Lighting Up Tokyo: Japan’s Custom Supercar Crew

COMM: It might look like a scene from a video game, but this is a typical Saturday night on the streets of Tokyo, as the owners of heavily customised Lamborghinis go out for a midnight cruise. COMM: American Steve Feldman is a regular visitor to Japan. And has managed to gain access to the exclusive Tokyo custom car scene. COMM: And with that the group of Lamborghinis featuring Diablos, Aventadors, Murciélagoa and Gallardos take to the streets. COMM: Collectively worth millions of dollars the super cars have all been heavily customised.
Vinyl wraps give the cars stunning chrome, hologram and even animal paint exteriors.
And custom light kits are everywhere with multicoloured LEDs and strobes flashing in
the darkness. One car even shoots flames. COMM: Steve’s access to this scene has had two benefits. The original video he posted
on YouTube won the award for best viral video of 2014 at the London Motor Film Festival. And to date has wracked up almost two million views. Plus he’s now selling the customisation
kits himself, should you want to make your own car a little more flash.

100 thoughts on “Lighting Up Tokyo: Japan’s Custom Supercar Crew

  1. I love that the average Lamborghini owner wants to be a crazy extreme fuxk machine in a stealth fighter but then wants to evade ridicule and takes the grown up route while these guys don't give two craps if you think it's bad taste or gaudy they are truly unadulterated and they look absolutely stunning they go against the grain they are road sharks crossed with UFO while a western supercar owner is a shark in a suit and tie with a official Lamborghini jacket key ring and dad cap.they are awesome 🙌

  2. These people were responsible for letting McQueen fall off the back of mack and the reason he ended up in Radiator Springs

  3. If I ever buy a Lamborghini, I’ll just stick with whatever underglow won’t get me pulled over 100 times a day, not go all out like this, but I don’t really have a thing for the majority of the super car market, with two, maybe three cars I’d ever want to buy

  4. All I could think of the cars movie wear McQueen was falling asleep and the light up cars play music on stuff

  5. Gaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I want to visit japan in a few years, is it possible to take some pictures with the owners and take pictures with the cars as a 'normal person'? 🙂

  7. getting the best supercar money can buy, then putting glowsticks on it reducing the price to just $10. just sad, it hurts me to watch these beautiful cars go through this!

  8. I'm almost crying my eyes right out! I want so bad, a 1985 Countach. I want it all chrome with brightly lit Cyan lighting all over it, just like I see here. Please Japan, please make my dream car come true. I want the Lambo S-5000 Countach soooo much! Just make it chrome and black tinted windows, with Cyanish/white headlights to finish it off. Yeah!-:)

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