Lecture: Curry Blake on Spirit-Empowered Living

he's the envy of every 19 20 year-olds even I steal him cuz he's married yet ask him how he did it how do you feel about why offend this morning but I guess that's okay you were say how was T&E last night y'all had fun with Pastor Chris all righty about a year or so ago maybe a little longer brother curry I don't remember time goes by so quick we had curry Blake at CF&I now he started talking about CF&I and he schooled some of us about our history and he knew this place better when we did so we thought we'd bring him for a history lesson and teach you guys what we don't know but I was just impressed with your knowledge of Gorn and Lindsey and John G lake and Aoi and Parham but really this morning who we have with us is have you ever heard of a guy named John G Lake prominent in charismatic church history well we have with us is curry Blake who today carries that mantle he's taken over the international ministry of john g lake and i want to read a little excerpt in a book I found and I promise that it's a short one it's called from the Azusa Street revival and the birth the excerpt is although he lake founded a number of institutions they never gained the widespread prominence of other similar ministries his daughter Gertrude and her husband Wilfred carried on his ministry until late in their lives when they officially passed the ministry to a young Minister named Carrie Blake so Carrie took over the ministry from John G Lakes daughter Blake had been run over by a car as a baby but while in the hospital his mother prayed for him and he miraculously recovered with barely any sight of what was thought to be a life-threatening injury unknown to the Blake family at the time this event occurred exactly 25 years after Lake had given a prophecy about a six who would come twenty-five years later lake has begun to rebuild Lakes ministry and vision and many claim him as a spiritual son so this morning we don't only have a charismatic church historian in our mess but we have a revivalist we got a talking in the green room we got a talking in the green room a little bit by the way just if I can do a sidetrack if you haven't received your book that rodney howard-browne promised they'll be in the foyer i guess are they still out there Eden will make sure there's books so he was you all were promised a free book so make sure you get it one one book is student but I'm anyway Kerry Blake is a revivalist travels the world we just got to talking about his trips into Europe and South Africa and I actually watched his youtube videos long before I was at sea if and I so he's one of those people you kind of pinch when you sit next to him and you think oh I used to watch that guy on YouTube I know you all have those people in your lives well help me this morning welcome brother Kerry Lake Perry Blake [Applause] amen amen well good morning it is my pleasure to be here with you today we are excited about what is going on here and excited about what we believe the Lord has given us to share with you you know a man once said that the first step toward immortality is simply living a life worth remembering every one of you have the opportunity to live that kind of life it's a choice it's not something God forces on you it's a choice my only regret and I'll be 50 what fifty nine in two weeks my only regret is that I didn't start sooner I actually started just about the time I was 40 they've actually stepping out I told my wife I'm not going to turn 70 sitting on a front porch in a rocking chair wondering what if and I decided to step out believe the Word of God act on the Word of God take it like it's true and I found out it was and I found out that you can do everything that says you can do and so today I'd really wanted to share just a couple of things with you I'm gonna talk a little bit about John Lake and how many of y'all know a man named Gordon Lindsey and then well Gordon was saved in John Lakes Church in Christmas of 1924 and he was saved during a service that was being preached by a man named Charles Parham and then he began to travel with John Lake for a couple of years and actually ended up in Houston Texas and when he was in Houston they planted a church now when they planted the church and I don't know how much you know about John Lake but he founded the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa tremendous miracles took place there he moved back to the States had the famous Healing Rooms in Spokane and then did the exact same thing in Portland saw over a hundred thousand healings in each place within a five year period and during that time whenever they actually went down about 1924-25 into Houston Texas he went there to start a church and when he started it initially they started it with a thousand people that's a good church start right there with a thousand people but they all came because out of that thousand eight hundred of them were sick and they had heard about the miracle ministry that John Lake operated in and so they came and out of that eight hundred he told them I am NOT going to pray for anybody for the first 30 days for 30 days all I'm going to do is teach you the Word of God and what God said about healing and at the end of 30 days if you still need healing then I'll pray for you so he taught for 30 days and at the end of 30 days only 30 people needed prayer 770 people were healed just by listening to the teaching of the word of God I'm gonna be saying some things over the next couple of days that will generally go against the grain it usually does but I will tell you this I'm not here to debate I'm not here to theorize I'm here to tell you what I've seen what I've done what I've handled and what I've seen God do through us there's no if ands or buts about it it is what it is and so this week a matter of fact and I'll be sharing one letter that John Lake wrote out of this manual this is our divine healing technician training manual based on what John Lake taught this manual is understanding now it's the most bootlegged manual on healing in existence and more people have copied it stolen it passed it around whatever you want to call it but it's very simple it's almost all Scripture and in it it just gives you details of how to move in the power of God God wants you to operate in power more than you want to operate in power he gave his son's life so that you could operate in power one of the reasons and so this same manual and matter of fact we have let me ask you this okay we go through normally we teach what we call our divine healing technician training it takes three days usually about six hours a day and in that time whenever we finish teaching it to people and showing them how to function excuse me in what the Word of God says they see healings under their hands it's a common thing it's worked all over the world nobody's different no country's different God doesn't let anybody more than he loves somebody else and he uses everybody the same that will step out and actually believe him now we have taught this and now we have also put it you can watch it free online but you can also we actually have it on CDs in mp3 format and if you could get that normally people buy it and it usually cost different amounts and that kind of stuff I don't even keep up with it but if you could get that free how many of you would want it well we have them for you free we're going to pass them out for you right now so we're everybody that wants one but they'll just come through and just pass these out it's about 15 to 18 hours of training and divine healing whenever you finish it you will be able to do what it says it's that simple you know there's a common term right now that we hear called activation I will tell you there's no such thing as activation there's only obedience and when you're obedient to the Word of God you'll catch yourself doing what the Word of God says you don't need someone to activate you Jesus activated you when he moved into you and he is just waiting for you to show up and do his works amen now what you're getting this teaching is the seminar having y'all heard of a guy named Todd white well we taught him this is the teaching he used to get started right Pete Cabrera know if you know of him but he also heard this began doing it and saw miracles and so you can see what this can do now the reason we do it is because this is exactly what John Lake taught over a hundred years ago or right at a hundred years ago and so it's just the Word of God it's very simple and we take you to it piece by piece now one other thing that I will tell you I was standing at the back whenever I heard dr. Haller speak this morning and he was talking to you about coveting people's stuff good stuff good stuff that he said man and we I heard him mention about a you you see things on a book table and you pray that God will have you God will have that person give that stuff to you and he said why don't you believe God for the money to buy it and I agree with that a hundred percent you should because those things help support ministries and they go around but we bought we brought a whole book table worth of stuff that I was gonna sell you God decided to give it all the way free and so when you leave here if you go by the book table you can get try to limit it don't try to load up on everything pass it around share it okay because we didn't bring enough of everything for every person but everything on the book table will be available to you for free amen now so today I want to share a couple of things with you I was trained by a man I don't know if y'all know him or not you should but I was trained by a man named Lester Sumrall y'all know Lester Sumrall okay well he was my pastor he was my mentor I spent years with him and it was the time of my greatest spiritual growth that man I've been raised on faith teaching but that man didn't just teach faith he lived it and I watched him live it and I watched how he did things and didn't even know what I was getting from him while I was there with him didn't find it out to a couple of years later when I said something and I thought wow that sounded like dr. some wrong and I started realizing that some of the things that I had blamed while I was there with him so today we're going to share a couple things we had dr. summer all used to tell us when he was leaving because he lived up in South Bend Indiana and he said well I got to go to Tulsa and show those people down there they don't know everything about faith yet and so he would go down and teach about faith and demonstrate it and so today I'm going to share a few things about faith because I want you to realize that the Word of God is true God can be relied upon to keep his word if you will act upon his word one of the reasons we don't see more miracles in the church here in America we see it in Europe we see it in Africa we see it everywhere we go but one of the reasons the churches in America don't see more miracles is because the people in America are too sold on a professional preacher we'd become idol worshippers we started adelies in men and women of God putting them up on a pedestal and then if and when they fall we push them aside and when they didn't want to be on the pedestal to begin with so we have to learn every one of us we have we may have different offices in the body of Christ but all that counts is that we are all and sisters we are to lead by example we are to serve one another it's not about getting your name in lights or up on a marquee or having a business card or how many followers you have on YouTube what counts is how many people are you sowing into their life that you're changing their lives we have to get back to the fundamentals we have to live the fundamentals and one of those fundamentals is that with faith if you can believe all things are possible but most people never step out they're afraid to step out and now many people have just become and I pray none of you do this but we have way too many professional hora tours and not enough Holy Ghost preachers people who know the Holy Spirit and walk with God understand who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them one of the things that my brother was reading about what was written about us in a in a book about Azusa Street at the very end of that comment it said that one of the things that stood out about us was the fact that we have a very unique vision about the body of Christ that is very much like John Lakes now I've talked with well over a hundred people that knew John Lake I've interviewed them talked with them studied them matter of fact years ago whenever miss Pauline Parham was here used to stay over here in the in the lady's house I used to come down and interview her and talk to her and talk about her father-in-law and all the things that went on in the early Pentecostal days and one of the things because she knew of John Lake and we talked a little bit about that and then eventually whenever I had gotten a hold of Wilford and Gertrude right which was John Lakes daughter and her husband they actually put me on a path that I found John Lakes manual that he used to teach healing from and I realized when I started reading it that it went against everything I had been taught concerning healing and so I immediately changed and started doing what it said because what it said was just the Bible and as I started doing what it said instantly my success rate went up over 50% and then in my home nine months 100% of the people that came there got healed it didn't matter what they had didn't matter how they got it didn't matter how long they had it if they came to my house we ministered to them sometimes they had to come for a couple of weeks but every person got healed which proves it's possible and so I've just simply gone through and looked at all of what we call sacred cows or traditions of men because jesus said there's only two reasons for failure your unbelief or you choose to hold a tradition of man above the Word of God that's the only two reasons whenever a man brought his son to the disciples he could the disciples could not heal the boy jesus said bring him to me jesus healed him so what that proves is that the disciples failure does not dictate God's will God's will was that that boy get healed and the disciples failure caused Jesus to rebuke them to scold them because of their failure many times today we would look at that and say oh it must not be God's will yet oh it must not be God's will because of this none of that's true the power of God is very mechanical it is amazingly mechanical now the danger with that is that people can walk in the power of God and not even know God and that's what Jesus talks about especially in Matthew 7 and he says they're gonna be people that come to him and say Lord Lord didn't we cast out Devils in your name didn't we prophesy in your name didn't we do wonderful things and he said depart from me you workers of iniquity I never knew you a couple years ago the Lord spoke to me and said that generation is arising now people who are more interested in getting YouTube followers and they go out they only go out to heal the sick when there's a camera with them and we're raising up that generation we have to move away from that we have to realize people say well Jesus only healed two to establish the church now jesus healed because people were sick and because he had compassion so today I want to remind you of three things you need the ABCs of healing the ABCs of faith that is this a be available be boldness and see compassion if you're available you're bold and you have compassion you will watch God work miracles so far in my life as I said I started technically started in full-time ministry when I was close to 40 the thing is for 20 years I had known what I knew at 40 but I was always hesitant cuz everybody told me I was wrong everybody said I didn't know what I was talking about and then finally I got fed up and stepped out and I watched the video of this man and he just I sit there for two weeks watching these videos over and over my wife came in and said what's wrong with you she said yeah I was sitting there crying like a baby and she said I've never seen you like this and I said that man's living the life that I've been preaching about I don't want to just preach about that life I want to live it and she said what are you gonna do and so I got up and I chose to go out and start doing and so I could give you many stories but I will tell you this 37 years ago now I live here in Plano I pastor a church over there we have a Bible School there we have we're on Dish television we're on faith TV Africa so we're out there I just got back from South Africa had some amazing testimonies come out of that we have missionaries all over the world now that we support we just got testimonies from missionaries in India with a young boy that had cerebral palsy completely healed doctors can't find any sign of it the one of the first times I went to a little what in a little church it was a big Church in little town there were over 300 people that had HIV we waded into the middle of them laid hands on began ministering to him I never prayed we commanded and when we left there they all went and got checked and what about time we got back there before we left South Africa they came up with all the doctors reports over 300 people healed of HIV as I said 37 years ago I buried my daughter in McKinney Texas she was barely 2 we had been learning about healing we'd been learning about the different things about faith what we were doing was working it just didn't work fast enough and actually what killed her was not what we were fighting against she was born with a tumor that was about the size of my fist and it was in her tongue which made her tongue very large and outside of her mouth that's very horrible to look at but she was our daughter and we begin applying faith and we started watching this tumor decrease in size and but before we got her completely healed she died of double pneumonia she died on February Friday the 13th 1981 we bare to the next day which was February 14th which is Valentine's Day when we stood next to that little grave we watched this little white coffin go down on the ground when she died I had called everybody I could think of everybody I was learning faith for him I tried to get him on the phone I couldn't reach anybody they were all too busy to important whatever you want to say but I couldn't get through them and I got upset I'll be honest with you as we stood there my wife and I next to that little casket going into that grave I remember I told God I said God there was no man for me when I needed one but if he would teach me the truth about healing and about your power I will be that man for somebody else so they don't have to have a grade like I do and that started us really on our journey we began searching that's when I had already heard about John Lake but that's when I started looking and I'd heard about Smith Wigglesworth and I'd heard about all these great people but they were all dead there was nobody I could get near and all the ones that were walking in power had you know five rings and bodyguards around them I couldn't get to them couldn't talk to him so I told God if I'm ever in that position where I can help people my phone number will not be unless did my email will be available and now my phone number is on the internet my phone is not on me it's usually his but it's on 24/7 and I get calls 24/7 I've not had a full night's sleep in the last twenty years because people call from around the world because I know if that phone rings somebody's dying and I made a vow to God that I would be there and be available for him and I'm doing as much as I can to be there and now one of the best things I can do is train people how to walk in the power of God and that's what we did when when my first daughter died it was a roughest time of our life everybody thought we would turn our backs on God but instead we went into God we drew closer to him I knew that wasn't him that took our baby I knew that it wasn't his will and so we began searching then amazingly I've had four children total my daughter was the first then had a son then had two more daughters my youngest daughter when she was seven years old we were living right here in Garland Texas we had a second floor studio apartment and one day I don't know how it I still don't know it happened but she pushed against a window and fell fell two floors roughly 32 feet landed on her head on the concrete patio I heard her hit the ground and didn't know what it was I went outside saw her lying there picked her up listen for heartbeat she was dead I picked her up in my arms and I began walking around the patio and by this time I'd been studying pretty seriously for about seven or eight years we walked around for about 20 minutes and in my head I kept hearing this this voice and I saw instantly my first daughter's funeral and I heard this voice in my head saying you're losing another one you're gonna bury another one and I remember as I walked around all that came out of my mouth was in the name of Jesus you will live and not die in the name of Jesus you will live and not die and I kept saying it and kept saying it and kept saying it and I had to get louder and louder to get over the voice in my head and after about 20 minutes I took her back in about 25 minutes I took her back into the house put her dead body up against a wall my wife from other children come running downstairs their baby was panicking and I turned to him and said shut up if you can't believe leave and everybody got quiet so everybody settled down and I went back to pointing my finger at Rebecca and I started saying the name of Jesus you will live and not die and I did it for about another 20 minutes and after about 45 minutes total time she was sitting her head was when somebody dies their head doesn't do this it drops to about here because there's no muscle tension head drops down to the middle of their chest arms down by her side she was propped up against a wall kept pointing my fingers saying the name of Jesus you will live and not die and all of a sudden he was like someone punched her in the stomach because she jerked forward opened her eyes spewed blood on me and looked at me and said daddy I'm hungry first thing since that time I've seen eight others come back from the dead including two twins that were dead in the womb we pray for mother she went home on her way home she felt movement went back to the doctors and a few hours later she delivered two healthy young boys I've got pictures of different things I'll see if I can bring them tomorrow see if we can get him up the reason I'm telling you this is because I want you to know I don't claim any anointing I don't even claim John Lakes mantle I'm in the position I'm general overseer John J like ministries but even John Lake didn't claim a John Lake anointing we do a disservice to Jesus whenever we claim a man's anointing that's why they're supposed to be discipleship so you can watch so you can learn and so you can glean and so that you can learn to walk by faith the same way that man of God does but it's not just an anointing that comes upon you or people people go lay out on John Lakes grave so they can hopefully get his anointing that's necromancy it's spiritualism it's not God John like if he could reach up through that dirt and slap him he'd do it we need to get our eyes focused on Jesus he is the source of all of the power you have but he's waiting on your hands your feet to get busy doing what he said you can do you need to make a decision and it is a decision to not back off to not quit no matter what he may says you keep moving forward another thing and these are some of the things that God told me specifically to say well I'm here so I'm going to say them get him out of the way one of those is this I've already said one of them that I pray that none of you become professional polished preachers or auditors but like John Wesley said they said how do you draw such crowds he said it's simple I set myself on fire and people come watch me burn you need to get set on fire by walking with God you need to recognize that you that that the very essence of what Jesus was trying to accomplish with Christ in you the hope of glory not for an anointing to fall and we are to pursue spiritual giftings and that's good but the only listing of that is in first corinthians which was a carnal church and they needed all the help they could get but the fact is with us he is with us he is in us jesus said you know the holy spirit he is with you and shall be in you you need to recognize he is in you this is what John Lake knew it wasn't that he knew healing it was he knew who Christ was in him that's what we teach all over everybody asked me to teach on healing and I tell him if you really want to learn healing if you really want to walk in healing find out who you are in Christ it flows out of your belly will flow rivers of living water it's not gonna drop from heaven on people it flows out of your belly that's why you lay hands so you direct it where you need it to go we've learned and one of the things I was going to share with you very quickly here is this this was a letter written by John Lake to a woman named Kerry Judd Montgomery anybody know who that is okay John Montgomery this is your history you need to look these people up and you start looking at what they did these people lived the life they're worth looking at their lives but he wrote this letter to mrs. Montgomery and he says this and now this was in 1911 and the bad part is this letter was hidden in plain sight for over a hundred years what a lot of people know about John Lake was when he went to South Africa tremendous miracles tremendous I mean things that had never been seen before and there was one instance where he was trying to get some rest and he had to leave the city and he went out to a small area a little village and when he got there people started finding out who he was so they all started coming for prayer and so he went out to the middle and there was a post that they used to tie animals up to he put his hand on top of the post left it there a few seconds and said alright anybody that comes by and touches this post will get healed and walked off and over the next week over 70,000 people walked past that post touching it and getting healed why now these are some of the things he saw a horse got hit by a car was dying in the street bleeding and some people made fun of him and said there there's John lake you believe in healing comes heal this horse John Lake walked over looked up to God and said father make fools out of these men and laid his hand on the horse the wound healed the horse got up and continued on amen next Sunday all those men were in church so the reason I'm telling you this is because John Lake had a ministry that many say were more like was more like Jesus than any man in the sense actually I don't know how accurate that totally is true but I do know that he saw some amazing things but here he said dear sister I don't have a copy of a letter that I wrote some time ago to a missionary by the name of Hoover at Valparaiso Chile on the subject of divine healing which embodies what I regard as the secret of the aggressive Ministry of healing that the Pentecostal movement in South Africa demonstrates notice the aggressive Ministry of healing he said I will have a copy of the letter prepared and send it as soon as possible he says I feel sister now listen carefully he's gonna I'm gonna share with you what John Lake said was his secret he says I feel sister that there is a step in this ministry in advance of what the Pentecostal movement in general enjoys and God is laid at deeply on my soul to present this particular phase of the exercise of the Dominion of Jesus Christ and that the secret of our success here in this ministry is in our teaching our workers to exercise the Dominion of God through the Holy Ghost and that he has already put that power in their soul when he baptized them while in other branches of this work they still follow largely the old line of intercession for the sick now think about that he said the key is not interceding okay let me let me give you a nugget hang on to this morning when I came here and and if you asked for prayer then I'm not going to I'm gonna give you a visual of what it would be like if you ask me to pray for you I probably going to pray for you and you were say my congregation then the visual most people would have was okay I take your prayer requests and then I go over here and I go to God and I would go to God for you okay that's a partial truth but my main purpose is not to represent you before God my main purpose is to represent God before you the Bible says if any man speak let him speak as the Oracles of God we do not have a right to give our opinion I'm a representative of Jesus Christ the only right I have is to say what he said whether I like it or not whether I'm even walking in all of it or not I only can say what he said regardless of the outcome now I want to show you the difference and this is what John Lake was talking about if you have your Bibles you can go quickly with me to Matthew and we'll start Matthew 8 actually were gonna start in Matthew 7 but you if you go to 8 you'll see what I'm talking about so in Matthew 7 toward the end he had just finished then and look at this in Matthew 7 verse 21 he says not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of my father who is in heaven you hear that praying a prayer ain't all there is to it a lot of people pray prayers and their life never changes and it doesn't do any good to tell a person well this is how God sees you and yet still leave them in bondage we have to bring the truth and the truth sets people free one of the reasons we don't see more miracles in the church today is because people are not bold enough to stand on the Word of God this school was founded in 1970 by Gordon Lindsay and Frieda Lindsay of course a few years ago I set in miss Lindsay's office with Dennis and mr. Lindsay also sorry and we sat there and discuss the voice of healing listen before you all started doing the voice of healing conferences again and we talked about the name when we fellowshipped a little bit and talk about these things and in 1970 when they started this school before that a lot of people don't realize that the voice of healing movement was really founded by Gordon Lindsay in in a sense man he wasn't the main speaker but he was the organizer a matter of fact they even had the book about the modern day Barnabas talked about brother Lindsay's life and he heard about this man through a man named Jack Moore that you have a building named after here it was in Shreveport Louisiana and he heard about this man named William Branham and Gordon Lindsay and Jack Morris said you got to see this guy this guy's operating in a gift like I've never seen and Gordon went and watched and then decided to start a newspaper called the voice of healing mainly to publicize brother branham's ministry and as soon as the first issue came out Branham said okay I've got to quit I've got to take an extended I'm going off the field I'm going to quit preaching and so all of a sudden now there were other people that had started walking in power and they started calling it's this the voice of healing movement and the voice of healing revival and there was an over a hundred voice of healing ministers we're listed at one time most of them are many of them lived right here in the Dallas area there's a lot of things you may not know about this town you ought to get around and see them sometime because FF Bosworth there buddy no F F Bosworth Christ the healer his church was right over here right downtown he came and started the first full gospel church here in Dallas in 1910 had to leave Zion Illinois because of the persecution against Pentecostals moved here and started with a tent and then moved into a wooden building right down by Fair Park the building's still there today now it's a Pentecostal a Hispanic kind of coastal Church the building's still here mother etter Mariah Woodworth editor was here and she had her great meetings here in 1913 at F F Bosworth Church one man was on his way here by train and was sick and dying and was going to get mother at her to pray for him and whenever he before he got here he actually died on the train and they put his body in a mail sack which was a large bag like a baton not a battle but a burlap sack you probably don't know what burlap is but anyway it's a cloth sack they put his body in it and then whenever he arrived there were people waiting on him and they all they had was a body so they didn't know what to do so they brought the body to the church and the platform was actually pretty close to this I was about six foot though and but there was doors in it that they would store stuff and it was the only it was a coolest place in the building so they stuck his body underneath the platform until they could ship him back home that night mother etter started preaching and while she was preaching he came alive and crawled out from underneath the platform that's the Pentecostal history you represent her I pray and I believe that in the future now I don't know your names but I hope to someday see books written by you or at least about you just like they write about Smith Wigglesworth just like they write about John Lake they can write about you if you live that kind of life but you can't expect wiglesworth results without living a Wigglesworth life so I encourage you get serious get disciplined forget the nonsense get enamored with Jesus don't get enamored with glory stuff I mean you don't understand you know oil in your palm and you know bird feathers duck feathers whatever it is and and sparkle stuff you know come on Jesus did things that help people amen get enamored with him get in ambered love God and love people and if you love God and you love people and you will do to them whatever it is that you would want done for you if they're sick would you want if you were sick would you want to be healed absolutely well there's your commission go heal him why because you're supposed to do to them whatever you would want done for you love God with all your heart mind soul and strength and your neighbor as yourself on these two things hang all the law and the prophets if you do these you will always be in the will of God many times people have called me and say would you pray about coming here nope I won't pray about it I'll come why because the Bible says go into all the world I hadn't been there yet I don't need to pray about it if I hadn't been there yet why because I have a command most people want a phone call from God and he's already sent you a letter bunches of them you need to become obedient to the Word of God you need to decide to live it exactly what it says the Word of God can be absolutely stood upon years ago well I got to read this to you I'll be here a couple of days hopefully I say that because I get invited to a lot of places one time but anyway it's here at the end of chapter 7 Jesus has just tell him he said in verse 24 whoever hears these sayings of mine and does them here's a saying and doesn't notice it now get this it doesn't even talk about being led to do them why because the Spirit is in his words the spirit can't disagree with Jesus's words this is how we've based the ministry it's how we function in the ministry and God keeps increasing it and giving us influence around the world why because we honor his word we honor him we stick to the word and he said here if you do this I will liken this man to a person who built his house on a rock the winds come the rains come everything happens but guess what the house stands notice the same thing happens to the people who hear his word and don't do it only difference is their house doesn't stand the only difference between these two people is one did his words and the other didn't that's the only difference so here he says now watch when he finishes that Jesus just told these people if you you must do my words what I tell you to do you've got to do it and look what it says it's very in when Jesus finished these things verse 28 the people were astonished at his teaching for he taught them as one having Authority and not as the scribes see the scribes knew the Bible but Jesus didn't just know the Bible he lived the Bible he was the Word made flesh obviously but we have to realize what stood out about Jesus was the fact that he had authority now watch the very next chapter it says in Matthew 8 to see go down to about verse 5 and when Jesus entered Capernaum a Centurion came to him entreating him and saying Lord my servant lies at home sick of a palsy terribly greedy ously tormented jesus said to him I'll come in healing notice and notice Jesus offered to go heal the man before the Centurion even asked him to the Centurion just told him I got a servant at home at sick and what happened Jesus says I'll come healing why because that's what he was used to because all the Jews kept saying come lay your hand on my daughter come and touch them and hear this entry and says no wait a minute you don't have to come to watch us he says I'll come and heal him the Centurion answered and said Lord I'm not worthy that you should come under my roof but Speak the word only and my servant will be healed for I am a man under Authority notice how close that right back just before this they said Jesus spoke as one with authority if you're gonna do anything in this world for Jesus you're gonna have to learn this what Jesus said about this man he needs to say about you this man said I'm a man under Authority I tell this man to go and he goes I tell this one to come he comes I tell my servant do it and he does it and he said I'm a man under Authority like you and if you just speak it'll be done and Jesus said I haven't found faith like this even in Israel even in covenant people and here is a Roman centurion a Gentile not even a covenant person and he's got more faith than the covenant people of God think about that and if we are to be like Jesus which Ephesians chapter 4 says that we are to grow up into him in all things which is the head even Christ if we're to be like him then the one thing that's gonna be said about you that I said about him is this person walks in authority why because if you're gonna understand faith you're gonna understand authority if you don't understand Authority you will never walk in great faith Authority is simply stating what God has already said or in agreement with what he has said I was in Italy in 2005 several years ago now but it's a good story and it illustrates a principle and I was there not gonna give you the whole story don't have time but I was there preaching and a church that was on top of a mountain overlooking the Mediterranean ocean it's a beautiful place all the walls opened up so you could just have the wind blowing through it was an amazing place and one night at the end of teaching person told me and said there's a man in a hospital here and this man was shot and he's brain dead would you go pray for him gladly let's go so we went down the mountain to this hospital when I got there they wouldn't let everybody in so I had to go in by myself and so I go in I found this man he was in an open room several of the people brain dead no nothing on the monitor his eyes were open and they had to put salve on his eyes keep him from John out cuz they couldn't shut him this machine he was on life support it was making him his body making his body work so I walked over to him and I said his name was Angelo and I said Angelo I'm Curie Blake I'm here in the name of Jesus when you wake up I command you to wake up when you wake up your brain will function correctly you will remember everything your body's your your systems of your body will function correctly in Jesus name I put my hand one on his leg and one in his arm and I said so in the name of Jesus wake up turn around and walked off nothing saw nothing that's the key I didn't I I didn't have to see something and so I walked out the door and everybody's surrounded me there was like 15 people there and they all surrounded me and they officer said brother Currie did the Lord speak to you I said yes Oh What did he say I said he said that believers are lay hands on the sick and they'll recover mark 16 and they said so the Lord didn't speak to you I said yeah I spoke to me and they said then what did he say I said he said believers lay hands on a sick and they'll recover he didn't speak to me right then he'd already spoke to me I didn't have to go in and get a word already knew God's will it wasn't God's will this 20-some odd year old young men died like this that's not God's will this is a bullet wound we're not talking about sickness or disease we're talking about a bullet wound and so they kept going and they kept asking me so the Lord didn't speak to you I said yeah he did What did he say we went back and forth it's like 10 minutes back and forth they kept saying what did he say he said my answer so he didn't speak to you yes he did What did he say he said if I lay hands on the sick they'll recover so after a while they quit because I'm not gonna quit says something you gotta learn my wife said we've been married 40 years last October and she said you are the most stubborn man I've ever met and I said I used to be stubborn then I got saved now I'm it's called sanctified perseverance right and so I I can be pretty stubborn these things so we went back to the place where we're staying and my host was one that actually go asked asked me to go pray for this man and so when I went to him he actually called me on the intercom in this apartment he said can I come up and talk to you I said yeah so he came up opened the door I didn't invite him in I've learned if you invite people in they stay forever sometimes it's better just to stop them at the door and answer answer their questions if you go into ministry these are things you need to know right here's another one always take your own car because that way you that way you can leave if you need to right you don't have to stay there and put up with something so this man came up and he stood at the door and said brother Cuddy brother Cody and he's wringing his hands and I could tell something was wrong he's Angelo Angelo and I'm like what what Angelo and joy yeah I know Angela what about Angela he he's a did nothing hmm surprises me and then I stood there and looked at him and he looked at me he was waiting for me to make an excuse he was waiting for me to say something to say well you know sometimes we win some sometimes we lose you know win some lose some now we're talking about a human life thanks be unto God which always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus not sometimes always and so I'm standing looking at him and we look at each other for a while he's waiting for me to say something I'm not going to and I can outlast him and so I just stood there and waited a while finally he goes okay well um I will see you tomorrow I said okay so then he left and I went and told my wife I was on this trip with my wife my mother-in-law and my daughter and then I got smart and realized if I'm gonna travel with three women I need to take a young man with me that can help carry luggage so then I told my wife I said I'm fixing to go for a walk and she knows that means I'm gonna go pray because that's how I like to pray is go for a walk and so I got in this elevator a little bitty elevator in Italy they are small and so I got on there and I said God this ain't workin this ain't this ain't happening I don't care what you do with Angelo you resurrect him revive him resusci don't care but Angelo lives or I quit I'll go home I said I didn't come over here to offer these people false hopes and then whenever I got to the bottom the door opened I got out and then for about 45 minutes walked around praying in tongues how many of y'all pray in tongues amen spirit still tongue talking Christianity has been dying out we've got to push it back in it is our source of power the world hates it the devil hates it that's why you should do it and that's the number one reason and so I walk around for about 45 minutes and went back in and then the next day we went back up to the church I was getting wired up to get ready to start ministering and my hosts come running up to me brother Cody brother Cody did you hear did you hear you're about Angela I said why I heard he died that's what I heard no no no Angelo he lives he awake he knows he's talking to everyone everything is fine now and I said well glory to God and I started to walk off and he said brother career yesterday when I told you Angelo is dead you say hmm that's surprising me why do you say this I said because I'm not used to losing and he says mmm I mean like like it was some deep revelation that we're not supposed to lose so but the the moral of story is is this if at any time I had backed off and tried to give an excuse or a reason he'd still be dead when you've said the Word of God shut your mouth and don't say anything else and don't ever say anything that disagrees with the Word of God say the word of God yeah I'm gonna have to let you go but I will tell you tomorrow we will I'll give you some other experience and things but I do want to say one last thing before you leave hang on hang on just for a second we got two minutes I use every minute I can preach your whole another sermon in two minutes the only hindrance to healing is that you believe there are hindrances to healing when you decide that there is no exception when you decide that there is no excuse when you decide to take all the traditions of men and push them aside and believe the word of God all things are possible to him that believes to get rid of the traditions all these traditions that we have about these things all of them well even Jesus couldn't get everybody healed in his hometown cause of unbelief wrong not true we can show you that that's what that's what we do for three days that's you'll get that on those discs we passed out you'll hear all this because you have to realize all those traditions have to be eradicated from your thinking because the minute you make one exception that will that one exception will become the rule it'll always sneak in refuse never take no for an answer for what Jesus has already said yes to and and you have to remember all the promises are in him yes and so be it never take no for an answer just because you don't see it once when you pray once pray again Jesus prayed for a man twice you might have to pray three times this was John Lake secret he didn't stop till he got the results that he was that the Bible said he should have tomorrow we will show you the truth about the anointing how to walk in the power of God we'll talk about the power of the Spirit of the Lord coming upon you we will show you how to function in it give you some stories of how I discovered some things but mainly I want to encourage you to step out decide to believe God and don't worry about your reputation listen I did everything I could to not get sued and then somebody else had a John Lake book they did something stupid the people saw the John Lake book in their library and named me in a lawsuit I had nothing to do with it didn't even know the people but I was named in a lawsuit took me about fifteen thousand dollars to get out of it and I didn't even know these people hadn't had nothing to do with it but I was not afraid to get sued if you have a fear of getting sued the enemy will use that to keep you from stepping out to keep you from being bold let me tell you this this school was built on men like Al and Jack Co Jack Co was a man of reckless faith he went to jail for practicing medicine without a license and brought in his photographers and took pictures of it he was proud of the fact that he went to jail for Jesus you need to learn what the one thing the church prayed for in the book of Acts boldness get bold they didn't pray for power power came upon them and nowhere in the bible does it say say seek the anointing it doesn't say it it says you have received an anointing that abides within you and that anointing teaches you you don't seek it you walk in it you believe it you do it then when you function in it it functions in you amen tomorrow we'll talk about some of that be blessed [Applause]

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  1. Fantastic. I´ve been interested in Christian Science and Louise Hay for a long time. The 12 Steps, too. Great to finally find Blake and this ministry. And the comments below…

  2. im tired of seeing heaps of people on tv, online etc that say they are preachers, leaders etc and have thousands of followers. for starters, they arent even accountable for all these people. these followers get into all sorts of sins and no one even knows. the bible says you may sew to 30 or 60 or to 100. its not about the numbers. but there are people that want to show they have thousands under them, but THEY ARE NOT REALLY UNDER THEM, THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY. i believe this to be a very serious issue and the reason, followers have depression, sickness sin etc. there should be small pockets of believers, eg, neighbourhood believers, helping those that live close to them. if the whole world was like this, everyone would be covered and accountable etc. close family, communal connections. but this big names, act as though they hav the answers, and others really dont. i dont believe this to be the way at all

  3. After listening to the DHT, I went from only seeing two healing miracles in my ENTIRE LIFE (about 27 years of church attendance), to seeing HUNDREDS healed in a few weeks! God loves healing people!!! the DHT is all free on youtube too I love it!

  4. Curry’s DHT Training was a game changer for me. I had began stepping out in healing & saw healings. But after listening to the DHT the results radically changed.

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