Life with Ken and Jane | Tube Life S01 * E51 on Puša Studios

Oh Saturday Night Live we push it
through the day oh how you doing today how are you doing
I gotta open up everything I feel so behind tonight oh no am i
humming on yes I’m gonna be doing the same thing I miss out on my jump I’ll never forget to lipstick there you go
tip number one I’m pushup and I’m gonna be using you guys as my mirror there you
go yeah everything feels like it’s so up in
the air that share we have to ask you first how are you doing
whilst we seen you were streaming in the in the hospital how are things up they
got some new channels here tonight yeah no I don’t glean woke up everyday dad
what oh hi hello hello welcome are you talked into winner oh I’m so
glad to see you in oh now I see the name in the description okay how are you
first thing is first Cody I suggested us to check yes I’m gonna put a subscribe
right away yeah excellent and yeah for those of you who don’t know well we were
mentioning in the stream last week but we were supposed to have a little bit a
different plan today we’re gonna have Cody Weiner on he must sleep featured on
Peter McKinney videos yes that’s right ah and we’re just gonna still have him
on but just not today there was a little change of plans life first but first we
understand that so we have a switch of guests tonight but Cody is suggested as
to check out your everyday dad Channel so guys you check it out
that comes from Cody you know it’s gonna be good I also have a new face here as
well Jackie Jim welcome from Northern California great to have you I just went
checked your page I see you’re a fan of our guest tonight so that’s excellent so
great to have you yeah and so our switcheroo of the guests tonight is
gonna be life with Ken and Jane on rock and roll and some gold rush to throw
with the earth in it yeah formal member of multiple bands including the cult
Oh ken is your brother oh I always know is that Internet
brother at real life brother cuz I’ve fallen down that rabbit hole a couple
times so I’m just gonna double check not the neither one is bad either one counts
just as much I’m just more curious so continuing on and what I was saying
about our meeting guests tonight band member for the cult and some other roll
bands from eighties yes I he’s all types music and Jane is his are their better
half yeah who helped him to get through to the
other side of his life should you say you’re gonna sit here the details and
now they are out on six months trip across you asked yeah in their RV is so
cool they are looking for gold and rivaling the states so they are have
acquired nomadic lifestyle I must say Jane has had it before already
yes traveled extensively across the globe well that’s why says the noise
yeah well she changed his life and loves yeah so amazing transformation rock and
roll and gold rush’ all in it and he promised to play as song today so so
that is gonna be awesome as well we hope that they can connect today because they
are in the RV town in the middle of the wilderness that just climbed out of
yesterday that’s what I want to say I want to jump in for a second since
you’re his brother I was wondering if maybe you could text him and let him
know though jump on Twitter and say hi to us cuz we’ve been trying to connect
with them and I forgot to get his cell phone number the other night so if you
could do that that would be a great great help
yeah cuz yeah we tried to get them on to try to do a dry run but so just because
crossed everything works out we have sugar bay into tonight welcome good to
have you and I know you know Toronto right away I want to say a big hi to you
and somebody we haven’t seen in a while no where did he go was more man 82 I see
and I was wondering my eyes deceive me or not it’s been a while I’d seen you
comment oh you don’t do Twitter that’s okay but the baby
message him on the cellphone i yeah that’s possible but it’s not that they
said they’re gonna drop in our chat so we’re just gonna patiently wait and as
we always chat you’re at the beginning anyway so Dom Lee we just didn’t and
Pamuk Sean it was so great yeah I’m video Jerry chats for a little bit eggs
and he catches those ones almost all the time so it was nice to be in fro on you
guys are so amazing such chemistry somebody wrote I forget there were like
the cutest couple on YouTube when I agree there’s just something about them
I don’t know what it is you guys just got this it’s amazing all of the way you
guys banter between each other and stuff like that and they it’s it’s good really
got a good thing going you know let’s see uh let’s see cuisine oh there they are
well no okay guys not we’ll bring in a few minutes but I gotta send you a new
link cuz that was the test one so I would I send it to the same Twitter
message okay just stay tuned in few minutes you’re
gonna send a new link first thing so yes yeah we were we were gonna worry and I
mean not for not being on the show but then we’re like when they’re traveling
they’re always going out on the boat I hope everything I want to start off by
thanking you guys you guys helped us once again remember we were 42 subs at
the beginning of February and a while ago we hit 1700 and I want to just take
a moment to thank you guys once again yes exactly can’t thank you enough
you’re absolutely incredible and yeah I can’t believe it I cannot believe it
we started this thinking that you know what maybe we’ll do okay and I don’t
know I don’t know what else to say about it’s been absolutely phenomenal and I
thank you for me thank you for the mom of Arts
yeah I’d say it is amazing really just to see that it’s been growing and of
course guys it’s it’s all you it’s all you so and so thank you again and we
must say that shortly or in that following week or so we’re gonna have a
nice surprise for you guys yes to celebrate this occasion that’s right
yeah something very very special and I can say very unique andrew has been
working on and doing a co-op for the first time and I do collab was two
amazing youtubers as well and it’s gonna be something very very special so I
can’t wait when they’re gonna release it I hopefully next week to celebrate this
occasion and you guys of course we’re celebrating you with this 17:02 you know
guys just in the last 90 days and that’s just part of the 90 days that we did
over two hundred and forty six thousand watch minutes yeah I know and and and
yes the live streams obviously helping not a lot but we are enjoying them
always say it’s it’s a lot of cool area because it’s right here six days a week
but at the same time we do I get excited every day when we get new guests every
time and get to know you guys so much more closer and get to introduce you
with new people around the web that’s right yeah that’s that’s really amazing
so thank you once again from all over from us to you so appreciate it thank
you and yeah when we do some house cleaning the cleaning house bleeding
while we do that why don’t you go over and smash that like button and push that
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too life first as we always say that’s
actually first let’s just bring him up guys
no actually we’ll do this and then do the hashtag selfie yeah okay so we got
let’s see we got those we got bottled caps welcome my friend crafty mom 15 so
great to have you our V danger films excellent channels
amazing to have you Jackie Jin once again great follower of our guest
tonight and hope you enjoy our stream as well our guest of honor is Jane wife and
Kennedy Laura Wilson who has been coming now since she found our Channel yeah see
you guys what’s your comment you keep coming back
Mary Anne Donnelly and panic D excellent love you guys a stream a while ago we
did the only caught Philip Cockrum who’s been watching us on two devices so yeah
it’s very nice to see you yes it’s really great what a great night for you
to be back so your Erickson I’m sorry I have to go back and look to see how
you’re doing I apologize we asked I know and then I we got all sidetracked yesterday she was in the hospital
streaming from the hospital so all the good thoughts to you sugar bay so great
to have you here love seeing in the channel a tea throg of course it was
with us a while ago in the Wall Street yeah Tyrell the original the one and only the
amazing touring taste buds how are you guys I don’t hear where are you right
now you are your tour where are you with your stream stream unapologetically guns
are coming back to once they started watching us so that’s really awesome as
well you’re such amazing sporter the moans let no ready that you decided to
come and check us out definitely definitely thank you so much
and did we miss any money crafty mom 15 did you mention you couldn’t resist
Kevin Jane nobody can resist Kevin Jane they’re absolutely fantastic
I’m gonna say adorable I know they are in their 60s I believe but they are
adorable like I don’t think any age group could ever not like them because
they’re just they’re just so sweet you are right bottle caps it is hot and
humid here tonight he just went up shower before the show I washed up we
were doing a bunch of stuff today we emptied our daughter’s room got rid of
all the stuff you did so well cuz eggs in doesn’t like to get rid of things but
I’m very very proud of her very good it’s very emotionally attached
to things we talked about that was today I get emotionally attached to things
that I get higher time strung them out and also growing up in foster Soviet
country we tended to save every little piece of ribbon and and jar and all that
in case because you know you couldn’t just go in a store and buy it first to
begin with and then afterwards it didn’t means to have it right so I kind of just
had that thinking lifestyle I’m getting better with being but sometimes
especially when it comes to kids things that are from earlier childhood you know
they might not care even that it’s out about time too so we did a lot of that
today so yeah I’m not and yeah and then we need to cut some streets today that
was nice too but it’s so hot I’m not a hoarder actually I’m not a hoarder I
very neat actually closets no no that’s cool yeah yeah no no it’s not a not not
a hoarder not dirty nothing like that she’s just very sentimental stuff no I
sometimes call youtuber more job well she had to get rid of her that was made
for her okay like 40 years ago because in the flood into in there yeah I mean I
guess you know it’s an emotional attachment you know so yeah fellow
Montrealer today to Monday it’s gonna be worse so like alright we’re doing great
Michael great to have you here so happy to have you back
hope all is well with you unapologetically Norm’s I get emotion
things too especially my kids stuff no yeah because and it also shows their
growing up – exactly it is a little bit of that oh and yeah this this year we’re
gonna send our baby to the camp to the overnight camp yeah first time and I
don’t know if I’m ready are you ready not really I’m not like well I’ve had
two boys in the past now I got a girl and that’s changed everything I’m sorry
if it sounds sexist whatever but it is yes I’d find it a harder
yeah she’s seven and she got a chance to participate in an awesome outdoor Kim
and it’s an overnight camp I don’t I don’t know I don’t know I think I know
be a great experience for I would never hold her back from it but yeah it’s
gonna be it’s gonna be different and you’re so right you can also take a
picture if it if it’s something you really like the look so then donate the
actual them yes and that’s what we’re planning to do with their drawings
because obviously I mean you know there’s so many drawings you can’t save
all of them and I don’t have a good idea of going outside we’d have a nice field
here a lot of greenery and take a picture with the child holding their
painting or drawing so we have actually even better combination of the drawing
and the child yeah actually I think we should start doing it more as they draw
it take a picture so you actually see how they grow with the throwing so
that’s a good idea bottle caps was ours came with
temperature here yeah I think it wasn’t too bad today it’s just very humid and
tomorrow I’m supposed to rain and Monday’s gonna be plus 38 yeah Monday if
I’m here in a puddle in the evening please forgive me I don’t do well with
it’s gonna be yeah you can scan the drawings
yeah the smaller ones definitely big ones but the big ones are rolls she’s
got I believe and I agree with the smaller ones I was
I do for smaller ones yeah yeah we’ll see humidity 27% that’s uh that’s good
here it’s like sometimes I get to 70th and it’s like all night help me yeah so
but it’s it’s fine you know I’m just trying to think well
you know June is almost done and then July and by the time of end of August
it’s kind of already starting to get to cooler breeze let’s Montreal the bottle
caps were just played with humidity that’s our every place has got their
stick and what’s ours is the humidity it’s makes it in the winter in the
summer not much harder to to bear through the fallen yes that’s true cuz
any maybe take a picture if they make a story book with those thoughts for the
children three later oh that’s such an amazing idea
large you’d be quiet’ before you end up getting me a trip to one of those the
big printing places and cost me a fortune so we got Shawn we got two air
conditioners sitting in the back it’s just that there is a good breeze that
blows through here a lot and I hate to blow up I actually had my downstairs
neighbors moving out and he asked me if I wanted to buy their portable air
conditioner so I can take a look at it yeah I know I realize what I’m saying
that yay I’m gonna see when it’s night are actually really nice here and like
for evenings and nights and it’s nice to open that window in the evening and have
a nice breeze we have a river flowing right beside us so it’s nice nice fresh
water breeze so wouldn’t wouldn’t want to stick that air conditioner in it and
block that off but if the portable would work that would be great oh go swimming
no I haven’t gotten swimming dad this year yeah so looking forward to that
haven’t done that used to do that a lot and you know in the city they do have
beaches here but I don’t really like swimming in I haven’t tried it and
planning to its more worse than anywhere else no but I guess I’m not really a fan
of swimming in the river begin win sight always somehow here was me even the best
comedian won we did like you know I have swim there but even not like see there
you go yeah the Baltic the Baltic Sea the ballsack see is I call it swimming
it’s swimming in the ball sack I need an air conditioning unit for my garage Thomas announced that project is there
alone Saturday I see you got a new video I went to watch a while ago but I didn’t
have time unfortunately you know things go but I’m gonna try to watch it as soon
as we’re done the livestream I have it up in another tab and yeah by the way
for the new channels that are out there and for those of you guys who are
listening but are not in the chat hello as well thank you for tuning in you
listening us on your headphones by the way for those who don’t know we are
getting out podcast versions of our previous live streams sometime during
the summer by the Grateful free-spool suggestion of heels of he lives and do
it Miranda yeah our podcast guests so but that’s during the summer project
yeah so listen in to us if you if you can’t watch us that’s ok too
and for those of you who are new we’re a husband and wife team we’re based in
Montreal in Canada and during the day we do videos and photography as our
business for families for events for businesses promotions and in the evening
six times a week from Monday to Saturday at 8 p.m. Eastern we do our live streams
with guests and interested tech talk on Tuesdays and of course you in the chat
and now are we doing the savvy think oh you’re on a roll okay well the whole guest is coming in
there we are doing our regular blue ranch group hashtag selfie yeah take a
selfie of yourself or even better yourself watching our
stream and post it on Twitter let us know you let me do that to you
honey and from now on I’m gonna be quiet and I know you’re gonna see me more in
the chat I love hearing you – I just want to get a win – once in a while come
on come on they’re gonna be on run they’re going to Euro time now is it
good yep that’s a week that’s a keeper that’s a keeper so we’ve send off the Lincoln now we’re
just waiting for them to join us and we’ll start our guests let’s start with
our guests tonight so so how’s everything today
oh do you guys have heard the video running as well yeah yeah we’re turning
it off okay you can pause the video if you want to see the chat because if you
pause the video of the chat will smash I’ll be on the chat so don’t worry about
that really oh okay okay yeah where we were hoping we’d figure
everything out it’s been a crazy day here I mean it is raining again oh no
you guys who was it said they needed an air conditioner for their backyard
I know you guys go ahead anyway it gets so hot there hundred and twenty seven
last summer and I have a pool like 15 feet from the house and you literally
have to wear flip-flops and you I jump in with them on
and get out with them on because your feet will burn oh my god 107 you said
yep yeah 52 Celsius oh how is it possible it doesn’t do that very often
but it does it a couple days a year during July and August it hits it’s the
120s oh yeah Death Valley is hotter than that but we’re a little bit we’re like
it’s 700 elevation I think Death Valley is it a negative elevation like negative
sea level so they’re the hottest place I think on the continental US but we’re
close soo so definitely the plan was to get out of there in the summer and now
that I’ve retired we’re on our way do you want because there’s some new people
in today and of course lots of your fans as well do you want to start off by just
telling people a little bit about yourselves like before we even get to
the YouTube channel maybe just back like I don’t know where you guys whoever it’s
kind of an open-ended question where you guys feel like starving okay basically
well I am a pharmacist and can used to be a postmaster rock and roll postmaster
played in bands and I’ll let him tell you more about that but basically I’m a
pharmacist I’ve worked in retail and nursing home setting for a long time we
decided to start a YouTube channel last year sometime and just for fun and here
we are we don’t know we still haven’t figured out why we started a YouTube
channel yeah but here we are yeah we’d like to gold mine in the winter we have
a we belong to a gold mining Club in Havasu and we have a site out there
where we keep our fifth wheel year-round up there and we spend the winter most of
the winter out there we go back and forth from home to our fifth wheel and
we do gold money for fun we make about one or two cents an hour probably
negative actually when you consider all the equipment you have to buy for it but
it’s a lot of fun it’s really good exercise and during the summer since I
just retired we’re just gonna be traveling and getting out of the heat so
and kind of chronicling our video chronicling our travels for
ourselves or grandkids and we’ve met just a ton of really really nice people
on YouTube and I think that’s probably our main motivation at this point is
just we have met some wonderful people from all over the world and really
really loving that it’s not something we started with the begin like around the
same time when we got to know each other than that and it was amazing how it
branches out like literally not even like trees by the roots
you know combining you think especially you guys that travel you must have
already met some like are you planning to meet some people that you talked to
on YouTube or got to know on YouTube during your run no actually we have who’s in Great Britain yes and he is
going to come visit us in the fall with his family in Arizona so that’s gonna be
really fun you know having someone come all the way from Great Britain to visit
us and then we’re gonna show them to the Grand Canyon and you know just real fun
stuff and it’s it’s great for them they just have to play paid their flight over
and after that it’s all taken care of you know we’re gonna take care of them I
love Matt I actually was trying to get Matt on the channel but like he said
with the younger kids in that a turn with the time difference yes like I’ve
been a fan of his since beginning he does amazing work and you know I pushed
him a couple of times because his videos you know it’s like I say it’s a big kid
with a little kid it’s two year old you know it it’s not a kids show it’s it’s a
it’s not a kids show at all it’s just a big kid with a little kid you know and I
just think he’s great it’s amazing editing yeah I’ve learned a lot just by
watching his videos honestly not that we’re anywhere near his level at this
point but you guys are doing quite well you guys are doing really well and I’ve
improved over the last month’s too you know yeah we’re having fun yeah I mean
your videos are so I am very well in a way like there is such a nice hint
of humor in them all the way through and some of them like the endings oh my god
I watched like I watched that video obviously but I watched that ending
probably like 10 times so funny oh my god part of who we are is that we’re not
not afraid to make fun of ourselves we don’t take ourselves too seriously and
we just love to laugh and have a good time yeah there are weird little world
with people so that’s what’s nice about your channel is this is not staged it’s
not like oh let’s try this again as you can tell that’s the way you guys were
when the camera goes off or on it’s yeah you know you’re a lot of we just every
once in a while will do a retake of something but for the most part it’s
what you see is what you get yeah makes that Eagle fly by your again Jay those
were some amazing shots that’s what some some capture and you’ve gotta get to
bigger lens that’s for sure before the tripod because yeah you know just being
able to see so up close in the areas that you’re going to it’s amazing yeah
you know that the one you were talking about the clip where I’m running around
the pool and I’m singing David Bowie’s you know Major Tom
yeah twitting slow-motion of course I was making fun of myself and the reason
for that was is that we had done a video and I know that people were like Owen
Yeah right we were out at our camp which is way way way out in the desert and
we’re driving in James driving and I look over the horizon and I go God look
somebody flying a drone out here I’d only damn that is a big
and then it just kind of work yeah and it was look like an egg here I mean get
my drift we were like what did we just I just
looked I looked at Jane Isis what was that and she goes I have no idea
well a couple days later I really saw thought we’d saw a UFO the thing was
completely silent by the way and it was right in front of us and and not very
high and what it ended up being was we think it was encouraging galactic yeah
doing they did a test flight that day in the
area and we think we saw the it’s a glider so yeah I actually after I
watched that video I went and and I love researching right so I waited I went and
double-check got the dates and the places and yeah it’s actually was the
the last gliding test ran off it before they did that the first power and since
2014 when it crashed Wow yeah so you you you got to see that yeah no that’s able
to hear anything when you said like it was like a quiet because yeah it has a
light rania that was it I actually just haphazardly saw it I was reading like
the financial news of all things I’m like what the picture of the the virgin
black because I think that’s it that’s a pretty sure that’s bring it over to me
because I won’t even look at news I’m done I quit during the elections I said
I’m done and I turned the TV off booked everything and I said I’m done
I’m not here on my own well you guys are good company for each other you know you
are though you guys definitely got that certain some that not everybody can do
what you’re doing right now you guys got that way to make it work so thanks
you’re doing something right yeah we actually are and we don’t even realize
it until we meet other people and we go god I’m glad I’m not down you know we’re
having well you know never mind we’re having a
really good time and yeah that’s where that song came from of course the great
and awesome David Bowie wrote it and I missed him a lot yeah
he was fabulous and that song I would love to do that song but I’m afraid of
the copyrights and all of that you know and I’m always an easy strike yeah I
understand completely it is but you didn’t get the strike when
you did that video no we kept it under oh that’s why you were counting you know yeah that video that was fun can almost
never does covers I mean that’s nothing his career basically he was with bands
but never really did it never got covered always with original music so
well just cool like and you’re still doing to this day like some of the stuff
you’re right it’s nice to watch like one night I cut your live streaming that
when you were writing remember you were just putting on a couple of bars myself the background of ours is my guitar and
you know I’m not real open to that because I’m I’ve only been playing since
I was 62 I was a singer and I started when I was 62 years old
yeah the guitar right singing right very young well you know and you got talent
you got and then and some great awesome stories to opening up for these bands
and being on the road which we want to know more from one man to another yes those were
fun days and I was single during most of it and oh man we had some great times
and you know we were told basically you know I was a writer and I kept trying to
get guitar players to work with me and most of them would say no not unless
you’re doing the Rolling Stones or somebody like that
nobody’s gonna dance nobody’s gonna want to come see you and they were basically
right but I said why would I want to do start me up you know Mick and Keith
already did it well you know I won’t I don’t want to do this because it’s fun
and you know and I think I can I want to do it I feel it you know so I got some
guys that will go play with them you know goes on we actually made a this is
the clue not the cult the clue CLU II that’s right we made a demo CD D uh
excuse me a demo cassette yes we’re talking about a long time ago now folks
I’m telling you and when we got it done a disc jockey in the local area in
Humboldt County in California said well why don’t you bring it in and so we did
of course you know we’re kind of excited thinking oh wow we’re gonna get played
on the air I’ve never been played on the air before and he played a song and
somebody called up and says play another one and the next thing I knew I was
driving home from the bass players house on the freeway and I hear this song and
I’m tapping my foot – and I got who is this who is this guy I know this song
who is it and suddenly I went holy crap that’s me yeah that was really fun and
then we started getting played on radio a lot we were getting played quite
a bit on the radio every day two or three times and we had friends that
would call in and request you know play the clue played the clue and then we
became I remember after that after that all happened well we were a small band I
mean we went in played all night for one drunk Native American clay House of the
Rising Sun we actually gave in and played House of the Rising Sun since
we’re done II went play house so anyway we were done and we were getting ready
to play this club called the cellar right and it was downstairs and there
were a lot of steps to get down into it was one of those dark dingy places you
know that we I lived in for years and we stopped and a couple of guys come
running over and we’re in my truck and they go hey can we help you unload and
that’s like wow you know sure equipment is heavy and I look I go god what’s
going on is that a fight and there’s all these people you know stacked up and I’m
going oh no they’re waiting to see you you’re sold out in there what I mean
immediately I couldn’t I really couldn’t believe that it was like we went from
nothing playing for no one it was it was all so strange because a lot of the
people knew me and suddenly they like reaching your hand down going hey Ken
how you doing you know people that usually would even look at me that was a
great night man we packed that place I mean they overloaded that place and we
started making better money after that and then you know we we hit that small
club small medium sized club circuit for a long time and then boom we got to open
up for David Lindley was the first big and I ever opened up for and he is the
guitar player for Jackson Browne yeah that’s a big name there I mean
well-respected name on top of that yeah you kid that guy yes unbelievable he was
he was incredible I thought oh guy he’s gonna kind of snub me it goes by and I
kind of smiled my god he goes you’re the singer right and I go yeah he goes god
great songs and he shakes my hand he goes what gave me the idea to do sitting
in the park with a one-eyed guy you know because that’s the name of one of the
songs and I told him Stewart he’s laughing and joking with me and I’m like
he’s just like a great guy you know I found that most of the guys that I
played for that were you know like people that I idolized you know and
looked up to like them Fabulous Thunderbirds I got to open up for them
twice oh so cool those guys party I can imagine yeah and you know I think it’s
Kim Simmons who is the harmonica player and you know I’ve got the song ringing
through my ears right now as you’re talking about them yeah he’s he’s great
he’s a he’s a really decent great guy all these people are great people and
the guitar I mean the guitars say no more you know the brother was one of the
greatest guitar players yes Stevie Ray Vaughan he’s my idol he’s
always been my favorite since I was young I got to meet Richie yeah we go in
the back you know they have all this food spread out under these danced and
I’m down there and I see him and I’m thinking oh my god that’s Richie long
yeah and it was right after I believe Stephen was killed I didn’t dare I just
kind of backed off but sooner or later he kind of bumped over and sat down at
one of the tables hey you know introduced himself you know you guys
really good I really liked your tunes you know you write knows yourself and
I’m going yeah I says we’re just getting lucky I said we’re just uh we’re kind of
a big fish in a small pond when you go just gave me some really good
compliments and made me feel really good you know having guys that are on that
well I have a question for you I want to ask you what your past do you ever play
at a place the temple our temple a are not that I can remember remember because
we were wondering if you owed us did you guys have a song called till I’m feeling
free till I’m feeling fine no no we don’t okay I could make one up no we did
some research we found there’s a the the clue and it’s a it’s an old on YouTube
annals and we thought maybe it was your band that’s why we wasn’t sleeping
really because I don’t know of any other bands named the clue and we got you know
we got that name when we went in and talked to that disc jockey uh-huh we
didn’t even have a name yeah no we weren’t thinking of that he goes so
what’s your name and I went God we don’t have a clue he goes here they are the
clue and that’s the way we got that name that’s one of the biggest things about
bands yes they argue for weeks what’s gonna be the name yeah or it’s an
afterthought like you said in some occasions yes never would they put a
little bit of time it’s either like sometimes it even broke up band certain
members left because of the place name I will not play under that name yeah such
when the singer wants it to be their name or last name that tends to be the
number one well we don’t want a little trouble here it’s good for ratings no
just kidding yeah they can be terrible no be my name
and you guys well no you know it’s always the bass player goes along with
everybody the drummer kind of just rooms in the Harz and it’s usually that no
offense to you because it’s usually the singer and the guitar players that tend
to have the most power because they’re the most upfront that’s the most upfront
personality’s not even just what they play but those are the personalities
that usually like stand out the most in a band very rarely is the bass player
the one that’s taking everybody storm the drummer he’s kind of like the
invert that like myself as a drummer with the cymbals all around so nobody
can see you you know it’s the singer and you guys do you guys set the tempo for
the show you’re the one who gets the crowd going a lot so well you know
without a good drummer and a bass player you don’t have a band oh definitely
you have nothing no and they don’t get the credit that they deserve and I
always push those guys hey how about that you know yeah I always tried to
expecially the drummer he’s sitting behind all this stuff you could see his
head yeah he’s flipping around you know and I
make him stand up you know and they usually flip me off the inverts they’re
happy where they are that’s what made Rush such a special band because you
have actually have a bass player singer who’s actually taking all the attention
it’s very rare to think of when you look at all the major band stuff that
happened I think being a bass player after trying to play the guitar
remember 62 I’m now 64 and singing at the same time and writing it Wow it’s
not easy it’s not easy but being a bass player and doing it Holy Smoke that’s
that’s gotta be tough unless you’re a psycho crazy bass player some of them
can magic on that you know yeah yeah I forgot to turn that off to me our camera
automatically goes to autofocus and then I have to go and shut it off every time
and I forgot to tonight there we go we’re back no more hey how many I drink 12 of these enemies
with a straw I could give ya 24 years ago and that’s a good thing four years
ago oh not 25 Wow yep December yep December 6th yeah
it was a big decision I didn’t you know I realized cuz I you know and my
sister’s out there somewhere she confess to this we love Jackie she’s in one of
our videos oh and she made a big hit everybody keeps asking where she says
I’m listening you know we’ve always Jackie and I are probably the closest
ones in the family for me you know Jack’s always been there and and we just
love her girly so I forget where I was at your table 44 years decide not to
drink right well I know what was going on I mean I could go out like with you
and we could have three beers and you had three beers and I had eleven yeah it
wasn’t working its way out and pretty soon I was in a fight or or something
bad you know just bad things and I went you know I’m I’ve got to stop and then I
realized you know III didn’t think that I was alcohol like a lot of people say
well if you’ve quit for 24 25 years you’re not an alcoholic
oh yeah that’s exactly how people die I don’t know I am an alcoholic there’s no
way to get around it I started when I was 12 and when I quit it was hard
because I was still playing on stage yeah and you know quitting drinking and
you know being on stage and I realized I had never in my life
to any kind of a social outing without alcohol yeah and that was hard you know
even wakening oh I I struggled for three years I really did and then one day I
went jeez you know my life has gotten so much better I’m doing so much better
I’ve got good friends I’m hanging out with great people why would I want to do
that and another thing that happened is i when i was getting sober I met a guy
and he had 20 years and I was like in awe of that I mean are you kidding me
this guy is he he’s a liar you know you know he could have done that for 20
years you know that’s impossible I mean and he right after that he decided you
know maybe maybe I’ll try one and nobody will know just a seat and he’s dead he
died within three months after that he drank himself to death yeah you don’t I
found out from seeing it many times as you don’t start gradually well if I see
myself getting in trouble I’ll quit no you pick up right where you left off you
know it just you do when I think of a beer I don’t think of going out in
having a beer I hear a six-pack that’s right it’s just I get a six-pack did you
can get a 12-pack and say 50 Cent’s no no no this is the kind of question
please you’re okay I think it’s for 20 years now
after I got 5 years I figured I had enough Authority they heard that I can
help people and we’ve met people on the road traveling around that you know come
up to me and then asked advice and I’ve got one guy that writes me because I got
four years now you know we met him out in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota
that was the weirdest thing that was honestly we were in this really remote
kind of campground and there to you know hang out
fish whatever and he normally was not a morning person
I used to get up yeah I was on chemo and he gets this urge to get up and go
fishing at like 5:30 in the morning that never happens
never never happens and he walks out there and shortly thereafter he meets
this gentleman and who turns out to be the man that he’s been communicating
with for the last four years they had a really deep long conversation about
drinking and he helped this guy basically kind of turns life around it’s
one of those things you know I mean you can believe what you want to believe and
I know what I believe and I didn’t believe it until I go sober but he came
walking out there and you had to walk across these boards that were sitting on
50-gallon dock yeah it’s a dog like a fishing dock for kids and stuff and I
got a house out there for five o’clock in the morning and this old man walked
out first because you mind if I fish here and I said no and then his son came
walking on and I could I looked at him after bad I knew oh God this guy’s in
trouble and he goes I go oh thank god I quit drinking about three days ago
otherwise I just feel like I’m still drinking walking on this dock I could
drink in so many while however many years it was at that time and he looked
at me and he started talking to me anyway we talked and talked and he said
to me well I don’t want to go do all that kind of stuff to get sober and I
said I thought you were just talking in your car with your dad that you were
looking for someone like me to help you I have no idea why I said that his dad
rose fishing reel in and got up and walked out really we went on and on and
this guy listen to me close and I was telling him I says you need to go home
and clean that pigsty up and you got to do this and that I don’t know why I was
saying all this stuff well the next day comes knock on the door out in the
middle woods were Jane and I were and he goes
my dad just wants to know if you’re real he thought he was an angel he was there
right after he had a conversation with his dad about cleaning up his life and
there was Ken at five o’clock in the morning who never gets up at five
o’clock in the morning you know to go fishing never never never never had this
inspiration to do so and there he was at the right time at the right place to
talk to this man that’s amazing that your grand daughter I guess is Kyler and
addy and where are they right now yeah they’re in Ukiah California we came
through there before we got up here and we’re gonna meet back up with them in
lassen California dreaming yes it was a lot of fun it was absolutely a lot of
fun I think that’s so cool those those are memories of able to look at years
down the road they’ll be here and waiting for them so they’re kids and I’m
going you know something when I’m dead and gone
and if they ever think of me they’ve always got these videos when they’re
like 45 or 48 to look back on yeah and see grandpa yeah that’s so amazing I
think that’s a good part about internet you know that yeah now kids up like in
in 30 years they’re gonna have so many things to look back on I mean things are
gonna change there’s gonna be different platforms YouTube will likely not exist
by then but the files will still be there and whatever platform they’re
looking at at that time whether it’s great-grandchildren or whatever they are
gonna still see you these are never gonna be unwritten and that’s the great
I’m all I wish I could see my grandfather he was a great guy and he
raised me at times and but you know I think that’s a good thing you know I
think man those kids are gonna get to you know hopefully they’ll want to watch
it when they’re older you know and see what we did and follow our trip and
basically our life I mean we film and we’re living out there in the desert
that’s just you know us filming what we do out there you know it’s yep just
goofing around I’m thinking what you’re saying because I didn’t have any
grandfather’s gonna actually I only had one grandmother the rest pretty much
died when I was young or not before and my father just retired he was a salmon
guide fish fly fishing guide for over 20 years in eastern Cobell very cool yeah a
lot of fun fish with Bobby Orr and a lot of big names like that they all paid it
coming cuz it’s a salmon only and it’s only by fly-fishing Wow
and I’m glad my kids get the time with their grandfather that I never got to
get so I’m actually thinking about we’re gonna be down there this summer for a
little bit maybe changing the tables and this time I usually don’t do BIOS I
usually do scenery you guys see a lot of my videos maybe this time shooting a bit
more about him and kind of going back to where he fishes and bringing my son with
us you know something different absolutely and your son will never
forget that yeah yes you know we’ll never forget not just family but I know
I get a warm spot in my heart watching other families yeah love like the Wyatt
life there are a tiny little channel but they’re awesome you know this man is
there taking his three-year-old son fishing it’s just like you know it’s
very touching to watch that and just even though we don’t know your your your
dad or your kids or anything like that it’s just like you see that connection
with people and it’s just it it’s good contact because it’s important you know
it’s it is so missing today and it’s not just enough you know and we live away
from them it’s what 850 kilometers swiveled 500 miles yeah has no more
direct family left unfortunately in Latvia so it really is their last kick
at the can if you will right that bond and time in before it’s too
late yep yep it is and about we all know that anything can happen
yep I got lucky and connected with my father in my later years and I’m so
lucky because he I didn’t get that many years with as but it was a real rough
start and I didn’t get as friends you know yeah and we connected and boy am I
glad we get you know and boy it almost happened to me you know my kids almost
lost me it was close for Jane came in in my life you know and completely saved me
she is brilliant by the way Jane is brilliant I’m just persistent I mean I
think this party with Ken’s medical you know the liver transplant the liver
cancer all that that I kind of helped him navigate that and get him healthy
again and and it’s basically a miracle that he’s here yeah she basically you
know we met I wouldn’t date her we emailed each other for nine months and
then she she says I’m coming through town I’m coming through your town we
lived in different towns and she goes I’m gonna be in this restaurant and
you’ll need to be there or we’re through because she’d asked me out a few times I
said no and she goes why you know I mean come on mm-hmm I don’t know why you know
I mean she we became such good friends and that was so important for me because
I did not know how to do a relationship mm-hmm zero I couldn’t know I was in a
band wasn’t good and I tell you you’re getting a no Jane I was like
she was already my best buddy and then we connect it up and we got married in
Maui No what am i eating this way Wow being
high was sick I almost called our wedding off the
night before we were gonna get married I said I’m too sick I can’t do it you know
and she I saw the look on her face I went okay I can do it and yeah and not
long before we got home from Hawaii and Stanford Hospital called me up he’s less
than three months yeah and eight months yeah they said you
know what time it is not just scared the hell out of me
because you can’t you can’t Bach you can’t even go well you know I’m not sure
cuz there’s a hundred guys behind you going okay you know I said yeah sure
and my daughter’s I drove down I could just feel it what’s gonna happen I
called up Jane I says it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen tonight I think or
tomorrow and I just took off in my car and Jane had to catch up with me or you
got the call and I got down to my girls you know addy and Skylar and Nadia and
Dylan and my older girls in areia and Ellie
Andrea and Ellie drove me I got down there and I went in to get a sandwich at
Safeway and they called me they go where are you and I went I’m almost there and
they went really and I went yeah and I just burnt right into their dough might
the girls drove me in because I can’t drive in a city I just I I’m Dyslexic
I’m like no I would probably just have to go hello everybody I’m going to die
but the kids drove me in and saved my butt and then Jane got there and then
when you’re sitting there you know that’s a big deal you know thinking I
wasn’t thinking oh boy I’m gonna live I can start thinking the reality of it hit
you know what a liver transplant really is and but after a few days I was fine with it
you know flying and doing well I didn’t do too good for the first four days I
was not me well yeah I mean that’s it’s a major yeah you know so much with it I
mean when did you start like when you first came out what was it like like
after you come out from the operation and all that like what was my guide I
actually died and I had a dream it’s too long to tell but I set up I was down I
was down with it was a really cold room and there was one guy down there and he
was dead he was next to me and I just set up I came out of this trance or
dream that I was having which by the way was incredible and I set up and I looked
and there was a kid sitting across from a kid in his 20s and he was from Latin
America and he was you know going to school learning you know paying his way
through through college scared the crap out of him you know he just got up and
came over and he grabbed my hand he goes mr. Hollis did you know you were dead
and I went yeah because tell us about it and I did they weren’t supposed to do
that but I did and they wrote it down that’s the only reason I can remember
things that happened in that dream it’s like having a bad dream
anyway cut and go oh my god that was horrible you’re not gonna tell us well
okay you know my you know you’re gonna go to sleep count from 102 whatever you
know and I got two baby ninety nine and I was out and then suddenly I woke up
and I went oh I didn’t make it just like that you know it wasn’t like
oh my god I died oh no what am I going to do I didn’t make it and then I had
this incredible feeling it’s a feeling that you’ve never felt and you will
someday it was it was beautiful it was like
everything was awesome I sure I got Kenny it’s hard to even explain and you
know people say when I darted I saw this fight and then Jesus came up to me and
shook my hand and all boy that didn’t happen there was nobody there there was
me and there was this color that I can’t really explain that was kind of like a
sunset color and it was like if there was a cellophane and behind it was just
incredible light except it didn’t hurt your eyes to look at it felt warm and I
know that a lot of thoughts went through my head as I was thinking I also
realized at that time that there is no such thing as small or big you know it’s
all relevant because the universe is infinite and you know you can say wow
look at how big that planet is and you go over here to this galaxy and it’s
it’s a speck you know who knows just so many things went through that I suddenly
started to realize and then I started thinking oh my kids I remember that I
started thinking of my kids and I started thinking oh my god I screwed up
you know I wish I would have done this why didn’t I do that and and that thing
I knew I said look at that kid in the eyes and you know it was it was an
incredible experience and it was an incredible feeling I’m not afraid to die
because I know where I’m going you know it was just so it’s just impossible to
explain it’s something you you can’t experience here you know you can’t
and it was fun it was fun getting better my son helped me get better I know that
ten days after the liver transplant my son started walking me around San
Francisco he’s taking me to these beaches and I’m like going are you crazy
I have just had a liver transplant he pushed me and pushed me and we’d wake up
and he goes you ready to go down we go and you know I did really I was up and
down you know I lived off of blood transfusions for yeah the medications
cause some really bad anemia to the point where it was more ensuring that it
was surprising that he was still alive let’s put it that way and that was a few
years actually after the transplant but yeah that was another challenge so it’s
um I mean it’s an unbelievable feat that that can happen this day and age yeah to
be done like that you know it’s a it’s a new life it’s it’s an unbelievable
experience and then they hear the experience from you I mean this is
absolutely a phenomenal I don’t know what to say and you’re like to explain
the dream I knew everybody was burning to know what that dream was they all
started telling it so I’m glad you it was it was an experience that I really
can’t explain but don’t be afraid of it because when you will know exactly where
you’re at and what you’re doing and and and you’re great with it it was like
anywhere but I just woke up you know I just I was thinking of my kids and then
I started this guilt thing of oh man I should have done more I should have done
this you know nobody dies and say man I wish that it works them over more over
time you know you’ve heard that before man that’s why we’re doing this you know
I’m not I you know it’s it’s every time something
happens we had so much bad luck look last summer it was horrible and this
company wouldn’t back themselves up then it was getting ugly and I was getting
upset and then you know back in you go wait a second I’m supposed to I would
have been dead you know there’s so many times that I I get that you put things
in perspective yeah stuff happens but you know you you look at the big picture
and you know our house flooded the RV broke down literally and you know within
a few months I I totaled a car these three big things happen within just a
few months of each other and it was sort of like okay what’s happening and when
you look at the big picture it’s like wow that’s it those are not really big
problem they’re like that’s it’s a good problem to have
you think about some of the things that people are going through in other parts
of the world it’s like we’re lucky it’s hard to see but you know and as we get
older and we go through life experiences our perspective you know if you look
back to our teen years over here our team kids talk or whatever now and I
mean you feel bad for you you know it means a lot to them but then you walk
away it’s like you have that moment said you’re out of that day it’s like god I
wish I could deal with those problems for a day again you know things get
harder you learn what’s really important and we’re all guilty we all say that
today but we do every day it’s where we just get down on our luck
that’s look at that every time somebody dies we always say the same thing oh I’m
gonna live my life better now all I’m gonna do we do when we don’t you know
I’m not gonna stress anything but it’s part of caring is stressing over things
that come up day to day but it’s not letting them dominate your life and
realizing you say that we have small problems compared to other people
yep right Jane’s always telling me this is a good problem to have
yeah it always puts me in she keeps me going you know
and wakes me up when I you know I actually don’t know I had a house burned
down and it was right after I lost everything and then I got into another
home and I fixing it up and I got it all set up and the insurance that time in
California they weren’t doing there was a big thing about earthquake insurance
and only one insurance company was handling it and they would just didn’t
you know what I mean okay they took and my house burnt down within 10 months Wow
and then the guys that were that were the adjusters it came out that it
usually out there to screw you out of everything I found my music and some
other things and they were very kind we’re having trouble hearing you’re
breaking up really badly okay oh no we can hear you again okay
okay good all right so yeah do you want us to speak slowly oh you’re a real
robot voice going for a minute that’s what I’ve had yeah so after all this
happened you know me totaling a car and the RV being a complete lemon and the
house flooding and keeping us out of her house for five months you know we were
we got pretty down but um we we kind of kept saying to each other at different
times kind of helping bring each other up that in the end things we’re gonna
work out the best and they really have and we couldn’t see that always at the
time but you know our house is worth more now than it was we have a brand-new
kitchen we have brand-new tile floors you know everything was repainted and we
didn’t lose any of the contents of our house you know there was mold growing in
one small area in the kitchen but it could have been way way worse and we
ended up with basically a new house after everything happened is it coming
through okay now okay now your picture was like you’re getting like if the
frames are freezing that’s why just going you’re getting there yeah it’s
coming back if the keeps going on then maybe we’ll just get you disconnect and
reconnect not usually so for you it’s coming back though it’s coming back
someday you know we’re not running off of this this RV camps their Wi-Fi they
say they have Wi-Fi it’s not wise yeah that’s pretty standard what what did you
guys connect with the other night when we first tried wasn’t the RV what then
there are the park hours yeah big but for you or they what do they slow you
down after 22 gigs so yeah that’s probably what happened because you’ve
been on for a while that’s why I was thinking if we do have a lot of trouble
well get it off and click the link again because then it will restart you guys
are probably bunking yeah you need to know what’s going good no all right good
are we doing okay did we pass it yes we did good now we’re gonna move on to Jane
for a few minutes and we’re gonna turn the clock back as far as Jane wants to
go back okay you want to learn a little bit about Jane whatever you feel
wherever whatever point it could be from a toddler teenager and whatever you feel
like starting from and just kind of let us know like tell us a little bit more
about you wow this is kind of a weird question because I’m such a private
person and you wouldn’t think that being on YouTube it’s like hey here’s my life
but he dragged me along so here I am only what you feel like sharing I can’t
stress you know it’s I just always had a passion for for
travel and adventure and from the very beginning I mean the very beginning I’ve
always remembered just one of my first wishes was to go every place there was
to go to see every country that there was to see to walk every land that there
was to walk and I guess this for me is kind of a dream come true you know our
travels and adventure basically I know that’s the world is too big to do that
but I’m gonna see what I can see before I you know believe this did you grow up
in a smaller town or were you like more like more rural or urban suburban
Northern California suburban yeah yeah and you’re thinking but even when you
were young you were all because you said a lot like I did that’s why I was
curious I was like that yeah that’s just I’ve always I think my mom used to take
us out on trips day trips all over Northern California and as far as we
could go in a day and a half or two days and we learn about the history you know
we’d stop at all those little historical markers on the side of the road read
them and and she would tell us you know history class is gonna be so much more
interesting when you remember that you were here and you saw what it was like
and for me that just I guess that was the start of wanting to you know travel
and have adventures so were you a big family or no no just me my brother my
mom my dad you know and so pharmacists so that was that something elsea you
dreamt up since you were young there’s a good way to pay the bills it was you
know I think that was one of the things that my mom instilled in me was you need
to be able to take care of yourself yeah no matter what to be able to provide for
yourself no matter what and that’s part of why I chose the profession I really
do I really did enjoy my career but I was also really happy to get out
considering everything that’s going on with the the
war on opioids and and whatnot it was just getting really really ugly so it
was time to go but it was really I do miss counseling people on
over-the-counter medications and you know as people asking me the questions
that they have and that they were really super accessible as a profession versus
you know doctors that you can’t even get through to you can just walk up to a
pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist you know on there so I really enjoyed that
aspect of it but I’m also really glad to be out of it just because of everything
that’s going on in the country right now it’s too bad that’s how it’s happening
the way it is but like members airport and pharmacist get forgotten a lot in
that whole that whole war on you know on the opioids in that I mean we talked
about firma season but we forget there’s actual people like yourself that have to
deal with that you know many times I’m sure yeah people getting are threatening
and all that yeah well it makes you I mean it definitely
makes you a little jaded yes I’ve never really wanted to be a jaded person or
mistrust people but unfortunately with the whole thing I mean there were many
many times that I was lied to about oh my my I dropped it in the sink oh I know
my friend stole it or I left it in a hotel or whatever and it’s like here
they are so strict like you know even on like things like ritalin and things like
that focusing and they don’t give you spills
in advance like unless it’s like two days you know no and it’s like well
we’re leaving for travel Wow you know and it said they’re very strict here
even on things that are not like narcotics or anything like that even on
the regular unfortunately we have to be I mean it’s you know and then at the
same time it’s like as a pharmacist I would also be compassionate if I had
somebody that that came to me and said hey
you know talk to me I’m you’re traveling I would make I would make exceptions for
people I mean we’re not you know just yeah do you think the hard part right
now is because if unless you have a group plan like it read province like
states are different in Quebec drugs are 100% free until the age of 18 or if you
go to school 25 like it’s cuz universal care but with that if your child needs
Ritalin or anything like that you actually have to have a code open by the
doctor that goes to the government before they can allow that drug to be
issued to you yeah that’s part of why I was glad to get out as well as and why I
got out of nursing home practice because I saw at least in the state’s the
government basically was telling people how they how the doctors could prescribe
telling patients no you can’t take this yeah I felt that that was wrong I have a
very libertarian approach to you know medicines and so just glad to be well I
mean there’s not a lot to tell other than it just kind of it was another one
of those spur-of-the-moment type of things I saw the ad for a trip to Peru I
was in my early 20s and it was basically an extension course to the University of
California Davis and I said I’d really like to go on that my mom said sure I’ll
pay for I went yes I’m going and I wanted a car by the way that was one of
the thing that was really great was she was very you know encouraged me that way
to really and my horizons and I didn’t know a soul but I just went on there and
made some great friends and you know learned a lot about the geology of the
area and we went through and did a hike not a hike but a trek with
tax and all that for about I think it was five or six days I was in my early
20s so that’s been quite a while but it was what do you think of the lads
even the people and stuff like that it was amazing it was amazing some of the
we went we went to Machu Picchu honestly there was another town and I can’t
recall the name that kind of impressed me even more because there were people
still living there the same way that they had centuries ago and that was just
it was just it brings you to I guess a different it’s hard to explain a
different perspective on life you just don’t even think that people are still
living that way unless you experience it and firsthand and it was it was amazing
they talked about some of the stones that were created to make these cities
on hillsides and they were huge kind of like the pyramids type situation like
how did they get them here well we don’t know it was just it was mind-blowing to
actually be there you’re there in your touch I mean it’s living history right
in front of you and it’s so it’s almost like trying to figure out the beginning
of the universe it’s hard to wrap your head around to me like that how they did
it how is this even possible I can’t believe in some of these
thousands years ago touch what I’m touching right now right yeah you know
you’re blowing my mind that always happens well yeah exactly I mean you
know we talked about North American nervous as all well it’s a new country
you know like where we live is some of the oldest towns in North America
Montreal Quebec C’s played and they’re like oh it’s only four years old we
always forget guess what there was Native Americans that lived here long
before we you know there’s thousands of years a history here
it just gets sidetracked all the time I think that’s part of what I like about
some of the YouTube friends I’ve met as well is that I see some of the cities
the tours that they take you on yes we rip out the town that we live in was
found in the 60s you know it’s like so new you
know through Krakow Poland Krakow and yeah Poland and Berlin and just is this
like wow all that history you know I even do that when I’m on the East Coast
because it’s so much older than the West I was in Krakow Poland the other year
and it was fantastic stood a yeah and the city’s fantastic like that it’s Pope
John Paul the second Airport is named after him big statue when you connect
it’s dirt cheap oh my god how mighty you want to feel like a millionaire no it’s
Judge every city know before it repeats me I don’t need a McDonald’s where I go
I use it for Wi-Fi though right and I always look at the prices cuz is
reengaged the economy and there it was cost like I don’t know I said two bucks
for a Big Mike trio yeah and then when I got to Switzerland that’s in Canadian
dollars when I got to Switzerland there was $26 mark I kid you not we have the
kids that you’re flying and it’s in an airport but in Denmark for a whopper
trio was fifty one dollars Canadian do we never $51 yes so that would be what
about 40 what food oh he just should be put a dumb I throw
it like feeding like a feeding a bird yeah I had a bit of a coronary it’s a
good perspective on like how much the dollar how much yes yeah that’s why I
always use them I always save your traveling you got a data please try to
hit a McDonald’s in a grocery store and you’ll know a ton of things about that
city you’re that kind yeah in a nutshell yeah because then you say wait for the
tourist spots and just go off three streets you always find a little grocery
store you’ll see what you eat in that area you’ll see what their cost of
living is and the United States once now it’s 40 years ago and I went to Nogales
Mexico and I was just there for a little while
and almost got thrown in jail and left that time I can see you in Mexico I’m
sure it was something else I’m sure what you know you know you remind me of I
have to tell you you won’t yet you remind me of Sammy Hagar I would think
of that for the last you’re don’t worry about yeah yeah yeah that’s exactly
remind me of these guys but I had I seen him I use a real gentleman I mean I
liked I know everybody fights over rocks or Sammy Hagar I like both of them for
different reasons yeah but I found Sammy was just a bit
more humanized like poor Eddie I want to meet him when I was in the music
business and that was the one thing that my manager had a heart-to-heart with me
and he’s like listen I know you really love him and you might run into the NAMM
show by some chance he goes if you really love him I wouldn’t advise
meeting on me said he’s a really mean person and he was saying it so generally
from the heart like he didn’t want me to be crushed because that was my goal my
whole career was to meet Eddie Van Halen he’s like that we’ve met him before it’s
not a nice experience you’ll really I guess he’s really rude to everybody he’s
cut off he’s kind of like a bit like what Michael Jackson was he has no
connection to like dealing with regular people he doesn’t know what to say it’s
very awkward he gets very angry easily so he said if you like him just keep it
in the music and you know well I would have still met him if I had the chance I
would have stuck it out punk yeah I appreciate it it’s the talk well I mean
he’s everybody we’ve listened to since 1977 pretty much has been influenced by
him in one shape or another right no even country today like he’s in was
that grew up in Europe and when we lived in Saskatchewan which is normally North
Dakota she kind of got a hankering for country music I used to I was younger
the older stuff my dad it’s a bluegrass guy yeah
so I kind of turned against it a bit want to hear any but I sort of listen to
the new music and I’m like don’t if anybody ever listens a new country and
comes to me and they say they hate rock from the 80s I’m gonna punch their
lights out because when I listen to it all here is Bon Jovi I hear Def Leppard
I hear Cinderella this is not country anymore I mean it’s just down the
distortion a little bit it’s the same as the eighties yep I mean the Eagles would
have been definitely country you know I think Creedence many bands you know I
remember telling everybody when Creedence came out it says you guys
really need to listen this because this these guys are gonna make a whole new
wave of a country sound and rock and roll and they did I mean I mean they
didn’t make it themselves but they were one of the first ones you know Fogerty
was a genius oh yeah so far ahead of his time I mean move mountains that guy yes
it was so experimental back then even a like even bands like the Nitty Gritty
Dirt Band and that you know they had rock they had country they blew
everything it was that folk was coming through at Gordon Lightfoot and all
those guys were all kind of all collaborating all the time meeting
people Sammy Hagar at Lake Tahoe Wilson was hanging out Oh
was the watch Watchmen favorite band and they bought her beer and pleasure was
really cool too yeah that’s really cool well like Drake the big rap star I mean
I remember him he was on the Canadian show Degrassi I was a product advisor
there he was playing a kid in a wheelchair I mean he was popular that
show was big in the States but he still didn’t was right before all the the rut
know that his career took off and became like one of the biggest things in the
world I didn’t even realize it was the same kid I heard them talking and
working with his Drake guy and then they’re like yeah well you know oh I
don’t I didn’t even know he was Canadian I thought it was some kid you know from
LA or somewhere like that they’re like well no he’s a good on Degrassi kidding
me my niece at the time cuz I grew up in a rural area for my first
marriage and I know it’s like to grow up in a rural area you never get to see
shows you never get all these things so I was setting up for the projects for
that year and I said I never asked for anything what I said I’m gonna ask you
for one thing I want you to get me a poster signed by the whole cast and he
went around for three weeks so that she got this poster and drakes signatures on
it so I’m thinking yeah they’re probably worth the good maybe a good amount today
yeah what Clint Eastwood signed and who else was that oh I can’t think of her
name right now anyway Clint Eastwood signed a get-well card for me my son got
it for me and my son was working on a set for a movie and Clint was backing it
and he and said hey would you sign this for my dad he really likes you and he
was like I can’t think of her remember her name she feeds her dog bottled water
yeah oh my god that’s one night – that was fun he was a really great on guy
that is unbelievable I’m just starting to I I’m speechless and what a great way
to get better than have a courage from Clint Eastwood yeah well my son I was
really sick and my son goes hey I got a card and guess who signed it and I don’t
care he goes and I was like I care yeah you know I keep that under lock and key
and I’m actually gonna frame that you know yes
Marlene Dietrich was it no I can’t believe you don’t already have it framed
yeah well I have moved a lot and you know I’m lucky you know that it didn’t
happen before the house burnt down I’m lucky didn’t
get destroyed in that flood because it was a hundred and twenty four degrees
last year on our house flooded and water was running four days before my friends
found it you know it was like mushrooms growing on a wall okay but still though
I mean awful awful thing with the house and then are we not being in the shape
right from the get-go and there must have been a lesson in there for me to
learn yep and we are certainly enjoying we are not
taking this trip for granted now we’re up there and we hold hands and we’re
walking along and we’re going are we lucky or what you know you know and
we’re sitting there and eagles are flying over our head and Jane got those
picture the Osprey with that fish in its talons and then that Eagle came down
after I’m not stuff is magic to me oh yeah that shot when it’s touching just
touching the water it’s like yeah you know and then both like it’s it’s you
guys gonna go and watch the latest video oh and Jane you can see the pictures
they’re really really great captures I think Jane’s gonna be a really good
photographer and she’s got a really good eye yeah in the past like wow that was
really like you know managed to capture it had a better lens
yeah well that’s always that’s why I said that you probably need like 600 or
something like that wasn’t it you that was saying eBay or Craigslist there’s
something about people are always unloading their gloves because there’s a
lot of them into it and all they do is just keep buying everything that comes
out new and get rid of their other stuff and it doesn’t matter like even
sometimes five six years old it’s still in mint condition sound like something
you’re throwing all over the place used was a refurbished on Amazon yeah there’s all kinds of deals out there
when you look around for the only thing is you buy them on Craigslist something
definitely make sure you bring your camera you had your mouth try it right
away and make most beer good but you know there’s always that one and a
hundred that will try something oh yeah the main thing there’s no like hairline
crack in the glass and other than that should be fine it’s always just smart to
be you know just to just check it something about five minutes and then
you’ll feel more comfortable with it so but you can see all of my people like
Peter McKinnon them guys still buying a secondhand glass you’ll hear them
talking about it yeah it’s not some like starving photographers syndrome why do
you have that what’s the name of that you can rent one oh yeah cuz you can try
it and see if you like it you know and that leeet’s yes has have been a money
to rent but at least then you get a feel for the ones he actually did yeah I can
actually did their birthday surprise for his wife because she’s kind of getting
into photography as well I he rented to a lenses before they went on a trip for
her birthday two different lenses that she haven’t tried before
as for the trip and so she couldn’t actually take pictures you know using
different lenses and she really enjoyed it and I think it’s red lenses calm they
use that and then just returning they have all the batteries everything inside
they come in pouches you know great idea yeah and I think it’s like a it kind of
like not work all through states you know definitely okay well we have to get
a better Lance you know for stuff like this
well this I mean this is a great lens for just hiking I mean it’s not it’s not
so heavy that you’re going oh my gosh you know you’re leaning over to one side
carry on you want some it’s light enough to be
able to do but at the time I was just sitting there he was fishing and I was
just sitting there so I could have had a much bigger lens but yeah yeah you get
into it cuz it is money even buying secondhand or like whatever you got a
feel of it is right for you some people I’ve seen go and blow the whole Bank on
buying a whole set up and it’s not for them there’s a lot more work working
with the lens nuts it is okay to shoot power shoot if that’s what you’re into
if you’re more into that the end it’s okay but it’s good to find out and work
your way like I’d bought eggs in her first camera was for a wedding we got
married in Iceland and her wedding gift I’ve got was a new camera so that was
our kind of introduction cuz I already seen she was liking pictures we had
bought her one but was more of a point shoot before that so yeah then I thought
Iceland but what was the draw to Iceland to get married there long story short
guy was the grade six going to school in eastern Quebec in a pitiful school where
they don’t have you know get imagine what the encyclopedias were like and we
had to do a school project on countries and I drew Iceland so I was terrified
because there was nothing like one blurb and that’s back when they’re still
saying the Soviet Union exists I don’t even know if they confirm Christopher
Columbus in those books though I was terrified but I was done I swore that
was the one thing I do in my life that was my first travel goal was to go dice
and then examine what’s from like we met on a computer game years ago she was in
Latvia we were 7,000 kilometers apart a game like in life we hated the game but
stayed friends and kept in touch and that’s like us yeah well that’s what I
was gonna say a while ago that’s what you guys are telling your story it’s a
bit familiar you know so we ever together for years and then we were
looking eggs inea’s dad was murdered when she
was 16 and then her grandmother and mother died three weeks apart the year
before God so I didn’t want to get married again I didn’t want to go
through because we’re both Catholic I had and I didn’t want to do an annulment
I wasn’t anyways that’s a whole nother ball of wax so I said I didn’t want to
but then I thought it’s kind of selfish she’s got nobody it she has no more
parents or grandparents she’s 29 she’s 7,000 kilometers from
home and here’s another person that doesn’t want him like you know make it
official so we were talking with it back and
forth and then father she said didn’t you always want to go to Iceland and I’m
like I want to do my whole life and she said well what if we got married they’re
like okay it’s dirty but good idea very romantic with the tin foil ring in the
middle of the rain under me deep in the mud by the railroad of the world couple
years before that and and yeah I so that’s why I kind of the second proposal
was more a suggestion from my part okay let’s do that and the last part was
because ice like has existed from Europe and I’m from Canada Iceland is where the
tectonic plates meet so we met in the middle yeah yeah so we had a breaking
they actually had a Viking wedding a pagan wedding it was an actual old 700
year old Viking site we got married into I would love to see that well there’s a
route again you ever hear the TV show Vikings yeah I never watch
that’s where eggs and his wedding dress came from in the end really yeah because
we love the show and I never picked out a dress for anything in my life and then
almost something like I know the dress you need so I we finished watching
season 2 so I had to watch it again on like three times the speed and picked
out her wedding dress so that’s that’s there’s just a short yeah she was a
priestess from we found her online through another wedding and yes she did
the weddings for us very cool it was a hurricane that day we got
married on Canada Day which is July 1st easy to remember easy to remember yeah
okay good-looking you guys are yeah I feel like a million years ago
I used to be good looking – you still are that’s the thing you’re making me
jealous ten years – yeah it’s you know meeting online is a pretty cool thing
when you become friends because you don’t have to worry about waiting for
the mask to fall off yeah you know you haven’t gotten intimate or any of that
other stuff you just become friends yeah never was there you know you get to
know people better you know yeah because I mean we talk so much online like
through the Skype and I think you know like when you date and you you go every
so often out you talk but this is you know if it requires more time to have
that quality you get to know each other but when you talk constantly online you
get to know each other like really in the quality sense of it so much faster
right because I mean you talk all the time which are you gonna talk at the end
of the third hour you know so I think that getting to know part when meeting
online it’s so much faster and deeper than when you date and then we do they
all start talking to date now all the sudden is 2 a.m. yeah you know and you
know you don’t want to hang up yes in trouble then yeah it starts creeping in
your life and it’s like we got to get together soon or otherwise it’s gonna
ruin well you know what I mean because you’re so each other the other world
doesn’t almost exist I’m going to die this isn’t going to happen I am thrilled
that we met the way that we did because it really is working out and – better
than I ever I didn’t even know what real love was I didn’t I had no clue I knew
what love was worth for my children I love my children more you know that love
but yeah I didn’t know what that was and now I do and boy is it cool you know
having a best friend to go you know mess around with you know the
best friend what’s better than that you know so much fun you know it’s I think
I’m getting younger I love it yeah III get what you’re saying and you know what
you’re what you said this very true and you do feel younger from it don’t you
yes absolutely I do I absolutely you know I said I think
about the word 64 going on 65 and I think about when I was a kid and
somebody said that they were that all they were from they were they were not
human they were old you know and that you know they were old the category
where they’re just kind of like beings like mummies I think our culture Western
culture in general yeah we don’t value the others and honestly I think this is
the best part of my life I’m having the best time now come on – and also you
know I don’t care what people think about me anymore
well yes growing my life I’m having a good time if you like what I’m doing
great if you don’t okay that’s all right not a
problem by knowing it isn’t real you really wonderful freeing feeling people
get that through our videos to that we’re just having fun you know we’re
just out here having fun which they said oh to be on YouTube you have to have a
niche you have to have this yeah the whole thing is just us yeah I had a
friend here like I’m 44 and we were talking I hadn’t seen him in a while he
came in and we were actually talking about going into her 40s and I was
saying my sister found it really hard he didn’t like it very much
I don’t say much about my past marriage because I have a son from there and I
don’t want to bash her but like sandy has come in my life and I mean I did a
lot of the music stuff I did that all before exact well more towards before
exam I were together unfortunately but yeah I know shooting lot of it I don’t
you to love being for but I my 40s have been absolutely
fantastic and I didn’t live like some sheltered life I did a lot of great
things but the things that I enjoy now so much more and don’t take for granted
and thanks to her like I’ve done more traveling most of those countries that
I’ve been to and been in my 40s I’ve gone like jumping on a train from two
weeks traveling all over Europe sleeping in cars taking my kids across ice I
never did any of that stuff before that I don’t love every second of so I don’t
regret my 40s I’m glad I’m at a point now in my life where I can do something
like that and appreciate what it’s worth not piss it away you know it’s you get
away you’re 19 it’s fun but you don’t ever acknowledge how much you got what
you’re doing it I think you have to like I always saw data and and even more
after my mom passed away because she had that philosophy that uh you know what
what are you saving for you know like putting stuff away like in your thoughts
oh well later when you know when this comes or when this happens I’m gonna do
that well when when when when is when is that when you know she always said like
don’t put your finest China on on the cupboard for the better times use it now
you know what are you saving it for now is the good time and I think after she
passed away I kind of thought even more about that you know like you have to
enjoy your life but you have to go with your dream now not some kind of future
that might not even happen because you never know what its gonna have that well
we’re loving life and I agree with Jane this is the very best this but without a
doubt this is the very best time of my life yeah and and you know I can just
you know it’s like yeah but you’re 64 and I’m like the things you’ve been
through would you’ve enjoyed it back when you were drinking would you enjoyed
it when you were saying no you can’t the way you can now that definitely enjoy
every savor every second of it Lodge was saying it kind of come believe that you
are in your 60s I knew that was gonna shock everybody
I think your videos you were talking about not you know like it has to be the
certainty sure things I think your videos are more of a inspirational
loving life yeah because that’s how I feel when I watch them that’s that
that’s that vibe that I get out of them when I watch the videos is loving life
that’s basically that’s what we want to portray basically and that’s what we
want to share I think is you know just the joy the joy and it can be simple
things you don’t need material things you need love you need your family and
you need variances with each other and that doesn’t take a lot to do I mean
we’re lucky that we’re able to travel around and do this kind of stuff but
honestly just you know being with the people that you love spending time with
them and making just awesome memories that’s that’s what life is about you
wanna know something we have spent less money traveling yep then we would have
been just staying home oh how can we afford it can we afford this we spent
way yeah yeah it surprised us you know I mean and we’re not what we are kind of
penny pinched and we have to to get by you have to pick and choose your battles
and when we travel like people used to say to us I wish I could travel like you
guys well okay we traveled but we also watch what we spend like when we were in
Iceland for the six days of the kids we had no hotel we had a four and an
eight-year-old for six days in a Honda Civic no hotels this is the Midnight Sun
we bathed in like five hundred year old Viking hot pools in the middle of
farmers fields because I want them to see that not everything is bought that
you enjoys things just for what they are and they never complained vanilla rice
that were there yet because they were having so much fun and how close that
brings a family the dog yeah it does we took them too because then we looked at
the flights we were going to a lot fewer eggs India grew up and to fly that Dave
Iceland was gonna cost I forget how much but we had to go through Denmark if we
stayed in Denmark rented a car for four days it was cheaper than flying that day
straight through is such a price difference so we rented another car we
stayed one night of friends at Iceland’s went back in the car for four more days
of now d5 went all through Denmark and we went to the Legoland my parents
bought the passes for the day from the kids for graduating but the hotel was
$600 a night ever liked yep so we slept in a hurricane 100 kilometer winds the
car was shaking like that the kids but Legoland ins made that’s the original
place because it’s arts made in bills a bun and Bill’s bun yeah they if you
drive through the town it’s just this little rural town where Lego is made and
they have these gigantic Lego blocks strung all through the town in fields
and everything and they’re like gigantic 16-foot long blocks like two of them
like this it looks like a giant was playing with them and walking away yeah
you know it’s about a five miles five kilometer circle where you can find them
like all over the place like that’s the perfect age for them you know yes but
like we don’t spend money our kids don’t do a lot of professionals like hockey
here is big hockey’s an extremely expensive sport it’s a four grand a year
sport minimum all those other things we pick and choose we don’t trade our car
in every year we don’t that’s the trick man I learned 20 years ago I got
debt-free 20 years ago and I realized how much money I was saving oh yeah and
we debt free and let me tell you yeah you don’t drive a brand new rig my truck
is 18 years old but it’s a great truck and it runs like a top you know and I
don’t care it’s paid for brand-new truck oh no this one’s paid
for you know me pay for I Drive a 2005 maths attribute that I bought bread and
we are so much alike and is terrified I don’t bother me
I don’t need a brand-new car no no we we don’t either
our last cutter the one we got after the little blue car got totaled out its
towable we bought it because it’s towable and it’s a four years old yeah
we bought a 2012 Honda yeah yeah we say thousands right there buying used and we
can pull we want but we’ve decided pulling a car it defeats our purpose
28-foot motorhome now and it’s like get the fifth wheel out in the desert park
permanent and then we have the 28-foot motorhome that we drive around in and
it’s like it’s not that much longer than the truck it’s like six seven feet
longer than a you know right it’s easy to get to state parks national parks
just basically almost anywhere we want to go in it and you know just the rainy
days that are like a little bit challenging and especially like with
this conversation that we’re having this is just real easy you know I mean it you
guys make people feel real easy I forget yeah you know it’s like you’re
sitting on the other side of the room and yeah we just met some new friends
you know watching you guys for a while and you guys got us to a thousand yes
because I was gonna completely a thousand see my memory that’s she that’s
why she’s ten years younger I would say she’s my retirement plan that’s why because you know we always say that it’s
like dream free and stress free just kick up your feet you know they’ll kind
of watch or be a part of it as you’re today and then thank you for saying that
we hope that that’s how it comes out because you guys you’re Wonder I could
call the Alumni so it’s really nice when we get the talk as we seen each other so
much in chats and each other’s videos and so nice to finally sit down to talk
for a little while yeah it really is I was I was thinking this is gonna be and here you are yeah I’m usually the
one that worries you know so it’s really funny to be the position of him being
the worrywart I mean me like chill it’s kind of funny does it frustrate you kid
when she doesn’t worry like as my like or vice versa like that guys be crazy
with eggs Enya you know what really frustrates me is technical stuff and
she’s so smooth with it you know and she can figure it out even if she hasn’t
done it she can figure it out yeah but you’re good at it and I can’t you know
I’m like don’t touch it it’ll break you know my son’s always saying older people
are afraid don’t run them as well because they’re afraid of them they’re
afraid to push buttons and go places you know but I was gonna mention my son my
son I don’t know if you saw the video of the when we were on the ocean and we
jumped off those rocks and we did it in slow motion well the rock I jumped off
was pretty high it was yours was yeah yours was up three feet lower than mine
okay you’re like anyway he says dad please
don’t jump off of any more rocks we made it look like I just did it so smooth and
then later on in the next video we put it in and it shows me just biting the
dirt that was fun well what experience is though to get to
do why yeah yeah this country you know we were talking about the other night
like I mean I love Europe because I always want to go there and I mean my
always things in it was my greatest souvenir I ever brought back from
traveling souvenir but there’s so much to see in
North American I mean I can’t Canada and the United States I mean we’re a cut
we’re so connected between it you know there’s such a bond there between them I
kind of look at them sometimes as one big lump absolutely and we have so much
between us you know we cover the whole gamut from deserts the Rockies to you
know the Appalachians the the flat lands of the prairies it’s unbeliev it’s been
your whole life traveling around and never see all of it yep yeah Canada’s
huge we actually that’s our really one of our bucket lists is Canada and we’re
really hoping to go to Canada next year but we’re just gonna have to see you
know well you guys ever do I know it’s a long way from where you guys are and
they were getting close to the east side you let us know
oh my travels through Canada it’s so amazing I mean I had a you know blessing
with your help to go through almost all the provinces in Canada and and it’s
such a vast I mean the nature it’s it’s just as well to like I mean to the
states on the state’s Mac yeah you got the northern sorry we don’t have Dakota
and we’ve done the eastern seaboard northern part but yeah I definitely want
to take our further into the states now and I used to be a truck driver years
ago that’s where I got to see a lot of them but you only see it that’s what you
do you see it yeah you know and read the prairies is all your in San Francisco
well yeah but it wasn’t the beautiful part of San Francisco nobody look at the
docks so I’d like to see these places again more where I can just drive in and
really enjoy them we love to go to San Francisco and we go to the ballpark and
watch the Giants play that is the most amazing ballpark in the world I can the
putting there looking out and above the field
you’re watching ships the size of you know the stadium that’s an unbeliever I
can imagine and Jane why don’t you ask you when I’m talking about traveling
around the globe what was your favorite place out of all the places that you
have visited New Zealand absolutely New Zealand and I
think it was partially I just I love the wildlife that I saw there I mean I got
to see penguins and albatross huge albatross huge wildlife lover I love
animals and New Zealand also the people were just so wonderful
so friendly and it was just it was a great time I really enjoyed traveling in
New Zealand I went there with my mom in 99 and we went with absolutely no
reservations we took the plane over and we just drove
wherever he wanted to go and stayed where we wanted to stay and we just met
really nice nice people we went to this one little farm where it was a gentleman
and his wife who had a bed-and-breakfast but they also had a sheep ranch but he
took us through and he did like a whole tour of his you know sheep operation and
it showed us the the dogs doing the sheep herding and you know commanding
the dogs the what did they call them kelpies I know you’re talking about
right now Border Collies yeah doing the herding of
the Sheep and we had just just me and my mom are on the tour and then when it was
done he asked us for like five bucks and like really make me him $20 you know it
was just like we spent all these hours with him and it was just so nice and it
was just a lot of fun and yeah we drove on the wrong side of the road once you
find driving because I’ve done that before what do you think of it it was
hard ya know New Zealand’s absolutely
beautiful and that was before all the movies you know and such that they had
done there but I wouldn’t yeah yeah sorry somebody’s talking about my sister
in here because my sister comes in now and then
he said where was it I wish Jodi was here that’s Andrews
older sister she said she puts him in line she’s actually my younger sister
but I can’t wait to tell her that can your sister was C in there and she was
saying how she was chasing you around the kitchen with butcher knife she was
just playing but you know yeah we oh she used to get stuck with me you know
because my parents were always gone and I feel sorry for you know she was stuck
with a kid with a DD I was always in trouble I was always in trouble as a kid
you’re a half I stayed that way you know I was 18 started working with grown men
you know and it was it was interesting about an interesting life that way you
know but it taught me so much taught me how to work it taught me you know like
my friend was saying to me way way back he goes I’m here you don’t have really
good clothes I don’t know because I don’t live with my mom and my dad no no
I have to pay rent you know the house you’re partying in
right now I pay the rent you know he didn’t have a clue he still doesn’t it
is scary some of them got to be their age they are and still have that you’re
remembering it wrong you were about ten and she was and you were bugging her I
was bugging her sister laws always back each other so she was able to connect up
I’m really happy that she made it so I think that’s so amazing I love that
we haven’t I don’t know if you’ve had that too much before no it is you know
my sister joy I couldn’t find the picture by the winner talk about age
although it was about my sister but she hated turning 40
we’re only 11 months apart because I’m adopted
so she turned 42 I turned 40 didn’t bother me at all she turns 40 she hated
it when she had a party and I put up the pictures and one of her old teachers
said oh it’s nice to see you both together but I find your sisters aged a
little better than you have I think well I said well that’s out that’s because I
photoshopped it a little bit better to make her feel better that’s and here’s
RIT you know and I cut out my sister and I literally put in this like 89 year old
blue hair in her place that never changes no matter who year yeah yeah she
kindly told me to go help me they have a great big glass of don’t eff myself well she’s short that’s all she’s
vertically challenged I always called her so that’s why she’s gonna be more
mouthy that’s at the beginning of the stream they were already asking Curran
now it’s another Jackie says bless you James saying that you are very humble Jane in basically you did it all she said she
did do it all there’s no kidding about it I mean I mean Jackie knows but it’s
you know you know we got it was great because we got to stop on this trip we
stopped by and saw Jackie for a couple of days and we were gonna put together a
video and I god I hope she doesn’t you know you’re
putting the other editing you know I hope she doesn’t mind us doing that you
know and she loved it she jumped right in there and was she loved the whole
thing you know start a YouTube channel soon yes yes looks like that yeah I’m
gonna get a lot of hashtag Jackie now starting where’s Jackie Jackie Jackie
she pulled really well in that video that was the Redwoods wasn’t it when we
went to the redwoods let me say one word she said between us and you know we were
going on about the trip and going on and she was kind of sitting there kind of
mildly looking back and forth and at the very end she she we had just on her she
goes they didn’t even let me say one word even Benjamin Chavez time for
another video with her in it so you know Benjamin I’m sure yeah yeah yes Benjamin
is a new and just had a baby not long ago we didn’t know till he did a selfie
we started a new thing here was like joking on with all the hashtags going
around so he call her his blue wrench group cuz everybody gets a blue wrench
so we started asking people to do selfies of themselves watching our
livestream and then he send it in with holding the baby watching them Benjamin’s our row is so amazing another
great one from the beginning another alumni
yeah and so good support a good friend everybody and that you know now I I
think it’s time to ask question about driving songs and playing them there has
been hint hint hint there has been couple of them on your
channel and I really enjoyed the one about the life and going through
everything and having having a second chance on it a couple of them the ones
that you wrote yourself as well Leah your channel and like I always want
to ask the people who write themselves is how how does it happen for you like
how you get inspired well for instance I’m working on a song right now that
we’re not even sure we’re gonna put it up on the air and it’s I’ve been working
on it for I don’t know two to three weeks and it’s still not coming together
and then I’ll sit down and write a song in five minutes and I don’t know people
have always asked me how do you write how do you write so quick even the guys
were in the band with me and I have no idea how I write so quick ideas just
come to me and the thing of it is I said I’m so new on guitar I’m learning you
know I’m learning and learning you know and people especially like Philip Cocker
and if he’s if he’s in houses up here yeah I mean he’s a great guitar player
and you’re going to years you know a couple of years and I started in my 60s
and you see these great guitar players you’re like but yeah writing just for
instance when we wrote the Magic Bus and how RV got named the Magic Bus we have
we needed to fill in this place on the video where we were driving down the
road because otherwise it was just driving down the road
yeah to put something behind it and I just started playing it and then I just
started making up the words you know and and so I’ve done that song three times
and the words are always different because I always just make it up on the
spot and people I’ve gone without playing and people actually said are you
gonna play the magic bus again yeah it would became kind of a thing you
know and it’s a real simple song you know I mean right very simple things and songwriting process is different I think
for everybody you know as Dylan said I didn’t write that song I just reached up
in the air and grabbed it was going by you know and some I don’t know how Dylan
could do that because I mean who could read write write
I oh I’m always amazed tangled up in blue every time I hear that I’m going oh
my god he’s fantastic you know to write that song if he made
that up on the spot I’m like I’m just blown away but he is a great great
writer but you know everybody writes differently some people sit down and
take a year to write one song some people sit down and write I’m right on
the spot you know I wrote The Ballad of Ken and
Jane that was the first song that I ever started to learn was The Ballad of Ken
and Jane really Wow and I was messing with it and Jane was walking around and
it was out of camp and I was just messing with a few chords that I had
learned and I just I I called it I love you you know because I was just saying I
love you you know and it was it and then it just evolved and became the Ballad of
Ken and Jane and that was actually one of our more popular musical videos wow
that’s great I’m surprised that you would I kind of threw me for a loop a
lot one and they’ve been playing for a while and doing it together
good job yeah singing for decades right for not
quite two years but he was sitting at home we moved to Havasu and none of his
musician friends are around and he was complaining that he had all these songs
going in his head and no place for them to go and it’s like I don’t have a
guitar player I can’t write a song and I said well why don’t you learn to play
guitar and he said to me I can’t learn to play guitar in 62 years old and I
said well how old are you gonna be next year you know you gonna wait 90 yeah okay and he hasn’t had a formal lesson
Wow I would never I mean and I’m not a
musician but I would never be able to tell that I mean I thought that you have
been playing since your band years no no just a couple of years yeah the
songwriting yes but not the more you play guitar and sing the more you gotta
forget that you’re playing guitar and that’s hard now that you’re learning
guitar but you’re gonna get to that point and then you’re gonna have to
start freaking about the term put more in the folk that’s my way I find it’s
easier I but of course it’s no golden rule everybody’s different
oh yeah I I started when I was about 12 and I we have told the story last night
we had a band and because everyone to start a band rural area there was eating
guitar players two basses no drummers so I literally went over and got this guy
my friend’s father drunk he played for a country band I even got my friend when I
was 16 to come over some beard I brought him over again I’m drunk and what he
said for $200 and left before he sobered up and then I taught myself how to play
drums I’ll get him a band well someone’s working on still yeah yeah well he’s got
the beat down and like I say you know a band is nothing without that bottom in
oh it is for sure cuz the drummer you control everything I mean it’s a good
thing they’re more easygoing because you can have a god complex you can speed up
you can throw every off whatever you want to do the singer for aloo
oh yeah of course when we were about to break up our first band I got a little
cocky I guess and played that trick on him a couple of times we’re not so nice
when we’re 1718 no we have lots of fun little did we know that we’d be having
much fun in 50s and 60s or 40s that’s right I mean you know it prepared us for
what was coming we didn’t even know what at the time you know I mean I did my
fair share of stuff when I was younger drug wise and that when I gave it up and
now we’ve like we were telling stories and II hate so we went to Amsterdam that
one night I made it our Facebook profile bit reverb of doing shows furious my not
furious now you have been telling that story our life it’s one of the more
touching stories I call it it’s the feel-good story of the year literally
but I don’t like being out of control anymore I realized that with myself that
was where I was going with it thanks for joining a dead to do it oh I like your
attitude of women oh that was such an interesting bite as you can see I always said if I was an
Amsterdam so I guess I kept true to my word yeah yeah one was to go to Iceland
and enjoy it the other one was go to Amsterdam and enjoy it I guess all right
where’s your next bucket list oh I’d love to do New Zealand I’d love to but
it’s gonna be hard with the kids right now but that is like maybe yeah well
yeah they’re one of the biggest ones probably is New Zealand I know don’t ask
Xavier hers is to kill me through driving she wants to go to Portugal and
basically mean to drive all the way to Italy she don’t drive yeah like four
thousand kilometer like why be roads are probably like you know what happy 30
miles an hour first I want to start with Lisbon and then like a rent-a-car Sutton
Lisbon and just go all around like a military and see to Italy oh yeah and we
have traveled from coast to coast in Canada we have been an Iceland all
around the coast we have been through Europe what’s so different because the
roads there you don’t they’re gonna look like it’s gonna be nothing but this and
doing 30 miles an hour because she looks on a map and if it’s like this her
fingers like we can do it an afternoon or something and they’re not in the old
Fiat you know like a bright green or something but no in all seriousness and
you want to go through that route in there we’ll take a ferry and stop to the
miniature now and do some spots and rent a car for day or two of these and and
then I want to go to Newfoundland because I haven’t been there yet and
it’s so beautiful apparently time I look at the pictures I want to be there and
and States yeah some just a road trip somewhere deeper interstates because we
have only like I have only been into northern side so probably states is a
more comfortable one for the summer and hopefully Newfoundland close proximity yeah that’s kind of
Newfoundland is very cool I think like you guys would love there you know the
province Newfoundland yes that would be the probably you guys out of Canada you
guys would have the most fun there because the people are so warm there
there it because it still got that Island feel to it you know it’s I mean
it’s not as nice oh yeah yeah so you know they kind of a little more relaxed
and everybody and I had a French friend who was going there and he was terrified
because he’d barely can even say hello in English and he got off the ferry and
he got to the first gas station about an hour in and he asked the guy he said I
need power for my remark which is trailer in French and the guy said
because like it was one of those gas stations with the house beside it and
the guy said what’s wrong my house isn’t good enough for you and he thought he
said it wrong and like his translation but he didn’t he said come on up to the
house park your trailer we got power we got water there and when you want to
have a meal he ended up staying there for four days at that guy’s oh he had
fish cakes with them and stuff like that and he came in when did is he pleased
and she did his laundry before he left and my gosh they forbid to take any
money from him yeah what’s the story you go to a barred st. John’s Newfoundland
mean it’s not a tiny town it’s probably I don’t know maybe a hundred thousand
and I’ve gone there on business Saturday bar didn’t know anybody in the next
thing you know you’re going to a host party with 30 other people you know for
hours and they got the fiddles going they got the guitars going every
stomping their feet it’s in somebody’s house the beer is flowing you know it’s
fun it’s a great place I one of my favorites I think in all the North
American ago a lot of people it’s an island yep off off of the eastern Canada
it’s about ferry riders about seven hours I guess it’s the most Eastern
point in North America we can take a ferry there yeah you go through Nova
Scotia and you go up to what they call Cape Breton you go to the top of there
and then you catch the ferry and it takes about like I say these are the
kind of places I want to see really well made lists for sure it’s a you can take a ferry from Bangor
Maine that’s one of those hydroplane ferries it takes it right over there
Yarmouth Nova Scotia nose coach is absolutely breathtaking you go through
all the orchards and all that all the way up it’s all apple blossoms
everywhere well if we get to mean we might go crazy and come out and see you
guys well we actually we happy our friends from Saskatchewan we’re going
all the way to Newfoundland as to say in their RV and they actually stopped over
at our place for the weekend we can park their RV on our street here so only
sound place yeah you’re always welcome you gotta get here we’ll take care of
the rest yeah now it’s a nice idea but just honk
the horn when you pass our house travels I was just showing them the other night
there was a brothel of although we’re talking that’s me and my band days
that’s a million and a half years ago that was taken yeah that’s one of those
hypercolor shirts that we were talking the other night that changed colour when
you got hot they used to go Murray probably every cancer-causing agent into
it and that’s my old drum kit there and yeah oh nice yeah that was my better one
not the one I bought for $200 yeah we had concerts and there was our old my
mother kept my original ticket and stuff like that you know we like we’re in a
small town we played in a place they called Maison de Jean witch’s house the
young translates and the guy that managed it he was about our agent he
said why don’t you play the arena we were in a town of about 3,000 and I’m
like sure we’ll play the Bell Center right after the big one in Montreal we
were laughing at and he set it up and we got over a
thousand people we had a big truck come in they rented with all the sound and
lights but it was a small town so people were you know looking for something
different so then the town thought this was great for young people and they
asked us how much we made we told them we made six hundred dollars each because
the manager got an equal cut so six six hundred dollar checks and four hundred
the bank and the town paid us for another five show is over like five
months exactly in 1992 like that was I mean we were a limo
we got sponsored by the beer company Labatt’s was paying for all the stuff
man they did the posters and stuff and it was it was interesting it was fun we
knew wasn’t gonna go anywhere else but it was fun you know I never thought I
did I did think you know god I’d love to make it yeah the reality and having kids
and everything that you know I was new in reality this is probably yet so enjoy
every hit you know yeah but you open for some pretty big bands and stuff like
that I mean yeah I’m somewhere with us I got very lucky and you know I’m lucky
too because Jane actually got to see the end of my career she got to see my last
probably 10 15 gig oh oh nice though she got to see me performing different bands
yes yeah well nice is that’s amazing see we’re a groupie
and she looks so good still be saying I just walk around the RV park yeah
that’s why I wrote her that song I love you dawn well yeah I got really lucky with
Jane we got each other I think you guys really opened the world up to each other
yeah absolutely we you’re right and and we say that to each other even you know
we are so lucky to have met each other because of the things that we give to
each other that the other one doesn’t have you know yeah that’s right me so
much like with my music and you know she she’s just really helped me out
Jane has really helped me out and I’m a much better person today than I used to
be well you’re fantastic person so she definitely helped one way and I’m sure
she feels the same way about different strengths you know that’s a good that’s
what a good relationship is built on is you know each partner brings their
strengths and you complement each other and you’re stronger it’s the yin yang
effect and I truly believe in that I mean it’s not even a spiritual or
religious thing it’s a human nature thing to do that you make one superhuman
on your own together it’s yep yeah and that’s a powerful thing hold each other
up when you’re down and all that stuff so it’s very inspiring people are saying
– well I gotta ask and you can say no will you play anything for us I knew you
were gonna ask me that I’ll play I’ll play The Ballad of Ken and Jane okay
yeah okay gonna grab his words okay all right
we’re looking with what I think will have you been biting at the bit waiting
to hear no sit down stay there everybody two years so Jane was walking around we were
sitting out there in the desert and I just started I love that Cordy you know
I love you baby you see because I with a PhD to wander to use later we got
married by the cen now I don’t wonder what’s the matter with me you’re so good
feeling like this again I started getting a live one Kenan Janey you know George loves with journey on the whole
time brew and I love what Jackie wrote here I that really caught my eye she
wrote proud to say he’s my brother I’m so amazing okay
tears rolled down my face yeah I know me I think I was one step away from them I
was trying to caught my eye and I kept going back to it yeah well thank you so
much yeah people were enjoying it my god people thought of putting the lighting
sliders out and dancing and hozier said you have to excuse me I got a dance and
yeah panic Dee waving whiter teeth wrong you know when you’re performing you know
who you strum like I don’t know realize you actually have a style kind of like
Neil Young I have been told thank you your strumming technique though in your
cord though I was thinking that we were playing recording things like that you
are creating now and with a guitar de plana
yes but you know we actually bought a little studi studio from focusrite and
so complicated and we were trying to leave we couldn’t get it online there
were so many things you had to do and I know I got frustrated and left
I love it because I can put back up track you know I can put in you know
yeah them there you know you know film in a little bit of elite I’m just
starting to learn lead and I play harmonica
well I that’s like I say played harmonica you know and I’m starting to
learn lead which is really hard because I wrote down the pentatonic scales and
poop you know but you know the longer you do it the better you get a lot of
fans you know wanting to because we’re enjoying it there’s chock-full of people
enjoying it and you’ve seen your videos too we have a list of songs to you know
put the original music in a playlist playlist yeah yeah I think you know if
you ever do get back to recording there’s definitely an audience for it
honestly for recording if you want to put some track stone with your traveling
you’d be surprised what a cell phone or a tablet and just getting like a little
decent mic to plug into it we’ll pick out it today the way they were you gonna
do some mic you can always thicken the sound up later on when you go back and
you find it a little higher on the test sound okay what I did yeah oh yeah no I
thought before recording for yourself you can take it home lay down on your
tracks when you get back home yeah by then hopefully I’ll be able to play some
lead you know yeah I wanted to play the real thing but I messed it up earlier so
I don’t know if I can do it if I fooled up myself up on you know this chat I
would feel very silly but wow you ready it’s floors yours you’re walking and we do you sweater I see a wallflower stone and I just look in her eyes make me
oh I’m wishing you can keep all your silver you can
keep all you go you can keep everything and the lies that you told you tell me
that you leave it you don’t spend all of my cash you say Oh what were you worried about thank you
very much yeah people are saying you’ve gotta
upload the song sick of them and listen to them at work well you can go over to
Kevin Jeanes channel and they have a playlist of the songs that they have reckon yeah yeah yeah then you said
you’re starting to learn the pic and do a little bit of slowing about I see you
doing it you’re already well on your way well I’m working on it all right you
know I have a terrible habit if I can go out at 10 o’clock in the morning you
come in at 8 o’clock at night playing I love it you know I love to make music
you know and it’s hard in this little bus because it’ll drive Jane crazy when
I go over the same three chords 14 times just trying to get it right you know
earplugs I say sing along Janey go for it baby I do this thing I even Drive
myself crazy I get so angry I I don’t know I I drives me insane it’s like
trying to relearn a language that you already know and it’s like why what your
fingers listen to your brain or vice versus like they’re always in a fight
one doesn’t want to hear that the other one got to say well I found out it’s
like I was trying to do the real thing and I
I thought oh I can whip that out no problem so Jane said well pretend like
this screen kept looking at the screen and I’d screw everything up so I made
real positive I didn’t look over there at you guys oh I think it’s like taking
all your clothes off and I’m like that too I find it hard to play like on here
like we did it one night and I find it very hard I find very intimidating for
some reason I don’t know a few songs you would actually calm down yeah that
you’re you know like oh I’m with friends and calm down forget others actually
people out there judging me my sister’s well you know that you did it yeah and
for like picky especially like the cord you’re using that if you can just pick
in between the notes and the cords itself and adding like you’re doing the
little tap ones and trills and if you learn the major pentatonic scales and
those are quite easy because it’s the same scale the whole way up the neck
yeah take this course to get a license in Arizona National boards you know 15
years old unbelievable but yeah that fries me what the hell is that
it starts with it’s an aspirin ken does that when I talk about stuff like that
you know what I’m like you don’t understand
answer me by going okay then when you make a souffle what kind of band do you
need am I gonna eggs do you put in anything I get it with maybe it’s the
scales have you seen how they have you done some of them yeah like going up the
fret because if you start you know you’re right now real you know the d1 is
so easy you know des you know whatever you know because from that you’ll learn
also you from there the scale you’ll also get the same if you put all the
fingers together you pretty much get the bar chord and if you might build most
your fingers you’ll have the power chord which these the most rock songs so you
get a scale a chord and a part of two chords out of it
so two for the three for the price of one you know it’s killing me
that a bar I’ll never be able to play this and now you do it in your sleep you
know it’s like easy you know but I’m gonna get that a bar it’s the calluses
on your fingers once everything’s calloused up and that things come into
place you’re able to press the the proper amount that you need you don’t
get ring and you’re golden after that it’s just getting that it hurts while
it’s getting to that point yeah minor and it wasn’t fun playing the
day after wasn’t yeah but it’s actually getting to where the calluses are
wearing down and I don’t feel anything in these fingertips anymore well you’re
there so you’re you guys you’re at that point so you know things the fault that
it’s a lot easier that’s what sickens a lot of people when they first learn
guitar is the pain of learning it yeah more than learning the chords more than
learning the fingering then it turns them off from it if they can just get
over that hump it does get a lot easier well I love the aha feeling you know
when you go you know and do it for about a day later you know you
wear it in your dream you’ll never forget it
yeah you are close to you yeah I do anyone’s like music Saturday so for
instance G so your scale this is a bar chord so this is G for all the third
quarter but that’s a very tricky one also need to turn that one after what I
want to show you was because that’s also G you take your finger on the 3rd fret
and then go to the 6 and you go up skip 2 frets so start it on the 3rd top
string and then go to the 6 you’re starting a scale and that’s where all
your guitar picking will be a lot of the time on the lower side if you’re in G man that’s a long reach dude that is one
two but it gets easier after that that’s the only heard one after that you only
skip one fret then the same thing on the next string right you skip to at the bottom then you
only skip one let’s skip to the top and you just start working with up you
starting on the third fret yep third fret and then to the six like G you can
start soloing right over it just by using those notes if you don’t know what
to play right I mean if you were the second guitar player that’s right I’ll
strumming you play you play I haven’t played this one a long time in the
strings definitely to be changed and dusty holy geez we had construction
in here otherwise of dusty I get to know well that I’m working right now
completely on the pentatonic you know well that’s good I got one day that does
a good job of showing them step by step and I’ll send it like if you want to do
F you start on the first fret you want to do G it’s here you want to do B it’s
here the same thing over and over and over just moving up one fret each time you got me playing again I haven’t
played in ages I got no calluses you’re gonna think I
borrow one finger one finger yeah or you want a bar chord oh but when your
fingers oh my god taking the whole hand I’m greedy oh it was and then you can
play like like finger picking or people ask about it and I’m not as good as I
used to be but that’s just basically just holding your like your D you said
you like D a lot just leave your pick in your corner your finger here and just
start going between the notes like a little Merle Haggard with Andrew there you go Anna I’m doing about you you’re in the driver’s seat I’m just
following I was driving you were driving oh my god kid you’re so amazing I’m
learning a new song and it’s it’s gonna be fun anyway that’s part of that new song I’m
writing sounds good it’s about heroin addiction kids today
that I keep reading about I’m overdosing left and right and how many kids that
are just rich or poor or whatever are getting wept on heroin because it’s so
cheap well yeah it doesn’t discriminate that drug so I’m hiding it for parents
you know keep an eye on your kid because there’s a stranger in town and we call
him heroin well you can see him on every corner of the street and dark back
alleys you know he’s everywhere he’s in your school he’s around the corner he
comes in a small little bindle when you don’t cost very much and your kids he’ll
steal the children’s soul but that’s part of it children looked on heroin I’m
going yeah but what if I’d save one exactly but no I think you got a lot of
message you want to get out to people and sure ways to do it it’s your song so
I think that’s pretty pretty commendable well actually I think it’s gonna be a
pretty good song when I finish it you know it’s taking some work and I’m
having to learn it’s pushing me to learn more things and it’s pushing me to get
those fingers right behind that you know right behind that fret yeah not in the
middle get it right behind that fret and you do it every time I was trying to
feel a way of this black edge under care and I forgot that I turned it on you
guys I love this guys you guys are what the show is all about I mean we’ve said
from the beginning that were a very small piece of the
puzzle exam you know it’s you guys and the the chat that are 85% of what we do
here I mean you guys make it and then you’re great another great example of it
tonight fun fun forum well this is been a blast
I mean this has been an absolute blast and and who would have known I’m sitting
out there after driving for so long and I turn on the internet okay I know you
made it into the best of moments of when we put it together
there’s your soundbite oh my god no but this was what it was supposed to be and
I found like the dredge was getting there and I don’t want to get into all
the politics or it was just the part was we were all working hard to get notice
and that’s great and we did have to but it felt like something was kind of
missing and we did the live stream and just to try it they could say thank you
for hitting a thousand and that’s what we wanted like we didn’t want to do
something just for the sake of building up watch time and waste everybody’s time
and you know we’ve gotten to know each one we kept saying that like you know
we’re watching all these videos we’re taught them but we don’t really know
more about them because everyone a video is still not the whole
story you guys share a lot but there’s still even more to you guys that you
know not everything makes it and not was kind of the idea of doing this was just
let’s all get if you’ve watched somebody for an hour and a half or more talking
about themselves you’re gonna be more likely I think that people who follow
you that will be there for years because they got that connection it’s like
sitting down for supper for bit you know the meat song yeah it’s the next level
to it that’s I think for me that’s the bottom line here you know it’s about
meeting people thank you people and different ideas different you know just
different perspectives on life and you know I’ve learned a lot I’ve learned a
lot it does it really opens your eyes to a lot of guys that’s great I mean the
world is becoming so divided at this moment in time it’s nice that something
that still feels universal that’s part of why we don’t really watch the news
anymore it’s like it’s all about the vision it’s all about making us angry
with you know these people are mad at these people yes like you know it’s it’s
not about that no life is about you know coming together and finding the common
bond and you know well I have old friends that won’t even talk to me
anymore because of the way I dress and they they think well he’s one of them
and it’s like I’ve never seen anything like this before but let’s not go there
listen I go to so many great friends it amazes me right now how things can be
just so divisive whether it’s we’ve never had more tools in our life to be
more inclusive you know like looking to the chat tonight looking you guys
we’re all over the place we’re struggled everywhere but yet we’re all here where
I tell people we take it for granted we’re broadcasting this didn’t happen
just a couple of years ago unless you had to spend you know 100 grand on
computer code this happened or more yeah oh you can actually share documents that
you’re showing I mean that was a big thing a couple years ago that people
want it you couldn’t really do we can talk to each other on the fly it’s not
just sky anymore you can have a full chat running you can have people join in
that you didn’t invite and it’s an incredible age to live in yeah it really
is it’s like you know why did I start this YouTube channel and I found out
it’s free you can join this and do this young make up little things for free I
was like I’m in yeah try me I joined during the apocalypse yeah when we had
no idea and then I found out there’s a catch here well we knew in droves we
didn’t even know that people made money yeah and then this this ad apocalypse
came on and so we just decided ourselves keep making this nice videos as we can
and as creative as we possibly can and we’re never gonna make a living off of
this this is not a job when it becomes a job I’m out of here
yeah you know so it’s it’s what like I mean we’ve never lodged there getting we
said when we came back because we only had like 42 subscribers we want to
monetize cuz what is still a business outside of here and the whole point was
for when people type in push a studio in the Montreal area that our name came out
more but I’ve told bill you know you kind of pinch your nose a bit we went
through the drudgery and after a thousand that’s when things got really
tight I always say we go to a life doesn’t you want to do get to 1100 but
after that start getting really selective because the other ones are
gonna go anyways they’re gonna be gone they’re just filler you know but I mean
to get a thousand to be able to compete it’s like okay everybody’s the Wild West
joined on yes and what nobody can watch all your videos even if they tried right
and I don’t lose sleep over but now I’m like if I go on your channel because you
haven’t in years example I like now I start looking and only do it every two
weeks I’ll start looking on what you mean though well they’re good channels
they must have good subscribers so let’s go back three months four months before
all this crap started who is watching them back then before this all took off
their channels you guys alright yeah you like you say sir the the thick of it so
but that’s how we were building now and I mean it’s paid off well I mean it’s
harder now at the live stream cuz we are doing that six nights a week and it’s
hard look this part this part is it’s the bookings like people don’t realize
you know we’re not gonna be you guys are getting paid and there’s still like
you’re gonna do bookings cancel that’s why we hit people in the livestream we
have a cancellation because we don’t have enough time to work in somebody
else we need an answer like we got craft beer pours he of the week we caught them
a Memorial Day weekend with their kids in Massachusetts they’ve thought about
coming on they were nervous and I’m like hey guys what are you up to tonight I
heard a whisper I think he wants us on tonight know like well you know
you nailed it we had a cancellation yeah ambush days with no internet you come
back on and look what happened oh that’s well you did a great job look
unnatural no I’m so happy we’re so happy to have you on guys because it’s just
hard to get you on internet and that we’ve been talking back and forth about
it since you started this journey and and so it’s it’s great to have you on
when you are on finally and I want to thank you guys for the support right
from the beginning you guys were one of those supporters that stayed with us and
I hope you know this I know what the wiser science we don’t get to watch as
many videos as we wish we could but I mean that we’re trying to do at least
offer but and we do try and if we ever miss one of your videos and you want to
see it please just send it out to us send us the link send us a message in
Twitter watch everybody’s video yeah exactly we do a promo video every day
like you’re seeing right it’s one minute long and it’s just like today was you
guys this picture the thumbnail with the music on it need a clock tonight I don’t
know how many times I get somebody well really love what you’re doing here that
caught my eye keep up the great work amazing shots like yeah you really watch
the did you we’re not gonna be having fun that’s what in traveling and making
videos and being are quirky selves yeah I tell people right now god forbid if
you ever get noticed here you’re one of those millions like I’m one of the
millions one in a million that gets to shoot up to stardom here cuz you’re not
gonna enjoy it anywhere near what you do like enjoy
this time right now right because there’s nothing to lose notice on your
back you know our throats answers you don’t have to worry about
keeping up the reading this is the golden time really what we want to do it’s amazing like you’re growing by just
doing what you love yep four more and we’re going to be at 1100 oh one second my scream oh that’s two two ones in two
zeroes let’s see here oh I’m going up I’m going right to the live feed to
check my subscriber count don’t take a second update of course drumroll please you guys are 1100 on the dot anytime you
need a hundred just come see us 95 one point one I’m so happy for you guys people that come from our chats are
usually very supportive and they come back and usually I enjoy the videos so
I’m glad you gained some more fans because you really have a very inspiring
light-hearted video yeah we’re we’re really having fun you guys are the break
from the day to day stuff that everybody needs that’s what cheers our people
videos like guys can’t thank you enough for being on tonight you’ve been so
generous with your time thank you I don’t know what else to say
it’s just been so nice to finally sit down really get to talk with you guys –
pleasure great thank you so much you say finger travels document lots and maybe
will sometimes throw up we can do this again you can where are you so we know
that you’re safe always like to know well shoot your little message here
enarans you know we’re still alive we’re thinking about yes yeah we’re gonna see
you guys take care of yourself take care all the best guys take care I got this
here you take care was nice to have you here we miss you good to see you take
care of yourself you’re always welcomed and but there’s such an amazing home the
ambush like he said the other night we had a cancellation it was meant to be happened to Limbo yes I was very cool I
thought that was so amazing Kelvin climbers here he says I had a
late night listening to to this today well I know for you and this is a late
night that’s very I hope you enjoyed it out who is worth staying up for yeah
that’s that’s really nice to see I know it’s not easy for you guys to the time
change unless we are at a hard time for certain area especially in Europe and
not but they really do appreciate it I know what you guys are doing there maybe
they just wanna stay in bed I think so that’s there’s a little yeah we had the contractor like I say
here and even us taking over well there maxi’s just driving twinkle twinkle
other oh you should know was awesome hanging
with you tonight and once again yes Leo hyung I think you know what I
was singing of course Canada Day is coming up a little bit maybe I’m doing a
little montage to some of them I know we’ll never get monetized everything I
don’t really cares I was gonna get a higher copyright strike but I wish see
it’s possible all the great music came on account of folks you’re wrong about
them and don’t admit is touching and they start to cry halfway through it you
know what I could guess tonight but I’d better leave now Thank You Kenan
mr. tonight oh thank you thank you so knowledgeable please yes we’ll see
that’s so great to have you here I told you she’s like he’s probably got ripped
in there in something cold sick hoods are made for a dollar record sick again
oh my you know she’s got a wild side yeah not cnut Kairosoft here I wanna I want to leave you with a link
tonight and I would really like for you to check this out you know him from back
in the day yeah he said he can play anything I said
pretty much anything and when he said Phyllis is gonna be playing one was it
would be having oh yeah oh yeah really I didn’t go too far oh a band so many
familiar wow these are really interesting combination hey Rick hey or are you here or is it
broke pretending to be you to show us it you’re nuts how much I can’t play it I
want to give you guys this link I’m just gonna play a tiny tiny piece of this
this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard and this is a an
acapella band a group excuse me from Slovenia and they do a covers of a bunch
of songs and one of the most incredible shows I would love to go see these guys
live just play them a tiny bit but off with the Lincoln face and they do the
opening scene and they do like the rain and the thundering you hear the rain
starting anyhow because I’d only get a copy
straight but I want to give you him the Lakers really check these guys there
they also do what does a grease other big one they didn’t yeah they travel
they did a world tour yeah it’s like a North American they want to travel one
of the most impressive things I’ve seen that’s usually not my type of thing like
the complete polar opposite of my type of thing but that opening alone where
they do like the rain and then they jump in unison and create like but going
through a domino effect again like I willing from your sound and them very
cool yeah like I’m not mean I’m not just
enjoying just ug it’s not my type of thing I always find they kind of do a
hokey version of stuff the ones that I tend to catch but that one was that one
was something else I’ve been impressive an understatement of the century
Black Label Society it’s really hard to get it has to be really great to be
effective on side one other percent that’s right more than any band playing
something when it’s not done my way out katoa it’s kind of be bang on and
otherwise yeah it’s a no dice I agree very true mike is Austin’s like is the
guy he was my guitar player he was a guy that I want to be growing up a lot I’d
met at one time it was a really horrible secret but yeah he was always telling my
favourite Aussie song was Zach will always be miracle man he’s first time I
ever came but looked like that Wow Ben’s like uses forget like 10 th
strings he’s up like two octaves it’s all finger work
I’m a big guy from the 80s I always liked the way they stuff you know I
don’t like I keep my probably my favorite guitar so the whole duties was
people brought up and white lion but I’m actually I read if you go on venom
Brahmas Wikipedia site the courts that you know when they say like what other
artists think of them Zakk Wylde has said that that’s his favorite tapping
guitarists of all time he is Viva Bravo one circle the two that I that I like
the most that I never thought will have any time for each other I actually do
feel the respect each other yes Zack is a monster oh you’re not you don’t apologize for kids me up earlier and for those of you
who are missing there’s tomorrow yeah thank you guys for choosing to spend
your time with us tonight glad you enjoyed it was an amazing time with
Kevin Jean it was a perfect way to have a Saturday leading in the father’s day my friends happy Father’s Day to you
noodles bite down happy birthday happy fathers take all of you with kids and
you know what happy Father’s Day to all guys out there
it’s not just about being having kids for Father’s Day
well being good different buddy it still have a wrench
my goodness right that’s there for life your life don’t thank you so much that’s
on my mind in you really appreciate it and have a great day tomorrow it’s
better with your loved ones spoil yourselves and we’ll be back Monday
night like exam you said yep it’s gonna be cool Tim thank you so much and you
guys have an awesome night have an awesome day tomorrow take care all right

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