Lesson 20 – the family members in Dutch and all about personal relationships.

In this Dutch language lesson, we will discuss relationships between people and family relationships. Do you have Dutch relatives, friends or even a Dutch partner? For almost half of the students, this is the reason why they are learning Dutch. So what about you? I am really interested to know. If you are watching this in youtube, please write it in the comments! So we get to know each other a bit better. In return I will tell you a bit about my family. I am Bart de Pau. This is “1000 most common words in Dutch”. The course in basic Dutch vocabulary with exercises on learndutch.org; 40 lessons. In each lesson you learn 25 of the most frequently
used Dutch words. Welcome to lesson 20. [THE FAMILY] Very important: in the Dutch language, when we say the word “familie” we mean all relatives, including uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents
etc. This should not be confused with the word: [THE HOUSEHOLD] which includes the parents and the children
(one household). [THE FATHER] But his child will rather say: [DAD] [THE MOTHER] [MUM] Now this word is the same in almost all languages, and it is usually the first word ever that
someone pronounces. So you probably already spoke Dutch before
you realised. [THE CHILD] The plural noun of “kind” is irregular: “de
kinderen”. [THE SON] [THE DAUGHTER] [THE BROTHER] [THE SISTER] Do you have a brother or a sister? I do, I have both. They’re not here in the picture; they’re older. And my brother is also a Dutch teacher (leraar
Nederlands). [THE GRANDFATHER] [THE GRANDMOTHER] [THE GRANDCHILD] [THE AUNT] [THE UNCLE] [THE COUSIN] I have only one male cousin “neef”. And perhaps you know him. I recorded the online course “Studio Studeo”
with him about the differences in the Dutch language between the Netherlands and Belgium. And my cousin Tom is Belgian. Attention: we use the same word “neef” for the son of your uncle and aunt (cousin), as the son of your brother or sister (nephew). [THE COUSIN] The same applies here. It can be a cousin or niece. More about “mijn familie”. I already told you my brother “broer” is a
teacher, but he is not the only one. My father “vader” and my aunt “tante” are
teachers. Out of my 6 cousins “neven en nichten” 4 of them are also teachers. So you can understand that it’s in my genes. But whereas my relatives have a job in public
schools, I also got a bit of the genes of the generation of my grandparents (“opa’s
en oma’s”) since they were entrepreneurs. So now you understand why I’m running my language courses as a business. That’s all about family, let’s have a look at some other personal relationships. [THE FRIEND] And that can mean both friend and boyfriend. [THE (FEMALE) FRIEND] And that is a female friend or a girlfriend. [THE ACQUAINTANCE] And another word: [THE CLASSMATE] [THE LOVE RELATIONSHIP] [IN LOVE] Now if you want to know more words related
to love, I recommend you to watch my love vocabulary
video. [ENGAGED] [TO MARRY] Using the past participle (they are married),
we say: But not all stories have a happy ending. [TO DIVORCE] That’s also the end of this lesson. Study the vocabulary list and do the exercises on the website. If you liked the lesson give it a thumbs up and share the video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for weekly videos to learn Dutch.

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  1. I speak English and I have been studying German for 10 years. I am very interested in Dutch because of two reasons. First : Dutch is the closest national Language to German. Second : in some respects, Dutch is a "bridge Language" between English and German…

  2. Ik heb een Nederlandse partner , dat is de reden waarom ik wil nederlandse taal te leren! I am now in Netherlands and I learned a lot from you Mr Bart thank you so much! God bless!

  3. I am an American and my last name is of Dutch origin. While I recently found out that the last of my blood relatives in the old country died in 2002, visiting Europe has always been a dream of mine, so I figured which better place to visit than the country my name has ancestry with?

    While I know that many, many people in the Netherlands speak English, I feel that it would be disrespectful to travel there without knowing at least enough of the language to hold a basic conversation with someone.

  4. I am an Italian guy and im studing dutch beacuse my girlfriend is from Holland. I want to go to live there beacause i think is better for have more opportunities. I speak almost five languages and for love i will do this big step only for her, because i really think that is my soulmate. I hope that everything will be nice when i will go there and that we can built a future together . After this i say thank you for your lessons i hope that they will help me for learn as soon as possible the dutch language.

  5. Waarom leer ik Nederlands? Mijn dochter woont met haar gezin in Utrecht. Zij is van Hongaarse herkomst maar sinds de leeftijd van negen woonde in Italië. Haar man is Nederlander en ze hebben twee kinderen. Ik wil graag met mijn kleinkinderen Nederlands praten kunnen. Sorry voor mijn slechte Nederlands.

  6. I am Italian and learning Dutch because I was relocated in Amsterdam from the company I work for. The company is American and everybody speaks English here, but since I live here I would like to integrate even better and learn the culture and the language. And your videos are so nice for both since you also explain the culture! Btw nice family Bart! so many teachers!!! 🙂

  7. I am from Somaliland but I live in Belgium, and I would like to live in the Flamish Area in the future though now I live in Wallonie or French speaking part of Belgium.
    I like your lessons Mr Bart

  8. Hey, ik hier al heel veel slimme mensen. Toen ik ze zintje heb gelezen. Ik woonder dat ze hoe hebben geleerd. Echt waar maar ik ben al bijna twee jaar bezig. Ik kan niet spreken of met iemand goed communicaren. Proficiat!

  9. Hi Bart! Thank you for the lessons! They are just great and very helpful! I'm studying Dutch because my partner is from Flanders.(His name is Faes and he is from Antwerpen, but don't worry he is not your cousin 😉 ) I'm from Bulgaria. Groetjes!

  10. I'm from Poland. In the Netherlands, I live and work. I speak English but imperfectly. I want to know the Dutch language because it is good for me. Regards.

  11. I am leaning Dutch as I was being rn to n Utrecht and we moved to Canada as a baby. My parents did not teach us Dutch but wanted us to speak English. Two years ago I was invited to meet the King and Queen of the Netherlands and that sparked me to want to learn. My wife and I went back to Holland so I could visit my relatives who all still live there. My family is mostly in Katwijk. We are going back to this June and we want to be able to speak more Dutch with my relatives and people who live and work in the Netherlands

  12. My husband is dutch and recently we moved to the Netherlands from Australia. Ik vind Nederlands leren heel leuk. dankjewel Bart

  13. My wife and I are learning Dutch because our daughter lives and works in Maastricht. We visit her every year and we decided it would be proper to try and learn the Dutch language.

  14. Hi Bart. Ik heb een Nederlandse vrouw. Heel bedankt voor de video leasen!
    Maybe one day I'll take the summer course.

  15. Thank you so much for your lessons , I will move to live in Amsterdam soon and I wish to join your school because honestly i love your way in teaching, I have a permit to live in Netherlands that's why I am learning the language which I really love, your lessons are very useful and are never boring at all especially you give important information to know about Netherlands, just I am trying to register in the website since some time so as to do the excersices but its not working!!
    Dank u wel voor uw inspanningen en uw mooie gemakkelijke manier in uw leuke lessen 😊
    Ik kom uit Jordanie.

  16. Hoyy Bart,
    Dankje voor het leeren. Ik heb een Neiderladse vriendin van Zoetermeer. Ik ben van de Malaysia

    Sorry if my dutch is not very good, but with your help on learndutch.org, i think i can soon improve enough to have simple conversations with my girlfriend in her native language

  17. The seven who disliked this video are people who were studying the Dutch language but eventually, their Dutch partners dumped them lol. Jk. 😂 I just could not think why people would dislike a very helpful video.

    And yep, learning this language because my boyfriend is a Dutch. ❤️

  18. In 1994 I fell in love with the Netherlands when I visited the University of Utrecht. Two years ago I met my partner, a Dutch man in Budapest. And I read some essays on Dutch literature and watched some movies in Dutch with English or German subtitels.

  19. Ik heb een Nederlands vriend, maar dat is niet waarom Ik ben Nederlands leren, dat is omdat Ik ben gaan zijn in Nederland in, zegg, een of twee jaaren. Je is zo goed bij makken mij Nederlands leren, dankuwel en tot ziens!

  20. Hi Bart! Thanks for yet another exceptional video! I literally love your channel! I've just put a link to this video on my website for people who are learning Dutch as part of my 10 week language learning course as they need to learn family members during Week 8 and this video is literally perfect! Thanks!

  21. Just for fun; I've been doing it on and off. I started years back upon seeing a podcast called Laura Learns Dutch, but I got interested more upon seeing Essential Dutch Grammar in Barnes and Noble. I had read about how Tim Doner, a hyperpolyglot, learned many languages, and he said he learned some vocabulary and then he focused on grammar, and I like grammar.

    Also, another polyglot, Gabriel Wyner, recommended learning the 1000 most common words, as you'll learn most of your needed vocabulary.

    That is how I found your channel and started on Dutch.

    I picked uo recently on a whim, partly inspired by the guy who wanted to see how much he could learn in a week.

  22. I'm learning Dutch because I have a Dutch Husband. 🙂 We have 1 daughter, she's 5 years old now and we're planning to move to NL very soon.FYI, we're living here in the Philippines now. Anyway, Thank you Bart for your DUTCH LESSONS.It helps me a lot

  23. Hello Bart!

    I started learning Dutch back in February and I'm currently at the lesson 20. 3 Weeks ago I moved to the Netherlands in IJmuiden, cause I wanted to begin a new life here. Do you know any intensive courses that I can attend? Thanks a lot, your videos are gold for me!

  24. hi Bart, your dutch online lesson is so amazing and help me a lot to learn the language. Nederlands is my dream country and i hope I have another chance to visit the country again and i can communicate with more people in the Nederlands. Great success for you 🙂

  25. I realy enjoyed your videos with the ebook you gave us 1-20les. And its realy helpful. Could you please send us the rest. That would be more helpfull. And as God's will I would love to join your summer school.

  26. I visited the Netherlands three years ago because my cousin is Dutch, he's from Breda. English is spoken everywhere in the Netherlands, but I promised myself the next time I visit the country I would be speaking Dutch. Your Dutch course is amazing, thanks so much. And by the way, your lastname, de Pau, is one of your parents from Cataluña? Just being curious

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