Levinson Heart Patient Testimonial – David Yager Extended Version

– My name’s David Yager, I’m married. We’ve been together for 33 years, so, that’s a good, a lot of
people can’t say that now, this generation. And I’ve got two daughters,
three grand kids. I love ’em all to death,
love ’em all to death. 2009, back then I was
having shortness of breath. Sometimes I’d have a long way to walk and I would get out of breath. One weekend, I was cutting
grass out in the yard and the lawn mower messed up
and I wanted to finish it, so I walked down my neighbors
to borrow her lawn mower and my wife noticed me breathing hard. She said, “Well, you’re
going in to the doctor.” That’s when I found out my
heart was beating too fast, in AFib. And they’ve got it
straight with medications to get it back in rhythm. I had to go for my yearly check-ups, everything was looking good. And then in ’14, I was in AFib again. And, but this time I
wasn’t having no symptoms. They tried switching medications around. Finally they sent me to Dr. Shah. – So, Mr Yager came to me because
he had atrial fibrillation and he was very symptomatic
and he had gradually declined, so he didn’t really
notice a mark of change. And, by the time I saw him,
he had atrial fibrillation, he had congestive heart failure, and he was actually very symptomatic. And in part of his work
up, what we noticed was the rhythm was an
issue but his heart muscle had gotten really weak, and one of his valves
was leaking severely. So, what we ended up doing
was talking to Dr. Bundy, who’s a cardiac surgeon here
at Levinson Heart Institute. – Dr. Bundy went in and fixed the valve and did what they call a maze. – The hybrid maze procedure, that’s a procedure where
we have two providers, a cardiac surgeon and
an electrophysiologist. In our experience it has
given us very good results in patients that have been suffering from atrial fibrillation for a long time. – After getting the valve
fixed and the maze, and all, I noticed I started getting
a shortness of breath again. – About three to four months
after his valve surgery he had an arrhythmia that
needed a treatment as well. – And that’s when Dr. Shah
decided we need to go in and do a ablation. – A catheter ablation,
it’s usually a small tube that you insert through
the vein in the leg and go up to the heart, and what we try to do is find an abnormal electrical
circuit within the heart that’s causing a problem for our patient. We localize it to the right area and then, using radio frequency energy, we can get rid of it and
alleviate the symptoms for the patient. – And I’ve been doing fine ever since. The last time I went to the doctor he told me don’t come back for a year. Everything looking good. The doctors can do great things now. – His prognosis is very good because his heart muscle
has recovered to normal. It is something that requires
continuous monitoring so we do see him regularly
for routine follow-ups with EKGs to make sure that
the rhythm hasn’t changed. – Dr. Shah, I really liked him. He’s really a good doctor. – HCA healthcare, and
especially Chippenham Hospital, have been very good about
electrophysiology care, or heart rhythm care,
in the Richmond area. He came to a place where we were able to provide comprehensive care. He was able to see a heart
surgeon relatively quickly, get that treated, and see a
cardiac electrophysiologist at the same time. We also have a lot of
nurses and technicians who are amazing, they
are very well trained, they have a lot of experience. So, when a patient comes in
to have a procedure here, they feel very comfortable. – Whenever you start getting
symptoms, don’t hesitate, go do what you’ve gotta do. I feel great, I feel good. I’m probably in the best health
I’ve been in a long time.

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