Let’s Talk About JEALOUSY! 🐸🍵Jealous Friends, Family Members And Strangers

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  1. I know they say no man is an island but I’ve always felt like a lone wolf. I have always been the supportive friend but no one ever reciprocates the support when I need it. It use to really hurt me but something happened on NYE during a family prayer I really felt that the spirit of God was telling me that he’s all the support I will ever need. That very moment changed the weight I used to put on human connections. Now I am so content in my own company that people often don’t know how to approach me for events or outings because they know I am more than likely to pass up the invite. I wish you also spoke about how sometimes God will purposely isolate you for himself. That’s where I am at. Thanks sis, God bless.

  2. Dear God Give us discerning spirits that we would not respond in anger or resentment but lift up this insecure person in Prayer that they may receive the fulness of Your Love
    James3:16)For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

  3. I have been both! And had to repent of being envious and disingenuous! Do not allow these attitudesinto your heart! God CANNOT use a contaminated vessel! Praise God for His cleansing delivering power!!

    Walk in HUMILITY! Daily ask the Holy Spirit to search and show you, your heart! Be clean and watch the Lord reveal HIS Luxurious Love on you!!

    💖💕 your channel Sister! And CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement!! Yes Father God Bless this Kingdom Marriage In Jesus Name!

  4. This was spot on! My Narcissist ''Friend'' was like that. She was always competing with me, She would walk in front of me leaving me behind so she could be in the lead, She would over talk me and cut me off while I would be talking and switch the topic, She would always try to down play and devalue you me. When I got engaged the Jealously and envy got even worse. She didn't like the attention I was getting from my engagement that she started wearing random rings on her ring finger even though she is not engaged in hopes of trying to steal my shine and joy. This is why I cut her ass off! Nothing but the dame devil!

  5. Disclaimer: Really long but I suggest you read all of it because it will motivate you guys to make the right decisions on what friend to pick. I am a senior in high school now and I want to inspire girls my age, especially younger girls in middle school, freshman year etc. But this is for all ages. I actually want to make a YouTube channel talking about my experiences with friends, relationships, careers, etc. so let me know if you guys like this story and like and comment! Enjoy!

    I had this best friend, let’s call her “Disposal” because she’s trash to me now. 🙊 Anyways, I met her in high school, and we’ve became so close instantly because we’ve shared the same interests and she was very pretty and she looked new at my school (side note; I’ve been living in that town for 7 years so I’m used to everyone’s face, so when I saw her I knew she was the new girl). We chatted the first day and we exchanged numbers and stuff. After a while, we’ve became super duper close as I said earlier, to the point where we’d be on the phone every single day and night like it was our ritual and we hung out to the point where her mom called me her daughter and vice versa. However, my other best friend (we’ll call her Candy) whom I’ve known longer in that school was getting really upset because she felt like my attention was no longer on her because we stopped hanging out so much. Before I met Disposal, Candy and I would be over each other’s houses so much it would be like 2 weeks at a time, that’s how close we were. She met all of my family and I met hers. We even would wear each other’s clothes and we had pictures of each other on our walls, and all that cute BFF stuff. I felt really bad and sincerely concerned for our friendship, so I wanted to make things right, so I spent more time with Candy, and Disposal started to get really jealous. And it wasn’t discreet too. Like it was really obvious to the point where my mom questioned her sexuality. Like she would say weird things like “Why are you out with her so much?” Or “You’re choosing me over her?” Or “I’m just the side b—— and she’s your main b——“. And it started to really annoy me. Disposal’s mom was really blunt so she told me that one day Disposal came to her balling crying because I hung out with Candy (mind you the day before Disposal and I hung out like wtf). So you would think that I would feel bad for Disposal at this point. Tbh Not really. While this was happening, she had a bf that she would spend all of her time with to the point where I would feel uncomfortable with hanging out with her because she was ALWAYS with him. He called me a “c——blocker” and that I was always third wheeling with them, which was so not true. I told him that sometimes I just wanted to hang out with her for just girl days sometimes and he just called me disrespectful names after that. I was so appalled and the worst part was that she agreed with him. She didn’t say anything to defend me, and just sat there. I was so upset that I grabbed Candy’s hand and we walked away and I started crying because I was so hurt. I didn’t even want to talk to Disposal and she kept calling me afterwards crying like I DID SOMETHING WRONG. I even cursed him out once for calling her a b— after they broke up and she looked at me crazy like I shouldn’t even said anything. (This is just half of the story.) After a while, I got a bf of my own, and you can imagine that she was even more jealous. She kept saying that I spent all of my time with him and not with her (ironic, right?). One day I went home after school and she stayed after. The next day this guy was talking to his friend’s and I overheard my bf’s name and they were saying how he walked with Disposal after school and how he walked her all the way home. And they were laughing and looked at me and whispered “There she is.” I held back my tears and I was so angry, but I didn’t tell Disposal, but I yelled at my bf so bad, and I broke up with him not too long after. Few months later she told me about the situation and how he flirted with her. That made me angry because she didn’t even tell me while we were in that relationship. A real best friend should never let their girl be in a bad relationship like that without telling her what’s good. I lost so much respect for her that day. Fast forward to last month (btw that whole story was two years ago so obviously I didn’t learn my lesson) I went to a different state to see her because she moved the year that I met her (I’m not saying the state but just know it was pretty far from where I am). We’ve been planning to see each other during the vacation for 6 months and during that time she had a new bf (still with him) and I didn’t really think that it would be a problem and that we’d finally be hanging out, just us two. Nope. The day that I came to
    the day I left, she brought him over every single day, and they were chilling and laughing while I was stuck in her room doing nothing. That was so messed up. One of those days we were supposed to go to his house for the holidays and just chill and meet his family and stuff. We both got ready, beat our faces, (my hair was snatcheddd hunny) 😂 just having fun. I borrowed her boots and sweater and she tried to embarrass me when we got downstairs. Disposal told everyone that those weren’t mine and that I took them from her because before that her mom and aunt said that I looked like a model and a tall pretty chocolate girl. (This is the biggest sign I’ve seen of her being jealous of me. She always copied my style and she would try to down talk me telling me I’m too dark, or I was too tall because I got compliments from people about me being really pretty and exotic looking and she didn’t like that, which I never understood because she’s a beautiful girl). Anyways before we were about to go her bf got the phone call saying that only two of us can go because there wasn’t much room for all three of us. I don’t know about y’all, but if I had a guest who traveled to see me, I would not leave my guest at home, I would either bring them with me, or we’re all staying home. Disposal left me at her house while going with him. It was so embarrassing because I had my coat in my hand and I was fully dressed just to get a “Sorry, you can’t come with us”. The worst thing was all of her family was there too, and they were just watching me in pity as they left. I walked upstairs and I cried so hard, because I could’ve spent the holidays with family and the people I loved, but instead I had to spend it with me sitting up in her room sobbing because I felt left out. I learned my lesson, don’t ever do anything for people if they cant do it back. I respect her so much while she treated me like shit (her mom’s words btw). And jealous people will do stuff like that to you, because of their insecurities. With that, they want to make you miserable for it and that should not even be a thing for you. Don’t settle for that kind of friend like I did. Know your worth, and know it’s okay to shine brighter than some of these girls. Don’t dim your light for them. You all have a great day, beauties. 💜

  6. James 3:14-16, 1 Corinthians 13:4, James 3:16, Galatians 5:19-21, James 4:7, Proverbs 24:1, Thank you Sis for sharing.

  7. "For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh within you. And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved."

    Matthew 10: 20-22
    King James Version
    Holy Bible

  8. OMG I've been into very similar situations numerous times with friends and family. It happens a lot more often that I thought. Thank God I do have people in my life who I believe are truly happy for me!

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