below 1989 oh my goodness 1989 9/11 people can you imagine you guys we started at 1700 85 really what I think it's 10 we started at 1775 or something and now you guys because there's so many of you watching right now and helping you you're almost landing us at pre-production come on hey take it off take it off no no that's not the type of believe me they it ain't attractive right now is super sweaty it's hot in this little Rachael Ray's your age man you 1989 Little Mermaid rachel says I'm already a patreon it's really fun do it if you can yeah because you get sneak peeks and stuff it's super fun because we don't release anything on the Facebook for anybody unless they're a patron because you guys deserve it you're our producers you know you guys are funding it you ten more people what do you mean ten more people do we make 19 no it's 11 people because once we hit 90 that's watching page we're nearly there oh my god I'm seeing false numbers you guys I just hears like I'm 80 I mean 800 of you watching 1990 my birthday flew oh my gosh you hi my god we need nine people Ashley Ashley that's so nice thank you actually she picked a Rick Grimes package oh my gosh nine people nine people in Georgia Thank You Georgia you guys you guys is the fine literally it's only nine people until we and if we get to it that means three productions happening and we can announce it's a 1993 and means that we can start announcing the supernatural parity to is in pre-production and happening oh my god it's been 84 years seven people left seven people left now please if you're part of the seven people please do not enjoy join I'm just you man commit please let this be a true commitment not a robot commitment please guys please don't do that we got niklas thank you welcome to the family you're gonna love the behind the scenes photos once we get into pre-production thank you guys my new breath I think we're at 65% holy crap I think we're at 65% Hannah oh my god oh let me see you wait my lord oh it went to 65% I told you we get closer to 70 oh my gosh guys think Oh Brian Brian thank you so much thank you sir we almost miss you oh my god thank you Brian remember only donate me if you can commit to this yeah because it hurts us after the stream to see people just dropping it up babies have that much happen before we don't want your money unless you want to give it so please don't do that dude if you want to because that helps us Jimmy and thank Jenny Thank You Jenny oh my gosh and don't forget guys all your proceeds 10% of all your proceeds that you'll be donating to us will be given to st. Jude Children's Hospital yes so we like to give back there's kids there that apparently are watching the Hillywood yeah and so we've heard a lot of from the pair we've gotten drawings of the parodies that they sit nice 85 oh my gosh 95 I I people I did not what this was gonna happen what at all we're flying into Oh Kerry good luck ladies oh my gosh thank you Oh what if we like poor no give me my hair like we're flying through time we're getting close to like our present 2018 I know oh my god what year will we be what year will we land in I'm gonna cry I know oh my gosh you guys this is giving me anxiety how do you think we feel crystal oh my gosh doll or did not put us crystal thank you so much Kela still says 1990 I think it's catching up oh my god no don't mean no making like a second account gene that's oh my god that's not real no no no don't do that I want real people have one patreon account and that's it that's all I want from people don't make multiple I want to give more money do the one-time donates like I said it gets really confusing when it comes to your packages and perks so say 1986 I don't know if that was Jean oh but still four people 1996 Hannah only three people it's no it's 4.5 4 people I can't believe they're saying 1997 I'm gonna buek maybe Mickey I think unique language make sure you're drinking I am drinking water oh my god thank you anyway I know my stomach's hurting – I'm sorry I don't want to scream into the mic oh my gosh 1987 holy my god they're saying three people and only oh my god Breanna oh my god Briana what about our appointment did you tell though they said they'll wait till like 15 days they said three o'clock they're gonna last time we have pain yeah okay okay we can do this they're okay with it I just so we're raising some funds and they said that's fine Lydia we are currently trying to raise at least close to 70% so that we can go to pre-production and putting the patrons at mm patreon gets us very close very close to 70% so we're not even gonna wait till we're at a hundred percent of monthly subscription of it we oughta keep no other state Elizabeth oh my Elizabeth thank you holy crap wait wait it looks like people are great good job did someone drop don't do it unless you're gonna come in sorry it gets me so frustrating stop it it's 1999 please don't donate unless you commit because it's terrible when you drop out we all get so excited because we want to start pre-production it's not your doing till everyone says the same thing oh my god wait we do thank you do we do we guys I'm seeing makes reviewing think we need to hang on I think we need to wait a little bit because people start dropping out and that bothers me stop mmm Thank You Evelyn oh my god we're gonna wait a little bit because people tend to drop out and I don't know why please don't because they're robotic comes robotic uh me don't don't don't mess with my hilly heart dome I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm afraid I can't oh oh wait wait wait we need to wait my gosh oh my gosh refresh double-check yes no thank you please don't drop please don't drop you guys this affects it so much because what we're gonna do once we have this we go into pre-production we start paying people and it's horrible when we go to pay them and you're like robot account out then like they don't get the money like well no it's the fact that we'd probably put the money out that we don't have and then did you guys do that oh my gosh you not even hello that even helps more yeah if this keep if this keeps going guys this is this how old are you so anything that anyone wants to give that's extra or like you know hey I'm gonna I was gonna donate but it's three days from now cuz I don't I want to plan that out please go ahead and do so please keep sharing the link because now we take what we have now now we have to hope next month we have more funds to pay off more things so the supernatural parity is in you guys did it thank you so much oh my god so if you are signed up on honey kovachev I am so sweating if you guys hang up on patreon please don't download the app make sure you have it on your phones if you can don't download no I said please download the app or they said please don't please oh my god Emily thank you mm – that's amazing keep it up that's awesome that helps with like more payments down the road that's Maine that'll help us not go in the red yeah that's by you guys they need you download the app so that once we start pre-production like really soon like this week we got they're gonna start posting store gonna start posting stuff on our patreon lens so make sure that you have it up-to-date and you check our patreon stories because it's gonna be stuff there and you guys are the VIPs in now and you guys get to see all that stuff holy crap if you couldn't donate today no worries our patreon and stream labs is open 24/7 you can still donate this means so much away we can finally like get started you guys thank you so much thank you guys out you you are the most amazing family we could have ever asked for and thank you God oh my gosh Theresa thank you Wow okay look we have to run to our appointment we are far overdue this is like a four hour livestream we have to go but we have no door probably the bottom of our heart like you have no idea what an impact you just made on our lives and on the video please stay committed you won't regret it we can't wait to like share sneak peeks with you thank you so much you got this day ever good for you guys share the good news bye you guys did it bye


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