Let us introduce Yijun, our new baby member! [The Return of Superman / 2017.06.11]

It’s early in the morning. Whose house is this? (It’s early morning in an unfamiliar house.) There’s a big stuffed animal in the living room. (Whose place is this?) Wait, it’s moving. (It looks like a mysterious creature.) (We carefully followed it.) Gosh, it’s pretty. Goodness. There’s a tent inside the room. Who on earth is that? What are you doing? Mom! (What’s this?) Dad! My goodness. It’s a cute little boy. (Is that you Dad?) What are you doing Yijun? This is Dad. Is Dad over there? He’s over here. Is that Dad? Take a good look. (Staring) Is that Dad? Well… I think it’s him. Come here, Park Yijun. (His dad’s last name is Park.) Say good morning to Rocky. It looks like he’s fascinated by all the cameras. (Yijun is fascinated by the cameras.) (Rocky is stretching.) (He’s still trying to figure out what’s going on.) – Yijun. / – This is Uncle’s. – What? / – This is Uncle’s. It is, isn’t it? (He’s adorable.) (He’s acting cute.) (Bowing) (Shy) (Laughing) I’m Yijun. (Yijun is the cutest little boy there is.) (Running) Who is the dad of this sweet boy? I’ll see if Dad is in there. (Lifting) – Dad is here. / – There’s Dad. Wake up, Mr. Chairman. He’s Mr. Chairman? Wake up, Dad. I wonder how Yijun wakes his dad up. (Scribbling) (He draws on his face.) I should draw on his feet. Here they are. Hey! (Grunting) Wake up. (He gives him a kiss.) (Pinching) (He pinches him with love.) (He’s still not waking up.) Here. (Yijun picked something up.) Oh dear. Whose is that, Yijun? It’s Dad’s. (This will surely wake him up.) (He gets hit by the golf club.) Be careful. Wake up. (He’s a stubborn one.) (Help is on the way.) (Rocky is on the move.) (Rocky steps on his groin.) (Good work Rocky.) (Leave the rest up to me.) (Poking) Gosh. (Who is this man starting the day off with chaos?) (Is that Park Gunhyung, the actor?) (Laughing) (He’s disoriented by his son’s morning roll call.) That really hurts. I’ll erase it off. It hurts. It hurts too much that I can’t wake up. Gosh, you’re so ugly. Go away. Go away. I’m really tired. Your face gives me mixed emotions. How could you say I’m ugly this early in the morning? (Let us introduce who he is.) (He has a voice that overwhelms the audience.) (He makes the crowd emotional with his acting.) (It’s the charismatic Park Gunhyung.) – You really have to get up now. / – Go easy on me. My eldest son is the biggest problem. (Dad, are you still not up yet?) This is the beginning. Yijun, Dad is… What is that? (Yijun, why do you have a baseball bat in your hands?) – What’s going on? / – He has a bat in his hands. Get up and stop him. (Gunhyung is finally up.) I’m the father of the 23-month-old Park Yijun. I am Park Gunhyung, an actor. (In 2012, he met his wife who is 11 years younger.) After dating for two years with his wife, (They dated for two years.) they got married in 2014. A year later, Gunhyung became a father. Yijun looks just like his dad. (Yijun is the son of a happy family.) (Let us introduce Yijun.) Should I do it or not? Should I do it or not? Dad! Dad, where are you going? Where are you? Where are you? Go slowly. Slowly! (He’s a cheerful baby.) (Laughing loudly) (He’s playful and energetic.) (He will also surprise you.) That’s amazing. How will this day go for Yijun and his dad? What are you eating, Yijun? – Bread. / – Give me a bite. No. Why not? – That’s mine, okay? / – Come here, Yijun. (I see.) (He shares it like a mature person.) Give me another bite. Give me another bite. (Give me some bread.) (Do you really want another bite?) No. Why not? – No. / – Whose is that? – Mine. / – Is it yours? – Yes. / – It’s mine. I bought it. (He bursts out laughing.) – Mom bought it. / – I bought it. – Mom bought it. / – I bought it. – Whose is it? / – Mine. It’s mine. – It’s mine. / – Give me another bite. (Gunhyung is an immature dad.) (Yijun goes to his mom.) Give me another bite. (Rocky leaves with him.) (Sad) – Yijun, Yijun. / – Mom, Mom. (He goes to Mom and closes the door.) (Desolate) Everyone is deserting me. I am going to the living room. Everyone revolves around you. If you go that way, they will follow. Try moving. (Is Gunhyung right?) (Where is Mom going?) (He reacts right away.) (Rocky follows.) Everyone naturally deserts me. They naturally move. – You saw that, right? / – Sit down, Mom. Rocky, how dare you desert me? (Upset) Rocky. (Mom is busy getting ready for work.) Yijun, it’s dangerous. – Don’t press it. / – It’s Uncle’s. It’s dangerous. Duck. No. Don’t press it. (Giggling) You can’t touch that. (Screaming) (Yijun strikes back by pinching him.) I will tell your mom. I will tell your mom. Yijun pinched me! Yijun pinched me! (I can’t believe you told on me.) (I will run away.) Yijun, come here. You need a scolding. (He clears his throat for no reason.) Yijun, come here. You need a scolding. (Seeing them together makes me jealous.) Yijun, attention. – How do you feel when Dad is hurt? / – I feel sad. You feel sad. How do I feel? – You feel sad. / – I feel sad. – You won’t do it again, right? / – Yes. Say, “I am sorry.” (You shouldn’t have told on him.) Yijun, do you want to go out with me? Let’s go down the slide. – Shall we go down the slide? / – Yes. – Okay. / – Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. Rocky. (Falling down) (Laughing) – What happened? / – Rocky ran into him. (I am sorry.) (Laughing) You are okay. Let’s go, Yijun. Dad. (Laughing) Come here. (Gunhyung skateboards as soon as he comes out.) (Laughing) (Is he excited when his dad is excited?) My goodness. (He gives a big reaction.) Bye, Yijun. Let’s go. (He focuses on his entertainment first.) (Rocky and the skateboard move fast.) Bye, Yijun. (He is excited.) – Do you want a ride? / – No. No? Do you want to go on a swing? Swing? I’m going to go on it. I am going to go on it. How do I get on? How do I get on? (He’s trying to figure out a way to ride it.) – I will sit down. / – You will sit down. (Struggling) Hold this tight. Raise your leg. (Gunhyung teaches him how to go on a swing.) You are on it. There you go. – There you go. / – I will get – this leg up. / – There you go. (Will he succeed?) I want to sit here. – I want to sit here. / – Do you want to sit here? – Let’s try again. / – Let’s try again. Let’s try again. Get your leg up. There you go. – I will get this leg up. / – You are almost there. There you go. (He succeeded.) – You did it. / – I did it. Hold tight. – It must feel nice. / – You should go on it, too. Should I go on a swing, too? (He sits on the swing in the opposite direction.) Are you having fun? (He smiles.) All right. I am going over to the slide. (Are you going?) I am going over to the slide. – Bye. / – No. – What? / – Honey, stay here. – What did you call me? / – Here. – Honey, stay here. / – “Honey”? Stay here. Go on a swing. – Help me. / – Do you want me to help you? Honey, help me. “Honey, help me.” Teach me how to get on it. Hold tight. Then get one leg up. There you go. There you go. (Yijun learns fast.) There you go! (He succeeded in going on the swing by himself.) Yijun, that was cool. Hold tight. (Gunhyung is both mischievous and kind.) – It’s windy. / – It’s windy. Shall we go and give Rocky snack? – I will give it. / – You will give it. – I will give it. / – Give it to him. Sit. Sit! There you go. (Yijun is a charismatic trainer.) Give it to him. Say, “Good job.” Good job. Good job. Shall we give him more? Here. – Let’s give him more. / – More? Who is behind you? (She finished getting ready for work.) – Mom, go. / – What? Should I go? Why are you being so cold to Mom? I am going to work. There’s an older girl. (An older girl?) – Give Mom a kiss. / – Give me a kiss. Yijun, give Mom a kiss. I am going. Look at him. He left you in a second. – He left me for an older girl. / – Yes. Hello. My son also loves older girls in the neighborhood. (Falling down) (He doesn’t get flustered.) – He endlessly makes an appeal. / – I know. There are two older girls now. (Yijun is behind the older girls.) (Seeing them makes him happy.) (His shoe came off.) Are they close friends? Yijun, you should put your shoe back on. Hello, hello. You should ride it slowly. Slowly, slowly. You should ride it slowly. (He nags them in a cute way.) – You want them to ride it slowly. / – Slowly. (He will nag until they listen.) (They slow down for him.) (Yijun finally gets his shoe.) In one, two, three. (Throwing) Why did you throw it? Put it back on. Come here. Yijun, I will throw this away. Should I throw it away? The older girl told you to put it back on. (Pricking up his ears) Come here. The older girl told you to put it back on. Do you only listen to older girls? Who do you like better, me or the older girls? The older girls. – Here. / – The older girls? Hello. I am going to ride this. I am going to ride this. (The older girls leave.) (Where are you going?) (One girl approaches him.) At that moment, one girl approaches Yijun. (Will you play with me?) Do you want to sit here? (The seesaw moves up and down like Yijun’s heart.) Yijun must be happy. I am happy. (Gunhyung only saw them now.) Yijun, what are you doing? Yijun, are you happy? Yes, I am riding the seesaw with her. You are happy to ride it with her, right? It’s nice. (He can’t hide his smile.) You are happy.

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  1. It’s been about 13 months and they haven’t really uploaded that much about their family😢

  2. Aiii. It was fascinating hearing April Tinkerbell as bgm. Omooo. Im crying.. please love April a lot. They were very talented. Muah

  3. H.e.i.s.s.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.f.r.e.c.k.i.n.g.c.u.t.e
    And at the beginning when the dog moved I was like TF?! THAT WASN'T A TOY?!

  4. Watching the return of superman makes me wanna have child skskskak but also to be a good mom in future uwuuuu yijun is so cuteeeee he resembles jungkook a little💓

  5. Why everyone said that yijun look like jongkook but I think that he more to look like changsub from btob especially when he laugh 😆😝😝😝

  6. If he gets married to an older woman when he grows up he will look back at this and say "So this is why parents werent surprised"

  7. This baby speaks his mind like he knows he's meant to engage us/the audience with him. He asks himself vocally how he will ride a swing, lol. Haha who does that. He's so smart!!

  8. This kind of parenting is very smart like how the father lets him ride on the swing on his own to teach him he can do it on his own without relying on his dad. The parents also doesn't dote and are not overprotective at every little thing. I swear it's so smart…..not a lot of parents know the right parenting tbh…I've dealt with a lot of spoiled kids who thinks they cant do stuffs and even their own assignments because its new.

  9. So cute the little boy is!!
    Love u loads Yijun!!
    Stay blessed & best wishes to your lovely family😁😍😘😘

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