Little Rock teen demands change with fight against period poverty

3 thoughts on “Little Rock teen demands change with fight against period poverty

  1. All societies are built upon the ability to acquire menstrual cloth… you can quote me.

    Raise taxes on the men!!!!

    Speaking of men… where are the men that are supposed to be supporting these young menstrators?

    Dont think about all the poor people (thats men women and children) who cant eat a decent meal because they cant afford the tax on food… or the fact that removing the tax on food would clear up some money to pay the tax on "products" "that are ruining the environment".

    Is this news or a commercial?

  2. And watching again didn't help!!! So not only does she want tax free "products", she wants free products!

    Well hell, you can't stop poopin' either. Without toilet paper being provided freely delivered to each home in need (ofcourse wouldn't want to put any undo burden on somebody), diseases will run rampant here like it does in San Fran. Plus dirty cracks stink. Legislators need to step up and end this potential genocide of the good peoples of Arkansas… by force, threat and death if necessary!

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