Librio Case: The Impact of TV Advertising

Librio is a publishing house that specialises in personalised children’s books. ‘Personalised’ means that the customer can specify the name, appearance and language of the main character. The book is composed of those elements, printed and sent to the customer.’ We had two main goals for this TV campaign. The first was a branding goal, which is typical for television adverts. We were hoping to boost awareness of our brand and let our potential customers know that personalised children’s books exist in the first place. Secondly, we had a sales goal we were hoping to achieve with the TV campaign. In conclusion, the two TV campaigns went very well for us. We achieved a lot more sales than we had hoped. We will certainly run more TV adverts in future. I did expect the TV campaigns to have some branding effect. But I never thought that it would achieve and even exceed our performance goals. We never expected to sell so many books during the ‘Bachelor’ ad break!

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