LEGO Bricks & Pieces Haul For November 2019.

Here is my latest LEGO haul for November 2019. so here I have a little creator set this is set number three zero five seven
three and it’s a little Santa Claus that’s pretty cool nice little poly bag
for the holidays and I got myself a bricks and pieces haul from the part
house let’s open this up pull those nasty receipts out of there oh yeah
doesn’t look like much but there’s some pretty unique parts of the order this
time it’s not that you probably will never see it again
but take a look and see that I got in here oh wow look at all that now I
bought this for myself and I’m an adult so I guess this should be classified as
an adult item you know we’ll talk about that a little bit so I got some of these
beehives and then to get thee is that the white bright orange and a couple of
the pink looks like cotton candy and yes more tiles got a couple of printed tiles
that say pizza boxes on it but this says pizza it’s like a pizza box my dad and I
got some little teacups so those are one of those LEGO sets I
thought I had to have them and I got some purple look like little ice cream
Stoppers well fell on the floor I gotta go find that real quick and I got even a
little piano piece so anything else that I got I’m gonna spare the time from
actually showing exactly how many pieces I have and the reason being is you know
what people watching my halls anymore got some of these flame pieces
Oh – hon Braille is I got a pink and a black when I thought those would be
pretty cool for maybe accessories for a mock a couple of these ingots or you can
just use those as chocolate bars and plenty of tiles I got like colors that
are hot balls if there’s another one of those teacups and I am looking for these
right here these type of pieces they’re actually for candlesticks so you can put
that in there like that now we have a nice little candle I thought that was
pretty interesting I wish these were or Hollow where you can have light go
through them so you can illuminate those with a LED light so I got plenty of
tiles basically for floors and accessory stuff and that’s pretty much about it
for this haul not a whole lot now I want to kind of talk about some stuff real
quick regarding all this stuff with the FTC and Coppa and all that other
nonsense going on you know I do this many these legal videos just to relieve
my stress from work and it’s been fun for nine years it’s took my mind off a
lot of things but well now with everything that’s going on in the fines
all we’re gonna find you 40 2530 dollars if you know if you don’t censor this
stuff or hide it or whatever it’s or designated you know it’s actually
causing more stress than not oh and I forgot to mention I actually got some of
these in color is that aqua blue ice blue I don’t even remember but I do all
this stuff for fun and it was meant to just be enjoyed and to share my hobby
with other Lego enthusiasts you know I have a lot of good ideas for mocks and
tutorials and just by looking at all these parts
you’ll probably never see these again you know I’m not losing interest in Lego
but like making a video like this this takes time to when I get done with the
video I have to edit process and uploaded right up all the meta tags just
so it can be censored in 2020 I’m so I’m going to be doing Lego videos but I’m
not going to be doing a whole lot of them anymore
let me know have some tutorials or something up but right now I do have a
patreon I know most of you guys and gals are not interested in it that’s fine
already got a tutorial up I’m thinking maybe in another couple weeks I’ll
release another building tutorial up on patreon so that’s pretty much where all
those are gonna pretty much be going I have a gaming channel and I think that’s
going to get axed so I my minecraft explorations are pretty much gonna get
killed off from there you know it’s just really not that fun anymore let’s stack
those together I could put those into something like they really have any
other use I think it’s just meant to be a a figure utensil so I guess I can just
go ahead and count all this up off-camera of course and where’s that
bag app hard to believe that this right here is gonna be censored in 2020 and I
bought this stuff for me this is all bought for an adult like my son this is
this is like an adult toy for me you know and I don’t want I don’t want to
sit and do adult things like well I don’t want to just do facecam and just
vlog about what I built I guess I can do that if you guys want to see those I can
but but I don’t want to just be like hey this is what I build this week and you
can’t even see anything but yes what am I gonna do I don’t know I mean there’s
people out there who do YouTube full-time and they’ve actually quitted
there they actually quit their full-time jobs they quit school they put college
to do this type of type of stuff and that’s pretty much where that went
it’s kind of interesting so you know I guess once again I guess my imagination
is going to be stifled but I’m still gonna enjoy my Lego hobby with or
without YouTube and you know if I’ll still post videos it’s kind of sad that
you know this is what it’s coming down to but is this going to destroy the lego
community no now I know someone’s going to say why don’t I do this on a
different website or do this on another social media you know it’s I’ve looked
at what the FTC has been doing they’ve they’d only went out for you two but
they also went after Facebook they went after an app called tick tock I’ve never
used it I don’t think I ever will from what I’ve heard all these other services
and it won’t be for next before they now all the other social media and you’re
not safe anymore so you know I have a feeling 20 year 2020 on will be pretty
much I don’t I think the internet in 2020 is going to be very different so
anyways I got a couple more things I like to share before the end of the year
so stay tuned for more and we’ll see what happens remember we only got about
40 days left before all before January 1st what sounds almost like okay the
year 2020 doesn’t that sound like the year January 1st 2000 when all the
computers were supposed to stop you guys all remember that if you’re old enough
everybody panic that oh oh wow 2020 everything’s got art your 2000
everything will stop well it’s gonna happen in 2020 but it won’t be due to a
computer error or to a time restraint so anyways that’s my haul well stay tuned
I’ll see what else I can whip up for you guys and gals before the end of the year

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