Life at Its Best 3 – Empowering Your Immune System by Barbara O'Neill (16 April 2016)

great title my meeting the this afternoon is empowering your immune system do you know what your immune system is you know it's a word that's put out there but most people don't know what their immune system is so what what I'd like to do is I'd like to take you through your immune system but first of all we're going to look at one of the best protections our body has against any invading enemy and it's skin did you know that's the frontline of your immune system is is your skin and we know that whenever you cut the skin you have to be careful don't you because if you cut your skin and got a lump of dirt and manure and rubbed it in there you'd get quite a reaction wouldn't you it's like when my little grandson was brought to me crying he was three he just trodden on a rusty nail and what's that done that is punch of the skin and once you punch of the skin now there's quite the potential of microbes pathogens things we don't want not actually just microbes because you know there are ten times more microbes in the human body than cells so more pathogens bacterias things like that and when he was brought to me he was very dirty because he's a little boy and he's been playing in the dirt so the first thing I must do it's not rocket science I washed him he got all the dirt off and then I graded up a potato and then I put it in a little package and folded it over and then turned it over and put it on the bottom of his foot cover it with a bit of plastic bandaged it on put a sock on put his shoes and socks on or his little Crocs on and off he went that was it yes you see the human body's been designed to hear that self and it will heal itself if you give it the right condition and what that potato did it actually is a drawer so it's going to draw anything out of that wound because when a rusty I'll goes right inside your skin what's going in there all sorts of nasties and if you give the body the right conditions it'll pull them all out and we put a grated potato polish on him overnight and next day it wasn't so you see part of being your own doctor and I believe everyone should be their own doctor is listening and soreness is a voice isn't it it was not sir at all but the next night we put another group greater potato poultice on you see that wound has to heal from the inside out you see that from the inside out and the grated potato poultice will keep that wound open allowing it from to heal from the inside out three nights they did the grated potato poultice after the third night William my son father of little Sonny he said mum have a look at this poultice and I looked at the poultice and it's a little smelly as grated potato is after has been pulling but waste out all night and on top of the poultice was little shavings of fluorescent metal he said this potato has pulled the rusty metal out of the wound and cleaned up the rusty metal isn't that amazing and you know we didn't do another thing to that foot and that child hadn't been immunized hadn't had a tetanus shot see tetanus can only develop in the right conditions and we were not going to give it the right conditions tennis develops in a wound that has healed on the outside but it has not healed on the inside and horses carry tetanus so if there's a field or panic that's had horses in it in the ground you've got the organism but even that is not enough it has to have a wound that heals on the outside proverbs 14 verse 6 states that knowledge is easy to him that under stance it's not important to have the understanding now how do we know that Sonny's foots better how do we know he doesn't need more potato who will tell us Sonny's foot how will it tell us you'll see a redness you'll see a soreness but there was no redness or no soreness and so we didn't do it again so your skin your skin is your frontline of your immune system but if you noticed in our skin there are holes we've got seven in our head one two three four five six seven and every single one of those orifices has been designed by God with a hole one little systems in place to protect from any bacterial or harmful pathogens let's start with the eye our eyelashes when anything comes near we blink that way and we don't even choose to blink it's just anything that touches the eyelash there's a there's a reaction to blink but you notice with the eye there's this bony structure so anything that would hit there it will hit the bone before it goes into the eye fascinating fascinating in fact every single part of the human body just screams out to us of a creative God so and you'll find that you'll blink easily blink that'll stop anything going in but then in the eye it is the eyeball surrounded by a mucousy fluid so that if any little bit of dust or anything gets in it it captures it and I think we all know my mother used to say to me if something good in mind just make your eyeball go round the world you know go round and round and round and it'll work its way we all know into this corner so in the eye there are a whole lot of systems in place the nose is particularly fascinating because the nose is a concave the inside of the nostrils its concave and there are all these little arm like caves and when we breathe in if it's just oxygen it's very light and it will shoot to the back and go down into our trachea and of course into our lungs but if any air we breathe in is a little heavier why would it be heavy dust if it is a little heavier then it starts ricocheting all around the nostril it goes bang bang bang like this to drop off that little bit of dust and then it's left with the light oxygen again that is breathe down into the lungs what a fascinating piece of machinery we live in and of course every now and then especially we've been digging in the gardener in a dust storm or something you blow your nose a few times don't you and you see the darkness which is an indication of all the bits of dirt that were trapped but not only that let's say a little bit of dust happens to get in to our trachea which is the tube that goes down and splits to our two lungs there's all these little realize that all are basically like that lining our our trachea and our bronchioles and they trap and there's also mucus and the mucus traps it as well so it's a whole lot of systems in place what about the mouth well let's go ear first and then we'll end with mouth because the mouth is amazing so in our ear we've got the eardrum but also you've got all these little hairs there and I think every now and then most people might scratch that you one day and there's yellow stuff yeah so there's all that that trap since they've got that really good eardrum which which stops anything going in and you've also got little hairs in there and also that waxy substance but let's go to the mouth do you know there are more microorganisms in our mouth and people that live on planet amazing and there are different communities in different parts of the mouth there's a one community at the back of the teeth another one in the side the front another one community under the tongue another back of the tongue and there's there's a lot of mucus in the mouth isn't there and that mucus traps as well so anything that comes in it can be trapped in the in the mucus in the mouth and the microbes if they're in their proper balance they also are able to wipe out harmful pathogens that might come in now let's let's now go down or before I go any further we know there are a couple of other orifices down below and they have similar mucus similar hairs similar things that that can also trap but let's let's go down the mouth and we swallow and the food comes into the stomach and in the stomach is one of the most powerful immune system weapons that the human body has is called hydrochloric acid have you heard of hydrochloric acid now hydrochloric acid has a few roles hydrochloric acid and another enzyme called pepsin engine they unite together to produce pepsin and pepsin breaks down protein and as I said last night that's the only part of the body that should be acid now hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen Uniting to produce pepsin that only happens in a very acid environment and our stomach should be acid what would stop acidity drinking with meals and isn't that an Aussie habit drinking with the meals drinking with the meals waters down the hydrochloric acid we had a lady from India do our program she said I was shocked when I came to Australia she said they drink with their meals and she looked and she said don't they know she said in India we do not drink with our meals we cause it'll water down your digestive enzymes make sense doesn't makes a lot of sense now let me draw the stomach because the stomach again is a very important part of your immune system so here's studied I've got a nice thick pen here and that stomach should have a thick mucosa wall and that mucosa wall is mucus and mucus is 99% water so if someone's dehydrated they're going to have a thin mucosal wall now in that mucosa wall there's sodium bicarbonate sodium bicarb and sodium bicarb neutralizes stomach acids so can you see why that happens because if any stomach acid tries to get through here the sodium bicarb will neutralize it so it doesn't eat holes in our stomach having a glass of water half an hour before the meal the first thing that we'll do is produce a thick mucosal lining that's why that is the best time to drink between meals we should stop drinking half an hour before the meal and resume about an hour and a half to two hours after the meal when we drink about an hour and a half to two hours after the meal that keeps those digestive enzymes nice and strong nice and acid so they can break up all the chemical bonds that make up proteins so we've got to break them all up into separate amino acids see our gastrointestinal tracts are fascinating part of the body fact on my You Tube lectures if you punch in Barbara O'Neal irritable bowel syndrome and gluten intolerance you can watch for a whole hour how I take you on a journey through the gastrointestinal tract now the gastrointestinal tract anything that goes in there is not part of you or me it's part of our immune system everything stopped and trapped there and it's only allowed to get through and into the blood through certain systems which I will take you through briefly so anything that goes in there is not part of us until it gets through to the blood so the food comes here and it's only in the stomach that proteins broken down your starches start here and your starch is resumed a little bit down in the small intestine but it's protein that is broken down there and it's acid that breaks the protein down now hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen unite to produce pepsin and pepsin breaks up that protein but hydrochloric acid has another role and this is why it must be mentioned in the immune system hydrochloric acid kills pathogens do you know what this means the people that go down with food poisoning are people with not good hydrochloric acid I have a book at home on the physiology of digestion by dr. William Beaumont and he did lots of experiments with hydrochloric acid and he would get rotten milk put it in rotten meat and he said within 20 minutes it had dealt with it whoo so we should have nice strong hydrochloric acids because it's an important part of our immune system what would deplete hydrochloric acid levels as I've just said drinking with the meals and there are many Aussie are so busy so busy so busy no time to drink no time to drink sit down to eat and do all the drinking wallet any yeah well you know what that does number one we've got a thin lining there number two it's watering down the hydrochloric acids that's there so very important to not drink with your meals now when our guests come to our Hospital eat at the first meal they're not aware of that and so often at the meal they're looking around they say to each other would you like some they look at us as if we're being very neglected negligent I said I'll get you some water and I said let me explain and I said and you will hear this in the lectures that we don't advocate that you drink with your meals because it waters down your gastric enzymes and I and they look a little bit guilty now the waters there they're thirsty I say by all means have a mouthful a mouthful is not going to water down your hydrochloric acid by all means have a mouthful but this week you will learn you will learn that if you sit to eat well hydrated you will not need to drink with your meals sorry I just have to go way over here and write my favorite little three-letter word uh-huh if someone's thirsty with their meals why they didn't drink enough water will have a mouthful but please prepare for your next meal do you know there are people today suffering from malnutrition because their digestion doesn't work well because of their low hydrochloric acid so hydrochloric acid not only does it combined with pepsinogen to produce pepsin to break up your protein but it also kills off any harmful pathogens that may come in on that food and we all eat out sometimes and we don't know how that food was prepared we don't know the environment but if you've got nice strong hydrochloric acid levels in your body then it can be boosted now while I'm speaking on that I'll just mention what causes low hydrochloric acid and then how you can boost it number one you're drinking with the meals number two eating all day long notice how many stomachs we've got now if you're unsure I'm just gonna write a big number one there got that and that stomach takes three to four hours to digest then it loves a one hour rest so we should be having five six hours between every meal and yet what's the common thought has been for the last 30 years grazing why do they say graze it'll raise your metabolic rate that's like a horse a jockey on a horse race the horse won't go fast enough he starts whipping it will it go faster oh yes that's being whipped that's what happens when you keep putting food in your stomach you're just beating up the stomach so of course it raises your metabolic rate a bit because it's being beaten up the only way to effectively raise your metabolic rate is exercise exercise will raise your metabolic rate so eating every couple of hours now there's a book out by dr. Michael Mosley you might have heard of him the 5:2 diet then he's written another one fast exercise he's written a very interesting book recently fast diet and he's the first modern author that I have read that says no no no we should not be grazing and he has the medical research in there to show that when you eat all day long you can actually put on weight and you can put all those little grazes into three meals and lose weight because you're now giving your stomach the right conditions so if you want to explore that little one again fast start by dr. Michael Mosley where he explores that see when I was a little girl we weren't allowed to eat between meals we had breakfast we had lunch weirdly but so many children eaten all day long and a lot of people think their stomachs are so small they can't go the distance whether you're whether you like my brother-in-law and you're six foot six and he's got a bigger stomach than me or whether you're four you've still got the same same stomach and it works the same way so that stomach has to be given the right conditions we should be eating breakfast like a king lunch like a queen tier like a pauper we should have breaks between meals and between meals there you drink water now the other thing that will stop hydrochloric acid production is stress I think we know that one whenever you're anxious or upset digestion goes we know it don't work so it's very important when you weak to eat in a happy environment no no controversial subject should be discussed at the meal table how can we boost hydrochloric acid well there's a wonderful herb that will wake up anything it's called cayenne pepper you know it well black pepper is an irritant and they've tested many black peppers they've all got mold on them moles as it dries but cayenne pepper is a wonderful stimulant to the stomach it'll wake up your hydrochloric acid how do you take it just a quarter of a teaspoon and a little water just before the meal you'll have a nice warm tummy and it'll boost your production of hydrochloric acid cayenne pepper will never burn you cane pepper will never harm you and it'll thin your blood it's the best blood thinner forget the warfarin I mean the black the rat poison forget the aspirin you know the latest research shows that aspirin causes brain bleeds none on our just take the cayenne pepper also to boost your hydrochloric acid again have the breaks between meals so it's as simple as that something else that will boost it is lemon even a little maybe third of a cup of hot water with the juice of a lemon throw that down just before the meal and the hot will bring the digestive juices and the lemon will boost hydrochloric acid it's as simple as that so coming down the gastrointestinal tract we come into the duodenum and when we get to the duodenum it's called the small intestines you've got it lined with villi villi look like this and covering the villi is a thick mucosal wall that also is laden with microbes called well the to permanent microbes in the gut are lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium now that thick mucosa wall that's heavily impregnated with microbes there are ten times more microbes in the gut than anywhere else in the body and those microbes are are essential in the establishment of your immune system you never thought when you came here to learn about empowering your immune system that I was going to go to your gut did you the microbes are absolutely important they play four roles lining the gut they are responsible for the final breakdown of the food they are responsible for the absorption of the food they are responsible for protecting your blood from harmful microbes and they are responsible for nourishing the cells that line the gastrointestinal tract that's what those microbes do unfortunately with many people today there's a breakdown in the microbes let me show you where it all starts when we were in our mother's utero our gut was sterile that means there was no microorganisms in our gut and when we were born we were literally showered with our mother's microorganisms last year on catalyst there is a very interesting documentary it was two part called the gut reaction I don't know if anyone saw it but was all about the microbes one scientist said there's a literal jungle in there and one endocrinologist he said you know I always thought God made a mistake putting the birth canal and the anus so close together because he said when the baby's born the birth canal stretch is open and the anus with all that pressure stretch is open we don't want anything coming out of the colon to go anywhere near that newborn baby so you know what they used to traditionally do 30 years ago when a woman went in to have a baby she was given an enema to try and get everything out but he said we now know it's a perfect design because he said when the birth canal opens and the anus end of the colon opens and the baby's born the first breath that a baby takes ah what's it laden with the microbes from the mothers colon it's a perfect design notice what he said we now know it's a perfect design now if the mother's microorganisms are compromised the baby when it's born it will receive compromised levels of those microbes and that's one of the first blows to that baby's immune system and we were all babies what would cause a compromise let me go through them antibiotics do you know I've had several mothers Ramin this last year saying Barbara they've just tested me I'm about to have a baby in two weeks I've got strep B they tell me if I don't have antibiotics then the baby might get the strep B when the baby's born and the baby might die you know never should we make a decision according to this we should make every decision according to this mm-hmm it seems to be the latest this strep B I said to her I don't believe that that will happen you see she takes antibiotics what's happening compromising gut flora now the babies born with gut flora the baby will get more damage from receiving damaged gut flora and I've been read in the newspaper of any baby dying strep B have you got to be careful what you read in the newspaper – one baby dies from whooping cough every three years first four pages of the media have full coverage blaming it on people that don't vaccinate so what they started to do is vaccinate women in the last month of their pregnancy against whooping cough so in Perth a lady was vaccinated she gave birth to her baby the baby was born with whooping cough from the vaccine and the baby died that does not enter the newspaper one baby dies in three years from whooping cough hundreds die every year from the vaccine that's the fact I'm sorry but I think the pharmaceutical companies and Fairfax media are bedfellows because what you read there is actually not the truth so let's look at this baby the babies born with compromise got flawed because the mother was on antibiotics and if this has ever happened to any woman out there you must not beat yourself up because you did what you thought was best mm-hmm and you know in acts 17 verse 30 the Bible says God winks that our ignorance so should we write sorry you come you from now on you're accountable you hear in it so antibiotics contraceptive pill statin drugs cortisone drugs many painkillers they all caused a compromise in this gut flora now we've got a compromise of breakdown a compromise of absorption a compromise of protection immune system has they're a compromise of nourishment of these little cells so the babies born with a compromised gut flora and unfortunately within hours of being born today they are trying to vaccinate babies from hepatitis B do you know who gets hepatitis B drug addicts and alcoholics and prostitutes as one doctor said I'm not going to fax that my baby because my baby is not a drug addict – my baby is not a prostitute see every parent should investigate before they vaccinate you've got to get the facts some mothers say to me but I am NOT going to get all my child care because the government put a law that if you don't vaccinate did you know that's breaking the Constitution in 1946 referendum was done and the Australian people voted that no that never could the Australian government legislate on medication my husband starting his own political party to campaign against this because what is it evil happily evil happens when good men do nothing but it's good to have the knowledge very important to have the knowledge so this baby is vaccinated another blood you see vaccinations are an onslaught on an immature immune system it hasn't had an opportunity to build up there is a book called a hundred years of Orthodox medical Orthodox research proves that that vaccination is an onslaught on an immature immune system that was written by dr. viru Schneider let's move on and then the babies crying a lot so the ad on the television says pana dolls baby pana dolls are right for the baby it is not more of a blow mother's having breast feeding trouble breastfeeding so she gives the baby Altered cow's milk warmed up in a microwave in a plastic bottle bang-bang can you see what's happening to the immune system oh yes we get sick when our immune system goes down but why does it go down mm-hmm see where we've got to start so how can we build well up probiotics by the way I'm not against antibiotics most people the human body can cope with two courses in a lifetime got them if you had your dosage now you're really going to have to look at natural remedies aren't you see the human body was designed to heal itself and at will there's some fantastic natural antibiotics that won't kill off your your gut flora garlic olive leaf extra laughter them probiotic means for life antibiotic means against life antibiotics have saved lives absolutely and they will continue but we'll get a problem today most people are so immune that when they get a serious illness the anybody doesn't work one percent of doctors today claiming antibiotics have cured more problems than they have a cured I raised eight children without antibiotics and they're all still alive got them they're all still alive and most people should go through life never having needed them probiotic is a powder that is high in lactobacillus acidophilus bifidus bacterium that'll build up this and there's a lovely verse in the Bible at some 104 verse 14 it says God gave herbes for the service of man and there are two herbs that will coat soothe and heal the lining of the gut one is aloe vera it's a bit slimy isn't it yeah that's exactly what your guts lining is slimy and the other one is slippery elm and slippery elm is the powdered bark of the slippery elm tree and when you put water with it yes it goes a little slimy just throw it down Greek now both of these herbs contain growth stimulants and they stimulate rapid healing in the lining of the gut and one of the most wonderful things about this gut is that new cells are made every 3 to 5 days so a new cell is made here takes 3 to 5 days to travel up and away it goes every 3 to 5 days so it is actually can be quite a quick thing to heal that gut isn't God good and the body loves to heal it just needs the right conditions but there are three foods that are like kerosene to a fire on these empty spots one is that the hybridized wheat another is dairy and another is refined sugar as I mentioned last night I could have an answering service on my phone especially for mums with babies asthma stop the wheat dairy refined sugar eggs must stop the wheat dairy function your problem stop the wheat dairy refers you colic stop the wheat dairy refined sugar but the baby is 100% breastfed well who has to stop the wheat dairy refined sugar and if the gut is compromised these things are almost impossible to break down you got to build up the gut you know it's interesting that Hippocrates said all disease begins in the gut and he didn't know the fine detail of what I'm giving you today he just observed now when a baby is born via cesarean section where's the gut floor coming from now do you know what they find in babies born with caesarean sections their gut is lined with skin flora not gut flora and they find that babies born by cesarean section are more prone to allergies more prone to Exmouth and Asmus but today's the first day of the rest of your life and once you start giving the body no matter whether the baby's nine months old nine days old or 19 years old you start giving it the right conditions and it will heal it desperately wants to heal and if it doesn't heal you've got to put the detective hat on and find out why mm-hmm once that gut works you will start absorbing your food a little bit better once that got works your immune system will boost now if the gut is compromised and if your border protection is broken down that's your border protection I fly a lot Border Protection's bead they go through with a fine-tooth comb what's your border protection like if your border protection is broken down how do you know well I guess you don't unless you've been doing some of these things that will cause the breakdown and it wouldn't hurt everyone to go on a course of these things because if you got snot broken down you do those things one of your loss can you have two strong ago and if it gets into the blood this is where another part of your immune system it's called your internal army which is actually traditionally called your immune system which is your white blood cells yep we wondering when I'll get to them where are you white blood cells made in your bone now and some are made in your lymphatic system let me show you your immune system you've got five different types of white blood cells we've got neutrophils and of your white blood cells neutrophils make up about 62% then you have got monocytes and monocytes they make up 20% and then you've got the lymphocytes and they're the ones that are made in the lymph nodes and the lymphocytes make up 14% and then you've got basophils and basophils make up 2% and then you've got eosinophils and they make up 2% to four have I got it right is that 100% that's that's in your white blood cells that in your blood now misty mountain helper tree when guests come in I take one drop of blood and I put it under the microscope and it comes up on the screen so you get a look at your blood and everyone goes oh no I haven't got many white blood cells there's one white blood cell to ten thousand red blood cells so on one little screen and they're about 250 million red blood cells in one drop of blood so that's the magnification we're looking at and what I look at is if there's about that ratio everything's working well you know I hardly ever sent I hardly ever see that that ratio as well or as it should be now I was looking at one little girl there's a couple came and they had a little three five and seven year old and they really wanted them to go through the detox program but by the end of the first day the little seven-year-old was feeling very sick and she started to vomit and I remember saying to the parents look let her eat you know it's been enough for but the parents wasn't strong anyway they eventually did but they wanted me to look at her blood that day and I saw probably about three times the white blood cells that we should have now when you see three times the white blood cells we should have that could be an indication of huge inflammation it can be you know you can see it when someone's sick and there were so many I thought wow I hope this little girl's all right I didn't say anything I looked at her blood two days later and it was perfect do you see that some people say I had a blood test two weeks ago and look at my white blood cells and I said yeah they probably are right now you know it it changes depending on what's happening now now what you'll see is you'll see your your red blood cells will look like that and then you'll have a let's say this is a this is a neutrophil and a new Phil can have a few new classes and these will be zooming around and that just sits there sometimes you see it in a different shape and that's when it's active and I think we all know what they do if there's any pathogens in the blood they and envelope them and kill them off I think they kill them off with hydrogen peroxide but your lymphocytes your Scouts so they run around looking for any problems and they tell the other ones to come and they kill it off but sometimes I will see two white blood cells together like that sometimes I'll see three together like that and that means there's some inflammation somewhere and at the end of the week I'll often see that and I didn't see the beginning of the week so I say to the person you've got any sore muscles and they say oh yes I said aha because they're not used to our Hills so you know that there can be many reasons for if I see it on the in the first blood side I say do you have any sore knees and they go oh you're my bag my bag I said I yes that's telling me there's a little bit of inflammation there sometimes I might see five clump together and that is an indication a lot of inflammation but there is something that might very much surprise you as what I see is almost common and that is the amount of the Oh sinner fills or basophils they're very similar what they do is they light up like bright lights whereas these three white blood cells on the slide they're almost like a shadow you can just see the new creases because it's dark field so it's against a dark background but these two they're like like you got a literate little electric light here and there in the R in the blood slide so what I should see is two to three in that drop of blood if I see four five and six it's an indication that something is getting into the blood that is like an enemy to the blood and the most common is wheat so when I see an excess in basophils eosinophils and I see four to five I say to the person your blood slide indicates that you have a gluten sensitivity if I see eight nine ten of these eosinophils basophils that indicates they are gluten intolerant now if I see 16 17 18 19 remember there should be two that is an indication of celiac now that is severe intolerance now I was looking at a girl slide one day and I saw silly AK and I said ah hi she said I know I can't handle weed she said I get rashes I get bloating I get diarrhea and then I looked at her husband and he had the same I said ha you haven't – he said ah what a load of rubbish she said I don't have rushes and I don't have diarrhea and she looked at him and she said yeah but you fall asleep in the restaurant do you see different people react in different ways a very common one the most common signs of gluten intolerance is bloating and brain fog what's a 30 year old guy doing falling asleep in the restaurant he's got brain fog now we had a chef working for us for a while he's 19 he's named Zack Fijian boy he had quite severe intolerance his sister did too and she would be covered in eczema if she ate anyway he never had eczema but he was always yawning nineteen nine o'clock in the morning and he's yawning and he'd forget things and as soon as this had happened I'd say Sachi your wedding went and he go I could tell he just did lost his back I looked at his flood and he had about 18 of the yes of course I said you know stop that weight your body doesn't like it you see what's happening it's getting in and and the lymphocytes say wow we got these cars coming in and it specifically gets these guys to come and deal with them so he stopped he stopped all wet six months later I'm at a venue he's cooking I'm lecturing and we had breakfast and he took a slice of bread I said can you eat that he said today but not tomorrow or the next day or the next day or the next he'd actually brought himself from celiac down to just sensitive but if he went back to eating it every day he'd bring himself back up to silly so one of the biggest or the most responsible the biggest culprit for an immune system going down is actually hybridized with Dairy Dairy and refined sugar because what refined sugar does because it is so sweet it just feeds the harmful pathogens so how can we boost our immune system well if you don't turn the tap off he's still going to be mopping up in the other corner I give people a challenge stop wheat for two months two months well you eat a slice of bread say to your body in 24 hours but the effect can remain C I sometimes have people come for two weeks and after two weeks there's still too many of these guys and yet they've had no way I said no it's going to take about another three weeks for the next crop of white blood cells before you actually see the effect one lady said well I stopped or wet for a month but I still had the symptoms I said yeah you got to go a little bit longer for it for the total effect to get out of your body and and there are so many different symptoms but the most common are bloating and and brain fog and the most common culprit is the hybridized way so how can we boost our white blood cells well there's a very old remedy and it's hot and cold so every hot shower we're coming into winter aren't we and it's still a bit warm so now's a good time to get used to it aren't you glad I'm not it's not the middle of August then you'd find it hard you have a hot shower 710 minutes and near the end of the hot shower make it hotter so that you're almost uncomfortably hot and then turn the hot off you go like this but don't worry about that you see and the good news is you don't have to have a 10-minute cold 10 seconds if you get really brave you can you can get up to 20 seconds and that's one of the best Prevention's against winter colds and flues now before you have your hot and cold shower in the morning you've already been out for your morning run good news is you only have to have 10 minutes isn't that good news because we're such a fast society we just don't have time but you got to run for your life ideally find a hill and you run as hard and as fast as you can dr. David Mosely I mentioned him earlier he's fast exercise he goes through it and now says you know the dr. guru there's quite a few authors that show you the interval training so with interval training let me define it so as the name implies they are intervals of high intensity and they are intervals of recovery and they're usually done for a cycle most most of the research has been done on exercise bikes because not everyone can run and especially if people have sore knees sore hips sore ankles but the exercise bike is excellent because the people are holding on and you can go really fast and then you can slowly cycle so usually ideally you go for your third your 30 seconds if you can't do 30 seconds just do what you can try and get to 20 and then the recovery time can be 3 to 4 minutes and if you've got time go for 6 but if you're short of time go for 3 they have found that that is the most powerful way to train the athletes today you find that most trainers are training their athletes in the interval training see you look at children they either running for their lives or stopping out there you go to African plains animals don't jog if you notice they are haven't run or they stop and dr. David Mosely in his book fast exercise he tells about this med student he's a runner he started at med school and he couldn't afford the time to Train but every now and then he'd just get up from his desk and run for his life and then come back and go back to his desk just a little minute here another couple of minutes there few months later the university games are on and he thought how well I've got nothing to lose I'll enter and all the other athletes were laughing they said he hasn't been to any training sessions as if he's going to get anywhere anyone those tiny little bursts of high-intensity are far more powerful than a 5k job you can get more out of ten minutes than you can get out of a 1-hour 5k John and the best way to train for a triathlon is interval training it's incredibly powerful why am I talking about it now because it boosts blood supply to your bone marrow which causes a production of your white blood cells it also boosts blood supply to the colon where your microbes are busy establishing and contributing to your immune system in fact every single part of your body starts to work more effectively and more efficiently because of that I think it's about six years now I do my high intensity training in the morning just before I go back to my house I go down to the creek and are diving the creek so this will be my sixth winter that I have done it and people get calls all around me and I don't get them now in the summer I might do a couple of sessions of high intensity in the Creek where I swim against the flow in the middle of winter I'm in the creek seven seconds maybe sometimes five seconds but I feel good forget coffee for a lift mm-hmm one young man said to me I found something better than coffee to give me a lift in the morning I said what's that he said I finished my hot shower with cold why does it do that because we are warm-blooded creatures we don't like I'll do it that's why we go when we have the cold water and it's because of that it has such a powerful effect on the immune system you see when coal touches our body the body goes enemy and there's this huge reaction to move the blood and get things moving because and then you stop and you've got that reaction that's the mote that's that's one of the most powerful ways so how long will that take 15 maybe 20 minutes in your morning is to do that high-intensity run or exercise bike and then have your quick shower haven't got enough time we'll have a three-minute hot just make it really hot and then it took ten seconds but you'll come out of there best booster immune system the only time it will not work if you try and embark on that little regime without drinking water first and all our body fluids are salty so it's incredibly important to have a glass of before you have the glass of water you have the crystal of Celtic soft Celtic salt has 82 minerals sea water has 92 where are the other 10 well it's inevitable that some are lost in the evaporation process cause some are in such Pico proportions barely measurable have the crystals of Celtic salt on your tongue you'd go a long a to replacing the minerals that you lose in a day because unfortunately the food does not have the minerals unless you can buy organic and organics expensive but you will get more value out of your organic than conventionally one organic tomato will give you nine times the iron of a conventionally grown tomato so when you understand the value of organics you'll realize it's not that expensive because you get so much more for your dollar but the the the Celtic salt has all of those minerals and one of the worst things you can do for your minerals is take calcium supplements because bones aren't made of calcium did you know that if you want to pursue that one there's another excellent book called the calcium lie by dr. Robert Thompson he says I get it we learn in med school that bones are made of minerals and then he said doctors come out of med school and put their patients on calcium supplements it doesn't make any sense at all and that causes an imbalance and because of the imbalance the the adrenal glands have to try and hold onto magnesium and the result of that is the kidneys lose more potassium and sodium there's this huge imbalance happens well what what are bones made of they're made of I have to count this up on my fingers boron calcium chromium magnesium manganese silica selenium sulfur potassium phosphorus and iron and zinc they're the twelve minerals that bones are made of where do we find minerals in that balance in the celtic salt in the himalayan salt and there's another place you'll find them dark green leafy vegetables we should have dark green leafy vegetables every day and when you cook dark green leafy vegetables you do not lose the minerals and they should throw the water away so how do we boost our immune system we go to bed early we start drinking our water we implement the Celtic salt we start exercising every day we start having the hot and cold showers every day we are start to eat nourishing food as much organic as possible we start to eliminate these out of our diet and you can make beautiful food without having to go to that we start to go to bed early because there's five hours every night where your immune system is boosted any guesses 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. that's when your immune system is recharged does it ring a bell ain´t laws of health coming back again stress inhibits that's why it's so important to surrender our lives to God so that we have that beautiful peace that only he gives because he made the body he knows how it works he will guide it he will keep it and he will heal it and there's a lovely verse that you can quote if you've got parts of your body that are broken down even this it's Ezekiel 36 36 easy to remember that the heaven that a left roundabout might know that I the Lord God build the ruined places and plant again that which was desolate plant again that which was desolate with those lovely little jungle microbes for I the Lord God hath spoken it and I will do it and you know he stands behind every single promise isn't that good news we just have to open that book and find it and remember in Psalm 104 verse 14 God gave herbes for the service of man drugs come in and say get out of my way I've got a job to do whether you need it or not herbs come in and say where would you like me what would you like me to do it's not a lovely illustration so I trust that you've got some wonderfully simple tools that you can boost your immune system and again the first thing is the damage has to stop and then remember what God says I the Lord God will build the ruined places and plant again that which was desolate there are many methods of healing but only one that God approves on and that's the method of healing the works with his body before I close I want to just give one little story about a lady that rang me her daughter had trod on a rusty nail that went almost through the top of her foot she was 10 she'd seen my DVD on poultices she had a greater potato honor but she said it still saw and it's still swollen so now we have to go to the big guns one of the biggest immune system boosters especially for a specific and it's hot and cold hydrotherapy weed hot and cold hydrotherapy I said get two buckets hot water for three minutes and then cold water with ice in it for 30 seconds and you do that three times mm-hmm how simple is that you have to have a kettle there because after the first hot when it goes into the cold we'll need to heat up the hot a little bit again I said ring me in two hours because if there's no response I say go straight to the hospital she rang me and she said she's laughing there's no more soreness there's no more redness what is this done it's just given the body that extra boost it needed the hot and cold stimulate the bone marrow to make more white blood cells in a fever your white blood cells go up and that's why creating this hot and cold boosts it but not only that doing hot and cold to the foot it targeted the blood supply into that foot and so when you do hot and cause the hot stim you lights more blood what's the blood got white blood cells oxygen water nutrition after three minutes this is starting to slow down so you take it out and plunge it into the cold will that wake it up whoa after 30 seconds it starts to slow down so what do you do back into the hot will that wake it up oh yes can you see what you do three times is enough by then the body's exhausted because when there's an injury the blood tends to sit or pool in an area so doing the hot and cold brings the threat fresh blood in drives the old blood out it's one of the most powerful tools at bringing about a healing response I think I've got time for one last ER I did say that was the last one but I just brought this one to my mind I'm in New Zealand I'm seeing a woman her seven-year-old son's there and he's fingers twice the size I said what's the matter with the finger she said the doctor says it's cellulitis you know what cellulitis is inflammation of the cell well we can see that I said what are you doing he's on his second course of antibiotics he's having painkillers and sleeping tablets to sleep at night a seven-year-old boy I said what happened mm-hmm can you see the detective hat must go on because the cursed cause was does not happen she said well he was he had a blister and he's playing in the dirt the blister broke aha frontline immune system has gone down you see that and then the second line of immune system comes in you know what pus is dead white blood cells so we've got their swelling there to try and lock it heal it but it's just all clogged up with the pass and the swelling I said can I try something she said please so I got two months and I'd give the hot and colds but I said to the little boy put your good finger in you have to work with the will how's that that's good now put your saw one in Oh put a little bit of cold in because you know after the cold he can take a bit more hot you must work with the will of a person must win them so after it goes into the cold then he goes back into the hot halfway through the second hot a smile comes to his face what's the smile he's getting relief the whole thing takes what 10 11 minutes he's just looking at his mother and he's smiling first relief from pain true relief that he'd had for days misses 10 daisies had this he's got a big smile on his face 10 minutes we got more pain relief than all of those things that he'd been taking and then I put a greater potato on potato draws it out the mother told me that when they got home the little boy said can we do that again he'd experienced the relief I saw them in the morning they did it at 2:00 in the afternoon they did it again before bed the next morning when they took it off all the muck had come out with the poultice and they did it again no need for any more antibiotics she said should I continue the antibiotics I said I have no authority to tell you what you to do with the drugs but I can tell you what I would do I don't usually have to say much more no need for antibiotics no need for painkillers no need what was the other ones sleeping tablets so simple what an amazing body we live in you've just got to work with it and remember what proverbs 14 verse 6 states knowledge is easy to him that understands please bow your heads with me and we'll close and have a break father in heaven thank you so much for this body thank you so much for the knowledge on how to treat it and thank you so much that you are very close to each one of us and you have pledged and committed yourself that you will never leave us nor forsake us please guide us and teach us not only now but as we leave is our prayer in Jesus name you

32 thoughts on “Life at Its Best 3 – Empowering Your Immune System by Barbara O'Neill (16 April 2016)

  1. This s a inspiring message to mankind. God made our body can heal itself if we just give it the right environment. Thank you Sister Barbara,

  2. Sister Barbara McNeill knows the true Adventist Message…it's completeness. It's amazing how she combines Biblical passages with health terms.
    Sister White would be so proud of how Sister Barbara preaches he Entire SDA Message. I wish i could afford to go to Living Springs Retreat. I DO NOT TRUST, Non-Adventist Medicine. My cardiologist, personal physician, etc., have me on 18 pills per day!
    I experience extreme distress due to my having neglected my health.

  3. Drinking with meals isnt just an Australian habbit. Everyone in the u.s.a drinks like a fish durring, before and after their meals. I am definitely grateful for this information. T.Y

  4. As a nursing student I watch your lectures more than any Anatomy/Physiology lecture on Youtube. I love your passion for natural self-healing 🙂

  5. I just love you. My son has ulcerative colitis, when he has a flare it affects his joints. Do you have any advice?

  6. The issue is more complex. I WOULD add for research food combining,
    Lack of exercises, not enough sleep, eating flower three or more times a day as staple and sweets, cakes.

  7. You shouldn´t eat foods that contain water as they dilute your stomach acid. Eat dry foods! Of course drinking huge amounts of water directly before, with, or after a meal will prolong the digestion process which is not so good but half a glass of water shouldn´t be as bad.

  8. During the Civil War many soldiers were laying and dying in fields that were covered with horse manure, muck and blood. The conditions were ripe for tetanus, but when you research the deaths, there were virtually no soldiers that died of tetanus.
    If the wound bleeds, tetanus can't grow. Like she says, keep the wound open and let it heal from the inside out.
    The tetanus vaccine is absolutely unnecessary and can have tremendous side effects. There are lots of good books available about the side effects of vaccines. Childhood diseases are a gift from nature to build a strong immune system to ward off cancer and other diseases that are much worse than measles and so on…

  9. I Love Barbara too. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to healthy living naturally.

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  11. I enjoy your uTube lectures very much… I wish I lived near you. I suffer from PMR Polymyalgia Rheumatica and it has forced me to take Prednisone ( 6mg per day) I just can't function without them. I've learned so much from you regarding the immune system and will continue to do so.
    Keep up that wonderful work you do…God Bless. (Belfast N.Ireland)

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