Let's talk about culture!!!

yelling ghalichi nene amano joseline B&O are famous R&B yellow keoson ambien OTG Salaam billion or else a Salaam be honest a llama to positive and are featuring a boat okay austere Salam be yellow duesy Colombian yet server examining of salamba yellow tower salami yellow Lea Salam via know Sonam B&O barra vieja zhehan salaam Biondo de Jennison am beyond Oh you sorry and Anderson Yugi did salamba yonder said my to visit i I see I channeled out I channel our own teeny high-low Salam Viera son amar to visit even thank you thank you mommy a Salaam be yellow an emoji of the ring hi Jeff Salam be yellow Martha salami yellow Jeep Salam be a new at this Selam be yellow so nice an ambien Salameh to visit even the visits at Rp jelica fault I know this is life life No Oh pancake agarrado be a target and she managed only to lung cancer yeah – oh yes are you a true pancake and it's a collateral there are also those guarana no Waterton no Sukarno who never include no good just lasagna to be you know what hmm but now the table just in de duque to Chara – yahoo car – young and also roofilin even know eatable it's an avocado from rebirth nigga yeah Selassie a yet ibaka young Rosso Eric Hauck Rufus Rufus fella Mikado seek agar become lady indeed me agar with food cúcuta and as I gonna tell apt just last idea to begin OG anin : Menominee charmer combatant a nanny Salam Biondo and now Menem to carry the Masonic Ashla in a five minute shower mathematica Crandall as I shall see to become very very simple message but easy tell aunty Scipio so sooner I was sewing you in Jay Russell gurunarayana no just no choice tea and to be honest election and a new respect Muammar al-gaddafi I have to be respect but I'm simply conduct along the process on a bizarre we also do 20 minutes I'm a criminal yes NF y la the SNF some looker eh camera button just without algebra Baja beach avatar Bhutan indeed in the business yeah minimum gotta learn to throw so saw that was after to be a yes set up Sonia Sun up some yes enough soma given his uni be just a lot atrocities of 10 points Arabic artificially Russell I'm senior to Mulholland is fabulous and I understand you know why I'm just so hot it'll just Yahoo matches to Croatian asagna watchable sorry yeah chuckles Oh Alan indeed a scimitar decoration are going on for decoration Adric way a carpenter done recently levels yes there are such of chocolate register on the table corner in but got you can get a mimic a co-owner yahoo new creation demo sometimes who didn't academy bit cuckoo not you yeah just yeah your line item to see not decorations each other but in g but L am adjustable to your here Nagar Kavita choice for you can illustrate the masses each other become easy no I whatever North Beach this button is you know mommy is an umbrella yeah Tennyson ambien but I'm simply shower ETOP us an ambien super easy you have that example uses only happiness I have to present to people neuro repair of all children and they've come from Donovan now attributes exuberance a cleaner on this island out a good even teeth are colossal at you well now that you you in this good friend an island out on the $13 officer you I'm doubt aah aah yeah metal such a lemon muscle are a super colossal Gator and Lake Eola to complete a real and elephants of you in this island out the Arab and out the would you live each other not touch o process it enough I'll put her to I'm mistaking for you today kike or UI but Camuto gun yelling found each other Mila Hannah Montana the Chile yourself get and Yamato yonder Nara poisonous ideology friend enamel lemon muscaria husband again I will gonna talk about you but I'm Tanisha gage the music must for a spendable would you see one no you're a chocolate ear to put it tsunami messenger for if anything she just simple simple simple sorry today's the question here Sarah sorry bloody vinegar sinister no no yes or no yes adulterer yes and those who have cancer yes and those are our kitchens Akashi shadow you see so simple yeah someone who Nathan yeah yeah sarasu manager Serrano yeah under gradual sorry she cherishes I endure and Davina damu is around us is childhood yeah Martha Lancelot election you know are containing about and it was rational relax it ammo to crucial as I shall chocolate to go stupid [Applause] – like a Super Micro monochromatic offender gratuitous Cindy she is eggs then – thumper got you I got you even before cake yeah goodness sorry booze wind and the Ximena McCammon operati I lost the slaughter come enjoy come enjoy come Joey libitum you can do more never about lemon answer no and cut a clean no problem I got person yeah na yeah na na cover I ate a pot Anthony man I take a ball but recently in an apparent good talents and I you whom assignees knowledge yeah boom artisanal NASA llama to Rosetta Valley lanique and laugh at Uncle Don but I'm can be kebab like a life just Atlanta nice I'd be hero injury marathon without Muhammad America but can be kebab la easy no yeah can be given a easy yeah that time simply the moon no noticeable hi hi Barbie net assault i hi yes as me an astronaut yes as me meaning thank you I love you me too now sorry capillaries mallets Yaga Baba me muscle ah-choo yeah Saturday in Finland PBA Lucas a 2008 of it did he have it about a season she will chew gorilla MIRR Marta connection there are so to know the decoration moon as eyeshadow good lesson Alameda mr. chalky in Recife wanna me reminded say own matches lesser army chocolate decoration I can become them South London your jacket and less time in low times in the late no become dizzy now yeah but you young also lucifina sukarno John Kasich Nagar Gaara it was a gorgeous Luna I'm chilly Yamanashi yonder no the caca famila na minha for a Gurkha relationship Carillo cinoxate mcaren I was astonished and indie indie Talkeetna both anti-terror sorry Dina yeah maybe London is a tablet a filter will a spray me telugu aruna and I saw her with masala the master shamanism relish that also finished machine does it itch in atrium the target an American – ichi-chan sorry we assume us for an island itself another moon yeah indefinite issue nah not saying we were at a mood definitely a gorilla black finish Koosh Koosh Mikado Bill Gannon marathon marathon lappa Cal carrot or a look on more opportunities a Catholic origin and beat Argentina contest through the spirit arena teach I'm relish become an eternal cuz I'm gonna kind of it but funky illness anituchi Sorella I'm that exceeded Duckman midgets release lesser for certain units that I'm simply no no cuz I'm moving in the exhibit for car corner wait a minute sta green behind and Eternia cream pie I'm Deena grass alia chandra sudha no time actually Mishima Scion timer to the my shaman at Ibaka then under a pseudonym athene yet undone soulless ROM salasi Bruce absolute I'll call you time Mattoon under Sharma Pacho Tanisha here nigga K Ethiopia a hot Calgary Baja hmm I saw ya – I don't get it man i holla didi come way my little gaining Calgary Calgary behind the cyber Sabbath initial as I get Ron thank you Church of side Allah no ketchup soy una casa en economist ILO venom Zeus year anniversary to society where I thought America rehmannia Rakesh in honey a crucial to know too lenient at you which other una to whom never on which are so concerned about Iran yo funda Mahananda under K yeah never a girl in your Carson F inverse second I'm doing a really in than a gorilla salasi as I you know Salameh to visit even buzu so Salaam solid I'm Antonio pursues or salasi selamat a positive and we come fight in them no compiled under layer can a in DD less forgive me help little alien a girl we are going from Russell but I'm going to Nagar no concern over no nagarajan pattern a loner said yeah that I mean now would our photo Cigna so rock on you know yeah yeah gotcha Mahanagar cold oh honey Jesus Jimmy Thunder he show finger a Kamath I know the guru but I'm time in mused Logano who lay down internal oh and good and it in the me Sarah you're not on top would I watch you a pattern dr. Lee step-by-step little too eager Journal let me I'm talking how much you got watcher took a whole new yeah girl Hannah McKay you Mac so on the merit Cory caracarno lemon which other told oh yeah double to George yes no so album in yoga yeah I just wanna cover fee to Bhutan euro such in Karachi behind action not gonna thank economy Menachem salasi and not that we can even at that time lift up Oriana now minimum if you pay gonna air tray yeah girl yeah girl behind lemon hi Ursula Sam but how did you know her Noma to each other be attic yaga yaga Mahadi us a minute you – in Dagenham which other poor do a yes yeah acai a condom so sorry show think Eric a metal chain yeah I know whoo whoo geez I better keep recipe wake up wake up feeling that Allah P na googoo my aunt indigent is no dear I'm sorry your dagger so Savannah and the I thought you know but not you goosh goosh Indies in I'm sorry you Anna Nagar beans example any Yemen they'll associate and dismal goons is will come Nagar is a cantata to Nasik Macomb jet yeah thank you thank you thank you Macomb jet lagoons at Macomb Bichette yeah nigga Serrano I swear to God quick to do noona yeah burned by Lori yeah yeah Talia Nichols you sound super tiny not giving any nothing in the – I know but I am ready yeah more Ronnie salasi yeah and they get cannon I got a moon again shake i reminded today yeah what good McMenamin never will know who's play whichever I know it took a mirror ihara hoodlum yo scum suka become cheap you know Sara Z cigar I'm Alonzo to critized Mindanao who'll a chill sure sure sure sure sure go man no Angie cigar sometimes young D miss gum less or no children oh yeah Kothari a cigar not mikasa less only factual me a spell on you know sometimes forgotten vanish Ramallah Shiro in a desert you sure away Nene she never heal her own Maldonado a Siliguri she or he a son Wayne pursue you show someone off bond in the Krampus f0y a shrew beta a son David way suitable sroa yeah no shiro jurgis of battle a lunardon sure oh boom an otaku teenagers after that oh my gosh ah-choo Karim cuz my – attachements a broken motor days no hi Louie mata Selassie boomer jacket or a coat of Ohana metal a resume Acharya we at the burger tubas are not a virtue woman candy Rivera so the Guru assumed poshi-ne and then sold Akash any custom a degree murder and them sunday snow by DBT cash to Kamara boo when did you coat as a wanna my Mecca person just but I'm just afraid order doesn't initial to me Anna also maybe gotta go verstehen like oh no not again cough cough are you gay man in the cellar aromatic mixture gives us a tour money we hear the motor any demo indications are going to signal is yellow kizomba butcher or even desire the government name and Isla de carava Tom new motto I have Oh number two no money I don't know become so cool any I don't know the thought core sample but what course on Menominee your rocket plane but can you gotta adapt or not yeah around one no movin ah give me any money no do not a dagger come on dude nah I love coffee I saw board I love coffee you know become immortal so does he yeah yeah negative Mac are born again Wow woman baby I Newtonian vagina – and we had a person tiny to Canada you goo – man you're good – booboo Mitaka mo I'm sorry cut for any destiny and you were a green dagger cocoon Lenny elegantly never dream never Coburn's on the ceiling a battle a Ivan in Misrata no I must mix my Rakuten come on you yeah yeah I'm goin on yeah I go Menendez no AG repeat comic our tube is no joke woman called Roma woman – no and not touching without you cracking comunidad you could fool could focus fire code for gonna let us come down that you to marry a nothing discernable cuckoo I'm good for Zika let me Sun it could fall ill watch it on ya which attack on a jogger we watch it well Hakuna Matata go in the Pacific or could form caricature cuz even Jenga William sometimes is not Hindi Tara grammage merci beaucoup could phone karaage to Prezi buckle gumenyuk Erica to SD common denominator ago I belong in the Argus attacker oh my goodness does select accretion nah Yago man manana yeah yeah c'mon and inaba salasi yeah Goldman but I'm do commander sue knows that today I become life I bring syrup with can become oh no hmm yeah yeah I would not go Murray I mean equal to Ivanov oh man you love me if and I saw indeed no mixer what if and lettuce of mix Arawa goomaroonie nah I win oh yeah woman I will mix it down Daniel could phone company mega Karim Nick Simon good for know come on mochi Chalmers with a dingy control come on I got you open up the talk I let you cop and I got your ice racial China use it for Manuela yeah and up the enemy lieutenant Aruna look better roman mmah no no I need such a demand even ineffectual when you not actually any cabana boy any unit unit discern given did not – guru lady – you – you – bleh more than casa rosada karna berserk at Havana albums minis no slept Z and death known essence as the Gaucho yeah good thank you and missus has I got paid more to you Rotana edenia good Nagar – as they got eh a hospital every chakra for no Jim no as I got each a girl as I got eh I was put in a camp and indeed in the Mizugaki Lassa Lassa died iike as a a trollop another habit on that you do indeed know any indeed in the surah yaseen Oh masala – goodness Alaska wellness from speak iike what you know just yet as a guide and phenomenal yeah I waited on manatee auger with Herrera Manila Arirang Binaca re Rhonda yan Herrera indeed our agendas around just aside yeah no good you know I'd secret enough time in the muse to that unnatural essence – ah – line of Morocco who lie a drink a but I'm taking time more sink one hour in standing but um I got a baton doing nothing I'm Sarah Herrera was that south latitude or he in Geronimo gabbro was that chakram was the remotest round approach in America remotest area yeah remotest ultimate Argo remotest Wichita Regina give me that in details around age and Gaeta serology Dita's knowledge karana demon Kazakh see a button now remotest redundant desert my teacher chakra which which in Serrano and E to the color to auger bit underneath you misunderstood and Chicano an idol never I know meet at another cuz I'm shocked la la loo look reaching to attack another on edge when the master muscle tensity muscles Erica could didn't attire Chick Corea mega Carmen a general do nanometer self and now teach amber and Nana d-did meet are gonna vomit Ostrow coach avatar ago Mucha Tarragona but cannot throw Mandi Karlovic in this room terrible does it does it but I don't know I come to me I will live and if you take a collage you know that I've I would just easily can overcome na in this arena but I bet up to the stairs well that simple delay like a leopard up meter and the guiding nah sorry internal anger can enlighten the Messiah just last minute who nigga town just in a garage or not to meet up with on that you yeah I need such a compiler many random raining nah yeah yeah I say yeah injera really tuning guitar to injure Ahmednagar to laugh when up moon the cecum anomaly to electrical demand after mooching chatter – thank you mind after a little music chatter gasps Leslie Lera bum stone of elastic Akasha Gonzaga's ah nah mini masala Anjana crush it Thoris with Tessa Sigma Chi a machinima another kya hoc tu you saw injera so do when I'm gonna the hood don't worry don't worry Malak indian city in battery so much been metal glue never month so what I do Kanaka computer orange a occur such a number via I know everything d-money especially so chilly good boy ENIAC oh he Macario Macario Cygnus and Lyra I hide you yeah Molly Beatty you know I know silicate forms and I will zoom the top open that Network I know yeah but I miss I experience yeah not true and unnatural a condom just any another perfect Bergeron professional Marilyn jaggery culture Jager in Baja and Dan Russell nasayaat your OMG and none taken any given data to was just a locket on the under lip am not any endeavor some NASA yet you know fully matured Nettie and she nature could have been Ashman arms elementary no Yahoo summer tomato miss around a suitability master Maruchan no so not your congregating barometer judge in caffeine defeat action in the scenario yah-tchi Alcott are eligible 0 clearly true yeah Sylvia woolly and it lacks emergency repair oh no Hannah's are a physician mahogany enjoy Busan so cool and opportunist Martin elta route so I own juice and Elizabeth our little chica Yamuna I know yeah yeah buzu so Salalah watching some Dimetrodon can be yellow lemon comitia mariana / gonna undo let the soda masseuse cut around a loop 2 CK Yamuna kibosh discerning G lil an attorney might end up nearly going to yeah in and again come to varnish electrical bundle yeah garage in bajalia Gretchen culture and decay result in Yahoo DJ bouzouki video to cattle energy us even of European European to the soldier makable and dated the missile and they're gonna be seated near who the comedian who miss Lisa Lana legit do root truthful when I'm with rabbits love you in a video I time I don't know no video chatting audio into the Yahoo not you know better Rama wrote I'm Sarah did she have a meal a Patrice it's well it's yeah I gave a lipoma pilot who taking longer planning very hard to tonight it's not true but I've known him I was gonna you know talk I'm not you do roost nothing indeed remain in the Sierra Sierra or say Andy indecent well Abdul robust and dysentery Schubert's and immunity behind kotahi not even embalmers knowledge yeah he's a Rizzo bucket also Ralph analogy shrink routinely in general a Indian chief of multi-gender better nah yeah we are a she and now in Jeremy if you including details pendulums let's say I mean nothing disastrous IET shrink would but I'm Omar was long enough to amuse dog times man Valley energy yeah nacelles e DJ mental hospital time you stamina millenia Nagar Misurata time you suddeniy turn on Athena you meet up with omelette on say Lizzie understand Torah vijnana Patel a year bhajana we have any lamentable he took a midwife yeah Gretchen I'm doing around Toby Jack and tilde bhv another each other never saw William me ponder your comet a nasa only mammoth one no yeah yeah I am I'm at plant I'm at one you meet Monica better to nuts can make up a very remarkable can become awkward man attendees know you miss Pentagon criteria as I got Jenny you mustn't go everything Bombur but evenly but I got Grandal duro to could fool I go money could phone look at everything yo do Croatian Ranger is really in the cartoon to creation that Allatoona whatever I don't care Dona but I'll be to keep proud you're not the time desolate you look up oh oh I love it I don't know fictional study examines acronym Jana Nene how much one net yep endeavor so your sir a fella who do nigga per table dad dunno only much Latia Mann ki way to me patent she among couch a turkey 0 merit initial shape a turkey bumpers were the table right he launched a table on their couch I need I need a super table zoo never come but cuz I'm wanna know Sudan tomorrow but Inge and injera win immunity Jenna and DRG but reliability Lytton endemic cometh when 0-2 mohaka mahakal a to wrote and amethyst brooch a new mazda miata Mahakala duro to and grab yo a criminal for a semi Amin Amin amoeba on the agriculture and Emily had her condo purse up in general xue really i Russ which you know mix kaboom Monica mixing on I let me chop Mitch I let kuduro what wouldn't injure Omaha Kolkata Erica who knew I beat Erica module and now coffin like a matching cannot who I've you Francis it a ragam undersea now do Croatian baby in the womb better it is it lunch a table a look at I owe you one of a coyote but uh to look at Hawaii through Novica he Canada capital city desert and the counters are women that you know yeah you because I'm a speci yeah either gonna do too much too many other guarded Becca and Danis featureless random photo photo host oh yeah yeah yeah Gretchen bladvic oh yeah gotcha de topia yeah abandoned Valachi to each other Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day and this busy to kill himself to mr. talkie talkie remember table a procure guru but to kids really do to crashing it ever will do Croatian so let's see the Ethiopia binya culture Binyah Binyah I'm a twat Hiromi panda indeed Omid bundle below yharnam picture answer was to NAS Lemoore Hsin na as tomorrow – but I've been Yamaha you did you just emerge but I'm a proud new lemon yo salasi in your cheddar yeah bhajana Choe won a holiday mallet Thank You Stevie the Christmas chicken ala in the makin all family beats a motto yeah nymburk I care so na was that okay by the Saba to Cuba South Korea busy do crucial chica by yum yum de Menezes Nona but candy to achieve but I'm gonna cry anima can be kept up arrival ready to test the market leadership but I know this thing I want not an alien Dedra yeah Korean behind Andy indeed Rossano yeah eat your chili and here 250 area you want to photo yeah Rocco to bore Chum for cambio poor chump Saget reaction yeah yeah family photo candies no Kenya did you touch an ominous got the Mojo touching Did you touch it Kenya caramel time Kenya at more each time there's a new generations no no no soon a choke any Academy mistake and the budgets in the Georgia Dome mascot oh man and this electron the room but I'm Charlton boob zoom on mm a bearing green Satoru Anthony Janice Ramona and Lincoln and Alan yeah thank you sorry you thank you enough wasn't much out on the ground in time you hear oh yeah contente idara Kimagure Andy Sarah wind energy Germany no merit worried German man below no okay I mean good nature to God desire and desire in a church women – limits assistant if no robot your side there's also nice mama animal has all natural now Damona so a large chicken ramen Amundson emiru decided they'd like a table 18 it's natural your market research on be ma told everyone minute damn Bible – yeah a tiny condo me for Putin no the nurse to muffin and Wooten our guests are no good Linea so on each Anika nedeau road cuz a row I kinda mean kinda even had a gorilla manana salami to earth right nevermind to green cool actually and does the energy guerrilla know I love you so much another man late and Pentagon Seattle but I'm in Savannah y'all Ferrara but I'm Tamara she McConnell I love you so much does he see okay Thank You Abigail MVD yeah

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