Live: Celebrate Asian Culture Carnival 亚洲文化嘉年华盛大举办

31 thoughts on “Live: Celebrate Asian Culture Carnival 亚洲文化嘉年华盛大举办

  1. I am proud to be born in Asian culture.

    My dream was to visit Anhui, China, the birthplace of my great grandfather.
    Congratulations for the 2019 Asian Culture Carnival in China.
    …. Love from Indonesia…..

  2. As Filipino Asian we are closely related better to have cooperation and shared understanding after all were family! Thanks China!

  3. My most favorite part in this show is the gala regatta or the drum beat performance between China, Japan and South Korea. It's because I was so amazed on how close their culture is that I cannot almost see the difference in their drum beats and costume. In other Asian countries' dance performance, I like the belly dance performance of Turkey, in terms of both singing and dancing , I was impressed by the performance of India.

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  5. GOD bless CHINA, GOD bless CHINESE people GOD bless president XI Jinping the best president on the planet, the best human being GOD bless all the ASIAN country.

  6. Shows, galas, and pageants are beautiful and colorful, but I can think of better things to do with my time.

  7. I got chills watching the dance troupe from Lebanon, as they are our neighbors to the north. I'm from Israel.

  8. Димаш начинается на 02.05.40 час – звезда и лучший на планете Земля!!!

  9. Magnificent, I would love to see all asians united and work toward common prosperity under the leadership of China. United we will lead the world. Asians have suffered so much in the last 400 years, it's time for a change. Much love and respect from Vietnam.

  10. 看明明和艺兴,被摄影师大哥的镜头晃的………就不能好好拍,稳定点,别跟着一起律动摇摆吗

  11. I thought China was the one who destroyed their own culture during cultural revolution? I guess they realized now that culture is an important part of a nation state and try to restore it.

  12. 不喜欢这种人海表演形势,表演人数少掉三分之二舞台效果会好很多,也许是本人有密集恐惧症!

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