Left-wing radical fringe is becoming mainstream

100 thoughts on “Left-wing radical fringe is becoming mainstream

  1. George Soros….likely the most evil, conniving man alive. I always felt Obama was anti Christian and anti American. Obamas administration destroyed our country. It became more and more divided, Christian values became taboo, our history being taught to our children changed, the public has had tolerance shoved down their throats……every race, gender etc is getting special privileges. We are ALL equal…can we not just agree on that and treat all people equally without giving special treatment to one group or another. It is so ridiculous!
    We are fed up! We will home school our children to keep them from being brainwashed by these crazies who do not believe in freedom any longer. Stop socialism. Stop pandering to these nut jobs!

    TRUMP 2020! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  2. Democrat policies sound exactly like communist China; both are focused on making religion illegal.
    These leftist morons should just move to China.

  3. New world order is happening from Hungary to the USA all across the western hemisphere, socialism is taking control………….WAKE UP!

  4. “Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world.”

    ― Vladimir Lenin                                                          Abolish the Department of Education and NEA

  5. Yes, the left-wing has gone haywire. I do not and can not relate to a progressive-oriented agenda. It's anti-human being.

  6. You have Republicans like Romney and Bolton against Trumps phone call to Ukraine, Why didn't they voice there outrage when the three Democratic Senator's pressured the Ukrainian Government
    to comply with Muellers witch hunt, or else they would withhold US funds.

  7. The Dems are building their house on shifting sands — we all know how that ends up… Once it all comes tumbling down for them it will take 10 years for them to regain trust with the American people.

  8. they are so right about liars. if someone lies over 10k times in office why should we trust them. oh wait were they talking about trump?

  9. Christians make up like 95% of the country. these are Americans. these are voters. you really think dems want to pass a laws to take their god away. omg give me a break.

  10. Wow, The Democrats double down on coddling and promoting mental illness while discriminating against anyone religious. Democrats are running on this and raising taxes, how can they ever lose………….

  11. I read thru the Bill of Rights recently and for the first time I saw that those rights were put into place here so that we would never suffer what the King of England would have us endure, in the States.
    Now…replace THE KING of ENGLAND with any other factor of society.
    The Bill of Rights still guards our citizenry against that very oppression, no matter from where it comes.
    I just got some goose bumps.

  12. Make no mistake…They are Anti-American/Anti-Freedom/Anti-Liberty/Anti-Sovereignty. Vote them out of office! "The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion." –Karl Marx

  13. The "liberal" "inclusive" Left has gone totally bonkers. Clear domestic enemies. Terrorizing America. And NO ONE does anything to bring these enemies down. Even if that is the DUTY of Americans to do. Incredible to see the total failure of leadership in our day.

  14. Coory Booker and Elizabeth Warren delusional minds and just mocking mouth's. They have NO real leadership qualities neither intelligence of economics.

    Why not tomorrows CNN ask Dem's racer's about mathematics in eco no mics.

  15. If they want tax breaks, they better be more accepting of the society they live in. Otherwise, tell them God bless and pay your taxes!

  16. When the Dems is not for families rights also men and fathers rights these Dems show true disrespect for you as an Man and your true identity theirs a problem with that team🤔

  17. The only tool against communism, who ever stopped them, was the rise of fascism. Like it or not.
    Democracy always failed throughout history to fight them.
    The rise of fascism in Italy, Spain and Germany, was due to communism. Not the other way around! And they stopped them!
    So this can only go two ways! Fascism or communism! Extremism can only be fought with extremism!
    Democracy and tolerance will not survive and win against them! It never has!

  18. No! The Left wants to believe their absurd ideas are more mainstream!! Smart people know better! Even Putin said "globalism" is DYING OUT in favor of more traditional points of view! NOT HAPPY that FoxNews tries to push this trash!!

    AGENDA 21 AND AGENDA 2030.

  20. Fox News viewers brains are officially rotten. I was a loyal fan but lately have realized that Fox lies through omission. Fox peddles so many conspiracy theories that are debunked. I started researching things Fox were saying and am so disappointed in myself that I actually believed what Fox was saying. Don’t even understand why Fox is not covering all the crap that is going on with Ukraine. Also god is about LOVE!!! Not about discrimination!!! Fox wants people to have the right to discriminate through the guise of religious freedom. Smh

  21. "The Socialist Democrat Party" Should Be Abolished or Should I say , it Should have been in 1916 > Actually it should have NEVER Started after 1865 . Democracy is a "Void & Neil " to there Party .. They Are The Most Greedy , Self Loathing , Sociopaths in the world > Sociopaths > Meaning : Superficial charm and good intelligence.Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking.Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations.Unreliability.Untruthfulness and insincerity.Lack of remorse and shame.Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior.Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience.

  22. Robert Francis O'Dork aka Beto is stupid enough to publicly admit what the Democrats have wanted such as confiscating guns.

  23. You are dead on Laura! I fear for America because they are not looking at the bigger picture as to what is going on here! The people are not aware that there is a secret agenda taking place and they are trying to do it without us being able to look ahead to see what they are really after! It's about taking away our Christian values and changing our constitution! Wake up people!

  24. Please continue to make people aware of this because every bill that gets passed is the closer they are to taking away God from our lives and allowing them to force their beliefs into our lives as well as our children's lives.

  25. It's not an equality act, it's a special treatment bias act brought to you by the PC crybaby snowflakes who think they are above all else. Being different doesn't make you special, it just makes you different. Suck it up buttercup and grow the hell up.

  26. It's a trap we face of being racist if we don't go along and make them equal. But it's a bigger trap if we do! Would you rather be called a racist or have God removed from everything, and allow them to force their right to teach your child what they believe and that gender identity is a choice? Because that is only the beginning of what they are doing without getting permission from parents and teaching it in our kids schools.They plan on chAnging it all!

  27. Laura ingraham has to comment/interrupt while guests are speaking, she's sitting there with her mouth open and breathing. she is a complete and total mouth breather. also, she looks like a transsexual and I believe that she is a male-to-female transgender and that is why her Adam's apple is so prominent her shoulders are broad and she has a ring finger which is longer than her index finger among other genetic male traits. this is one of the worst anchors on Fox and just like Shepard Smith she needs to go.

  28. Hey America, parents will lose the rights if you go where the Democrats want to go with this whole LGBTQ issue. We lost our rights in Canada under Trudeau, just go and ask the dad from BC who had his daughter stolen away from him when she was 11.

  29. I recently read an article portraits people who didn't come out and support the LGBTQ parade as hateful people that don't support equality. My response is "isn't opt out an important part of the freedom and equality?" because we are equal, you are free to support whatever you believe in, and I'm free to opt out whatever I don't believe in, that's true equality. If you force me to believe what you think is right and label me as bad people otherwise, then you are the one who is destroying true equality. Mutual respect.

  30. So, is your solution just to tell transgender people that they're FOS & they should just stop sinning? Anything less is discriminatory according to the Trump lovers & their head cheerleader, Laura.

  31. A man that identifies as a woman and needs anxious to a woman's facility they need to make a room to put them in
    A woman's facility doesn't necessarily have to give somebody access to All the Other Woman

  32. The vast majority of the US are not fringe leftists.
    What happens, is that they yell and scream the loudest,
    so the media reports on it constantly.

  33. Sorry the leftest are not becoming mainstream, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They are a small minority that shout the loudest and if you think they are becoming mainstream you falling for it and are part of the problem. I do think they are running the democratic party and the democratic leadership; ever hear of the walk away movement, etc………….. Talk to someone in the bread basket, you know the fly over states, and you will see this is not mainstream.

  34. I in full agreement do not push your ways down my throet l was taysed correctely and no one has the right to change my beliefs.Just because other people want tolive differennt ways have no andl feel no right to force me to change my ways
    People have lived the way yhey have wanted to for so long but if l don t ahree then just leave me alone cause no one has the right to force their wayds on any one else period
    These people who want and are making theit own rules as they go need yo let others beliebe the way they waent too
    I am not anyone slave other than the Lord Jesus Christ
    period.l do not tell you how to live or believe and neithet should you tell mr as long as l sm obeying the law and the Contitution of America.

  35. There are men in woman’s fighting sports now for progressive inclusion. Outside of the ring it’s violence that no one would ever question but inside the ring mister Fallon Fox can put his fist through his opponents skull as many times as he wants to🤷‍♂️

  36. Tulsi Gabbard is the ONLY one! She's against the Democratic establishment in the same way Trump was an outsider to the Republican party.

  37. At some point you have to stop normalizing the freak show with MSM exposure as POTUS candidates that says to the people this is our best to choose from? Think about it TV heads!

  38. If the LEFT and those that Support them get back in POWER WE DESERVE ALl that Follows!You think it's NUTS NOW!You aint SEEN NOTHING YET!Insanity RULES!

  39. When churches get no tax break for knuckling under to the state, which "sells" them the tax exemption on the condition of "no pulpit politics", the churches will feel free to campaign from their pulpits–which is precisely what the tax break was designed to limit! THAT will really heat thing up!

  40. This is why they are trying to away our weapons, then they will do whatever they want to us. If this happens we will be defenseless to anything they want to do.

  41. That´s weird, "Slimegraham"…
    Right-wing radical fringe is already mainstream…
    It´s called Faux news, silly….

  42. the extreme left, liberals, and democrats (redundant, i know) are forcing a conflict that will be fought out in the streets.

  43. Coming from pathetic following sheep republicans who do whatever Trump says. Controlled by a political party. Pathetic

  44. This has been been rammed down the throats of us in the UK.
    This is woke extremists that are enforcing their views and ideology upon everyone, once they have put their chess pieces in critical positions of power, such as media and politics
    It has nothing to do with equality, it is 100% about imposing minority rule through positive discrimination laws that you wont be able to stop.
    Positive discrimination for one is negative discrimination for the rest.

    Dont do it. You will be destroyed from the inside out. Like us.

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