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what is up everyone thank you so much for being here in my live chat so I see a lot of you are already in here I'm gonna get my questions pulled up here I see Joe McLaughlin in the house asking about Charlie Wallace maybe Charlie will show up here we didn't give you guys too much notice for this so I want to thank y'all so much for coming and joining me I'm really excited to see y'all's questions so if you are in the chat room now you are welcome to go ahead and start leaving your questions in the comments if you put a couple of question marks at the beginning of your question that just makes it easier for me to see in this kind of crazy stream of questions that will be coming in before I get started let me just say that I do my best to get to as many questions as I can but it's virtually impossible to get to every single one so I apologize if I don't get to your question after this chat we're gonna switch to twitch so if you are on twitch you guys can follow me over there there tends to be not as many people in the twitch chat which means that I get to more of the questions so I'm presuming most of the people in this chat here oh my gosh why don't your Putin is here what who knew so I'm assuming that most of y'all know who I am but just in case I do want to just give a little I guess update on myself my favorite topic I am a certified holistic health coach I received my certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I specialize in everything from nutrition health stress sleep issues which are incredibly common and just helping people to improve their health and maybe implement some of those really good intentions we have like I want to eat healthier or I want to get better sleep and helping you to just really figure out exactly the detailed I guess check points that you need to get to be able to achieve those different goals so that is what I do as a health coach kind of take people by the hand and help them figure out how to implement these different things so all of your health related questions are welcome I want to welcome everyone to the chat George not Smith is here thank you for coming it's always so good to see you all right and here's our first question from Julie Diana exercises to strengthen back muscles please easy ones I was told the cause of my back pain is weak muscles and poor posture all right so Julie this is a really good question and this is something that I think every single one of us who has a spine suffers with this is a challenging thing especially because our lives are mostly seated in our modern culture right we spend a lot of time at a desk in a car vegging on the couch and just in general when we're seated and we're slouching all of those muscles of the spine get really weak right and that can definitely contribute to pain so I just want to throw out a couple ideas so I can get on to the next question here first of all I would say that practicing good posture is actually a really good way to strengthen the muscles of the back so there's a lot of muscles back there but the erector spinae all right are these two muscles that go right along the edge of the spine and they're what keep us erect right or keep us upright standing in in good posture so if you're always slouching those muscles get very very weak and sitting with good posture can actually get painful right just like if you were doing a bunch of bicep crunches eventually your biceps would get really really tired so practicing good posture might be something that you do for three minutes throughout the day maybe set a timer and just kind of practice having that good posture and just sitting up straight is gonna start to strengthen all of those muscles and make it easier for you to sit up straight but just know that it's something that initially maybe it'll be like 30 seconds or a minute before your back starts hurting but if you can keep aggressing just practicing a couple of minutes of good posture all throughout the day slowly it will become a habit to sit up straight and you'll strengthen those muscles of the back that make it easier for you to sit up straight another really great thing for the back is what's called a wall sit so I can't really do it because I would mess up all of our stuff here but basically you just back up to a wall okay so that your back is completely flush against the wall and then kind of squat down so it's almost like you're sitting in a chair but this is gonna really fire up your quadriceps okay it's also going to be a really good way to kind of practice keeping your back perfectly so kind of straight against the wall and even kind of that core engagement on the front of the body that allows you to flatten your back on the wall you're not going to be able to hold this for very long when you start but again this is something that you might just do for a couple minutes throughout the day and keep coming back to it another thing to understand about the back is that we have all of these other muscle groups the quadriceps the low back the glutes that are also really important for sitting in good posture stretching your hamstrings also going to be really important for good posture and then the third thing I want to say is that when our knees are below our hips it's easier for us to sit up straight so that means that you could sit in a taller chair that allows your knees to be below your hips that also means that if you kind of scoot to the edge of your chair so rather than sitting back in the chair you'd kind of scoot to the edge and it kind of allows your knees to drop a little lower than your hip that's gonna also just make it easier to sit up straight then when you're sitting farther back in the chair all in all it's really just coming back to these movements and practicing them with some consistency because you can't strengthen your muscles overnight it takes a little bit little by little but this is definitely an area that can get really sore and uncomfortable so just do what feels good for your body and the more you come back to that the better you'll feel we also have a lot of videos on the channel that show you things like the Superman which is where you're laying on your belly and then you lift your arms or you lift your legs it's also kind of similar to a cobra pose or locust pose and yoga that's also a really good strengthener for the back but that can be really really difficult if those muscles are really weak so I would say start with the wall sit start with sitting on the edge of the chair and just practicing good posture you'll be amazed at how you know strong those back muscles can become one last little thing here as I'm scrolling looking for questions if you leave a tip with your question YouTube will actually bump your question up to the top that is the best way to guarantee that you get answered and like I said it kind of bumps your question up to the top so you'll be the next question to get answered so super gigantic thanks in advance for your tips that helped to support our work here YouTube is making it increasingly difficult for content creators so we really appreciate when you leave a tip in the chat or all of you out there that our patreon supporters or joining yoga plus our awesome yoga app is another really great way to support what we do so thank you thank you thank you so much for that we are so grateful okay Cameron Baier what are your thoughts on alkaline water or an alkaline water ionizer that produces so this is a little confusing so kangin is a just one brand of water ionizer so the product of water ionizer is ionized water and so you could have kangen water that's one of the kind of top of the line water ionizers out there it's quite expensive and then the water ionizer that I have is by air water life it's also a really great high quality ionizer I will say this though I don't drink a lot of high pH water or highly alkaline water it definitely is something during the summer I will tend to gravitate more to that alkalized water but I think in general there's a lot of claims that are made around this idea of alkaline water and a lot of claims that are made around this idea of alkalizing the body so we hear things like cancer can't live in an alkaline environment so you should drink alkaline water this is just kind of for lack of a better term I to try and explain this it's a little bit more complex than that alright so the pH throughout our body number one is different everywhere throughout the body so the skin is actually slightly acidic because acid kills bacteria and because our skin is like our ultimate barrier to those potential pathogens around us the skin is slightly acidic so using acidic water on your skin such as a toner or something like that it can be a really good idea so my air water life ionizer can also make acid water at two different levels of acidity so I will use that slightly acid water put it in a spray bottle spray it on my skin spray it on my face because acid kills bacteria it's also kind of like you have a little you know germ killer type of thing but it's very natural right there's no chemicals that you're using in Japan they use acid water or acidic water in hospitals to sanitize equipment in sanitize rooms so the concept of using acidic water for different health related things is is almost just as well researched as the idea of drinking alkaline water all right so what I wanted to say I got a little off on the tangent of skin there but so the pH is different all throughout your body okay so your skin is acidic but the environment inside of your cells if it's : that tends to be equated with different health benefits the pH inside your mouth is different the pH of your urine is different so these different kits that tell us to you know check the pH of your urine to tell if you're alkaline or acidic it's just kind of I don't think non-sequitur is the right word but basically you're looking at one part of the body or the pH level of one part of the body it's not necessarily indicative of the whole thing and the idea of alkalizing your body is just kind of a big over generalization the second thing is that you can't just move the pH of your body like a lever okay so if you're eating a highly processed food diet you're eating a lot of sugar you're drinking a lot of alcohol then drinking some ionized water is not gonna alkalize your body right the pH is a little bit less of something that we directly control and it's more a product of our overall lifestyle health and nutrition so to kind of wrap this up I've spent a long time on this question I would say that you know buying a bottle of ionized water periodically I think is great I definitely find it very satisfying to drink ionized water but actually having an water ionizer in your home can actually be maybe a little bit more expensive than is workable for people so if you're someone with kind of ample finances to have these different kind of health-related products I think a water ionizer is a great thing to have you know I love having mine it's also an air water purifier and like I said I do use the acidic water a lot as well and I do like having the ionized water or at least the option to have different levels of ionized water but if you're someone who's kind of you know really tighter with your finances and you're like okay what's gonna be the best thing for me to spend a lot of money on I would actually say that a water ionizer is maybe not the most important thing for your health so if you had maybe just a water purifier okay I do think a water filter is important and then you know I think having healthy foods organic foods may be super food supplements around the house would be a better way to spend that money than investing in a water ionizer I hope that that answered your question I also just encourage you to you know do your own research especially if there's a specific issue that you're looking to try and resolve if you search around you will find people who have had specific experience with that issue and whether the ionized water helped so there's lots of information out there at your fingertips I just encourage you to to look around and see if you can find people that are maybe having the same experiences or the same health issues that you're having okay Harold Kai's says what is your main well my main is naturally curly thank you for asking but I think you were asked actually asking what is my name and my name is Carina Rachel I'm a certified holistic health coach and as I lovingly like to say when I do Instagram stories about health I'm your vertical health coach huh instead of your virtual health coach anyway I'm a goofball you'll probably already knew that alrighty so thank you for your question can I ever become a pilot yes you just have to go to pilot school and it'd probably be good if you don't have a fear of flying okay Jonathan Whittaker is here awesome okay so I'm seeing something here from play no games I've been involved with a way for 10 years I'm almost over it please advise please give me more information maybe you left your question earlier and it got chopped off out of the chat but I don't know what you're asking me so please leave your question again Col Tobias sorry for butchering your last name there but Cole's question I have a friend who is really stressed out but I'm not that great with helping people with that kind of issue can you give me some advice to help them alrighty so stress OMG the thing that probably every single one of us is is being negatively impacted by alright so stress is not only unpleasant to feel but it's also really really bad for our health okay so rather than talking about how and why stress is so bad I'm gonna try to give you some ways to help your friend and then I will just say that after I get done with my live chat in the psyche truth Channel we're gonna go over to twitch for a minute and then I'm gonna go live on our ASMR channel and if you don't know what ASMR is it's an entire I guess style or genre of video that is literally designed to reduce stress to help people relax and to help people sleep and anyone who is stressed out I would highly recommend that they check out ASMR on YouTube there's a lot of different channels a lot of different people making these videos so you can find the person that you kind of resonate with if you don't like me if you don't like my whisper if you don't like my voice that's totally okay there's so many amazing ASM artists out there that I truly believe there's someone for everyone if you don't like the whispering you can watch no talking videos if you don't like girls whispering you can find lots of men out there that are doing these videos as well but finding an ASMR channel that can help you sleep and help you relax is definitely probably my first recommendation alright so here's some ideas for stress first thing is that we maybe just grow our awareness of our stressors and we can maybe start to try and distance ourselves from that stress response that that trigger so let's take an example like traffic which is pretty much stressful for everyone all right I think we can all relate on that so you would start to kind of notice man every time I'm in traffic or every time I'm driving home from somewhere I get really stressed out and by the time I get home I'm just a ball of stress and I feel crazy so you can't really avoid traffic or avoid being in your car but just by bringing awareness to your stress triggers I think is a really really good way to at least begin to handle that stress once you start to identify the things that trigger your stress response then you can start to implement realistic coping mechanisms you could say for that stress so maybe when you're in traffic it's repeating a mantra like I have all the time in the world it would be better for me to sit here patiently then to allow myself to become stressed or try to whip around between lanes and try to get somewhere faster or cut off another car in order to try to get some more faster just remember that every time that stress response comes up it's like negatively impacting your health okay so if you can kind of start to try and implement these little mantras like I have all the time in the world it's more important for me to be patient in my car and get to where I'm going safely than to allow these bad drivers to upset me another example would be maybe implementing a little breathing exercises so you can kind of take this as a chicken or the egg thing like which comes first the shallow breathing or the stress because when we're stressed we start to breathe really shallow right and when we breathe really shallow and our brain and our body starts to interpret that we're suffocating what does it do it triggers the stress response triggers fight-or-flight because your body doesn't realize that you're breathing shallowly because you're in traffic and someone just upset you by cutting you off from a physical standpoint or physiological standpoint your body interprets a stressful or potential dangerous situation and then it's reaction as a survival reaction is to trigger that fight-or-flight the sympathetic nervous system and when that happens your blood pressure goes up your breathing becomes even more shallow and more fast okay so you know when I said the chicken or the egg thing it's like well is it the stress response that causes the shallow breathing or is it the shallow breathing that causes the stress either way a great remedy for stress is to just one notice your breath to try to slow your breath and deepen your breath so you can breathe all the way down to your lower belly and I do this in a lot of my chats but I'm gonna do it anyways here because I think this is one of the most important things if you put your hand on your belly and just notice the difference between a shallow breath okay and a deep belly breath you'll notice that the ribcage either does this or it barely moves but if you have your hand on your belly you can fill your belly filling up with air so deep belly breaths really really good if you kind of can't tell what I'm talking about you know like well this lady's crazy lay down on your back and then do it and then you can really feel your belly rise and fall with those breaths so slower breathing or notice you're breathing deeper breathing if you can slow your exhale okay slow down your exhale that also is a great way to signal to your body hey body no reason to be stressed out right now head back over into the parasympathetic nervous system because there's no danger nearby there's no threats to our well-being or our survival so it's okay for you to today and that rest in digest or parasympathetic nervous system again you can kind of think about that right super short exhales super forced exhales so instead you want to think about a slower longer exhale and that is a really good way to calm your body down last thing that I want to say on this is that I have this great little acronym that I try to remember and that's Brent so it's breathe Whittier of course one time my phone rings so breathe that's the stuff we were just talking about relax so that means notice are you clenching your jaw are you furrowing your brow do you have your ears or your shoulders up here like earrings relax your shoulders relax your face relax your jaw that will immediately help you feel less stressed so that's BR eak enjoy find something to enjoy about your environment whether it's hey I like the song that's on the radio while I'm sitting here in horrible traffic or hey you know at least I have a pretty sunset to look at while I'm sitting here in this horrible traffic find something to enjoy the instance for notice challenge yourself to notice something you hadn't noticed yet when we're really stressed out we're kind of stuck in what they often call the monkey mind okay where it's just like crazy fast thoughts and we're just feeling really overloaded so if you can notice something in your physical environment it helps take you out of your head a little bit and that's also going to help you feel more calm so maybe noticing some trees out in the distance you didn't notice before maybe you notice a fragrance in the air from from some wild flowers you just drove by or maybe you notice the smell of freshly cut grass nearby right notice something in your environment that you hadn't noticed yet and then the last thing is tea be thankful have gratitude just the act of thinking about something to be grateful for has been shown in neuroscience studies to all of these positive in fact impacts on the brain so be thankful have gratitude thank you for my car thank you for my air-conditioning thank you my car for getting me where I need to go safely thank you my body for taking me to the places I need to go thank you nice thank you feet thank you hips there's all of these just different elements of gratitude that have a million benefits Oh breathe relax enjoy notice and think tank Brent with you and that's a great remedy for stress so yeah so Cameron buyer just chimed in my husband and I have bought a water ionizer that produces kangen water if you already have it I think that's great and I would just really tune in and notice how your body feels after you drink the different levels of ionized water I know my machine and I presume most machines have this you know the ability to choose what level of ionization you want so you can kind of work your way up to higher pH levels and just really notice how you're feeling and then secondly don't drink the alkaline water with a meal because your digestive tract and your stomach and your GI tract is highly acidic and there's a little bit of debate over whether a glass of alkaline water can actually change the pH of your stomach which is like SuperDuper acidic but just in general it's recommended that you don't drink alkaline water with a meal or I think it's like 30 minutes before or after a meal general recommendations so om freakin G we got our first tip of the day this is from comeback thank you so much come back I hope you come back to my chat again sometime okay so this question is can Diet help to overcome seborrhea rash on the face if yes what kind of diet so I am not familiar with this specific condition but I'm presuming that it's going to be an inflammatory condition yes so boric dermatitis this one is showing it on the scalp what is seborrhea caused by doctors don't yet know the cause of seborrhoeic dermatitis it may be related to a yeast or fungus or an irregular response of the immune system all right so a couple little things I want to touch on number one any time that you see that suffix I T is so dermatitis colitis arthritis and I say this a lot so my apologies to those who are like oh god here she is talking about the itis again but this is so important and if people can just understand this one concept it's like well light bulb goes off of life so those things that end with itis that means that they are an inflammatory condition what is inflammation inflammation is that red kind of rushing of blood cells that happens anytime we have a cut or abrasion if you've ever you know how to cut on your hand or something right it gets red and inflamed so that inflammation is a reaction of your immune system to come in and try and heal whatever is the abrasion or issue right that kind of is stimulated within your body it kind of sends a communication to your immune system hey there's this issue over here go check it out let's send some red blood cells over there and try to fix the problem so inflammation is a really important process it literally saves our lives every single day and it's the reason that cuts heal bruises heal stitches heal tattoos heal it's all because of inflammation however the immune system is a very complex system and it gets confused by a lot of the modern foods chemicals and other things that we come to contact with in our modern lifestyles so for instance something like gluten in the diet has actually been associated with an increased autoimmune response basically and if you go to the Wellness Plus podcast I have had so many different guests that end up talking about this topic okay and talking about patients that they've had who removed gluten from their diet and they just see this huge improvement of a really wide variety of health issues because inflammation can impact you virtually anywhere if you have inflammation of the gut its colitis okay all sort of colitis if you have inflammation on your skin maybe it's psoriasis maybe it's seborrhea dermatitis okay but the bottom line is that when we are taking in things that confuse the immune system it can actually send inflammation to places that it doesn't need to be and when inflammation goes to a place that doesn't really need it it causes more problems okay it causes more issues so in general inflammation is associated with different health problems and again anything that ends with itis arthritis colitis dermatitis these are all things that come back to inflammation so what can you do number one you can look up anti-inflammatory diet on the internet and you will find tons and tons of different articles blogs images even showing you foods that are typically anti-inflammatory largely this is like the easiest diet ever nutritional recommendations that I've been making for almost ten years which is avoiding processed foods avoiding sugar avoiding alcohol and just trying to fill your diet up with lots of vegetables fruits and whole foods so not the grocery store Whole Foods but actual Whole Foods so that's like you eat the orange instead of drinking the orange juice you eat the entire egg instead of just eating the egg whites if you're going to eat grains you eat whole wheat grains and when you buy something that says whole wheat you actually need to look at the ingredients because a lot of them will maybe contain a little bit of whole wheat flour and then they'll still contain the enriched flour which is like probably the worst thing for us ever I'm not gonna go on a big tangent about this but if you all want me to talk about enriched flour someone can ask that down below but bottom line Whole Foods natural foods that have been minimally processed this means they usually don't have a really long ingredient list okay it's just the whole food in its natural state so that anti-inflammatory diet can be really good gluten is another thing that's been specifically correlated with issues of the immune system autoimmunity and inflammation so you might try removing gluten from your diet for two to three weeks and just see if it doesn't help there's no guarantee that it will but goodness if you could resolve this horrible rash issue just by altering your diet a little bit that's got to be good last thing I would say about your skin drink plenty of water coconut water is another Grilli great thing it's got lots of electrolytes lots of minerals it's incredibly hydrating and it's gonna be way better for you than sodas juices if you're drinking those types of things I really recommend that you stop I'm getting parched I'm probably gonna drink this coconut water right now but just work towards a more natural diet and I have tons and tons of videos on this topic having good healthy fats in your diet is also really important for the skin so I hope that that helps helps you come back thank you so much for your tip thank you so much for your question I genuinely hope that some of these tips I gave you are able to help if they do let me know if they don't come back and let me know and I can keep talking on this topic for you okay I wish I had four arms so that I could be scrolling down the comments and opening my coconut water at the same time let's see what I can do here all righty looks like we got a couple trolls in the house I keep seeing comments that are being deleted by psyche truth so thank you trolls for joining the live chat okay Heather Kozlowski advice for someone wanting to start in massage therapy I know Athena is the massage expert but any advice or tips would be awesome glad you're back on the live chats cool so Athena is actually gonna start doing live chats just like this one so you can keep an eye out for that and then actually tomorrow Robert Gardner of Robert gardener wellness he's gonna be here in the live chat room doing live chats so he's a massage therapist he's also a yoga instructor which i think is kind of a really great synergy to understand anatomy the body range of motion common causes of pain so he is incredibly knowledgeable and he would probably be a really really good person to ask this question and then like I said Athena is gonna do some live chats too so you could even ask her about just to give you some sort of an answer Heather I will say I imagine you're already watching our tutorials that we put on that's a really good place to start I believe that there are a lot of different places where you can become certified or licensed as a massage therapist whether that's actually going to a massage school where you live they probably even have online programs for that as well so there's probably a lot of different options for actually becoming licensed and trained in massage therapy and then I would just encourage you to you know kind of explore you know whether it's just on our channel or on YouTube in general because there's a lot of types of bodywork out there so there's the traditional kind of Swedish relaxing massage that most of us kind of think about when we think of massage but there's also deep tissue there's also Thai massage which is done fully clothed it's typically done on a mat and it's kind of like an assisted yoga stretching but that's a really really wonderful style of massage I think it's also a great introduction for people since you're not actually putting hands on the skin I mean you do put it on the skin but not like a bareback which would be you know kind of that typical Swedish or deep tissue massage so Thai massage is you know maybe a good introduction depending on where you live you may also be able to find what they call Thai massage jams and Robert will probably talk about this tomorrow in his live chat because he actually created the Austin Thai massage jam this is just where people get together they come together kind of like a yoga class or acro yoga but instead of acro yoga you're working on each other and so Robert will teach you Thai massage techniques you kind of partner up with someone or bring a partner and he'll show you ways to work on each other and he'll show you you know maybe you come with your husband or your boyfriend and he has this issue in your back and then the practitioner of air at the at the jam will show you how you can help them so it's a really great way that's even for somebody who isn't wanting to become a massage therapist I would recommend that but definitely if you're interested massage therapy you might be able to find something like that I think that would be a great introduction to see if it's something that you want to go all the way and becoming licensed to do okie-dokie Chris s I feel what you say in Carina every day I think my mix tape for keeping me warm through the cold weather I love that three all right guys so I just got my three minute warning we are about to switch to twitch and I just remembered that once again I forgot my guitar so I couldn't sing the theme song for y'all so oh well big guitar is not tuned so I don't think that's a good idea there's like this old guitar that we have in the office it's like seeing a string probably hasn't been tuned since my last live chat like five years ago but anyways bottom line come follow us over to twitch if you're not on twitch yet it's a really cool platform to see if I can maybe answer one more question in here before we switch to twitch but if you're on twitch and even if you're not come over there join me in the chat like I said there's usually not as many people on twitch because we're still kind of growing our platform there so I'm able to get to you know most of the questions whereas here I don't think I've even I don't I don't know where I am in the feed compared to where there's questions okay alright here's the update so I'm gonna head over before we go to twitch we're gonna stay on YouTube makes it a little bit easier but we're gonna move to the ASMR channel so if you're like what the heck is ASMR you frickin weirdo autonomous sensory meridian response this is a style of video dedicated to helping people relax and helping people sleep so if you have a stress-related question come to my ASMR chat ASMR is a little bit different so if you're not familiar with it I will just kind of give you you know the little heads up it's gonna be different from this chat I'm gonna be talking more slowly talking more quietly and maybe tapping on stuff a little bit who knows we'll see so I would love for you all to come over there and join me and then after we do the ASMR YouTube channel then we're gonna switch to twitch awesome Church not Smith says not even an hour so I am not in control here I am NOT driving the boat as they say we've got this awesome social media team they're basically kind of driving the show I just sit here and answer questions so once we get the live chats kind of back on a schedule back on kind of consistency we'll definitely make sure to do our maybe longer chats Garuda legend says use the guitar please that's better than nothing alright I guess we'll see what happens and Thomas is there a good recipe cookbook to get for inflammation you know I don't know one off the top of my head but I bet you anything that there is at least one if not several dozens cookbooks for inflammation ah if you look up in Flint anti-inflammatory diet there's a couple of different diets that are recommended I think one is called the zone diet so I'm sure that they have a cookbook for that but again if you just kind of search for anti-inflammatory cookbook I bet you anything that you will find a lot of information out there this is kind of off topic but if you're on Instagram there's a page that I follow called functional dot foods I'm pretty sure that's the name functional dot foods and I love that page and they have awesome recipes they do these awesome little posts where they kind of show different healthy meals and they'll show like here's a vegan one here's a paleo one I mean just kind of showing people examples of what a healthy meal looks like these different recommendations like eat the rainbow have a wide variety of colors in your diet spinach strawberries blueberries apples sweet potatoes you can kind of get the idea of how all of these whole foods these natural foods can really help you to to taste the rainbow or eat the rainbow unfortunately skittles not gonna help you in that same regard those are all artificial colors but optional dot Foods is a page that I love just in general looking for things like functional medicine or functional medicine cookbook that might also be a really good way to find some anti-inflammatory recipes lynnie yeni anti-inflammatory in void sugars and lower your carbs yes buffalo wings would be pro-inflammatory so you know so a couple of guidelines to you know because I know it's like a little what does that mean um so fried foods anytime you're eating something fried that is gonna be pro-inflammatory okay it causes a responsive inflammation in the body partly because of the breading and the gluten that is on whatever was fried partly because of the oils so we could talk about the quality of the oils that they fry things in usually those oils are old they're often even rancid and they'll still fry stuff in it because once you fry it you don't taste the rancidity we could also talk about the high heat that is used to fry foods whenever you are doing oils and high heat this is kind of a bad bad bad combination if you're gonna cook with oils oils like coconut oil and avocado oil tend to have a higher resistance to heat a higher heat point before they morph into other chemicals that aren't good for you so coconut and avocado are good oils to cook in but just in general trying to avoid things that are cooked at really high heat or air fried so unfortunately that means your your fried wings although you can't eat I mean grilled chicken wings definitely a step up okay or baked chicken wings definitely a big step up from something that's deep fried barbecue or smoked foods these are other examples of things that are exposed to high heats and depending on the company that's producing it I think there are some companies that are making smoked foods that are that are healthier but just as a general kind of you know guideline avoiding things that are cooked at high heats is gonna be a good idea avoiding anything with a really long ingredient list all right so when you turn something over and you see enriched wheat flour and monosodium glutamate Otto lized yeast extract which is another pseudonym for MSG alright so when you see yeast extract or our lized yeast extract put that thing back that's a highly processed food msg is actually an excitotoxin ok so it mimics the effect of glutamic acid which is something that our body produces our brain produces it makes us feel good right so then they created msg to kind of mimic that reaction and give us that kind of feel-good sensation but it's excited talk sick that means it actually can kill your neurons kill your brain cells because it's like giving them too much excitement giving them too much stimulation trying to think of a good analogy not really coming up with one but bottom line is eat more vegetables eat more natural foods in their unprocessed state that's gonna be a really good anti-inflammatory diet Brittney I recently found out that I'm pregnant oh my gosh congratulations that is so wonderful she says I know it's more important than ever to eat but I just feel so nauseous all I want is orange soda and carbs so here's my last hit before we close we're about to switch over to the ASMR channel check out Kelsey live express so if you download the yoga Plus app boom there it is yoga plus app she has an entire prenatal yoga course where she's not only included a lot of wonderful yoga practices for you to use for things like back pain headaches mobility opening up your hips to make labor a little bit easier but she also has some really good pregnancy nutrition tips right there where she talks about nutrition and stuff like that she even did a podcast as well so if you go to wellness plus podcast you can listen to her podcast but what I want to say is that if you can try to eat make sure number one that you have protein in your meals so orange soda and carbs unfortunately you're not getting any protein so when you don't have that protein your body doesn't feel as satisfied and it's actually gonna keep you in this kind of blood sugar rollercoaster or your blood sugar spikes up your body freaks out it releases insulin your blood sugar drops back down then you're feeling hungry and crummy again so if you can have protein in your meals or have tiny snacks throughout the day that contain protein it's gonna help keep your blood sugar more stable and when you do that you reduce nausea you reduce headaches you reduce that kind of just crummy feeling that can come when our blood sugar starts to dip and that's even worse when we're pregnant okay so little bits of protein throughout the day even if you just have to you know roll up a piece of Turkey and eat it other good sources of protein would be things like eggs even your cruciferous vegetables things like broccoli are actually really great sources of protein kale it's a great source of protein those things might sound terrible to you to eat right now so like I said maybe you just eat a little piece of chicken or a little bit of Turkey to give yourself some protein and hopefully that helps you feel better Kelsey also talked about that the first trimester is kind of the worst for nausea and then once you kind of get through those first couple months your body starts to kind of adapt to being pregnant and there tends to be less nausea less morning sickness so just do your best to nurture your body and nurture your baby right now I am so so happy for you and just wish you the very very best so guys thank you so much for being here I'm going to step on over to ASMR channel that's ASMR massage and spa bye psyche truth come over there with me get ready to chill on down thank you so much for being here and I will see you guys over there then afterwards we're going to twitch so y'all can come over there too thank you so much have a great day and I'll see you next time

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  1. I’m just a little concerned bc this is the same woman that didn’t know the third eye was located where the pineal gland is she kept saying hypothalamus gland.. as a Holistic Practitioner I wouldn’t be so quick to heed her advice.

  2. I always find myself coming back to this channel by accident because Corrina catches my eye in a thumbnail.
    And then I learn something.

  3. Here's a late question nobody asks, carrying over calories from the previous breakfast meal going into the next day. When do you know your body resets again to start over a limit of 2,090 calories maximum limit for the day. My height 5'6(3/4)" weight 171. Is how much I can consume calories each day.

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