Letting Our Youtube Subscribers Pick Our New Family House

right now we can move right now I see that we don't even tell them we just pack up our car show there and just start moving our furniture in we're not gonna pay but we are going to it we're gonna live it for a little bit ok ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the lebrandt family vlog we just woke up our beds I made Posie sleep and Everly is practicing her solo because she's performing it we kinda showed you guys she performed on stage for that was a I got a charity fundraiser thing she's about to perform it on stage in front of all of her dance friends now already his friends are performing their solos he's smiling mama said the schedge outfit so it's either that one maybe it's all three she said the shedder outfit laid out but uh there's like three different outfits your daddy's shoes I don't know what to do Posie Oh Posie she said the one on the ground that makes more sense alright well that was a long long dance weekend so long so great this is like a day or two later we are doing something exciting because every day is with your GG right now and this is kind of boring for her to go house shopping with us so right now we're gonna go look at three really awesome houses that we both love and we want you guys to help us more so with like if you guys like the style of the houses and like I don't know just giving us advice I'm like what we should yeah alright we really would like this to be like the house that we like stay in for like and our kids in like forever just cuz moving sucks we don't want kids not taking move schools and just moving doors so if we can stay here for a long time but we really do what you guys helpin depending on things I'm just so many of you think so these are some things that we're looking for so you guys can help us in the comments with really wanna yard big yard an extra bedroom for a future baby and we always want to keep a guest room because he has really really big family well you you want weeks I want yes big closet and I think we want like a good-sized family room just for like a really big couch because we always have lots of friends so many of our vlogs take place within our house so like we want yeah our house is so important cuz it's like we're wrecking our workspace yeah it's not workspace like we want you being fun energized we're about to get through the game yeah be back in a second I'm gonna buy this house right now today okay this store Savannah and I are gonna get in an argument I don't want to like buy a house yet this is a lot to buy this is like deciding like what we want to Savannah what's like put an offer down and I shouldn't even agreed to come and look at Austin today because guys cuz outside is really pretty but we're gonna go looking inside I'll show you guys the inside show you guys the yard and stuff like that that's like what's most important you ready are we allowed to do this we're not like a reload or anything we feel like showed up I can be your realtor it and you bring it you're bringing your baby along guys so this is first and foremost the backyard area wow it's just like our backyard that I'm used to is like you come out and like it ends like here and they what the heck is going on over here like this is like the biggest show that you would ever get in our current neighborhood like you would be looking at this bigger backyard but you have all this a volleyball basketball court and I think it wraps around over here too and like oh it's well I think this is like a second house how does this is I buy one house get one house free and I told Savannah's show me your least favorite house first I mean babe this is like so I really you're here Posey you're in there and me and mom are gonna be any other night a self perfect self ruin your family and I'm sure you guys already know but I have more I'm one of six kids and a lot of cousins a lot of grandparents this would be really nice for them we could I mean we'd want to put it yeast you guys comment below if you need a place to stay and we'll rent it out of you know it's really it's nice it's really nice it's really nice I mean I've I've always wanted to pool in my backyard they gave her starboard they go starboard so we're gonna buy the house they gave us six pink starboard but for real I love the house and I want to move into it right now I'm 19 it was a great house I just didn't to me it's also nothing that's huge like we want a lot of kids we weren't a lot of kids we weren't like foster and adopt and all this done and we don't want to move in that could be it Oh big a lot of a lot of yard really hard to look at houses now I kind of love and not compare them to the house okay all right warehouse number two well show you guys the inside number two open and spacious I know I guess please remove your shoes so this is a backyard it's got a pool which is great I actually like the pool leaving a lot more answer but over here the yard just isn't too much you know we wanted to be able to do like a lot of activities this all our yard too I almost want to like take this down you know I like free up all this I guess but I wouldn't care there's well I'm also like you want to wipe this out get rid of like all these bricks if we could then they get one big long yard cuz i'd be plenty of yard but it's a little a little small over back yard I still like it so we got one room yeah by the five see it up there saving it for last oh wow this room is huge so this is like the master bedroom guys really pretty this guy gets a little private area this little spot in the bathroom oh really big closet Wow good shower it's pretty it's pretty he's got some real balcony to this house it's got their balconies posies getting real fussy she hungry so we're gonna look at one more house this is number three and I'll probably be done for the day but looks good looks promising very inviting with the fire hose right there very open kitchen – huh Wow so yeah we like our food is it couple of the food I call circles all the way back to these bonus rooms I know here's the back really pretty pool it's almost like a little island uh-huh really cute I mean not much of a yard this is yeah I mean some pad it's really private I like I like the trees kind of keep you private you got that popcorn this is awesome how many seats this is one two five oh my gosh you imagine with my four right here I'll wake up I would never leave this room oh my gosh guys think of this again just be like posies playroom or a little doing a little munchkin room it's like a half room that's a really cute I've never seen anything like that this house is almost too big we're seriously lost like we came up I went that way yeah this is this is a big whoa look at this I guess this is part of the master bathroom area Oh shower bathroom do you see the closet so I'm gonna open a guy's house number one was the one that had the basketball court and the huge outdoor casita room and a lot of space we loved it house number two really beautiful house love that one as well I think that we overall I count someone better house number three almost too big this house is almost too big and what they're doing is they're putting it up for like a live auction which is kind of sketching me out like I don't know how that even works yeah I don't know you guys coming down below which one do you like more one two or three time to eat after driving to the restaurant I was thinking and I collected my thoughts on where we want to move our family house number three was beautiful really beautiful but it didn't feel like home I was like we can have a million children in this house and stay here forever how off number one had a very home by but it wasn't like too fancy it was really big which is what we want we want a space but it's not so like showing a house number one was like really fancy and like we are like a bad customer three wasn't like really Phase II was almost like house like stressed out yeah but custom one was a very relaxed very big and open which is what we want you know we all we're always having friends and family over and like our house we went our house all you the house I can't you come over and play it and it's expensive it doesn't look expensive yeah yeah exactly exactly but in a good way yeah it's still beautiful yeah we can move right now I see that we don't even tell them we just pack up our car show then just start moving our furniture we're not gonna pay but we are we're gonna leave it for a little bit like let's figure this out all right guys so just to show you guys how serious we were about this video this is the next day and we are going back to our favorite house from the video that you guys are now watching showing Everly because we really want her to be long yeah my mom and a realtor everybody the center Adam here what do you think of yep I think so pool come check this out but this would be like our guest room we're like if my family kick yeah like the little extra house where if like my family came to visit you know or if like our friends came to visit they were just coming here so guys its own kitchen and its own two bedrooms nice huh

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