Letting Go of the Interpersonal, Special Relationship, David Hoffmeister ACIM

I think that the ego is the belief in sacrifice. And it's the belief you can leave God and make up an identity apart from Divinity, apart from Spirit. So, that's at the base, if you went all the way down to the unconscious mind, you would see that the ego is the belief in sacrifice. And as long as you believe in the ego, it seems like sacrifice is real. So, in order to say, " OK, I'm going to desire you, God with all my heart, soul and mind. I'm gonna forgive and be forgiven and I'm gonna come Home in awareness, To the home I never left in Heaven. And, the ego is gonna say, mmm well that's just not acceptable. Are you gonna give up the good things of life? There is good things on earth. You're gonna have to give up the good things as well as the bad things. You don't want to do that. You don't even know whether that Voice is telling you the truth about this so called spiritual Kingdom. So, it's like saying, you know just be careful about that. But actually what I found in my life was, the Course to me was just one big invitation. I remember, it was like the Spirit was saying, just trust me. You know, these ideas may seem very radical. Some of them you may resist, some of them you may just push away. But, just do the lessons and trust me, I'll take you with that trust into an experience. Like, for example; when I started reading the Course about special relationships and holy relationships, I think most people who read those nine chapters from fifteen to twenty four about special relationships and holy relationships, they still are thinking in terms of persons and bodies. What they really want from the Holy Spirit is a romantic holy relationship. Quite frankly, their like, OK I'll read your book and it still talks in there as if there's two, and the healed relationship, you know and they call upon the Holy Spirit together, and then the Holy Spirit answers immediately and then it gets very disjunctive and this and this. It's kind of a way of taking you in and then the deeper you go in, deeper and deeper and deeper you get to a certain turning point when your working with this going deeper, you start to see it's about the holy instant, about the present moment, about letting go of everything that you believe is good and real and true like nothing I see means anything. He starts off with the first lesson to try to unwind you from everything that you believe about the world. And then you get to a certain point where the ego will go, you don't want to do this course. Because He's going to ask you to let go of interpersonal relationships at some point. Cause he's saying that God did not create this world. And God didn't create the body. And what's the one thing that interpersonal relationships are based on is bodies. Even when you ask people, are you in a relationship or not you know, their answer is probably gonna have something to do with proximity of bodies, what bodies do together and the frequency of contact of bodies. And if there's not a lot of that going on, it's gonna be like, no I'm not, I'm single. And if there's a lot of this going on, a lot of contact, touching, the more the better, if there's a lot of this going on, then you're gonna say, oh, I'm in a relationship now. And that applies like a committment and so on and so forth. Well, you can see the Holy Spirit is taking us to a whole different perception of everything that we perceive and everyone we perceive. Where in the end we're opening to spiritual vision. The Vision of Christ which takes us beyond the body entirely. Back into spiritual awakening. That's very scary to the ego, the ego's like whoa that's really unfamiliar. That's totally unfamiliar and the ego will say that doesn't even exist. It's just a god and he's gonna punish you. And if you're really good, a good little boy and a good little girl, you go into Heaven. A place called heaven, haha. You can make Heaven into a place and if you're not, you're gonna go to hell. You're gonna get judged and you're gonna get turned away. You know, that's the ego's version of sprituality. scary, scary, scary. But this is the Spirit saying, We're going to take you into an experience that transcends that. So, maybe we can talk a little bit about relationship that goes beyond the body. Because, maybe you want to know a little bit more about that because this is where it's heading. The ego does not like the end and so he's gonna fight against the means to take you to the end. The ego does not like the Course in Miracles. It's like that is not going in a good direction. Basically the ego says, eat, drink and be merry for one day we shall die. It's like live it up cause you're gonna die anyway. And the Spirit's saying like actually there's more than eat, drink and be merry for one day we shall die. Now, relationship I have found in my life that when I gave my life over to the Holy Spirit and Jesus twenty five years ago with the Course, then I'll tell you what happened after that. Just to kind of ease your mind a little bit, because otherwise it can get frightening. But, it's actually been really wonderful. Instead of having, I mean most people think of an interpersonal relationship as some kind of fulfillment. That there's something empty. That there's a hole there and that an interpersonal would bring more intimacy, more connection, more love where there seems to be a hole. Lacking. There was a woman one time who interviewed all these people. And she interviewed single people and married people. And she said to both of them, what's the best thing about being single and what's the worst thing about being single. And she went to the married people and said what's the best thing about being married and what's the worst thing? The single people said: the best thing about being single is freedom, and the worst thing about being single is lack of intimacy. Anybody relate to that? Survey said: ding, ding, ding. She went to the married people and she said the married people said, the best thing about being married is intimacy and the worst thing about being married is lack of freedom. Very interesting that your marital status would have such a big impact on your freedom and your intimacy. As if your marital status determines your freedom and your intimacy. So why is this so skewed? And why are the results so, everybody can nod and relate to them is because the freedom the single people were talking about was freedom of the body. And in The Course in Miracles Jesus says: "What do you want, freedom of the body or freedom of the mind, for both you cannot have." He comes right out and says, both you cannot have. So, if we're looking for some kind of a mix between Heaven and earth where we come into an interpersonal relationship where we get the best of both worlds. The best of the Spiritual realm, the best of the carnal realm. OK, tonight. New show. You know mix and match, lets get the best of both. What the Course is really saying is, you can experience Heaven only by giving your full devotion and attention to Heaven. By focusing your full attention on the Kingdom of Heaven you bring it into your awareness. And when your attention is split and you are desiring other things you get mixed results and it's very conflictual So, what I've discovered is there's a purpose, when I joined in this purpose I found the intimacy, and I found the freedom, but I didn't find either one in personhood or interpersonal relationships. The survey was looking only to the bodies that were single and coupled bodies. And it was looking for the freedom and the intimacy right where it could never be found. And that's why they were discontent. Both the single people and the married people were saying we're not fully content. There must be something more. And how does that work with relationships? Well, when I gave my mind and resources and everything over to the Holy Spirit Then I could see that the body was just a communication device, and this body and other bodies were used in a way to be a witness for a state of mind that was beyond this world. I mean, it kind of gets your attention when you come across in this world happy people. Even when you're going through your day, doesn't matter if it's a waitress in a restaurant, or it's somebody in a butcher shop or it's somebody here or there, you just don't know where it's gonna be when you find somebody who's strikingly happy, strikingly peaceful, strikingy joyful, it's like it gets your attention. It's like, Oh hi, hi. I'd like to get to know you, spend a little more time with you. What's going on in your life? And for me, I drawn a lot of witnesses like that because it's all been about sharing this deep message. People say, how do you gain a sense of inimacy without interpersonal relationships? Well, I've been traveling in "the parable" thirty one countries for twenty something years. And what I found is, it's sharing this message when I would go into countries where I didn't speak the language. I thought, I don't know how that's gonna work, cause I'm not bilingual or multi-lingual here, I don't know how this will go over. But, even the translators that were sent to me, I never went to hire or looked to find translators. In some of the gatherings I had anywhere from; I think in Argentina there was like fourteen translators that were always around me when I did these gatherings. Just sent spontaneously. And I found as I was letting the Holy Spirit rip through me and pour through me, and they were going in excited and sharing in Espanol or whatever the language was, Mandrin or German or French or whatever. We were both being used for a very holy purpose. We were both tuned in to that purpose. And there are actually times when we ended up doing simultaneous translations. Where both of us were speaking, it was like Pentecost. It wasn't a cadence of one and then the other, we were both speaking the same content. In different languages and just kind of looking at each other in amazement sometimes. Because there wasn't really translating going on, we were like doing channeling with two different languages at the same time. Just like in Pentecost when everyone's, all the languages are being spoken and the joy and the glory. To me, that's intimate. That is the most intimate experience, such a feeling of deep connection and love. And then I was paired up with all these different translators around the world and those were the kind of experiences that we were having. Yeah, recently was in Belgium, wasn't it last months ago or something and we were in Belgium and that's what was going on. The French and the English and it was just the glee and the joy of that. We could FEEL it, everyone could feel it. It was very deep and intimate. And also, it's a sense of freedom because when you have that connection and you're so connected to the Spirit you DO feel free. You don't feel bound to the world. Your mind's not thinking about, how am I going to survive and what's gonna happen tomorrow and how am I gonna deal with that, you know the typical things that the egoic mind is in. Your mind is lifted up into a realm that's higher than those doubts and fears and concerns. And you're just emminating from this higher place. That's the ultimate freedom. The freedom is, it's not freedom of the body. There are even those who came before us, like Ghandi. Ghandi was quite happy when he was in prison. He wrote most of his writings in prison. You know, he spent decades in prison and he was very, very happy. Exchanging vegetarian recipes with the prison. You know, he was really doing what people wound say people would do when they're NOT in prison, he was doing in prison. All he was showing us is that it's a state of mind. Prison is a state of mind and that's what the Matrix teaches us, too. Morpheus tells them it's a prison for your mind, Neo. That you cannot smell, taste or touch a prison for your mind. And now, we've come upon the Course, and living the Course and found that that is actually the gateway to a free mind.

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